What are Facebook ‘dark adverts’ – and could they swing the General Election?

Some believe they're behind Brexit - and the rise of Donald Trump 10-05-17
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What are Facebook ‘dark adverts’ – and could they swing the General Election?
Some believe they're behind Brexit - and the rise of Donald Trump
How come Russia likes America more than Democrats? Based on this, they seem to like Democrats very much since they've been dancing to Putin's music for the last year Facebook, Twitter: Russian actors sought to undermine Trump after election Top lawyers from Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday that Russian-linked posts and advertisements placed on the social networks after Election Day sought to sow doubt about President Donald Trump's victory. Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch told a Senate Judiciary panel that content generated by a Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency after Nov. 8 centered on “fomenting discord about the validity of [Trump’s] election.”
So the same guy Donald Trump is defending against USA Intel is the guy that was caught spreading fake News ads on social networks? Yeah.. ads trying to undermine Trump for the last year Facebook, Twitter: Russian actors sought to undermine Trump after election Top lawyers from Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday that Russian-linked posts and advertisements placed on the social networks after Election Day sought to sow doubt about President Donald Trump's victory. Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch told a Senate Judiciary panel that content generated by a Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency after Nov. 8 centered on “fomenting discord about the validity of [Trump’s] election.”
Will Theresa May do anything to ensure that the horror in Manchester never happens again, or just give boring predictable speeches about it? seems you have your wish and she is now deploying the army. what effect will this have on the general election result ,and it has now become a general election issue with the question she is sending out to people but not actually asking it, who do you trust to keep the UK safe me or corbyn?. she is using the blood of our children to get elected as prime minister and is a vile woman indeed. this scum bag bombing Manchester has most likely given her the general election victory she wants and before this bombing she was on the ropes taking homes off pensioners and her manifesto was in tatters to say Islamic state are our enemy they might have given May her general election victory. is it luck I doubt it?
Which celebrity will win in bennelong tonight? Alexander has retained the seat. The swing against him was only 4.5%, which was not as much as the ALP said it would be. Considering there is always a swing against the sitting member in a by-election, I think it wasn't a bad result for the Libs.
Why was the swing in Scotland to Labour against the Tories? The Tory vote was up by 0.9% and the Labour vote was up up 2.5%. The Lib lost ground by 3.7%. The swing from the SNP to Labour was 0.1%, however the SNP vote was by 2.3%. The Scottish seats haven't changed hands at all, that is fact. But, that of course that being said, the Tory vote in Scotland has gone up, from 15.8% (369,388) in 2005 to 16.7% (412,855) in 2010. Part of the seat count is down to the current voting system of First Past The Post (FPTP) in the UK Election. Looking at the 2007 Scottish Parliament Vote (where the AMS system is used). for instance, the Tory vote was at 16.6% (0.1 % point below that of their 2010 vote) at 334,743 votes, with the List vote at 13.9% (284,005 votes) which gave the Tories 17 seats total out of 129 seats - far more representative of their vote count. Worth also noting that the Tory % of vote in Scotland was only a few % points behind the Lib Dems and SNP, in the 2010 General Election. Doing the maths, if a truly representative voting system was used, the Tories in Scotland should have got around 10 seats of Scotland's 59 - in the 2010 UK General Election. Also worth a look: http://"Why Didn't Scots Vote Tory" on BBC One Scotland yesterday (9th of May).
When is the next election that can & will change the Republican Majority in Congress to a Democratic Majority in Congress? November, 2018. All 435 seats will be up for election, so a swing of about 5% of the total vote will cause a change in majority. More, 33 of the 100 senate seats will also be at stake.....(plus a couple may be up for special election)
Kremlin: Russia did not use Facebook adverts to sway U.S. election MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia did not place adverts on Facebook Inc to try to influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.
Myanmar Still in Dark Over General Election Main Players Myanmar Voters Left in the Dark With Myanmar poised to hold its fairest general election in decades, the main parties have yet to settle on presidential candidates or reveal their strategies.
