See the Tory manifesto pledges on Brexit, immigration, social care and more

THERESA May’s Tories today revealed their vision for the next five years. The Conservative manifesto is stuffed with policies on social care, pensions, education – and of course Brexit. Take a look at some of the most important proposals: Brexit Leave the European single market and customs union and seek comprehensive free trade and customs […] 18-05-17
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  • [07-01] ?Beyond Blue Passports: UK/EU immigration after Brexit.” by @StevePeers in @PoliticsMeans || #Opinion #Brexit…
See the Tory manifesto pledges on Brexit, immigration, social care and more
THERESA May’s Tories today revealed their vision for the next five years. The Conservative manifesto is stuffed with policies on social care, pensions, education – and of course Brexit. Take a look at some of the most important proposals: Brexit Leave the European single market and customs union and seek comprehensive free trade and customs […]
So way should we leave the EU? Therese May didn't secure a mandate in the elections to leave the single market.? do we have to keep doing this, I voted to remain by the way. It wasn't a vote on Brexit, Corbyn also said Brexit should/is going ahead, according to your reasonoing, you could say 80% of people voted for Brexit, since Labour and Tory achieved about 80%
Ms Sturgeon and her 'taking another vote on a UK split' - so she gets a stay together vote, again, what then. So she gets a leave, break? It looks like self-harmers have taken over the UK. Tory cutters and Tory brexiters. And now another attempt at an internal divorce petition. If her new one isn't really democratic in the sense that more than 50% of the total Scottish electorate votes to quit the UK, then it will cause an additional and similar layer of chaos to that of Brexit. Independence needs to be clear, not a fudge. People should be enthusiastic about it. Minority vote independence (as with Brexit) causes unending internal strife and makes everyone sullenly work to rule.
Since Brexit happened, does it mean that no more Muslims are going to be coming to England? No. Brexist was motivated by immigration though, and the EU made immigration into the UK easier. But the UK doesn't have a "no Muslim" policy on immigration post-Brexit.
Should England send millions of our immigrants to Scotland? There is slightly more to being Left wing then being pro immigration. In fact any Left wing people, myself included, would like to see more controls on immigration. There is a difference between wanting those who live here already to be equal (not treated specially, just equal) to the rest of us and wanting to let more in. It always surprises me that those on the Right cannot understand that simple fact. But I think Scotland is more Left wing in general because they believe more in the investment in public services. They believe in providing free university education and free social care for the elderly. These are the reasons Scotland is seen as more socialist, not because of its number of immigrants. I also think that if the trade union movement had not been severely weakened the chances of bosses replacing their workforce with cheap immigrant labour would have been severely reduced. Immigration benefits the Tory supporting business owners more then it benefits anyone else.
PM Cameron warns that the UK is 'Highly Likely' to suffer like Paris. How 'Highly Likely' is it that our security services will prevent one? carmeron says its highly likely because he's currently setting it up to happen. 5 years of tory government slashing boarder control officers, hacking the police numbers and money down to the bone. he's always failed to cut immigration by the Tory's own figures. he also keeps appeasing by saying islamis the religion of peace or how isis are not muslims etc etc. its only a matter of time before a lone wolf or a mob attack happens. blood will be on dave's hands.....and if you voted tory you will too.
Do you think that Brexit is too important of an issue to be left to the public? Possibly. Several ppl I know voted for Brexit simply because the No campaign was percieved as being hijacked by the middle class libby leftie fairtrade coffee drinking social/NHS workers hug an immigrant élite. (in other words, booring patronising w'nkers) They didn't really know or care about what Brexit is really all about. But the fact that some Kra'ut is putting his oar in just reinforces breiteers' resolve.
