Finnish school shooting: Many feared dead as gunman is caught

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Finnish school shooting: Many feared dead as gunman is caught
What percentage of incidents of gun violence in the United States have ended with a civilian bystander shooting the initial shooter? Normally, people who are going to engage in a mass shooting will target an area where people are not allowed to have guns. A typical target would be a school. If you examine the case of James Holmes (the Aurora theater shooter), there were two other theaters with midnight showings of Batman closer to his house, but he chose to go to the Century 16 theater and do his shooting there. He hasn't revealed why he chose to go there instead, but that theater does have posted signed prohibiting people from bringing their firearms into the theater (which makes it a crime if someone does), while the other two theaters didn't have such a policy. Then if you compare the Aurora theater shooting to the San Antonio theater shooting, which happened five months later, you'll see an instance where someone in the theater had a gun and was able to return fire. Only two people were shot, one of which was the gunman.
In gangster shows like The Godfather or The Sopranos, why do they always leave the gun at the scene when they kill someone in public? So that the gunman won't be caught with the gun on him.
What should you do in the event of a mass shooting? Run, stay & protect others or confront the gunman!?
I'm a white american of finnish descent, is it racist to be proud of being finnish? It's unwarranted If you don't have the finnish nationality ("passport") and don't even speak Finnish, you are not Finnish at all
Guns in Guns out debate....HELP!? Most don't know that for many decades and right up until the early 80's, many schools still had shooting clubs. It was quite common. In 1975 New York had 80 school districts with shooting clubs. When kids brought guns to school The shooting wouldn't start until after school, but the plan called for 10 semiautomatic shotguns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition to arrive at school early on a Wednesday morning. The Arlington High School students involved walked to school with their guns, brought their guns on their bicycles along with their backpacks or simply carried a gun case onto the school bus. English teacher Wayne Wagner would secure the arsenal in a locked classroom closet until the final bell rang. "Every Wednesday after school, my kids would take their guns out of my English room, load them into a school car and then we'd shoot on village property," remembers Wagner, coach of a shooting team that became one of the high school's most successful varsity sports, winning three consecutive state and national championships in the early 1980s. Other suburban high schools had shooting clubs with teens bringing guns to school, too. "Guns were in the schools," Wagner recalls, "and there were no problems with them." " No problems " Think about that. Is the problem guns or something else ?
Do you ever like dislike a certain answer in politics just to make that person think the party hates or likes something rational/irrational? i dont like answers like that but i do like answers that neither have anything to do with the question, nor are in any way political for example quoting music quoting idiots being sarcastic " how often do you have sex with your sister?" " i got caught marrying a prostitue" " i got caught eating a dead body" " i got caught burying a dead body "i got caught burying a living body"
Two students, gunman dead in New Mexico school shooting (Reuters) - A gunman fatally shot two students at a high school in New Mexico on Thursday, before he himself died, state and local police said.
Gunman, two students dead after New Mexico high school shooting (Reuters) - A suspected shooter opened fire at a high school in New Mexico on Thursday, killing two students before being killed, according to police and officials from the nearby Navajo Nation.
California shooting: 5 dead, including gunman, school kids injured Students also were shot and wounded at an elementary school.
Five People Dead, Including Gunman, After Shooting Near Elementary School In California The shooter appeared to be "randomly picking targets" before he was killed by responding officers, officials said.<br/><br/>View Entire Post ›
A boy orphaned by the shooting knew and feared the gunman Seven-year-old Gage did what the teachers said. He knew the drill.
Boy orphaned by Calif. shooting knew and feared gunman Seven-year-old Gage did what the teachers said. He knew the drill.
Boy orphaned by California shooting knew and feared gunman Seven-year-old Gage did what the teachers said. He knew the drill.
9 die in Finnish school shooting
Three Wounded, Gunman Dead After FSU Shooting Gunfire broke out at the Strozier Library overnight, the gunman's motive is still unknown
Gunman Hid Wife's Dead Body Before Shooting A California gunman who killed five people Tuesday had killed his wife and hid her body prior to the shooting.
Florida Shooting Leaves Three Dead, Including Gunman Florida Shooting Leaves Three Dead, Including Gunman A gunman in rural Inglis, Fla., killed two people and injured another before taking his own life, the Levy County Sheriff’s Office said late Thursday.
8 dead, including gunman, after shooting in Plano, Texas Eight people are dead and two are injured after a shooting in a Plano, Texas, home.              
Gunman, One Victim Dead in VA Clinic Shooting in El Paso Gunman, One Victim Dead in VA Clinic Shooting A shooting at a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs clinic in El Paso, Texas, left two people dead, including the alleged gunman, officials said.
Four Marines killed in U.S shooting rampage, gunman dead
8 dead, including gunman after shooting in Plano, Texas Eight people dead and two injured in a shooting in a Plano, Texas home              
Louisiana Theater Shooting Leaves At Least Three Dead, Including Gunman Louisiana Theater Shooting Leaves At Least Three Dead A 58-year-old lone gunman opened fire at a movie theater in Louisiana on Thursday night, killing two people and injuring at least nine others before shooting himself, authorities said.
