Facebook users unknowingly sharing personal data, warn researchers

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  • [25-09] #wechat sharing users’ personal data with Chinese authorities
  • [02-10] The new Facebook Ads Audience sync lets HubSpot Ads users retarget, nurture, & convert Facebook users based on HubSpot data. #INBOUND17 #B2B
  • [25-09] #WeChat already has 963 million active users & it provides all users personal data to the Chinese government…
  • [19-09] Data sharing not usual practice; concerns for data sharing; not familiar with metadata; data not tagged well for sharing and reuse #ECIL2017
  • [04-10] @Taxi_Point @TfL @scotgov @Edinburgh_CC @ICOnews Does #Uber allow users to opt out of personal data collection #?
  • [16-11] 98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you
  • [05-10] #Yahoo's revealed hackers stole personal data from all 3bn of its users in a cyber attack in 2013 - triple its previou
  • [19-12] French privacy watchdog raps WhatsApp over Facebook data sharing
  • [04-10] Yahoo reveals its 2013 data breach leaked personal details of 3 billion users. #yahoo
  • [22-12] Black money: India-Swiss deal inked, data sharing from January 1.This would allow automatic data sharing of Tax-re…
  • [19-09] Charles Uni phd students understand that sharing data is important, but not aware of new trends in data sharing #ECIL2017
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  • [05-10] .@Facebook: 50% of all mobile data traffic is video; will be 75% in five years (but not Facebook data; didn't catch source he cited) #ONA17
  • [19-09] .@pygmalios data protection regulations affect collection. In Germany retailers warn customers about data collectio…
  • [19-09] RDM track summary: V. few researchers share data unless asked. Concerns are all similar (misuse of data ethical issues etc.) #ECIL2017
  • [19-09] Concerns about data sharing: misinterpretation of data;misuse of data; losing scientific edge #ECIL2017
  • [28-10] Researchers warn there may be more obese than underweight young people globally by 2022 #WorldObesityDay
  • [03-11] Worrisome: #Polar #bears in Churchill face bleak future, researchers warn
  • [04-10] Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Data on All Users in 2013 Data Breach :
  • [07-11] .@cenfri_org is launching a new Data Portal at #SoFI2017, allowing users to interact w/ #FinancialInclusion data :
  • [18-12] #HouseOfCards used data from #Netflix users to craft the narrative for the show. Data now informs the Arts. The future is wi
  • [27-11] #TwitterWasGreatBefore #Facebook started shutting down without a reason why it happened and then @Facebook users co…
  • [29-09] Climate Researchers Warn of Hotter Summers, More Wildfires, in Southern Europe - Insurance Journal…
  • [03-10] Russian-linked ads didn’t reach most Facebook users until after election day #russiagate #russia #facebook…
  • [27-11] Facebook announced a new feature which allows users to ORDER FOOD directly from @Facebook pages. Are you excited to…
  • [07-12] ? #Apple is building a data centre in #China to host its Chinese users' information, how important is the location of #data
  • [05-10] .@facebook researched users about what they like about Facebook Live. #ONA17
  • [19-09] Did you know the IP addresses on personal computers are defined as personal data? #MisfitsLive #GDPR
  • [19-09] #ECIL2017 SG says this all raises ethical issues: personal data and use thereof, IL and the law, data literacy
  • [16-12] EU Data Protection Advisory Body wants limits on U.S. Government’s collection of personal data. #PrivacyShield #datapr
  • [17-11] Data Protection: Use #UnaVista to mask personal data fields. View the full #MiFIDII checklist here:…
  • [23-12] #Supremecourt #Aadhar The other counsel is arguing about the data collection. If the data is sharing with telecom and
  • [20-01] People do not "like" sharing. They actually like "repute" they actually like "personality".#Psychology | #facebook | #twitter
  • [17-01] Sinking SHiPS: what issues were behind the demise of #SafeHarbor, the first EU US data sharing framework, and are a…
Facebook users unknowingly sharing personal data, warn researchers
How can I improve my questions on Yahoo? Without examples, all we can be is general and give tips on framing questions. Read everything under the ABOUT tab in the left menu. Just watch for the first week. If an answer would be great on Facebook (such as joke answers) go to Facebook to post it. For questions, follow these rules of thumb and you will avoid violations. There are exceptions, but why push it. First, always start with who,what,when,where,why and do not start with how,do,or does. Second, do not ask the users for personal info or pure personal opinion. That is chatting. Third, no "your fave", "am I", "rate this", "your feelings" etc Fourth, do not ask questions that can simply be answered, yes, no, "me too", "I agree", etc Fifth, do not ask anybody to do anything for you. That is solicitation. The definition of solicitation in YA is asking the users to do something other than just answer the question. There are some examples that most people think are innocent, but they are violations. Example include selling anything (even if free) buying anything (even if free) asking people to take polls outside of YA prayer requests of any kind or religion asking for or offering to make outfits or designs asking people to edit photos for you asking people for stars, votes, points, or anything of that sort asking people to answer a question and just giving them the link to a previous question asking people to e-mail you or IM you asking people to go to another website to do anything such as rate, vote,etc Chat is defined in the YA Community Guidelines. There are specific things listed that you may not think are chat, but Yahoo defines it that way and you have to live with it. You should go to the site ask.fm and see what a YA type site looks like when chat is allowed. Just stay away from questions that simply ask people's personal opinion or personal information. Those can sometimes be ok, but most of the time they are chat. Stick with questions that only ask for facts, figures, and data like a teacher might ask in school. You can ask for example Paris Hilton's age, but you can't ask what people thought of her dress. You can ask "What is a good SUV for a big family?", but not "What type of SUV do you drive?". Chatting is asking questions that can only be answered with personal opinion and to which only you and the answerer will give a hoot. You can tell most of these by the presence of pronouns (I,we,you,me,us) or pronoun adjectives (your,mine,ours). If these are present your question will be chat 90% of the time and if you can not rewrite the question without them, it is chat 99% of the time.
