David Davis: Tories will defend 999 workers

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  • Outrage: Stoke-on-Trent MP Gareth Snell tells MPs how the Tories’ flagship PIP benefit was denied to a disabled man until after his death. Mrs May’s response was to defend the system that failed Geoffrey Elwell so utterly. After passing mealy-mouthed condolences on to the family of the deceased, she said the Tories had introduced PIP “to focus payments on those who were most vulnerable”. Clearly,… View On WordPress
  • David Davis to demand more ‘flexibility’ from Brussels in Brexit talksBrussels must be “more flexible” in Brexit talks, David Davis will demand this week as he seeks to bounce the European Union into concessions during face-to-face talks.  The Brexit Secretary is expected to tell EU negotiators they must prove the legal basis for their vast divorce bill proposal and agree to less influence for European judges.  Mr Davis is set to tell Michel Barnier, the European…View On WordPress
  • The civil servant in charge of the Department for Exiting the European Union (Dexeu) is to move to a new role in Downing Street after a spate of reported rows with Brexit Secretary David Davis. Oliver Robbins is to take up a new “co-ordinating” job at Number 10, having held a dual role, both as the top civil servant at Dexeu and Theresa May’s leading Brexit advisor; a position that had caused conflict at the top of the department since his appointment. Government insiders claimed that it left Mr Davis frozen out of decision making, and that there was no personal warmth between the two men. Are there any Tories in Government who actually like the others. It seems like hardly a day goes by without one trying to stab another in the back. Strong and stable!
  • David Davis’ former chief of staff suggests he is lazy and only works three days a weekDavid Davis’ former chief of staff has suggested that he is lazy and only works a three-day week.  James Chapman, who worked for the Brexit Secretary after the EU referendum last year having previously worked for George Osborne,  Mr Chapman hit out at his former boss in a series of tweets this morning. He alleged that, “he’s been working 3 day week since day one.”  David Davis (right) and former…View On WordPress
  • The past few daysThere’s been a series of rather telling Brexit points over the last few days.1. Tory MP and Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, says that the UK gov shouldn’t perform an impact assessment of Brexit on Scotland as it would ‘risk another independence referendum.’2. SNP MP, Joanna Cherry asks Brexit Secretary, David Davis, why there hasn’t been an impact assessment done on the impact of Brexit on Scotland. David Davis confirms there has been.3. David Mundell refuses to back call to release the impact assessment to the Scottish people.Do we really need to highlight the problem here, folks?
  • [12-08] Tories will never win another majority: David Davis’s ex-chief of staff says his party “not fit for office” #Brexit
  • [09-11] You can't trust the #Tories with workers' rights. 7 times the #Tories have let #British workers down @NewStatesman :
  • [12-10] Where the hell did this idea come from that David Davis is a savvy negotiator? Michel Barnier is having to deal with imbeciles. #Tories
  • [24-09] Words from @MichaelRosenYes for #Lab17 - back @labfreemvmt motion to defend migrant workers and defend + extend free movement
  • [17-11] David Davis to @bbclaurak on #r4today: "I'm a democrat before I'm a Tory."Davis, 2012: "If a democracy cannot change its mi
  • [12-10] Not hard to say who inspires more trust David Davis or Michel Barnier Davis lacks authority/is often simply unintelligible#BrexitReality
  • [30-09] #Con17 is almost on the spot where in 1819 troops massacred ppl campaigning for workers’ rights. #Tories still hate workers. #TakeBackMcr
  • [15-08] David Davis should be renamed David Deluded #Brexit
  • [14-10] #Tories claimNational Living Wage gives £4Bn to Poor workers by 2020#Tories FAIL to point out they are cutting Welfare b
  • [08-10] Labour and the trade union movement - standing together to defend workers rights through Brexit #Lab17
  • [02-11] #SABCstrike Just like other departments Did most of these workers & union not defend Motseneng & corrupt board who stole/wasted the money
  • [27-08] #brexit 'Dream on' EU negotiators mock David Davis' Brexit stance: - 'Dream on' EU negotiators mock David Davis
  • [09-10] #BrexitInFiveWords Here's what David Davis thinks.
