Theresa May compares herself to Margaret Thatcher as she unveils radical social care reform and £8bn for the NHS in Tory manifesto for Brexit Britain

THERESA May compared herself to Margaret Thatcher as she unveiled radical social care reform in the the Tory manifesto this morning. The Prime Minister set out her vision for Brexit Britain in Halifax with a vow to end the triple lock on pensions and a scrapping of the David Cameron’s tax lock, as well as an […] 18-05-17
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  • [25-09] On #WorldAlzheimersDay, we highlight the great work done by our Dementia Ward care staff at the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary
  • [02-10] @annispice @UKApathyParty Margaret Thatcher built more social housing in a single year, than #Labour did in 13 years in office. LOL
  • [15-10] Margaret Thatcher - "There’s not a strand of equity or fairness in Europe, they are out to get as much as they can!" #Brexit
  • [24-09] Iain McNicol: labour have taken the Tory manifesto and dumped it in the shredder . We have left Theresa May with nothing to say #Lab17
  • [15-08] Margaret Thatcher was one of the creators of the Single Market. The Tories are now trashing her legacy. #Brexit #StopB
  • [10-08] Margaret Thatcher reiterated Attlee's view that the referendum is a device of dictators and demagogues. #Brexit #Remain
  • [16-09] 2017 #Corbyn #Labour Manifesto would keep £7bn of planned Tory Social Security cuts over which IDS resigned
  • [11-08] Pro eu gravytrainers care not for poor working class kids or communities. Britain 1st Britain 2nd Britain 3rd. #Brexit
  • [07-08] @raiphsays @PaulaHoneyRose @Defiaye Theresa May unveils new plans to win hearts and minds for #brexit
  • [01-10] No surprise to hear the Tory government care not at all about Social Care #CPC17 @Debbie_abrahams
  • [12-09] BREXIT: A dozen Tory MPs warn Theresa May they're ready to rebel over the Brexit Bill / #Brexit #EUwithdrawalbill
  • [08-10] Tory conference: Care minister Jackie Doyle-Price hides from fringe as social care funding crisis deepens #CPC17...
  • [23-09] #MargaretThatcher: "We do not want a united Germany". She knew! #Britain needs a new Margaret! #brexit
  • [13-08] Theresa May is flying home to Tory chaos as a senior MP threatens to quit over Brexit #Brexit #MayDUP #StopBrexitNow
  • [05-10] Theresa May insists Britain is prepared if Brexit negotiations with the The Sun-16 minutes ago #Brexit #TheresaMay…
  • [08-01] #Hunt destroys the NHS and now given further remit to destroy social care with his brand of #reform”. #May proving…
  • [11-10] #Britain - #Brexit | #TheresaMay ... the thing with posturing for 'no deal' Brexit is Theresa May needs to show she is ready to align...
  • [19-09] @s8mb @DanielJHannan #Brexit revealed ASI as the creature of a far-right 'radical' fringe in the Tory party... rath…
  • [02-10] Has Jeremy #Corbyn changed the Tory Party? Listen to what three Tory commentators have to say. Is the Thatcher/Blairite conse
  • [03-10] At 08:30 this morning @ProfMartinGreen from @CareEngland is talking to @JackieDP about reform of the social care system #socialcare #CPC17
  • [10-12] #ThingsThatJustDontGoTogether Deadpool and Margaret Thatcher.
