Armed Forces Day: a grateful Army says thank you to the nation

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  • Because of a comment on my last post, I feel the need to clarify that the navy and the army are truly helping people. They have my respect and admiration for their service. When I said ‘government’, I meant our president and every other state leader that’s been stealing and keeping help from reaching those who need it. I apologise if anything in my post made it seem like I’m not grateful for our armed forces, because I am.
  • Ghana: Armed Forces Warns Public Against Recruitment Scam The Ghana Armed Forces on Wednesday advised the public not to pay any money to any person(s) with the intention of being recruited into the Armed Forces. This is because those who indulge in such practices are fraudsters, a statement signed by Col E Aggrey-Quashie, GAF Director of Public Relations and copied to the Ghana News Agency, stated. The statement said the attention of the GAF has been… View On WordPress
  • Iraqi forces advance towards Kurdish provincial stronghold BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:20 P.M.) – The Iraqi Armed Forces continued their operations in the Kirkuk Governorate, Saturday, targeting the remaining towns under the control of the Kurdish Peshmerga in the eastern part of the province. Led by their counter-terrorism units, the Iraqi Armed Forces pushed northeast of Kirkuk City, today, in a bid to reach the provincial border of the Suleimaniyeh… View On WordPress
  • Border Action Team: Army pushes back Pakistani intruders in J&K’s Keran sector | India News [ad_1] News / India News / Army pushes back Pakistani intruders in J$K’s Keran sector The security forces on Tuesday thwarted intrusion attempts by seven to eight armed men, who were backed by Pakistan’s Border Action Team. Pak-backed intruders were spotted in north Kashmir’s Keran sector in Kupwara district. IANS | Updated: Sep 26, 2017, 17:15 IST Highlights Seven-eight armed… View On WordPress
  • British Tabloid Shamefully Beats Drums of War with Russia Serbian` Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vu·i· pointed out that prior to the recent delivery Serbian Armed Forces had not received new rotor-wing aircraft for 36 years. He added that Belgrade spent 25 million euro ($27.5 million) to acquire the aforementioned Mi-17V-5 helicopters. The commander of Serbia`s Air Forces, General Mayor Ranko Zhivak added that Serbian Armed Forces are being… View On WordPress
  • [10-11] On this #VeteransDay, grateful to all those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thank you and your families for your
  • [17-11] Armed forces always ready to respond to threats on LoC, eastern border: Army chief #army-chief #coas #general-bajwa
  • [15-11] Thank you to all the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. #VeteransDayPic @NationalMallNPS by Nathan
  • [18-11] “Not only does the #NDAA include the largest pay increase for our nation’s armed forces, it also is a win for America’s
  • [06-10] More cuts to armed forces say #Newsnight its as if we're replacing the army with Trident. I thought corbyn was the threa
  • [28-10] Follow and RT: If this gets 1,000 retweets, I will give away 2 tickets to the Armed Forces Bowl (Army vs. TBD) to a random follower #GoArmy
  • [16-10] Blaming Iran as US backed/armed/trained forces face-off with US backed/armed/trained forces in #Kirkuk and Kurdish cracks a
  • [29-10] How much closer can #SuuKyi get to the armed forces?
  • [11-11] Thank you to all who have served in our armed forces. #VeteransDay #Military
  • [03-11] Free bus travel for armed forces on #RemembranceSunday with First
  • [27-09] @paulstpancras She won't! BA & Armed Forces too dependent on #boeing!
  • [12-10] "Coming out shouldn’t mean being kicked out of our Armed Forces." #NationalComingOutDay
  • [15-11] #CamNewton opened the presse by expressing his thanks to all the armed forces.
  • [22-09] The difference between #Kurdistan and #Catalonia referendum is having own armed forces.
  • [11-11] Dogs have helped our armed forces in many ways #ArmisticeDay
  • [03-10] Learn more about #Boeing #Defence #UK & our support to the UK's Armed Forces at
  • [12-11] Remember the fallen & support the Armed Forces of today
  • [03-08] Bingo -->Islamists may have already infiltrated #British armed forces. #UK
  • [14-10] Prince Harry to help tackle #mentalhealth difficulties in the Armed Forces
  • [12-11] We honor & thank all the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces for their service to our country. #VeteransDay
  • [11-11] So sad that we have to have so many armed forces and vehicles blocking the Remembrance Day ceremony #prayfortheworld
  • [22-09] Cut back on Foreign aid, Not the Armed Forces. Retweet if you agree #TheresaMay
  • [09-11] This #BlackHistoryMonth we are looking back at some incredible people and their contributions to the Armed Forces 
  • [10-11] On this #VeteransDay, grateful to all those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thank you and your families for your
  • [17-11] Armed forces always ready to respond to threats on LoC, eastern border: Army chief #army-chief #coas #general-bajwa
Armed Forces Day: a grateful Army says thank you to the nation
Could the US armed forces accept recruits from close, friendly and historically reliable allied countries such as Canada, UK & Australia?
Western music industry suffer curse of tiny minority in armed forces drunk on their failed judgements after inadequate training?
