Banks face mental health challenge

Banks must offer simple account options to help those with mental health conditions, a think tank says.
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  • More NHS mental health patients treated privately [ad_1] Image caption Karl was sent to a private hospital far from his home Mental health trusts across the UK are becoming increasingly reliant on private hospitals to deliver care, a BBC Breakfast investigation suggests. NHS spending on private mental health inpatient beds went up 42% over five years across 40 mental health authorities that responded to… View On WordPress
  • As it is Mental Health Awareness Week across the UK it feels appropriate to look closer at one of our related healthcare courses ‘BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing.’ When you typically think of nursing you think of people being physically unwell or needing physical care but there is a whole other side to nursing that is just as important and that is mental health nursing. Why? Because there is no health without mental health.  As it states on the University of Northampton’s course page for this subject, one in four people are likely to experience some degree of mental distress in their lives. What a shocking and eye-opening statistic for us all to digest. Think about it, if you have a family or friendship group of four individuals, one of you is likely to suffer from a mental health issue. And these can be so varied. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia to obsessive compulsive disorder, there a whole range of different kinds of things that can affect our mental well being.  So, why should you choose a career as a mental health nurse and why should you choose the University of Northampton? This is what it says on the course page: “A mental health nurse can make a positive contribution in people’s lives. Our vision is to promote compassionate care through effective communication. We want to make this a reality by recruiting people who are willing to take up this challenge. So, do you have the courage to commit yourself to mental health nursing? If you do, then our BSc (Hons) programme, which gives you a registration through the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a mental health nurse, is the course for you.”  This course provides: practical experience in healthcare settings practical experiences are gained within hospitals, community settings, the voluntary sector and other health and social care organisations within Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire European Nursing Module through which students can complete a two week placement in a European city See more at: 
  • One of the many things that really pisses me off about Theresa May is her blatant lack of knowledge on mental health issues. She parrots a line about moving towards ‘parity of esteem’ for physical and mental health care but when asked questions about mental health she confuses mental illness with learning disabilities. That shows a clear, fundamental ignorance of a major health issue.She’s demonstrated her ignorance on several occasions, this is the most glaring. How can you be so uninterested to not recognise the difference between two different issues. It’s insulting to people who struggle with mental health and people with learning disabilities. It’s not fucking good enough. The Tory record on healthcare is shocking. On Question Time she was confronted with the reality of 7 years of NHS underfunding. A young woman with complex health issues who has waited 18 months for an appointment with a mental health counsellor. May looked her in the eye and had nothing to say to her. Nothing.The fact she suggested we train teachers to identify young people with mental health issues is appalling. They are already having to do that. They shouldn’t have to be acting as a mental health nurse or social worker just because the NHS is underfunded. Again she shifts the burden just like she is with the Dementia Tax. Appalling.
  • Introducing Huddle: The App Changing The Way We Talk About Mental Health According to the National Institutes of Health, 44 million American adults struggled with mental illnesses last year, with 60% not seeking treatment. Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma often associated with having a mental illness and that is why some people are afraid to talk about it. Huddle app co-founders Dan Blackman and Tyler Faux want to change the conversation around mental health… View On WordPress
  • History of Mental Health Treatments: Early Views Every year, 42.5 million peoplein the United States alone suffer from mental illness, which totals to be about 18.2 percent of the population. While stigma associated with having a mental disorder still exists in our society, there’s no denying that huge strides have been made in the realm of mental health diagnosis and treatment options compared to years before. Mental illness has always been an… View On WordPress
  • [11-10] mental health is real. mental health is valid. mental health affects millions of people everyday. mental health is important. #WMHD17
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  • [11-10] Today, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. Let's all spread awareness on Mental Health issues. #WMHD17 #StopTheStig
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  • [15-10] This week was #WMHD17 but talking about mental health is important every day. Our mental health nurses help patients get
  • [18-11] Azeala Banks opens up about her mental health
  • [16-11] Mental health is just as important as the health of the rest of the body. Annual mental health exams would be an ex…
Banks face mental health challenge
Banks must offer simple account options to help those with mental health conditions, a think tank says.
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Retired Sgt. Toby Miller can easily remember the day he was injured by an improvised-explosive device in Afghanistan. It was April 2, 2011 — his 41st birthday, and the beginning of the end of his military career. Miller returned to duty a short time later, but he knew something wasn't right. When a comrade noticed that he wasn't doing well and suggested he seek help, Miller decided that might be best.
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What are the effects of improving physical health on mental health? It has been three weeks since I started doing cardio exercises and I feel calm and relaxed. Is it because of the exercises? How does exercise improve mental health?
Word meaning “convalescing” their mental health Is there an alternative to the verb convalescing for someone recuperating from a mental breakdown, as opposed to convalescing after a physical illness?
Are 10% of mental health problems caused by abortion? A recent meta review (mentioned in some articles in the media, e.g. The Telegraph or CBS News) examining the association between abortion and mental health problems "Abortion and mental health: ...
Roscommon mental health services slammed Bad behaviour was normalised and then perpetrated by staff across Roscommon mental health services, a damning report has found.
Is being a professional logician associated with serious mental health issues? In Indiscrete Thoughts, Gian-Carlo Rota claims that: It cannot be a complete coincidence that several outstanding logicians of the twentieth century found shelter in asylums at some point in their ...
Link between combat sports and mental health Is there evidence to suggest a link between exercising of combat sports and mental health problems (in the later future). For example is there any (reaffirmed) study that shows a higher risk for alzheimer, etc. when the patient done x hours/week of sparring in a full contact combat sport? Professional vs Amateurs?
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Can you describe physical health mental health emotional health social health spiritual health and environmental health? Physical health is the health of the body and has to be fit and working.The mental condition is the state of the mind.The spiritual health is the moral ethics of a person and the environmental health is the state of the environment or earth around us.All are linked and thus constitute general health.
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What are the factors affecting mental health and how this affect mental health? Stress is the main factor affecting mental health.it may be eustress,distress,hypostress or hyperstress.
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