General election: UKIP want 'one in, one out' migration

The number of people arriving in the UK will not exceed those leaving under UKIP's plans. 08-05-17
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  • [30-09] UKIP will never win a UK general election because the British people do not want division and tyranny so they should just dissappear! #UKIP
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  • [29-09] Terrifyingly anthropomorphic former condom machine. Just narrowly avoided election as leader of UKIP. #UKIP
  • [29-09] @UKIP You are no longer important or a political force. Brexit and the 2017 election where your demise. Please disband #ukip
  • [23-09] #FlorenceSpeech referendum-general election-transition-election-labour in-brexit reversed-uk 100 billion debt-no change-tory failure-thanks
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  • [29-09] So in the #UKIP leadership election a LibDem MP candidate came first and a Labour MP candidate came second... even UKIP hate old kippers!!
  • [15-10] @latimes Foreseeable crackdown on #migration issues is bad news for #Italy and #EU in general
  • [29-09] Triumphant #AfD vow to launch inquiry into #Merkel's mad migration policy after election surge. About time! ?? :
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  • [16-10] #UKIP blame EU for the UK #RedSky insisting lax migration policies allowed African dust to cross border unchecked
  • [09-10] Sack them all and have a general election. #r4today
  • [02-10] "The General Election? LOL!!! Oh that. Don't be silly. It was just kidding!!! No really!!! I was!!! LOL!!!" #CPC17…
  • [10-12] Michael Gove already pitching for UKIP & bigoted vote, at the 'next General Election' #Tories are always the #nastypar
  • [10-12] "the next general election" is the dangling carrot the hostage-takers use to keep their victims in check. But a) it…
General election: UKIP want 'one in, one out' migration
The number of people arriving in the UK will not exceed those leaving under UKIP's plans.
Very much so, because we could end up in the nightmare situation of the two main parties being estranged from many of their own MPs thereby opening the door to UKIP, not that UKIP could come anywhere near to winning a general election, but they could win enough seats and sway enought voters Labour voters to hold the balance of power and if that happens the Tories win again. If Labour doesn't get its act together real soon we could see the Tories (one way or another) being in power for at least another 10 years if not longer. Remember UKIP wants out that's all they want, so whatever happens between the Tories, Labour and this Supreme court ruling UKIP are blameless, they can't loose.
Yes. Dodgy Dave and his Tory cronies wouldn't have held this referendum if UKIP hadn't been so popular at the last general election.
seems you have your wish and she is now deploying the army. what effect will this have on the general election result ,and it has now become a general election issue with the question she is sending out to people but not actually asking it, who do you trust to keep the UK safe me or corbyn?. she is using the blood of our children to get elected as prime minister and is a vile woman indeed. this scum bag bombing Manchester has most likely given her the general election victory she wants and before this bombing she was on the ropes taking homes off pensioners and her manifesto was in tatters to say Islamic state are our enemy they might have given May her general election victory. is it luck I doubt it?
Wales voted firmly to leave the EU, as people should have known it would after the UKIP gains across the industrial heartland in the last general election. The EU and the Westminster elites are one and the same problem.
Looks VERY bad - for a party milking Euroland without ever voting on issues (because it wants OUT of Europe). Worst case I can recall since Sinn Feine MPs drew their MP salaries while refusing to take part in Parliament. But this instance is outright fraud - THEFT - falsification of invoices - presumably to boost UKIP funds (?) Farage himself has been accused of benefiting party funds via Xs - and claims to be shocked by this revelation. Clearly - URGENT police investigations must be put in train immediately. We are only 8 weeks away from a crucial General Election - and while appreciating there's a lot of MUD slinging going on - from ALL sides - voters need to know whether this 'sting' is an isolated instance - or undermines UKIP altogether.
Who here has read the UKIP election manifesto? what do you think about it? I've gone through their whole 2015 Manifesto and there are some points in it that I agree with. Economy UKIP is a party that believes in low taxation, enterprise and fairness. Our economic policy and spending commitments are rooted in the savings we will make from leaving the European Union, making...
UKIP Takes Anti-Islam Turn Ahead Of General Election "Nobody voted for multiculturalism and yet we are now living with the results of it," the party's deputy leader said.
How old is Nigel Farage, what’s his net worth and what has he said about the Ukip leadership election? NIGEL Farage is poised to start his own political party if Ukip elects anti-Islam campaigner Anne-Marie Waters as its new leader. The former banker co-founded the UK Independence Party (Ukip) which was considered an important catalyst towards Britain leaving the European Union. How old is Nigel Farage and what is his background? The former Ukip leader, […]
Exit Polls Show UKIP Winning Two Seats in U.K. Election Exit Polls Show UKIP Winning Two Seats UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has been an agent provocateur in the national election, fanning the dissatisfaction many voters feel on issues such as immigration and Europe.
When will the Ukip leadership election result be announced, who are the candidates and what are the odds? UKIP’S new leader will be revealed this evening after a contest that has ripped the party into two. Far-right candidate Anne Marie Waters is the bookies’ favourite despite mass resignations being threatened in the event of her victory. Here’s our guide to who could beat her and when the result will be announced. When will the […]
Victims’ Groups Attack ‘Despicable and Opportunistic’ Ukip Election Campaign The UK Independence Party has been accused of exploiting victims of sexual abuse in Rotherham in a controversial poster campaign in South Yorkshire
Betting Company Pays Out Early on Ukip By-Election Win, Predicting Whitewash Bookies Paddy Power predict a Reckless win in Rochester and Strood as 75% of bets back Ukip
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Sees U.K. Election as Make-or-Break Time Politics Upstart Party in U.K. Seeks Seats UKIP leader Nigel Farage says the party’s challenge will be to translate gains in popular support into enough seats in Parliament to become a serious political force.