Does the global warming category operate under different rules than other categories? A violation of Yahoo TOS is insulting other users. The Global Warming supporters here are in a habit of insulting users who do not agree with them. They have been at it for years, too. Although it is a violation of TOS to refer to other users, I can say Gary F and a certain James, perhaps a Sock Puppet of the former, would simply bombard users with unprovoked personal insults.
How to create an facebook account with marketplace? You just make a Facebook Account if Marketplace is on there then it may not be Available to you yet I dont think Facebook Allows it for New Users just for Safety and Security Reasons
Yo, English footy, why's Lucifer so mean? I am nice compared to some bombastic users in the past. Who ripped users to shreds for their team’s or personal shortcomings.
Can I use Facebook messenger on iPhone to send a text message to a mobile number with only wifi? No you can not Facebook Messenger can only be Used to Send a message to Facebook Users you can not use Facebook Messenger to send Text messages to people Using Mobile # Facebook Messenger does not let you do that
Did Yahoo Mail illegally give my Email address to Facebook? Yahoo does not give out any Email Addresses to Facebook Users use Email Addresses to Sign up with Facebook So if you did not make a Facebook then someone Stole your Email Address and Used it to make a Facebook Account
Privacy Group Backs Users In Battle Over Facebook Tracking: users alleged that Facebook uses the data gleaned from health sites to sell targeted ads based on medical topics
Facebook to warn users of state-sponsored targeted attacks
Are we over-sharing our personal health data? Hacks and privacy mistakes suggest we may be sharing too much, writes columnist Steven Petrow.        
Mobile phones having personal data ring in trouble, warn police
Mobile phones having personal data ring in trouble, warn police
A popular virtual keyboard app leaks 31 million users' personal data The app maker's database wasn't protected with a password, leaving exposed its users' most private information.
FAcebook: personal data mining for marketing......
Facebook to give you control over data sharing
Irish court agrees that Facebook'€™s EU-US data sharing might be illegal
WhatsApp ordered to stop sharing user data with Facebook WhatsApp ordered to stop sharing user data with Facebook
Facebook Hit With Lawsuit for Scanning, Storing Users’ Facial Data Facebook is “secretly amass[ing] the world’s largest privately held database of consumer biometrics data,” according to the suit.
Belgian Watchdog Raps Facebook for Treating Personal Data ‘With Contempt’ Belgian Watchdog Raps Facebook for Use of Personal Data Belgium’s privacy watchdog sharply criticized Facebook for treating the personal data of its users “with contempt” and failing to cooperate with its inquiries.
Facebook is fined by Spain for collecting personal data without user consent Facebook has been fined for allegedly collecting personal information from users in Spain that could then be used for advertising.
WhatsApp must stop sharing user data with Facebook within a month: France This is not the first incident where WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing has been condemned
France Goes After WhatsApp For Sharing Data With Facebook, and More Security News This Week France Goes After WhatsApp For Sharing Data With Facebook, and More Security News This Week
European Regulators Scrutinize WhatsApp Data-Sharing Plan With Facebook EU Scrutinizes WhatsApp Data-Sharing Plan European privacy regulators are investigating messaging service WhatsApp’s plan to share user information including phone numbers with its parent, Facebook Inc., adding to pressure on both sides of the Atlantic over the social media firm’s privacy practices.
French privacy watchdog raps WhatsApp over Facebook data sharing
France orders WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with Facebook without consent Messaging app has one month to comply or it will face sanctions for sharing user phone numbers and usage data for ‘business intelligence’ purposes WhatsApp has been ordered to stop sharing user data with parent company Facebook or face sanctions. The French data protection agency, Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), said on Monday that WhatsApp did not have a legal basis to share user data under French law for “business intelligence” purposes. The messaging app must cease data sharing within a month, payin
Facebook adds tool to let people find out if they've been unknowingly liking Russian propaganda Facebook is building a web page that will let them see what Russian propaganda they've liked or followed, it has said. As many as 126 million people could have been served posts on Facebook and 20 million on Instagram, the company says.
