Bail-out bill: Pressure on House of Representatives after Senate passes rescue bill

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  • Australian Senate Panel Throws Support Behind Crypto Exchange Bill The Australian Senate has begun deliberating a bill that would apply the country’s anti-money laundering (AML) statutes to domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. The bill was first unveiledin August – introduced in the House of Representatives, one of two chambers in Australia’s Parliament – revealing that lawmakers are considering approaches such as criminal penalties for unlawful exchange… View On WordPress
  • Amended assisted-dying bill passes Canada’s Senate, 44-28; bill now goes for royal assent- CBC News
  • Oh and by the way. The House voted to fund CHIP. But they did it by taking money from Obamacare, which just shifts who doesn’t have insurance.  And? The Senate looks like they don’t want to touch this thing. Which isn’t dissimilar to how the Senate is responding to the House’s Tax Bill. There, they’re writing their own bill that will repeal in the state and local tax deductions. For CHIP? Their plans are unknown. 
  • Everyone in the USA needs to call THEIR representatives and senators to make sure this zombie-fuck-nugget of a bill that the Senate is trying to ram through before the 30th of September does not pass. This bill will gut everything that we fought so hard to get regulated in the first place. This bill is the definition of TRUMPCARE. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Call, email, DM, tweet, facebook, your senators and your representatives. This bill could cost the country more than it’ll save/give back. (Upwards of 375 billion dollars in tax payer money will be wasted on the repeal of this bill) As someone who is not only a lady but also has a shitty spinal issue and needs glasses, this is terrifying for me. If you don’t know who your representative is just click that link. PLEASE do not let them slip this through because they think no one is paying attention. This is so so detrimental to the direction of America’s future. I am aware that the ACA is not perfect but it has changed the health landscape for so many poor and disabled individuals that to go backwards will do more harm than good.
  • House passes bill to weaken brandishing laws The House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday that weakens what is necessary to find a person guilty of brandishing a weapon. Under HB 560, patroned by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, you must intend to cause fear during the act. This will make it more difficult for the police to charge and convict people who threaten to harm others. The bill passed on a 68-32 vote. “HB 560 suggests that if you point… View On WordPress
  • [08-11] As the House finalizes its #taxreform bill, now is a critical time to influence the Senate bill before it is introduced
  • [15-11] The GOP tax bill just became an #Obamacare repeal bill. Call the Senate to tell them to kill the bill. Here is the main offic
  • [18-09] Senate Passes 700 Billion Dollar Defense Policy Bill (pls RT↺❤️)
  • [21-09] US Senate passes budget-busting $700 billion defense policy bill -
  • [18-09] #BREAKING: Senate passes #NDAA by vote of 89-8, bill strengthens the military and gives the troops a pay raise
  • [20-09] Senate Passes Budget-busting $700B Defense Policy Bill | via @defense_news @reporterjoe #NDAA…
  • [18-09] #SubWayLive: RT AbigailCBN: #BREAKING: Senate passes #NDAA by vote of 89-8, bill strengthens the military and give…
  • [19-11] #StrangerThings happening in the Tax Bill! Join @MomsRising to tell the Senate to reject #Trumpcare in the Tax Bill! #Protect
  • [15-11] Fate of #akleg criminal sentencing bill #SB54 and tax bill #SB4001are up in the air as the Senate adjourns its…
  • [20-09] #JimmyKimmel Sen. Bill Cassidy says Senate bill 'begins to address the Jimmy Kimmel test'
  • [07-11] Wis. Senate passes bill freeing family from SCOTUS ruling amid Vinehout, St. Croix County objections
  • [14-11] .@SenSherrodBrown, millions will lose health insurance if #GrahamCassidy passes the Senate. I urge you and Senators to vote NO on this bill!
  • [16-11] From @FrontRowSoccer Goodbye, Bill: Bill Maxwell, former @naslofficial, #MISL referee passes away -
  • [14-11] Senate finance committee debating tax reform bill this week Vote for bill scheduled post-T-giving. THIS IS THE TIME…
  • [03-10] #House Passes Bill Against Late-Term Abortions
  • [06-10] democracynow: House Passes Bill to Criminalize Abortion After 20 Weeks
  • [16-11] House passes #tax bill with deep cuts for corporations:#ICYMI
  • [14-11] There are also significant differences between the #House bill and the version the #Senate released Thursday,...
  • [15-11] House passes $700B defense bill amid #NorthKorea threat
  • [09-11] @SenateMajLdr @SenateGOP You had better not screw up the tax bill. Pass what the House did. Bills go to the Senate and die #DoSomething
  • [25-09] House & Senate bringing differing R&D policies to defense bill conference committee
  • [15-11] The GOP tax bill just became an #Obamacare repeal bill. Call the Senate to tell them to kill the bill. Here is the main offic
  • [18-11] #StrangerThings Happening in the Tax Bill! Tell the Senate to reject Trumpcare in the Tax Bill! #ProtectOurCare
Bail-out bill: Pressure on House of Representatives after Senate passes rescue bill
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5 House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort
2 House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort
3 House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort
House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort
1 House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort
4 House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort
US House of Representatives Passes $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill
The US House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill for the fiscal year 2018.
