General election: Labour 'would axe NHS parking charges'

Jeremy Corbyn says a Labour government would make car parking free at all NHS hospitals in England. 08-05-17
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General election: Labour 'would axe NHS parking charges'
Jeremy Corbyn says a Labour government would make car parking free at all NHS hospitals in England.
Scotland and Labour,a vote catching coincidence? You are right, all the benefits the Scots get are to keep them voting Labour, along with Wales ( similar benefits) and the north east ( incapacity capital of the UK and Labour stronghold ). Look at how much public money has been pumped into Northern Rock. Labour is proving itself to be incompetent, corrupt, untrustworthy, self-serving. The general election will be interesting because the SNP will increase their vote, Labour will be out of office and possibly bankrupt. They have lost sight of what their founding principles were. What they are NOT, is the party for the working man anymore.
Should Scotland be Independent? Yes- If Labour win the next General election. People in Scotland have too much to lose.
Are Labour voters demanding an early election the creme de la labour creme? Fingers on the pulse and in tune with the country? The Labour party should become an organized opposition before thinking of a general election.
Will Theresa May do anything to ensure that the horror in Manchester never happens again, or just give boring predictable speeches about it? seems you have your wish and she is now deploying the army. what effect will this have on the general election result ,and it has now become a general election issue with the question she is sending out to people but not actually asking it, who do you trust to keep the UK safe me or corbyn?. she is using the blood of our children to get elected as prime minister and is a vile woman indeed. this scum bag bombing Manchester has most likely given her the general election victory she wants and before this bombing she was on the ropes taking homes off pensioners and her manifesto was in tatters to say Islamic state are our enemy they might have given May her general election victory. is it luck I doubt it?
A UK Supreme Court ruling that Parliament must trigger Brexit could see a General Election.Would remain MPs be at risk of losing their seats? Very much so, because we could end up in the nightmare situation of the two main parties being estranged from many of their own MPs thereby opening the door to UKIP, not that UKIP could come anywhere near to winning a general election, but they could win enough seats and sway enought voters Labour voters to hold the balance of power and if that happens the Tories win again. If Labour doesn't get its act together real soon we could see the Tories (one way or another) being in power for at least another 10 years if not longer. Remember UKIP wants out that's all they want, so whatever happens between the Tories, Labour and this Supreme court ruling UKIP are blameless, they can't loose.
What will happen now between Scotland and England ? In the 2010 General Election, the Tories did come fourth, but, their vote % was 16.7%, with the Lib Dems - 18.9, SNP - 19.9 and Labour - 42.0%. (1) For the 2005 General Election, the results were: Labour - 39.5%, Lib Dems - 22.6%, SNP - 17.7%, and Tory - 15.8%. (2) Now, looking at the 2007 Scottish Election, the results on the constituency seats, were as follows: Labour - 32.2%, SNP - 32.9%, Lib Dems - 16.2% and the Tories - 16.6%. (3) So, it's clear the Tory vote went up in the 2010 General Election, by 0.9%, but still saw the Conservatives come 4th, holding onto their one only Scottish UK seat. However, the Tory vote wasn't squeezed, the Lib Dem vote was down by -3.7% nnationally in Scotland, which added to the Labour, SNP and Tory support. In The Scottish Elections (Holyrood) where PR (AMS) voting system is used, the Tories are represented 17 seats (the third largest party in Scotland by seats and votes). (Note: one Tory seat was given up to the position of Presiding Officer). So, my question is, what happened to the Lib Dem vote? Was it squeezed out in favour to the Labour, which in part seems to have happened, but as does it seem the SNP and the Tory support improved also in votes. Indeed, the Tories only have one seat in Scotland for the 2010 Election, but if it was STV, or AMS voting system, in regions, then the Tories would be standing (or sitting in this case) with 10 seats, the Lib Dems (remaining) at 11, SNP 12, and Labour 24, with perhaps the Greens and UKIP picking up one seat each in Scotland. Are the Tories today really hated in Scotland? Probably not. But, I'llll leave that up to you to decide. To your other question, "What is the best way forward?" Only time shall tell, currently the Lib Dems and Tories are in talks, which appear or are said to be going positively. (4). The biggest stumbling block in these talks however shall be voting reform in the UK Elections to a form of PR (STV). This very well could be something which makes the Lib Dems unable to become a Jr. partner in a Tory led Government. But, it may be seen to the public that the Lib Dems put party policy ahead of the "national interest" on the economy. Nick Clegg has also been talking to Gordon Brown, with Labour publicly saying they shall back the Lib Dems on voting reform on Friday, this may be winner, but could damage the Lib Dems if they are seen to be proping up a Party which didn't come first in votes, as well as been seen to be unstable as the SNP, Plaid, Greens and some N. Irish MPs also shall have to be part of it, if it is to be a Lib/Lab pact. (5) Or quite simply, the Tories could "go it alone,” The the Lib Dems may decide to enter into an informal “coalition” with the Tories, which would see the Lib Dems vote on key legislative programmes, such as the Budget, Queen's Speech, etc. (This Option is probably the most likely one) And lastly, if nothing is reached by the Queen's Speech perhaps another Election will have to be called, in which Gordon Brown shall remain as PM until an agreement is made on or after another General Election (very unlikely outcome). And of course, it maybe the case another Election shall be called within 18 months anyway. It is an interesting time, and it will be an interesting outcome. Also worth a look: http://"Why Didn't Scots Vote Tory" on BBC One Scotland yesterday (9th of May).
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