[Academic] Facebook Friend Request Survey (US, 18+, Facebook users).
HIV rates climbing among over-50s in UK and Europe, researchers warn Older people more likely to be infected through heterosexual sex and to have more advanced disease when it is finally diagnosed, new study reveals HIV rates are climbing in the over-50s in the UK and across Europe, while the rate of new infections among younger people is dropping, according to new research which warns that the epidemic may be taking a new direction. The study, from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Sweden, says that older people are most likely to be infected through heterosexual sex. They are also likel
They steal your personal data and give you nothing - stop giving your data away for free. please share
AT&T Raises Prices for Low-Data Users, Lowers Rates for High-Data Plans AT&T Raises Prices for Low-Data Users, Lowers Rates for High-Data Plans AT&T Inc. on Wednesday introduced a new slate of wireless plans that raised prices for its most frugal customers, while lowering costs for its biggest data users.
Road-users warn of agitation
Did Facebook permit researchers to alter data feeds without users' permission? HuffPost has published a story that claims: A newly published paper reveals that scientists at Facebook conducted a massive psychological experiment on hundreds of thousands of users by tweaking ...
Sharing Pictures or Data for access by future researchers?
Does sharing installed apps pose a risk of sharing personal data? Let's say I install an app on my phone from the play store. Now I want to give this app to a friend. I use an app called File Commander to share an installed app via bluetooth. Will any settings or ...
Are there any dangers in publicly sharing my personal finance data? I wanted to blog about my financial status and was curious if somebody ever did that and couldn't find anything on google. So the idea is to share on a monthly basis what I have on my bank account ...
Williams Warn Personal Brewery I just saw this on Wired.com and wondered what the rest of you thought of it. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/04/the-personal-brewery-is-an-all-in-one-beer-factory/ Some interesting things - ...
Facebook - how to validate user in facebook api to ensure users are not mixed when loggin in on my website
Which one of the following enables users to transfer data from a handheld computer to a personal computer?
A technician is setting up a workgroup for six users and wants to allow users to share files without setting up a server Which application layer protocol will provide for peer-to-peer file sharing in?
Which method of sharing data enables others to quickly see trends in the data?
Is it true that if you do not send the message given by the users in the facebook that are you the active usersor not you will get removed from facebook?
When did Facebook start rolling out Facebook Questions to its users? July 28, 2010 According to the official Facebook blog of Wednesday, July 28, 2010: Since we like to develop products carefully over time with your help, Facebook Questions is... available to a limited number of people right now, and we'll be developing it rapidly based on their feedback. We're aiming to bring this product to all of you as quickly as we can. (To read the rest of this blog entry, click on the Related link below.)
Computers gather data which means that they allow users to use what kind of data?
Why can it be difficult for researchers to collect accurate data on?
Why photo sharing web sit will not allow users to upload large image? The photo sharing websites don't allow to upload large images as they want to save the space on their server and hence they shrink your large images when you tries to upload them on site.
[22-01] What do researchers use for reducing bias and error in the measurement of data?
Is secondary data gathered and recorded by someone prior to the current needs of researchers? True
What is a branch of mathematics that helps researchers organize and evaluate data?
The branch of mathematics that allows researchers to organize and evaluate data is called?
What must you turn on to share a printer with network users after first opening the sharing center?
Can your friends from one Facebook account see your wall of another Facebook account that you have For example can your business Facebook customers see your personal Facebook friends and posts? That depends on the privacy settings used.
Which file and printer sharing setting optimizes memory use for a small LAN with 64 or fewer users?
What is a collection of computers and devices connected together for the purpose of sharing infromation between computer users?
What is a collection of computers and devices connected together for the purpose of sharing information between computer users?
Is it true or false that web-based software tools allow file sharing between multiple users?
Kodi Box users unknowingly download ‘Big Brother’ anti-piracy app that checks EVERY add-on - KODI BOX owners may have accidentally downloaded piracy monitoring software onto their device, a popular online Kodi Add-On repository has sensationally ...
Prince harry and meghan markle are distant cousins sharing county durham relatives - researchers cl - Prince harry and meghan markle are distant cousins sharing county durham relatives - researchers claim RELATED: Researchers have claimed Prince Harry ...
Prince harry and meghan markle are distant cousins sharing county durham relatives - researchers cl - Prince harry and meghan markle are distant cousins sharing county durham relatives - researchers claim RELATED: Researchers have claimed Prince Harry ...
Prince harry and meghan markle are distant cousins sharing county durham relatives - researchers cl - Prince harry and meghan markle are distant cousins sharing county durham relatives - researchers claim RELATED: Researchers have claimed Prince Harry ...
how to unlink facebook business page from personal - facebook business and personal page separate - how to unlink facebook business page from personal - my facebook profile from my business page how do i unlink organization's personal fb to separate and ...
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