Tory minister faces fury for claiming Brexit was a ‘tantrum’ by working-class voters who were angry about immigration A TORY minister faced fury tonight after he claimed Brexit was a “tantrum” by working-class voters who were angry about immigration. Sir Alan Duncan said the vote to quit the EU was a result of “artificial anger” – and suggested the referendum should have been declared invalid because not enough people took part. Tonight opposition […]
U.K. Officials Argue ‘Brexit’ Effects on Housing Prices, Health Care, Immigration U.K. Officials Argue ‘Brexit’ Effects on Housing, Health Care, Immigration The two sides in the U.K.’s European Union referendum debate looked to reinforce their core message, with Treasury chief George Osborne saying house prices would fall if Britain exits while Justice Secretary Michael Gove said staying in the bloc would swell the population and put the state health service under pressure.
So David Davis won't be found in contempt... 10 Tory MPs and one DUP voted that he had complied with resolution on releasing Brexit impact assessments. Rest of Brexit committee (8 opposition MPs) said he hadn't.
Labour manifesto leaked, focus on immigration
Why Tory Brexit spells Anarchy for the UK.
No Brexit U-turn for Britain likely, say Tory Eurosceptics Labour seeks evidence for Boris Johnson’s claims about UK weekly savings post-Brexit
May warns against Tory rebellion on Brexit legislation British Prime Minister Theresa May is attempting to prevent a Tory rebellion over Brexit ahead of the first Commons votes on the legislation to withdraw from the European Union.
May trapped by Brexit ‘headbangers’ and Tory media Brussels holds all the leverage and the prospects of a ‘no deal’ departure are rising all the time
Top Tory MEP Syed Kamall Backs Brexit Syed Kamall, who leads the European Conservatives and Reformists group, wants Britain to vote to leave the EU.
ICE pledges immigration crackdown on businesses. Here's what it looks like
France’s Le Pen Pledges to Suspend All Immigration French newspaper Libération described the speech as "one of the most hardline of [Le Pen’s] campaign so far.”
Brexit: Tory hardliner accuses chancellor of trying to appease EU David Jones berates Philip Hammond for saying that single market and customs union rules will still apply during transitionA leading Tory Brexiter has accused the chancellor, Philip Hammond, of trying to appease the EU by saying a transition deal would “replicate the status quo” and retain the same rules that apply within the single market and customs union when Britain leaves the bloc. ..
Nicola Sturgeon: 'Brexit Is a Right-Wing Tory Takeover' Scotland's first minister warns that an EU exit would lead to a right-wing power grab.
Pro-Brexit Tory Bernard Jenkin calls for EU ultimatum Step up preparation for no deal, says leading Eurosceptic
Brexit: May under renewed pressure ahead of Tory conference
Tory Internal Battles Make Hard Brexit Less Likely The arduous and complex process of the United Kingdom exiting from the European Union, dubbed “Brexit,” continues, but the British people are split along party lines over a more forceful “hard Brexit” or a more gradual “soft Brexit.”
Tory disarray the hallmark of rolling Brexit agenda Analysis: Unsettled Conservative benches show little inclination to unite around PM
Tory MPs advise Theresa May not to increase Brexit exit payment Downing Street rejects claims PM was ready to double UK divorce bill offer to €40bn
Blow to hopes for Brexit deal as Tory backbenchers back DUP Unionists reject ‘regulatory divergence’ as Varadkar says he is ‘disappointed’ with impasse
Varadkar says May reneged on Brexit Border deal as Tory MPs back DUP
U.K. Conservatives Put Brexit Settlement in Manifesto Brexit negotiations with the European Union are set to begin in earnest after the U.K. election, which Conservative Theresa May is likely to win.
David Davis's Brexit vote offer fails to win over Tory rebels Rebels make clear they will not back down after Brexit secretary’s concession of a ‘take it or leave it’ vote on any exit deal A key parliamentary battle over crucial Brexit legislation will recommence in parliament, as Conservative MPs suggested a concession by David Davis to give MPs a “take it or leave it” vote on any exit deal would not be enough to stave off rebellion. Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, before eight days of debate over the EU withdrawal bill, the Continue reading...
Whip withdrawn from Tory MEPs who voted to block Brexit progress
Boris Johnson Intervenes On Brexit Again Ahead Of Tory Party Conference Boris Johnson has intervened on Brexit yet again, putting Theresa May under fresh pressure ahead of the Tory party conference.
