Terrorist Khalid Masood downloaded ISIS knife attack manual to prepare for deadly Westminster attack

WESTMINSTER terrorist Khalid Masood downloaded an IS knife attack manual to prepare for his onslaught, it has emerged. The fanatic, 52, killed five people with a car and stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death outside Parliament on March 22. IS documents on electronic devices owned by Masood included one telling jihadis to target the windpipe, […]
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  • Getty The terrorist who mowed down a group of people in New York City Tuesday was so strident about what he had done, he told law enforcement he wanted to fly the ISIS flag in his hospital room. According to the criminal complaint  Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipovtold FBI agents he “felt good about what he had done.” His cellphone was an electronic ISIS training manual which included, among other things, a video of ISIS fighters shooting prisoners in the face and a video of a beheading. The complaint says the videos, 90 in all, inspired Saipov to carry out the attack. Saipov was shot by a cop after the attack and was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Eight people died as a result of the attack.
  • A minister who tried to save the life of the policeman killed in the Westminster terror attack has said “vivid memories” of the atrocity are still with him. Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood said the hardest part of the day was trying to explain Khalid Masood’s deadly attack to his eight-year-old son. Mr Ellwood, a former soldier, tried in vain to save PC Keith Palmer, giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and applying pressure to try to stem the flow of blood from his wounds after the officer was stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament. The policeman was one of five people killed by Masood, who hit pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in a hire car before being shot dead by a ministerial bodyguard in March. Video:April: The Met remembers PC Keith Palmer Mr Ellwood told The Daily Telegraph: “I think the hardest thing, as well as stepping through with others to try and save PC Keith Palmer’s life, was coming home and finding my eight-year-old boy on top of the stairs having refused to go to bed. “It was 10 o’clock at night and he was really confused. He couldn’t understand why a bad person would do what he did and he also couldn’t quite understand why I had then stepped forward in the way that I did. “I had to explain to him that there are some bad people in this world. “There are bad people doing bad things, but there are more good people doing good things, and that’s why we stand up to events such as this.” Video:March: Hero minister addresses MPs Mr Ellwood had previously been reluctant to talk publicly about what happened, but said he decided to speak out after launching a new mental health strategy for the Armed Forces. The aim is to encourage veterans to seek help for mental health issues and not to bottle up their experiences. “What I went through is something … but we shouldn’t forget that there are many people who have seen much worse and continue to be affected by it,” Mr Ellwood said. “That’s why it is so important for us to have the mental health strategy that we need a veterans support package that is understood and a covenant that obliges councils, businesses and communities to recognise the sacrifice that individuals have given.” Source link Westminster attack hero minister recalls ‘vivid memories’ of atrocity was originally published on News London
  • BREAKING: Terrorist artillery attacks kill civilians in central Damascus A shock artillery attack has left at least two civilians dead in central Damascus. Terrorists through to be from al-Qaeda or the FSA opened fire in Abbasid square, causing heavy material damage and wounding many. The attack would appear to be a further ‘revenge attack’ on Syria after the Syrian Arab Army crushed ISIS in Deir ez-Zor over the last 48 hours. Al-Qaeda, with Israeli assistance, have… View On WordPress
  • ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to Islam a few months prior – Veterans Today   The shooter, who killed 50 people and injured hundreds, converted to Islam “few months ago” and conducted the attack on behalf of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Reuters reports, citing terrorist group’s web site. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the mass shooting in Las Vegas, believed to be the deadliest in modern US history. “The Las Vegas… View On WordPress
  • Me: Don’t blame everyone on the right for what happened to those ANTIFA thugs in Charlottesville, I don’t like them but I’d never do something like that, and you have to admit this entire climate of violence was kinda started by ANTIFA and the like Leftists: Wow, a terrorist attack happens and your response is to defend the ideology that caused It? You’re sick! That’s beyond insulting and insensitive to the victims! Same leftist after every Islamic terrorist attack: Yeah a bunch of people died whatever but our first responsibility should be to make sure no one blames Islam for this attack in the name of Islam, anyone who suggests otherwise should be jailed
  • [15-08] #London terrorist attack seems to be another #ISIS inspired lone-wolf attack in Europe-
  • [01-11] Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov in New York City attack pledged allegiance to ISIS, had ISIS flag inside truck. #Manhattan :
  • [02-10] IT IS A TERRORIST ATTACK. Not a mass shooting, Not "a mentally ill white man" but A domestic terrorist attack. #route91 #PrayForLasVegas
  • [09-08] I strongly condemn the deadly terrorist attack in #Manchester
  • [02-10] #ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the deadly #LasVegas attack! ???
  • [16-11] Egypt says Libyan terrorist involved in deadly anti-police attack
  • [02-10] The terrorist behind the deadly #mandalaybay attack was armed with 8 weapons in his hotel room.
  • [02-10] #Marseilleattack #ISIS claims responsibility for knife attack which left two women dead
  • [01-11] Sorry for all those people killed in that terrorist attack in NYC but Las Vegas was also a terrorist attack,#GunControlNow
  • [23-09] The #Stratford AcidAttacks, may or may not be another Islamic terrorist attack, but they are undoubtedly a terrorist attack.
  • [01-10] #Investing $MKAU At least one killed in Marseille, France knife 'terrorist' attack, police say…
  • [02-10] Marseille terror: ISIS claims responsibility for knife attack which left two women dead
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  • [02-11] New York terrorist pledged allegiance to #ISIS before attack#Manhattan #terror
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  • [15-10] #Mogadishu hit by most deadly terrorist attack ever & @RedCrescentTR team asist #Somalia Red Crescent Society at the field. ht
  • [26-08] Knife attack in #Brussels. Sword attack in #London. Or, as it's called in Europe, "Friday."