One Facebook ‘like’ is all it takes to target adverts, academics find Online ad campaigns based on smallest expressions of preference reveal effect of ‘mass psychological persuasion’ Online ad campaigns created by academics in Britain and the US have targeted millions of people based on psychological traits perceived from a single “like” on Facebook – demonstrating, they say, the effect of “mass psychological persuasion”. More than 3.5 million people, mostly women in the UK aged 18-40, were shown online adverts tailored to their personality type after researchers found that specific Facebook likes r
Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg says Congress should ‘absolutely’ release Russia adverts
Russians 'bought Facebook adverts' targeting Black Lives Matter At least one of the targeted Facebook adverts bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential election campaign attacked the Black Lives Matter movement and specifically targeted areas where riots had taken place. Earlier this month Facebook admitted it probably had sold $100,000 (£74,000) worth of adverts to fake accounts operated from Russia. A post written by the social media giant’s chief security officer Alex Stamos said the adverts were mostly focused on promoting disunity rather than attacking or promoting any particular candidates an
General : Set Up RCI On Memali After General Election - Musa Hitam KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 (Bernama) -- Former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam said today a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the Memali incident should be set up only after the 14th General Election to avoid it being misused for political interests and to fish for votes.
Election Crisis: Mary Lou McDonald will lead Sinn Féin in general election, says Doherty Sinn Féin’s deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald will lead the party into the general election should it happen, her colleague Pearse Doherty has said. Ms McDonald has effectively assumed the role of acting leader of the party given the strong likelihood of an election before Christmas, without a vote being cast. Speaking to the media at Leinster House, Mr Doherty said Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald’s position was now untenable and she “needs to go” if the election is to be avoided. “It is very clear that
Facebook users could swing the results in 160 LS constituencies
General : Najib Coy On General Election Date By From Mokhtar Hussain WASHINGTON DC, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- With various possible dates being bandied about, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has yet to give any indication of when the 14th general election will be held.
2016 “It’s crazy that Zuckerberg says there’s no way Facebook can influence the election when there’s a whole sales force in DC that does nothing but convince advertisers that they can. We used to joke that we could sell the whole election to the
Russian Facebook ads reportedly targeted crucial swing states
CMHoC General Election 9: Election Subreddit
General Election poster still up 20 months after election Election candidate ‘wasn’t aware’ his poster was still up
Is It Too Late for Partisan TV to Swing the Election? Fox had its largest effects early in the year, but little effect during the summer and fall.
Could Pokémon Go Swing the November Election Could Pokémon Go Swing the November Election? Joe Queenan speculates that the wildly popular augmented-reality game Pokémon Go could influence who wins in November.
Election observers swing into action
Swing-State Stations Are Election Winners Swing-State Stations Are Election Winners The stretch run for the November elections has begun, and local television stations in swing states are already assured they will come out winners.
Kamareddi by-election arrangements in full swing
Sharif was not in the dark on Kargil: ex-General
‘Dark social’ traffic coming from Facebook
‘Dark web’ version of Facebook shows a new way to secure the web
N.Y. Attorney General: Barclays Isn’t Cooperating with Dark-Pool Probe N.Y. Attorney General: Barclays Isn’t Cooperating With Probe New York state’s top prosecutor says Barclays hasn’t cooperated with an investigation into high-speed trading in its dark pool and named employees who allegedly were involved in wrongdoing.
A Dark Election Day for U.K.’s Pollsters A Dark Election Day for U.K.’s Pollsters Practically every major survey firm predicted a knife’s-edge contest, but the statisticians who tried to extrapolate survey results to the all-important question of who would win how many seats failed badly.
Facebook, Rushing Into Live Video, Wasn’t Ready for Its Dark Side Facebook, Rushing Into Live Video, Wasn’t Ready for Its Dark Side Mark Zuckerberg gave employees two months to roll out Facebook Live, which is wrestling a year later with how to censor violence and has lackluster viewership, some video partners say.
Is there a recognised soteriology that combines selective election for some and general election for everyone else? Are there any Christian groups or denominations that hold a belief in selective election to salvation, in that some individuals are specifically and irresistibly called (Noah, Moses, 12 desciples, ...
Did the candidacy of Ross Perot swing the 1992 presidential election? Reading the Wikipedia article on the 1992 presidential candidacy of Ross Perot, one would get the impression that it made no difference to the outcome of the election. However, after looking at the numbers myself, I thought it was pretty clear that if Perot had not been in the election, Bush would have probably won Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, Georgia and New Jersey. This would have been 105 electoral votes, enough to give Bush a narrow victory. Pennsylvania would have become close, as well. Was there any attempt to carefully poll Perot voters in those states to determine if Bush actually would have won those states, such as New Jersey? For example, to take New Jersey as the pivotal example, Clinton won by 80,000 votes and Perot won 520,000 votes in New Jersey. Therefore, if the Perot voters had split 310 to 210 for Bush in New Jersey, then Bush would have won New Jersey. Has a poll been done to determine this? UPDATE Some commenters seem to have the idea that Perot was mostly supported by Democratic voters. This seems to be some kind of modern revisionism. I well remember the 1992 election and Perot was getting most of his support from conservative voters. Here is a Field poll from 1993 that backs this up for those who are not old enough to remember: As you can see Republican voters dominate Democratic voters in his support base, in some cases by a 2-to-1 ratio. I don't really consider it arguable that Perot candidacy hurt Bush. The question is whether it was enough to have turned the election or not. To answer that question I think we really need poll data from specific states such as New Jersey.