Highway Bill Passes House, Moves to Senate
House Passes Three-Month Highway Bill The House passed a bill to reauthorize and replenish the federal highway funding program through Oct. 29, aiming to avoid a funding cutoff due to begin Saturday without congressional action.
Transport Bill Clears Senate, Increasing Pressure on House
Transportation Bill Clears Senate The Senate passed a $109 billion bill that will set federal funding for transportation and transit projects around the country, while taking steps to streamline the approval process for infrastructure projects.
Domestic-Violence Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House
Domestic-Violence Bill Clears Senate The Senate approved a five-year extension of the Violence Against Women Act, setting up a debate with the House over an issue that plays into the current battle between the parties for women's votes this fall.
House Passes Spending Bill but Senate May Delay Passage
House Passes Spending Bill but Senate May Delay Passage A fight over coal miners’ health-care benefits threatened to delay and possibly derail passage of a short-term spending bill in the Senate beyond Friday, when the government’s current funding is set to expire.
Did the Republican Party in the House of Representatives recently propose not a single job bill, but many morality and gun-related bills? This graphic is doing the rounds on the Internet (found on Facebook): The claim is: House GOP: 46 abortion bills, 113 religion bills, 73 family relationship bills, 36 marriage bills, 72 gun bills, ...
“Electric bill”, “electrical bill” or “electricity bill” [closed] Which is correct: electric bill, electrical bill or electricity bill?
Does Senate Bill 510 (S. 510) have the power to prosecute people for growing their own vegetables I have heard that S. 510 FDA Food Saftey Modernization Act makes it illegal to grow, share, trade or sell homegrown food. Does S. 510 make it illegal to grow or trade food? The two main arguments ...
Alternatives to Intuit's PayTrust service for online bill viewing and bill payment? I've been a long-time user of PayTrust. The idea behind the service is great: I can receive bills through PayTrust, view them online and set up payment rules to pay them automatically. However, Intuit ...
If I paid my credit card but it didnt post to my bank, will future payments go on this bill or my next bill? I got a secured credit card like 2 weeks ago. I didn't know how the billing cycle worked so I paid the 20 dollar balance yesterday. The payment is still pending and hasn't shown up on my bank account ...
How would one term this particular relationship between “Bill Gates” and “Bill Gateaux”? [closed] While postulating a French universe, my brain voted that Bill Gates should become Bill Gateaux. What term or short-phrase would one use to describe the word 'Gateaux', relative to 'Gates', where the ...
Who is responsible for reconciling differences in alternate versions of a bill created in the House of Representatives and in the Senate?
What common observation can be drawn from the proposed senate bill and house bill and WHO? aaa
A bill in the House of Representatives may only be introduced by an?
What is the only bill which must be started in the House of Representatives? The Constitution, Article I, Section 2 states: "The House of Representatives... shall have the sole Power of Impeachment."
Where does a bill go after being rejected by the house of representatives?
Who introduced the bill of rights to the house of representatives?
[14-11] What happens after a bill reaches the Senate or House floor?
How does a member of the house or senate decide what bill to introduce?
What must happen in the House of Commons before a bill can pass to the senate?
What HR mean in front of Senate or House Bill numbers eg HR 3162?
Who introduced the Bill of Rights in the House of Representatives on June 8 1789?
What individuals may officially introduce a bill in the Texas House of Representatives?
What happens to a bill after it passes the House?
What happens to a bill that passes one house but not another?
How can the senate vote on debt ceiling bill not passed by the house?
Which has more power us senate house of representatives UK house of lords or the UK house of commons?
What is another name for the house of representatives and the senate?
How many members are in the House of Representatives and the Senate?
House of Representatives Passes Bill on Self-Driving Vehicles - U.S. congressmen have approved a bill to deploy self-driving cars and prevent states from blocking them. The U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday ...
House passes tax bill amid questions about Senate version - Congressmen passed the reform 227-205, while lawmakers express concerns about the package; Mike Emanuel explains on 'Special Report.
House passes tax plan, but future of Senate bill remains unclear - Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) discusses the House's vote on the tax reform bill Thursday, during which they approved the legislation.
How does the Senate health care bill differ from the House bill? - The new health care bill will roll back the expansion of Medicaid, matching the House bill. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes joins ...
Senate passes Bill establishing Chartered Institute of Entrepreneurs - The Bill for an Act to establish the Chartered Institute of Entrepreneurs to Regulate and Control the Practice of Entrepreneurship and for related matters passed ...
Is your landline bill about to go down? -- House sellers 'should pay stamp duty' -- Petrol and diesel prices cut amid pressure on retailers -- Lloyds: Taxpayers get all their money back after rescue --
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