  • [13-10] #Britain - #Brexit #TheresaMay Delays Brexit Bill After 300 Amendments Demanded by Labour, Pro-EU Tory MPs
  • [01-10] If May resigns, #Corbyn & Labour will have seen off two Tory leaders, reversed large parts of the #Tory manifesto and sho
  • [16-10] Maybe Ophelia is part of Theresa May's Brexit plan. Move Ireland up behind Iceland and no one will care anymore.. #Brexit #StormOphelia
  • [07-01] "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it"~Margaret Thatcher #InspirationalQuote…
  • [27-11] by popular request - why social care reform is hard: 12 white/green papers etc & 4 independent reviews in 19yrs #CPC17 htt
  • [19-08] Health & Social care are in crisis is #Brexit negotiations are a complete shambles & all you care about is a bell s
  • [18-08] And neighbour to build relationships with the EU itself or you will take this nation – and social reform. #brexit
  • [11-08] Theresa May knows how lonley Britain will be after #Brexit so she's trying to get as many freinds as possible no ma
  • [20-01] What do Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump have in common? #r4today
  • [20-09] and, thankfully , it's not Margaret sodding Thatcher #parliamentsquare #MillicentFawcett
  • [23-07] 15 Tory MPs 'sign no confidence letter in Theresa May' #brexit #indyref
  • [20-01] What do Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump have in common? #r4today
  • [19-01] Thatcher being discussed on #BBCR4today . Find out more about Thatcher here:
Theresa May compares herself to Margaret Thatcher as she unveils radical social care reform and £8bn for the NHS in Tory manifesto for Brexit Britain
THERESA May compared herself to Margaret Thatcher as she unveiled radical social care reform in the the Tory manifesto this morning. The Prime Minister set out her vision for Brexit Britain in Halifax with a vow to end the triple lock on pensions and a scrapping of the David Cameron’s tax lock, as well as an […]
How come socialism has always been a failure (long term) wherever it has been rigorously implemented? Was Mrs Thatcher right? The quote of Margaret Thatcher is inaccurate- she never said that, not in those words anyway. In does summarize the gist of many of her statements against the Socialists in Britain, which were a bit more detailed and complex- and brilliant. Just one of many examples: Socialism does not work and never has. Those who claim Socialist successes in Europe are distorting the facts. Margaret Thatcher really let these dingbats have it:
Is T, May new Tory manifest inhuman. Theresa May will make the less-well-off, homeless.? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/carer-breaks-air-telling-theresa-may-will-homeless-mum-dies-tories-145758873.html Less well-off, that are in need of care,will have their property taken from them. She also promises that her new Britain will be run by bunch of the world's greatest meritocrats. Meritocrats= A group...
Are "British" Muslims celebrating the Manchester bombing? they are thanking Conservatives and former Tory PM Margaret Thatcher for letting them come to UK
How many voters did Labour lose today in London? The hook line of your 'joke' doesn't even work when the chances are they came under TORY governments and you're the sort of idiot who probably votes Tory. The Tories allow more immigration than Labour. Always have. Your hero Enoch Powell as Health Secretary begged Afro Caribbean people to come to Britain to staff the NHS. The Manchester Bomber's parents moved to Britain under good old Thatcher.
French paper,Libération noted embattled UK Tory PM Margaret Thatcher on Paris visit when Party triggered her downfall.Will she be forced out?
Will Britain be able to get a "hard Brexit"? Or will it be blocked? Obviously Britain voted to leave the EU on 23 June. However, some remainer politicians are trying to either keep us in the single-market ("soft Brexit") or stop Brexit all together. Will Brexit be blocked? Or in other words: what are the chances of Brexit being blocked? If the Supreme Court rules that...
Tory MP Sam Gyimah Reveals Awkward Encounter With Margaret Thatcher A Tory MP has revealed an awkward conversation he had with Margaret Thatcher, in which the former PM told him “there can’t be many of you” in the constituency he represents.
Tory MPs advise Theresa May not to increase Brexit exit payment Downing Street rejects claims PM was ready to double UK divorce bill offer to €40bn
Britain facing choice between Thatcher revolution and social democracy Worldview: Which ever way Britain goes, effects will be most keenly felt on Border
No Brexit U-turn for Britain likely, say Tory Eurosceptics Labour seeks evidence for Boris Johnson’s claims about UK weekly savings post-Brexit
Tory rebels urge Theresa May to form cross-party alliance for soft Brexit Backbenchers who defeated government last week believe PM should reach out to Labour MPs and face down hard BrexitersConservative backbench rebels who defeated the government last week are urging Theresa May to reach out to Labour MPs and form a cross-party alliance for a soft Brexit.A..
Boris Johnson tops poll of Tory activists to be next party leader despite calls for Theresa May to sack him over Brexit meddling BORIS Johnson has surged back to the top of the rankings for who Tory activists want to be their next leader despite calls for Theresa May to sack him over his Brexit meddling. The Foreign Secretary leads the monthly ConservativeHome survey on 21 per cent as Jacob Rees Mogg sits in second place on 15, […]
Theresa May faces Tory backlash over putting Brexit date in EU withdrawal bill as debate starts - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including MPs debating and voting on the first day of the EU withdrawal bill’s committee stage 11.07pm) by 316 votes to 296 - a majority of 20. The voting figures are exactly the same as they were in the vote 15 minutes ago.