Tie breaking in general election for president in U.S
83b election - did not submit tax return for the taxable year of the election [duplicate] I am a holder of vested shares in an USA company. I've bought my shares in 2013 for the FMV (thus I should pay no income on them for 2013) and filed my 83b election with the IRS (and they confirmed) ...
Facebook Messenger camera is extremely dark for no known reason When I try to take a picture using the Messenger app camera, it is incredibly dark, and I can barely see the photo it takes, even in broad daylight. To take a decent photo, I have to close the app, ...
What happens if on an U.S. presidental election, in one of the states, the election fails? I am thinking on some highly extraordinary thing. For example: a new computer virus irrecoverably deletes the votes before counting them a sudden natural disaster makes a decisive part of the population simply incapable to vote some group starts to riot and makes the election fail Thus, the election happens everywhere, except in state X, which is - not on its own fault - incapable to provide the electors.
Are the Facebook adverts ads by google adwords? No. Facebook ads are different and they are separate companies. Facebook may use adwords services to determine what ads people click on, but usually businesses buy ads on facebook specifically.
In Texas if you vote in the primay election today will you still be able to vote in november's general election?
Jill is getting ready to push little Frank in his swing She pulls Frank back as high as she can and then releases the swing What is the initial transfer of energy that accelerates the swing when she?
How can third party candidates swing an election in a two party system?
Why does Facebook screen go dark only on Facebook? because you turn it off :/
[18-01] How can I make campaigning for election in facebook?
[20-01] When is the next general election US?
How long must be there be between general UK election? There must be a general election at least every 5 years. However the Queen can give an election before this time is up.
Who won the general election in 1970 in the UK? The Conservative party under Ted Heath unexpectedly won the 1970 general election.
How often must a general election be held in the UK? It is held every 5 years
What is the value of a 3 cent general election stamp? 3 cents.
[12-12] What Is the role of the voter in general election?
[30-11] In the general election voters choose?
Which party will win the 2015 UK general election? I pray that Labour will get in and get rid of this crazy EBAcc exam and keep our countries brilliant GCSE system which gives all children the fair chance they deserve.
What can influence the timing of a General Election? The Queen decides it is time for a change of Government.
What is the value of a 3 cent general election stamp?
Who decides when to call a general election? The term of office by a democratic government is normally fixed by legislation to a maximum value. In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister must approach the monarch and ask for parliament to be dissolved. election dates are fixed by law in US but state governors can call a replacement election due to resignations or death
Why did the liberal party win the 1906 general election? From the years 1846-1886 the Liberal Party had dominated British politics winning all but one general election. There was a swift reversal in roles when Gladstone attempted to pass the first home rule bill in 1885. This alienated a minority of Liberals (93), some conservative Whigs led by Lord Hartington and some radical Liberal led by Joseph Chamberlain. These groups broke off from the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Unionists. This split badly affected the Liberals as much funding was lost and the 78 Liberal Unionists elected in 1886 acted as a constant reminder to the public. This subsequ
Google: ban foreign governments from posting online election adverts after russian meddling - Google: ban foreign governments from posting online election adverts after russian meddling The legislation is expected to be signed by Vladimir Putin and to ...
The Vote Now Show: Comedy Election - Digested General Election 2017 - The complete 2017 General Election in 5 minutes, featuring Luke Kempner and Emma Sidi. It was written by Jenny Laville, Robin Morgan, Ed Amsden and Tom ...
General Election 2017 & the Gorton By-Election - George Galloway - George Galloway discusses the implications of the General Election called for 8th June 2017.
Facebook boasts it helped the SNP win election in Scotland - Facebook boasts it helped the SNP 'achieve an overwhelming victory' in the 2015 General Election. Facebook has a political unit which boasts that the social media giant helped the SNP storm...
Adam On Russia Using Facebook To Affect Election - Clip from the 11-20-2017 episode of The Adam Carolla Show with guests Jason Calacanis and Vinnie Tortorich. For the full show featuring discussion on staff ...
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