Food price inflation 'has peaked and will continue to fall'

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  • Inflation data implies margin pressure for businesses Inflation as measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) surged to a...
  • Financial markets are forward-looking. At least that’s what business school professors teach us.They believe traders look at the future and decide how much a stock will be worth in 10 years. The current price is based on that future price.You might be shaking your head in disbelief. But that’s what Wall Street analysts do.They create spreadsheets to forecast the future. Then they make assumptions about interest rates, and the spreadsheets tell them what to pay for a stock.It sounds scientific, but it’s not. The whole process depends on the chart below.(Source: Federal Reserve)This is a chart of what investors believe inflation will average over the next 10 years. It’s based on what the current interest rates are.It’s always close to the current rate of inflation. In other words, investors believe inflation will stay about the same.That’s a surprisingly accurate assumption. Inflation generally does stay within a narrow range.But when it unexpectedly jumps, like it did in 1968, the stock and bond markets fall.The Federal Reserve calls this important metric “inflation expectations.” It understands that if expectations are stable, markets are fine.But if inflation jumps, expectations will jump. The Fed’s goal is to manage expectations.When inflation jumped in 1968, expectations stayed high for more than 20 years. Stocks suffered four distinct bear markets from the next 15 years. A bear market in this case is a decline of at least 20% in the S&P 500.If inflation and inflation expectations jump, that will happen again.Investors will see volatility and declines more often. Consumers will suffer as prices rise at stores. Overall, it will simply be terrible.And it’s likely to happen within the next few years.Regards,Michael Carr, CMTEditor, Peak Velocity Trader
  • Zimbabwe’s Inflation Monitor: A Weekly Update Authored by Steve H. Hanke of the Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter In 2008, Zimbabwe suffered the second most severe episode of hyperinflation in recorded history. The annual inflation rate peaked in November 2008, reaching 89.7 sextillion (10^23) percent (see table below). At the peak of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation episode in November 2008, Zimbabweans refused to… View On WordPress
  • In the U.S., the last several years’ flu seasons have run with the weather as cases peaked in the cold days from December to February. This year, though, trips to doctors and hospitals for influenza symptoms are just starting to pick up, according to data from Athenahealth…… Newsmax Health – Health NewsLate Flu Season Hasn’t Peaked Yet Late Flu Season Hasn’t Peaked Yet was originally published on Health And Fitness Today
  • India’s wholesale inflation hardens to six-month excessive of three.59% in October – Information by Automobilnews.eu India’s wholesale inflation hardens to six-month excessive of three.59% in October [ad_1] India’s wholesale inflation grew to three.59 p.c throughout October, greater from 2.6 p.c in September, as a result of enhance in costs of meals and gasoline merchandise. Wholesale inflation charge, measured by WPI, is a marker for worth actions in bulk buys for merchants and broadly mirrors… View On WordPress
  • [16-11] Food price inflation (enhanced by the #brexit induced fall of £ ) rises to over 4%, while wages stagnate@InFactsOrghtt
  • [15-08] (CNBC) #UK inflation holds steady in #July as price pressures ease : British consumer price inflation..
  • [15-08] Rail commuters brace for highest price hike in 5 years as #UK inflation rises to 3.6% - and food …
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  • [08-10] Since sovereign #debt counts towards those requirements, additional #liquidity fuelled asset price rather than goods price #inflation. 3
  • [03-10] .@PennWomen continue networking at Philly's oldest bar. Comfort food, fall cocktails, craft beer, friendly. Near…
  • [09-11] "We posit that some customers in 2067 will continue to be very price-conscious and will continue to want a minimum…
  • [05-08] It looks like Hard #Brexit could lead first to super inflation for food and then food rationing.
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  • [19-09] Official: price of #Brexit is high inflation + weak economy unless stopped, says BoE. Boris can afford it; we can't! htt
  • [10-08] #Brexit UK Inflation near 3% + real incomes continue to decline Currently in the EU only Greece and Cyprus save less
  • [16-08] UK economy already paying price for #Brexit: pound falling, inflation rising, consumer confidence declining
  • [12-08] And this is just the good news on #Brexit. The pound is set to fall further, imports will be more expensive, inflation wi
  • [07-08] #Brexit price rises hit home as household spending in worst downward spiral in four years #Inflation #StopBrexitNow
  • [07-10] Some say they peaked in high school or college. I peaked in middle school on AIM. g2g ttyl #RIPAIM
  • [18-09] #BankofEngland #MarkCarney #Economics Fall in migration after Brexit could push up inflation, says Carney: Bank of…
  • [03-08] @business Partly as higher inflation caused by sterling's fall due to #Brexit eats into real wages but also @ecb Q
  • [15-11] You love the product, we will make you fall in love with the price!Buy home appliances now only at best price, on…
  • [19-09] Speaking of Internet, Americans facing TRIPLE DIGIT INFLATION from Comcast/AT&T. This is the price Americans pay fo…
  • [05-11] Retail sales fall at fastest rate since recession. Alarm as CBI survey reveals impact of inflation ....#TheGuardian #frontp
  • [15-08] Inflation on travel prices in london so glad i dont live there anymore, people cant afford to get to work #London #Brexit #price
  • [16-11] Food price inflation (enhanced by the #brexit induced fall of £ ) rises to over 4%, while wages stagnate@InFactsOrghtt
  • [16-11] House Price Inflation - what's the solution? #HousePrice #Inflation #Watford
Food price inflation 'has peaked and will continue to fall'
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Inflation Steady Despite Food Price Rises - The UKs key inflation rate remained steady at a five-and-a-half-year high of 3% in October, according to official figures.
bitcoin price and inflation - The price of btc as of nov 04 2017 is 7279 usd there is a change every minute according to inflation ,mining, and demand and supply of btc.
Why Eldoret residents don't feel the tickle down despite inflation fall - Why Eldoret residents don't feel the tickle down despite inflation fall SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: ...
Pak media crying on seeing the price of food products & Vagetables!! - Please Subscribe our channel “ MY LINK TUBE “ For Latest Reaction of Foreign media, Pakistan media , Cricket ,Narendra modi (Mr. PM),Politics & Indian ...
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The fridge that fights food waste -- Inflation - who wins, who loses? -- Carney: Rates could rise or fall -- UK inflation rate jumps to 1.6% --
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