Ukip election of Henry Bolton leaves Anne Marie Waters out in cold New Ukip leader: ‘I absolutely abhor the rhetoric that says we are at war with Islam’
Singer Morrissey claims Ukip leadership election was rigged on live radio MORRISSEY has claimed the Ukip leadership election was rigged so anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters did not win. The 58-year-old rocker’s comments came during a live appearance on BBC 6 Music. He told the audience at the Beeb’s Maida Vale studios: “I was very surprised the other day – it was very interesting to me […]
Ukip leadership election result – Henry Bolton named as the new leader of the party HENRY Bolton has become UKIP’S new leader in a shock result beating front-runners Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters, Deputy leader Whittle and far-right candidate Waters were the bookies’ favourites ahead of the announcement – with Bolton’s win stunning Westminster. What was the Ukip leadership election result? Bolton, a former Army officer and cop, surprised political commentators by […]
UKIP Suzanne Evans DESTROYS LBC CUCK Smearing UKIP As 'Far-Right
General : Set Up RCI On Memali After General Election - Musa Hitam KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 (Bernama) -- Former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam said today a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the Memali incident should be set up only after the 14th General Election to avoid it being misused for political interests and to fish for votes.
Ukip leadership election 2017 result – Henry Bolton defeats Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters HENRY Bolton has become UKIP’S new leader in a shock result beating front-runners Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters, Deputy leader Whittle and far-right candidate Waters were the bookies’ favourites ahead of the announcement – with Bolton’s win stunning Westminster. What was the Ukip leadership election result? Bolton, a former Army officer and cop, surprised political commentators by […]
Election Crisis: Mary Lou McDonald will lead Sinn Féin in general election, says Doherty Sinn Féin’s deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald will lead the party into the general election should it happen, her colleague Pearse Doherty has said. Ms McDonald has effectively assumed the role of acting leader of the party given the strong likelihood of an election before Christmas, without a vote being cast. Speaking to the media at Leinster House, Mr Doherty said Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald’s position was now untenable and she “needs to go” if the election is to be avoided. “It is very clear that
General : Najib Coy On General Election Date By From Mokhtar Hussain WASHINGTON DC, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- With various possible dates being bandied about, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has yet to give any indication of when the 14th general election will be held.
Is there a recognised soteriology that combines selective election for some and general election for everyone else? Are there any Christian groups or denominations that hold a belief in selective election to salvation, in that some individuals are specifically and irresistibly called (Noah, Moses, 12 desciples, ...
Tie breaking in general election for president in U.S
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What happens if on an U.S. presidental election, in one of the states, the election fails? I am thinking on some highly extraordinary thing. For example: a new computer virus irrecoverably deletes the votes before counting them a sudden natural disaster makes a decisive part of the population simply incapable to vote some group starts to riot and makes the election fail Thus, the election happens everywhere, except in state X, which is - not on its own fault - incapable to provide the electors.
Is Trump's election the first successful presidential election campaign with a female campaign manager? From a tweet with over six thousand retweets, also retweeted by Nazí Paikidze, International Master (IM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM): The first woman in American history to successfully manage a ...
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In Texas if you vote in the primay election today will you still be able to vote in november's general election?
What are three general causes of migration?
Who won the general election in 1970 in the UK? The Conservative party under Ted Heath unexpectedly won the 1970 general election.
How often must a general election be held in the UK? It is held every 5 years
How long must be there be between general UK election? There must be a general election at least every 5 years. However the Queen can give an election before this time is up.
Which party will win the 2015 UK general election? I pray that Labour will get in and get rid of this crazy EBAcc exam and keep our countries brilliant GCSE system which gives all children the fair chance they deserve.
What can influence the timing of a General Election? The Queen decides it is time for a change of Government.
[01-12] In the general election voters choose?
What is the value of a 3 cent general election stamp? 3 cents.
What is the value of a 3 cent general election stamp?
Who decides when to call a general election?
[12-12] What Is the role of the voter in general election?
Is Nigel Falange the leader of UKIP? The leader is Nigel Farage.
Are the UKIP getting rid of all immigrants in the UK - illegal or legal?
When will the next general election occur in the United Kingdom? The next General Election in the United Kingdom is scheduled to occur on the 7th May 2015, per the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011. With that being said, however, if the coalition government disbands, the Queen is likely to dissolve parliament.
Why did the liberal party win the 1906 general election?
Who was the civil war general that ran against Lincoln in the 1864 election?
Why was the us opposed to having a general election in Vietnam in 1956? Because Vietnam had already split into North and South Korea.
BBC Debate - Robertson (SNP) has pop at Nuttall (UKIP) for own fault (General Election 2017) - Angus Robertson attacks Paul Nuttall for bringing up Islamic extremism... Who actually brought up Islamic extremism?
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall FAILS To Win His Seat In UK General Election 2017 - My Vidme Channel: FUND MY CHANNEL: Become A Patron - Donations - JOIN ...
The Vote Now Show: Comedy Election - Digested General Election 2017 - The complete 2017 General Election in 5 minutes, featuring Luke Kempner and Emma Sidi. It was written by Jenny Laville, Robin Morgan, Ed Amsden and Tom ...
UKIP's Paul Nuttall makes many valid points on BBC leaders election debate - Paul Nuttall speaks common sense and makes some very valid and truthful points but his comments fall on deaf ears with a pre-planted, far left biased BBC ...
General Election 2017 & the Gorton By-Election - George Galloway - George Galloway discusses the implications of the General Election called for 8th June 2017.
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