Gunman identified in Tennessee church shooting that left 1 dead The shooting took place at Burnett’s Chapel Church of Christ
Woman Injured, Gunman Dead in Downtown Denver Shooting The suspected gunman was pronounced dead at the scene with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
California shooting: Gunman 'tried to enter school Although one child was shot and injured, police praised teachers actions for saving "countless" lives.
Gunman in Custody; 1 Dead, 3 Injured After Shooting at Northern Arizona University The gunman has been identified as 18-year-old Steven Jones, believed to be a freshman at the university.
Gunman identified in Tennessee church shooting that left 1 dead, 6 injured The shooting took place at Burnett’s Chapel Church of Christ
Houston Shooting at Auto Shop Leaves Gunman, Customer Dead Houston Shooting Leaves Two Dead A man came into a Houston auto detail shop and began shooting, killing a man known to be a customer and putting a neighborhood on lockdown Sunday before being killed by a SWAT officer, police said.
Oregon College Shooting Leaves 10 Dead, Including Gunman, Sheriff Says Oregon College Shooting Leaves 10 Dead Students and police described a scene of chaos and horror at a rural community college shooting that left 10 dead, including the gunman.
California shooting: Gunman's dead wife found under floorboards a day after rampage The death toll from a shooting spree in a small California town has climbed to six after the body of the gunman's wife was found. The rampage also targeted a nearby elementary school, injuring several children.
Need to know the meaning feared dead [duplicate] If a air crash happens the news will be "200 feared dead". Here what is the meaning of the word fear?
I just had a e-cigarette at school and I got caught. I'm only 14 what should I do At school a kid brought a e-cigarette to school and my friends pressured me to try it (that is where I should have walked away). I never actually inhaled I just put it to my mouth and said I did and ...
How to deal with my 12 year old son being allegedly caught cheating at school My son, 12, is a good student who always gets A's. He takes his schoolwork very seriously and does his homework on time. Today I received a shocking call from his teacher that he was caught cheating....
The meaning of 'caught dead' Oxford dictionary defines wouldn't be seen (or caught) dead as meaning: informal Used to express strong dislike for a particular thing. I am wondering about both the conceptual and textual origins ...
Left 4 Dead 2 accuracy - when can I stop shooting? I'm trying to break 75% accuracy on Left 4 Dead 2. I can consistently get about 60% accuracy with either of the automatic shotguns, but when I try with the M-16, my percentage drops to the high 40s. ...
Did BBC change an article title about Israelis shooting dead a Palestinian in a hospital? In 12 November 2015, Israeli agents disguised as Arabs escorting a woman in labor, raided a hospital in Hebron, West Bank, seized a Palestinian suspected of stabbing and shot dead his cousin. The dead ...
How many people were killed by the teen gunman in the high school shooting in southwest Germany on Wednesday March 10 2009?
Who was the teenage gunman that went on a shooting spree killing high school students in southwest Germany on Wednesday March 10 2009?
How would you feel if someone started a school shooting because you rejected him as a boyfriend everybody is mad at you because they thought that you provoked the guy into doing the shooting?
At what age can a run away from California stop hiding and enroll in school or get a job in Nevada with out getting caught and what would happen if they enrolled to soon and got caught?
Can a lawsuit be filed against a school for not firing two gay teachers who were caught on school property making out in front of two students in a classroom?
If you give temporary coustody of your son to his fathers parents so you can finnish school will you have a problem getting him back if they decide they want him to stay because they got attached?
What diseases can be caught from dead animals?
What should you do during a school shooting if it happens?
How do you survive a school shooting?
How long can you get away with driving your dead grandmas car with her paid insurance on it before you get caught? Until the insurance runs out... :)
How can you play shooting game online at school?
How many steps are allowed before shooting in high school basketball? 2
Where can I watch One Tree Hill school shooting episode? that's in season 3 and i believe it's episode 16. Last i checked, it was uploaded on youtube. if not check the related links
Can a dead wife choose a partner for her living husband and how do you handle yourself as a woman if caught in such a situation?
How do you And your boyfriend do anything at school without getting caught?
What do you do when you get caught cheating at school? well for starters, you need to ask the school board to forgive you and face whatever punishment you may be required to endure
What if you get caught with condoms at school?
How can you makeout without getting caught in school?
Walmart Shooting in Colorado 3 Dead, Gunman at large, PHOTO of the Shooter - Thornton Walmart shooting: Police provide update Walmart shooting incident, ...
Gunman dead, 3 hurt in shooting at medical facility near Buffalo, Summerlin Parkway - Police believe the man was a patient at the facility and came in wanting an unscheduled appointment and could not be accommodated.
November 6th Morning Rush: Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead, gunman once stationed at Holloman A - November 6th Morning Rush: Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead, gunman once stationed at Holloman Air Force Base - Source: ...
Oakland school shooting: students flee in terror as gunman opens fire - A gunman has opened fire at a private Christian college in Oakland, California, killing at least five people and wounding several others.
4 dead in shooting at northern california elementary school - 4 dead in shooting at northern california elementary school 13k 67 (Reuters) - A gunman carrying a semi-automatic weapon and two handguns opened fire at ...
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