Mothers wrongly identifying fathers in Child Support Agency claims

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Mothers wrongly identifying fathers in Child Support Agency claims
It's really not, it's a myth propagated by women. You know only roughly 15% of non-custodial fathers do not pay child support, where as 85% of non-custodial mothers do not pay child support. But yet you don't hear anyone talking about all the dead beat mothers.
Actually I think most mothers would prefer to be stay at home mothers when their children are young. Today the family does not help mothers enough. However, most families need the income from the mothers so there is little choice but work. Before the extended family helped but now they often live far away and are busy themselves and fathers are NOT picking up the slack so it's very hard for mothers who have to work with a lack of support from all directions. Babysitting is NOT cheap and takes up most of the money she earns. WORSE society puts mothers and housewives down - pretending what they are doing is NOTHING - this is the real problem - and it's mostly men doing it because women really know how much mothers work and often some particularly sexist men choose to NOT acknowledge it because their bloated egos have to always inflate themselves at the expense of the women around them.
During his parenting time, it's is his decision who to have watch the kids or pick them up from school. Just let that part go. For the child support, contact your child support enforcement agency:
No, they don't. There have been 'fatherless' or 'motherless' households for countless generations. single mothers and fathers have twice the work. In gay relationships you will often find there are mothers and fathers in way the two parents act with the children. Roles of the father and mother are also changing in society. Most gay marriages also do not result in young children, unless those who marry already Had children from a previous marriage.
Is it weird that my child's fathers wife texts me? I knew he didn't believe my child was his for years and wanted nothing to do with the child until I filled for child support and it was proven he was her father. He once got he then girlfriend to message me back saying he didn't believe she was his. He admitted that wasn't the only time when we went to...
If all I know is the fathers name Can I get him for child support?
New Fathers Should Get Same Paid Leave as New Mothers, EEOC Claims New Fathers Should Get Same Leave as Mothers, EEOC Claims The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued Estée Lauder, accusing the beauty giant of violating law when it awarded male employees fewer weeks of parental leave than female workers receive.
I think we traditionally tend to think that boys should view their fathers as mentors & our mothers as source of love/comfort. Gender issues aside, is it right that a child view their parents' roles differently which parent it is?
In the service of young mothers and fathers
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If the fathers 15 and the mothers 18 does he have to pay child support?
Do mothers on ssi and ssd pay child support to the fathers?
Your child got kicked out of school in Michigan do you have to still pay child support he is moving back into his mothers child support was canceled?
How can in the state of Oregon they go off of a fathers income for 2011 most he's ever made but use 2012 for the mothers income leaset she's ever made to calculate child support?
You have to start paying child support for one of your kids but you have two more and there mothers dont want to file child support what should you tell the judge?
Do mothers have to pay child support back after the kid turns 18 and find out the child support payer is not the father?
In the State of Michigan if a father owes arrearage for a child who is 28 years old can the child forgive the fathers debt without the mothers consent?
How do you stop false back child support collections My husband paid off his child support to the State of NY last year. I just got a letter from a collection agency stating that he owes 18000.?
Are mothers better than fathers at disciplining a child?
How does a child move from his mothers house to his fathers?
Do fathers who pay child support have to give up their tax refund for owing back child support?
Child is raised by man for 6 years and not biological fathere does he still pay child support after child is returned to mothers custody?
Can you pay child support directly to your spouse instead paying the child support agency?
How can you get a lump sum of back child support owed from a child support agency?
Can you get a lump sum of back child support owed from a child support agency?
If the father pays child support in the state of New York can the unmarried mother take her child to another state if the legal father is paying child support and without the fathers consent?
Why would the child support agency terminate child support services?
If a child leaves a mothers care as a father do you have to continue paying child support?
How Secured Party Creditor Fathers can Win Child Custody and Prevent Child Support Every Time - Many of you fathers believe that black robes do what they want in court and act like god in their court. This is because most fathers go in court acting like the ...
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Mothers can be deadbeats. Protect yourselves fathers. Reya’s rant. - New Rant videos posted every friday.
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