  • [03-10] David Davis needs to except the only way we will get a deal with the #eu is give them everything they want #Uk Has…
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  • [06-08] David Davis during the #Brexit Negotiations
  • [15-08] I see David Davis is being delusional again #Brexit
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  • [24-09] David Davis is just embarrassing. Put on #Marr to bat for appeaser May.
  • [16-08] David Davis to Robert Fico #Brexit
  • [27-08] David Davis won't stand for the EU's fantasy mathematics.
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  • [24-09] Does David Davis know the transition is in the power of the EU, and not the UK? #marr
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  • [17-11] David Davis to @bbclaurak on #r4today: "I'm a democrat before I'm a Tory."Davis, 2012: "If a democracy cannot change its mi
  • [22-11] "@MrKenShabby: David Davis arrives for Brexit negotiations
David Davis: Tories will defend 999 workers
Isn't about time we should allocate ALL those Tories MPs into those Birmingham ghettos,?
Do you agree? 'You're more interested in a civil war than taking on the Tories': Lord Mandelson (the Mail)?
Have the Scottish electorate woken up to Labour? Now behind the Tories. If there is mass muslim immigration to Scotland, will that change?
Tories defend Theresa May against plotters
Chancellor Philip Hammond urges Tories to fight for capitalism and defend it against Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialist assault
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond will today tell Tories to not be afraid of defending capitalism against Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialist assault. Mr Hammond will hit back at the Labour leader’s attack on the free market. The hard-left Labour leader vowed to bring in “a new model of economic management” if he ousts Theresa May from No10, after […]
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David Davis's Useful Advice
David Davis's Useful Advice The former shadow home secretary calls for 'resolute, determined and radical action' to get Britain growing.
David Davis ally says 'almost 50 MPs want Theresa May out
Theresa May faces a potential leadership battle after losing the trust of 'several dozen' Tory MPs who have lost confidence in her to lead the party towards Brexit.
David Davis's Brexit negotiation position
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Six years ago on the night of the 2011 NBA Draft, when the San Antonio Spurs shockingly agreed to trade coach Gregg Popovich’s “favorite player,” point guard George Hill, to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for the rights to Kawhi Leonard — they also received the rights to a little-known European player named Davis Bertans. At the time, Leonard was considered a solid prospect who might one day be as good or perhaps slightly better than Hill, while Bertans was considered a low-risk throw-in who might not ever make an NBA roster. Throw in t
Who Is Britain's New 'Brexit Secretary' David Davis?
Civil liberties campaigner and committed Euroskeptic from the Conservative right has been promoted from the backbenches.
Brexit 'divorce fee' row will go on for two years, David Davis says
A row over the so-called Brexit divorce fee will last throughout the two-year UK-EU talks, according to David Davis.
David Davis says Boris’s Brexit tantrum had no effect
David Davis said the policies laid out in the PM's speech in Italy were being drawn up months ago and Mr Johnson's flounce had no impact whatsoever.
Claims David Davis is 'furious' at Johnson and Gove
Brexit Secretary David Davis (pictured) is said to be 'angry' at claims from the pair they should be 'getting on with' sorting out Britain's departure from the EU.
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BREAKING - David Davis makes Brexit concession to save Tories from cross-party assault - DAVID Davis could make a concession allowing votes on key aspects of Brexit in a bid to stop a cross-party a.t.t.a.c.k. Source: #brexit ...
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Angelino Alfano incontra David Davis - Il Ministro degli Affari esteri e della Cooperazione internazionale Angelino Alfano incontra il Segretario di Stato per l'uscita dalla UE, David Davis.
David Davis rightly said - we need to see some more flexibility and imagination from the EU - David Jones MP: David Davis MP rightly said - we need to see some more flexibility and imagination from the EU in the Brexit negotiations. Watch our board ...
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