Theresa May is dragging Britain off a Brexit cliff edge Against a plain background in a former school for paramilitary police, next to a church famous for denouncing Galileo's refutation of the idea that the sun moved around the Earth, British Prime Minister Theresa May gave a foreign policy speech Friday that revolved around divisions within her own Cabinet.
On Brexit, Theresa May's toughest adversary is not Europe but critics in Britain
On Brexit, Theresa May’s toughest adversary is not Europe but critics in Britain
Donald Trump attacks Theresa May, telling her to focus on 'radical Islamic terrorism' - not his Britain First tweets Donald Trump has hit back at Theresa May’s criticism of his decision to retweet far-right group Britain First. The US President tweeted: “Theresa @theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. Mr Trump appeared to have tagged the wrong user in his message, however.
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Wants Britain to Trade Freely With EU Post-Brexit May Wants Britain, EU to Trade Freely After Brexit British Prime Minister Theresa May took a warmer tone with the European Union on Friday, calling for constructive talks and promising the U.K. would enthusiastically cooperate with its allies in the bloc even after it leaves.
Britain’s Theresa May Begins Sounding Out Europe on Brexit Negotiating Position Britain Begins Sounding Out Europe on Brexit Conditions Britain’s Theresa May met with Germany’s Angela Merkel for the first time Wednesday, declaring that the U.K. wasn’t walking away from its “European friends.”
Donald Trump and Britain First: US president attacks Theresa May and tells her to focus on 'Radical Islamic Terror' in UK, not him - as it happened Donald Trump has hit back at British Prime Minister Theresa May after she condemned the US president for sharing a series of anti-Muslim tweets from far-right extremist group Britain First. Ms May's said Mr Trump was "wrong" to retweet the videos contained in the posts - but Mr Trump tweeted that she should focus focus "on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom". Downing said had also said before Mr Trump's latest tweet that an invitation for him to make a state visit to the UK would not be with
Margaret Thatcher, RIP Margaret Thatcher, RIP By Jason L. Riley A Democratic strategist doesn't understand all the fuss over the former prime minister of Britain.
Margaret Thatcher Fotoğraflarla Eski İngiltere Başbakanı Margaret Thatcher Eski İngiltere Başbakanı ve savaş sonrası dönemin en etkili küresel liderlerden Margaret Thatcher hayatını kaybetti. Serbest piyasa ekonomisini ve kişisel tercihleri savunan Thatcher İngiltere ekonomisinin dönüşüm geçirmesini sağladı.
Playing Margaret Thatcher Meryl Streep on the leader's work ethic, emotions and more.
Margaret Thatcher's Best Quotes Thatcher's Best Quotes Some of the more memorable quotes from her public life.
Remembering Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister who became one of the most influential global leaders of the postwar period, died Monday, three decades after her championing of free-market economics and individual choice transformed Britain's economy.
Margaret Thatcher dies
Margaret Thatcher dead
Margaret Thatcher's Impact Margaret Thatcher's Impact Margaret Thatcher served as the U.K.'s prime minister from 1979 to 1990. During this time her policies -- some popular, some not -- transformed Britain. The Wall Street Journal looks at the impact Mrs. Thatcher had on the U.K.
How Margaret Thatcher Won the Cold War How Margaret Thatcher Won the Cold War The British prime minister prodded President Ronald Reagan to recognize the potential of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
Margaret Thatcher's Funeral Procession Margaret Thatcher's Funeral Procession Margaret Thatcher is to receive a ceremonial funeral with military honors. The service, which will be held on April 17 at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, will be preceded a procession along the streets of central London.
Why Margaret Thatcher's narration comes in middle while Dennis speaking to her? In The Iron Lady (2011), Scene Where Dennis is speaking to Margaret Thatcher But suddenly Dennis voice was muted & Margaret Thatcher Narration comes in middle & say this lines: When the ...
Difference between Great Britain, European Union, United Kingdom, Schengen Area and effects after Brexit [duplicate] I have already read about the different countries on the European continent and different terminologies involved. What would be the effects in these countries on visas after Brexit? Can we have ...
Do Americans still need extra health care / medical insurance after reform to health care? [U.S.] Does the passage of the recent bill in the US change the way Americans budget for health care? If so who benefits?
Are the Conservatives preventing Britain from get the best possible Brexit deal from the EU; are they prepared to accept the consequences, if their actions harm the country? Why doesn't Labour distance itself from this historic error?