Dependent care FSA and child care provider Social Security Number We signed up for a full dependent care FSA ($5000) through my wife's employer at the end of last year knowing we'd need child care this year in some form. This year we've found a local older woman ...
'Manifesto' in BookName 'The Checklist Manifesto' There's a popular book The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right , which was translated as 'The Checklist Revolution' in my native language. I searched multiple dicts for it. A public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate. a written statement of the beliefs, aims, and policies of an organization, especially a political party So, manifesto is a public statement. As for the word 'revolution',means the 'trusted best innovation' in our culture context. It's a hugely great word. What about 'manifesto' in its native culture? like the word 'Declaration' in 'The Declaration of Independence'?
Does being the oldest in a day care class harm a child's social development? I am considering putting my daughter in a day care which takes children 2 to 3 years old as of their start date for the year, August 30. My daughter will turn 3 on September 5, so technically she ...
How to insult a Tory (or people holding a conservative viewpoint in general)? I am writing a contemporary theatre play where one character - a senior businessman - first introduces himself as a not particularly conservative person. Later in the play, his protégé finds that the ...
Using API csv Import GU"I extension for Pledges
What happens with two Pledges of Loyalty attached to the same creature? This is a similar question, but a slightly different situation, so no duplicate: What happens if I have two Pledges of Loyalty attached to a creature? Now to my scenario: Let's say I have two ...
[13-01] How do we write a manifesto.Example of a manifesto to be a school prefect?
Why must social care workers gain consent from the individual when they are providing care or support?
What is meant by 'providing individual care' within health and social care?
What is meant by the term duty of care in health and social care?
Is health and social care important for a social worker?
Social and liberation beliefs on immigration? they feel 4 legal immigrants but not 4 illegal ones
Why is care value base in health and social care impotant?
Why are care values important in health and social care?
What does duty of care mean in health and social care settings?
What does the General Social Care Council code of practice state a care-worker must do to promote clients rights and protect them from harm?
How did immigration influence the social and economic way of life in all of America? Immigration gives the United States an economic edge in the world economy. Immigrants bring innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the U.S. economy. They provide business contacts to other markets, enhancing America's ability to trade and invest profitably in the global economy. They keep our economy flexible, allowing U.S. producers to keep prices down and to respond to changing consumer demands. An authoritative 1997 study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) concluded that immigration delivered a "significant positive gain" to the U.S. economy.
Will national health care slow immigration?
What is the care value base in health and social care?
What is a 'duty of care' in health and social care?
[21-11] How do we demonstrate care in social care?
What fraternity pledges the hardest? Sammy at UB
What does the term 'duty of care mean' in health and social care in mental health?
What pledges were contained in the Atlantic Charter?
BREXIT UNDER THREAT: Tory rebels and Remainer MPs head to Brussels to meet with Barnier | by Brexit - BREXIT UNDER THREAT: Tory rebels and Remainer MPs head to Brussels to meet with Barnier | by Brexit News ▻ Former attorney general Dominic Grieve, whose amendment inflicted the Government'...
Immigration minister pledges 'swift' processing of eu citizens' status - Immigration minister pledges 'swift' processing of eu citizens' status The immigration minister has promised that the processing of an individual application by an ...
'STOP,Brexit', ,EU,ready,to,CURB,immigration,to,appease,Theresa,May,,pleads,Nick,Clegg,'STOP Brexit' - STOP,Brexit',-,EU,ready,to,CURB,immigration,to,appease,Theresa,May,,pleads,Nick,Clegg,'STOP Brexit' - EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg.
Tory MP warns EU will NOT give in to UK's Brexit demands to preserve its own 'integrity' - He said the UK's Brexit plans could be "difficult to achieve" because Brussels needs to maintain the unity of the EU after the UK leaves in March 2019.Mr Grieve said: "I have always been of...
Paterson: Tory MP Dominic Raab says Brexit deal will be done in time - Conservative MP and Brexiteer Dominic Raab spoke to Niall Paterson on the first episode of his new show Sunday with Niall Paterson. He said the UK would ...
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