Does Vatican City have walls to keep people out?And is Vatican City security provided by the the Swiss Army with armed?
A grateful nation remembers Deng
Azerbaijani Defence Minister meets Commander of Special Forces of Turkish Armed Forces
Azerbaijani Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov has met Commander of the Special Forces of the Turkish Armed Forces Zekai Aksakalli.
New Zealand Army Veterans Grateful For Plaque Commemorating Contributions
(ABC) The Latest: News agency reports Iran will maneuver with Iraq | Iran's semi-official Tasnim news agency reports that the country's armed forces plan to hold a joint military drill with the Iraqi army near Kurdish territory
For the armed forces
Ahh, our armed forces
Keep out the armed forces
Another first for the armed forces
Tiny Pacific nation suing 9 nuclear-armed powers
Honouring the armed forces
For a career in the armed forces
When the Armed forces analysed Stark's Mark II armour why didn't they build an army of them? In Iron Man 2, when the armed forces analyzed Tony Stark's Mark II armor, why didn't they build an army of them? Before anyone says they knew how to operate it, but not how it worked, remember that ...
At this point, are “military” and “armed forces” synonymous? Looking at the free definitions online, and not including too much history, it seems to me that at one point the Navy was not directly associated as ”military”. Or rather, that the Navy included not ...
Source for this Prayer for American Armed Forces Rather than the traditional מי שברך formula, my kahal (at Harvard Hillel) is accustomed to say a different formulation for the "Prayer for American Armed Forces" (it could probably be suitably edited ...
Will the Army of the Dead Breach the Wall? And Will the Forces of Westeros Meet the Army of the Dead on the Field Again in the Finale? [on hold] Is the Wall coming down and allowing the army of the dead through during the finale? And if they do come through it, will Queen Cersei and Daenerys be able to cooperate long enough to put the dead to a final rest and defeat the Night King. (Sounds so season 8 to us, though.)
Why are US armed forces inefficient in disaster rescue operations? After Katrina Hurricane a couple of years back, Harvey Hurricane again humiliated both the government and the armed forces of the USA, with too many complaints made from the disaster-hit area of Huston. The scenario is much worse, especially in comparison with the nearly same typhoon disaster happening in South China's Macao, Hong Kong and Guangdong province and the earlier Jiuzaigou earthquake, where China's People's Liberation Army, together with Armed Police, made quickest response to the rescue, let alone the famous rescue efforts in Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008. Armed forces are supposed to play a bigger role in peace time, but why are the US forces so low in their efficiency when there is no war?
Which countries have employed rail biking in their armed forces? Can anyone tell me which counties have employed rail bikes in their armed forces? I remember seeing pictures of soldiers riding the rails on bikes, but cannot recall any details of them. Rail biking ...
When it looked as though the Austrians were going to invade Serbia what nation mobilized its armed forces?
Which nation was stripped of its armed forces and most of its territories and was forced to pay reparations at the end of world war 1?
In the UK do armed forces salute each other eg Army salutes Naval Officer? yes, of course they do. being an officer, whether it's in the army, navy or air force, they have still earned their rank, therefore still deserve to be paid respect by anyone especially wearing a uniform, whether they are in the same force or not.
Who outranks all other officers of the Armed Forces but may not exercise military command over any of the Armed Forces?
The code of conduct is applicable at all times to all members of the us armed forces active and reserve in he event such personnel fall into the hands of the enemy during an armed conflict?
What nation took on Germans during World War 2 with the promise from the Soviets to help but Soviet forces never came allowing German army to overwhelm this country's resistance?
How well prepared were US forces when they entered into World War 1 and who armed and trained US forces?
What are the armed forces?
UK armed forces?
Who is head of armed forces?
When was the integrating US armed forces?
Can you train to be a vet in the armed forces?
Why do governments have armed forces?
How big is Russia's armed forces?
What are the Head of Armed Forces? In the United States, the Head of the Armed Forces is called the Commander-in-Chief and this position is held by the President of the United States. The president is a civilian political officeholder. So the United States should be understood as having a military system that is under civilian control.
Does china have armed forces?
Why did the US armed forces need volunteers during WW1?
Who is the head of all armed forces?
Army vs Navy - 2017 Armed Forces Sports Women's Basketball -
Army of Russia | Армия России | Russia's armed forces - Поддержать канал Министерство обороны Российской Федерации Наша группа в...
Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Condescension Is ‘Why We Should Be Grateful as a Nation That He’s Gone’ - Charles Krauthammer made a point to comment on the “moral condescension” that he saw in former president Obama's speech against repealing Obamacare
Armed Forces Medley - The music is from America's Favorite Patriotic Songs. A tribute to the 5 branches of our armed forces consisting of each of their individual service hymns.
Hellenic Army (Ε.Σ.) - Spartans - Seven Nation Army - A tribute to my brothers in arms, the brave men and women of the Hellenic Army, who stand watch for more than 2000 years. Infantry, Special Forces, Armored ...
Army needed 'to battle rhododendrons' -- Facebook 'army' -- Mexico earthquake: Trapped girl 'Frida Sofia' grips nation -- Ariana Grande 'proud and grateful' as tour resumes --
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