Dependent care FSA and child care provider Social Security Number We signed up for a full dependent care FSA ($5000) through my wife's employer at the end of last year knowing we'd need child care this year in some form. This year we've found a local older woman ...
Are laws effective at enacting social reform?
What did Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain accomplish? nothingdont trust my answer
[19-12] What was a key component of Margaret Thatcher and policies as prime minister of Britain?
What did Margaret Thatcher do? She was an MP in the UK Parliment. She became a Secretary of State for Education under Edward Heaths government in the 1970's. She then went on to defeat Edward Heath as the leader for the Conservative Party in the UK in the mid to late 1970's. After becoming leader of her party, she then won the British General Election in 1979 and won that election by a landslide and became the first ever woman Prime Minister until ousted by her own party members some 11 years later. She won 3 British General Elections and was also Britains longest serving Prime Minister.Margaret Thatcher was the first femal
How old is Margaret Thatcher? Margaret Thatcher was 87 when she died on April 8, 2013. (birthdate: October 13, 1925).
Who is Margaret Thatcher? Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of England, she was also a great influence to British politics. "Her impact on Britain was sweeping and lasting, leaving a market economy and a more right-wing Conservative party." (Travel and History)
Where is Margaret thatcher now? She still lives in London. She can't do much public speaking anymore because her Doctor advised her not to.
Has Margaret Thatcher died? Yes, Margaret Thatcher has died. Thatcher died on April 8, 2013 at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.See the related link below for more information.
Margaret Thatcher how was she remembered? The Prime Minister who tamed the trade unions.
Who were Margaret Thatcher's sisters? she only had one sister named Muriel
What is Margaret Thatcher's middle name? According to the entry in the Who2 biography, Margaret Thatcher's middle name is "Hilda." For more information, see the Related Link.
How old was Margaret Thatcher when she started her job? Her first job was when she left Oxford at 22. It was as a chemist in the laboratories of J.Lyons & Co., confectioners.She got into Parliament at 34, a junior minister the next year, and party leader at 49, Prime Minister at 53.
When was Margaret Thatcher born? Margaret Thatcher was born on October 13, 1925.
Is Margaret Thatcher alive? No, Margaret Thatcher is not alive. Thatcher passed away on April 8, 2013 at the age of 87.
Who is Margaret thatcher's husband? Denis Thatcher who died a few years ago.
What are characteristics of Margaret thatcher? Deep anti-socialist convictions that came from her humble early background in a small corner-shop, where she absorbed the virtues of hard work and thrift.   Upon her sudden and unexpected rise to power, she displayed extreme determination, physical courage and a dominating personality.   She had no sense of humour whatever, and was unconvincing when under prssure to pretend she had.    
Margaret thatcher out out out speech? In late 1984 at a press conference, Thatcher was commenting on the 3 proposals that the Irish statesmen had given as possible solutions for the Northern Ireland conflict. She rejected all proposals by "out...out...out..." at a press conference following the forum. USA was very dissatisfied with this.
Did Margaret thatcher have a religion? She is allegedly Christian, though many feel that she believed herself to be God - particularly towards the end of her time as Prime Minister.
What did Margaret thatcher do to be famous? She became the first woman Prime Minister in British history.
Conservatives must harness margaret thatcher's ideas to save britain from a corbyn government, part - Conservatives must harness margaret thatcher's ideas to save britain from a corbyn government, party grandees warn The Conservatives are losing the “battle of ...
'it's virtually impossible!' tory mep says britain has no justification for a soft brexit - MEP Daniel Dalton, who is the Conservatives chief whip in the European Parliament, said Britain has “no justification” to remain in the single market and customs union after Brexit. Mr...
Tory MP LASHES Bank of England's latest claim and insists Britain will THRIVE after Brexit - TORY MP Matt Hancock has thrashed the Bank of England's latest claim that Brexit could cost 75000 finance jobs. Mr Hancock stressed that the Bank of ...
'STOP,Brexit', ,EU,ready,to,CURB,immigration,to,appease,Theresa,May,,pleads,Nick,Clegg,'STOP Brexit' - STOP,Brexit',-,EU,ready,to,CURB,immigration,to,appease,Theresa,May,,pleads,Nick,Clegg,'STOP Brexit' - EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg.
'STOP Brexit' EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg - STOP Brexit' - EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg. The arch-Remainer, who lost his seat at the general election in June, has said it was “unforgivable”...
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