  • [29-09] #ISIS claimed responsibility for today's deadly attack on #Shiite mosque in #Kabul resulted at 6 killed & 36 wounde…
  • [10-10] It’s looking like #LasVegas was ISIS terrorist attack on American citizens & our politicians answer is to disarm us. htt
  • [05-10] #ISIS attack at Misrata courthouse. 1 terrorist shot dead, 2 blew themselves up. 4 #Libya'ns killed, many injured ?
  • [19-08] #Charlottesville car attack a CIA op CIA operatives & US Military vets involved similarities to ISIS truck attack
  • [27-09] #ISIS claims attack on #KabulAirport says attack took place coinciding with US Secretary of Defense James Mattis ar…
  • [02-10] @davidicke Ex CIA Robert Steele said: “EVERY SINGLE TERRORIST ATTACK IN US WAS A #FalseFlag ATTACK” #LasVegas…
  • [16-11] Egypt says Libyan terrorist involved in deadly anti-police attack
  • [15-11] At dinner hosted by H.E. Masood Khalid, Ambassador of Pakistan to China.#Beijing
Terrorist Khalid Masood downloaded ISIS knife attack manual to prepare for deadly Westminster attack
WESTMINSTER terrorist Khalid Masood downloaded an IS knife attack manual to prepare for his onslaught, it has emerged. The fanatic, 52, killed five people with a car and stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death outside Parliament on March 22. IS documents on electronic devices owned by Masood included one telling jihadis to target the windpipe, […]
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[World] - ISIS Claims Deadly Marseille Knife Attack | NDTV
Victims of Westminster Terrorist Attack Remembered
Victims of Westminster Terrorist Attack Remembered Friends and colleagues of the people killed in the Westminster attack remembered them with grief and admiration.
Deadly knife attack at Marseille train station
The "Islamic State" group has claimed responsibility for the stabbing that killed two people at Marseille's main train station. Anti-terror police are investigating after a suspect was shot dead.
Marseille deadly knife attack treated as terror
A knife-wielding man killed at least one person at the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille, France, before police killed the attacker, according to CNN affiliate BFM, which cited the city prosecutor's office as its source. French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb tweeted that he is on his way to the scene.
British Knife-Attack Plotter Convicted of Preparing Terrorist Acts
British Knife-Attack Plotter Convicted of Preparing Terrorist Acts Briton Nadir Syed, who tried and failed to make his way to Syria, was on Monday convicted of preparing terrorist acts, namely planning to use a sharpened butcher’s blade to carry out a public beheading. No attack was carried out.
ISIS Claims Second Knife Attack In Russia This Month
The deadly stabbing attack in Dagestan follows a similar incident in Siberia that left eight people injured, according to reports.
[World] - IS claims deadly Marseille knife attack | Manila Bulletin
French interior minister says authorities still are determining if Marseille knife attack was of a “terrorist” nature.
MARSEILLE, France (AP) — French interior minister says authorities still are determining if Marseille knife attack was of a “terrorist” nature.
ISIS Supporter Sought Knife Attack As Wedding Present
Ummariyat Mirza and his wife-to-be argued regularly about which one of them was more devoted to the jihadi cause.
Deadly knife attack at Marseille train station - October 01, 2017 at 12:56PM
Egypt says Libyan terrorist involved in deadly anti-police attack
Is there any evidence that laptops in airplanes might be used for terrorist attack? For some airports in the Middle East passengers are not allowed to bring electronic devices bigger than smartphones into the cabins. According to some news pages (e.g. this article) this ban should be ...
Are these pictures of the recent terrorist attack in Kenya (NSFW)? There is a post going around facebook about the recent terrorist attack in Kenya with the following pictures (spoiler'ed for queezy stomachs): Warning, graphic images (18+): And the following ...
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How to explain Paris terrorist attack to primary school age children? How can I explain terrorism and the recent radical Muslim shootings in Paris to my primary school age children? They have obviously noticed the media reports and they saw our local TV tower lit up ...
Name of this movie that was filmed as a terrorist attack/civil war on an unknown city in the USA? My parents watched a movie and I caught glimpses of it...they wont tell me the name of the movie, and it was on netflix...not anymore: Points of detail not related to the plot: Language: American ...
Did a lack of Muslims in Japan help prevent a 2002 AQ terrorist attack? https://twitter.com/rjrasva/status/700683354996211712 Lack of Muslims in Japan prevented al Qaeda attack on 2002 World Cup Sun, February 15, 2004 http://zeenews.india.com/home/lack-of-muslims-in-...
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New York Attack ISIS Terrorist Attack - Infiltrated FBI CIA NSA Aiding Jihad Sleeper Cells US Soil -
London attack Khalid Masood identified as killer - Police have identified Khalid Masood as the man who carried out the Westminster attack, as the death toll rose to five. Masood, 52, was born as Adrian Elms in ...
China to again block us bid to declare pathankot attack mastermind masood azhar as terrorist - Link
London Terrorist Attack - Leftist Virtue Signals While Cowering For His Life During Terrorist Attack - London Terrorist Attack - One man vents his frustration after observing the trend of Muslim men to terrorize the people of his country. A leftist man then virtue ...
Nikki Haley on the deadly NYC Terrorist Attack - While our hearts are broken, our resolve is strong..." Remarks to the United Nations General Assembly by U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, ...
Manchester attack: PM condemns 'sickening, cowardly' act -- 'The homegrown terrorist' and UK's 'defiant' response -- Attack ads -- Strength to Mexico' in deadly earthquake aftermath --
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