Loose Women viewers demand apology after Janet makes 'distasteful' self-harm comment

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  • [11-10] So #CamNewton makes a comment about women and roles and lose sponsors. #Trump makes worse comments about women and becomes Pres
  • [15-10] #ChrisMartin Demand an apology from @JKCordenHe disrespected women incl the mom of your kidsRape is NEVER a jok…
  • [01-12] Tamra makes a really mean comment about her looks and then SHE starts crying and asks for an apology?! What on earth?! #RHOC
  • [08-10] I need a #janet to solve all my problems and answer all my questions; even if it is the bad place, Janet makes it worthwhile. #TheGoodPlace
  • [15-10] Considering how much it’s taking women to come forward, it’s so distasteful #JamesCorden
  • [19-09] #DawnFrench makes sexist comment about "young women want to match the worst behaviour of men" is she right or wrong…
  • [23-01] I will always say that having Lawler comment on women nowadays is like having Andy Gray comment on the FIFA Women's World Cup #Raw25
  • [24-12] No Apology(No apology)We will not back down(No apology)We are not afraid(No apology)Not a drop of doubt【No apologies】#bonjovi
  • [04-10] #BorisJohnson makes vile & distasteful "joke" saying #Libya has great future once 'clear dead bodies' via @SkyNews :
  • [02-10] Janet? JANET! Damn it! Janet! I love you! #TCMParty #DraculasDaughter
  • [11-11] louis ck and his dick makes an apology worth nothing. Now, i am more believing than ever that "willy not makes everbody happy". #louisck
  • [02-10] Abortion On Demand and Without Apology #repealthe8th
  • [02-12] Will @JoyVBehar issue a correction and apology to her viewers for spreading #FakeNews?! #TheView
  • [02-11] If you demand #LatinaEqualPay then you demand #DreamActNow. Thousands of women are set to lose their jobs en route to dep
  • [29-09] Free abortions on demand without apology #repealthe8th
  • [14-01] Why demand an apology from @realDonaldTrump? It wouldn't be sincere! If it were, would he think, believe, or say th…
  • [05-12] #TheQueenMzansi I am sure Shoprite will demand an apology after Kea's scene about them- lol
  • [20-01] #ANCNECGuptas costed Zuma and NDZ, if he's bitter he must go to them and demand an apology
  • [04-10] #Corrie bosses issue apology to viewers over glaring inaccuracy in Bethany Platt court scene
  • [13-01] #BREAKING 54 African countries demand Trump 'retraction, apology' over slur
  • [15-01] Let's see if #ANCYL will join their big brother Andile Mngxitama & his NGO to demand an apology at US embassy, or a…
  • [05-10] Libyan MPs demand apology from Britain's FM over dead bodies remark #Libya
  • [05-10] #Libya MPs demand apology from UK's Boris Johnson over 'dead bodies' remark
  • [01-10] If SAF was still manager, #MOTD would demand an apology 4 swearing @ journos & he'd get a 3-match ban from FA #MUFC
  • [07-01] When you're playing #FinalFantasyIX and your viewers demand voice acting....
  • [06-11] Protestors march to British Embassy in Copenhagen, in Denmark, to also demand an apology for #Balfour100
  • [05-11] Protestors gather at the British Embassy in The Hague in the Netherlands to demand an apology for #Balfour100 :
  • [06-10] Guns on demand and without apology! Gloria Steinem isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. #ThursdayThoughts
  • [30-11] @EdKrassen @houdini77 @nbc It’s not just a great idea, it is a demand from your viewers- don’t think any complicit…
  • [24-09] Janet is my favourite. She makes me so happy. #TheGoodPlace
  • [04-01] Probably 1st time #RickPitino shud've spoken in last 3 months @GoCards #vincetyraShud demand an apology from belea…
  • [13-01] #politics African countries demand Donald Trump apology over slur - Daily Nation
  • [23-01] I will always say that having Lawler comment on women nowadays is like having Andy Gray comment on the FIFA Women's World Cup #Raw25
  • [14-01] Why demand an apology from @realDonaldTrump? It wouldn't be sincere! If it were, would he think, believe, or say th…
Loose Women viewers demand apology after Janet makes 'distasteful' self-harm comment
I was recently beaten in a bar, after making a comment about child molestation, can I file a lawsuit? The comment you made was pretty stupid, so I understand why the women acted the way they did. The best thing you could have done was to walk away, not try and fight the women, and then their husbands. I don’t think filing a lawsuit would do nothing for you, because no court will rule in your favour when you hit women, and made a distasteful comment on child molestation. A court would rule that you could’ve diffused the situation by simply being the bigger person and walking away.
Why did Justin Timberlake rip of Janet Jackson's bra at the 2004 Super Bowl? It was prearranged, part of the act and that's where the term "wardrobe malfunction" came from coz that's what Janet Jackson said it was when being interviewed. It was distasteful and he probably regrets doing it.
Should Al Franken be expelled from the Senate now that he is facing accusations of sexual assault? In this case I'd say no. It was an aggressive kiss and some distasteful comedy. He apologized profusely and the woman has accepted the apology.
What could this be..? It has now been proven that you must not be too loose of he would not be able to finish so that argument should be done. That leaves his assumption of masturbating too much before as the most likely cause for his inability to get off and he owes you an apology for his disrespectful remark about you being loose.
Boyfriend demanded oral sex first before taking me on a date should I do it? He has no right to demand anything from you. If he doesn't like the way you do something he should kindly request you do it differently, but by no means can he demand you do it a certain way or he won't take you on a date. That's not love, sounds like he is using you. He should accept your apology and realize that was absurd to demand that, but if he doesn't realize that, is he really worth it? Something to consider.
Are conservative sick of Shepard Smith revealing the lies on Fox News? Yes, at lest he has the balls to tell the truth, Fox News viewers demand reporter Shepard Smith be fired for debunking 'Clinton uranium scandal' Angry viewers called for the anchor to move to CNN for discrediting the conspiracy theory which President Donald Trump has repeatedly touted, and of course Trump was lying - again. See link. Fox will fire him for telling the truth.
Who is Janet Street-Porter? Loose Women regular, I’m A Celebrity star, journalist and HIGNFY guest panellist JOURNALIST and gutsy TV host Janet Street-Porter is a guest panellist on Have I Got News for You and regular on Loose Women. Here’s everything you need to know about the media and telly personality… Who is Janet Street-Porter? The 70-year-old broadcaster was born in Brentford, Middlesex. After dropping out of college, she took up a […]
Donald Trump walks back on 's---hole countries' comment as 54 African states demand apology President Donald Trump was accused of using "hate-filled, vile and racist" language in the Oval Office after he reportedly attacked immigrants coming to the United States from "s---hole countries". Mr Trump denied making the comments about immigrants from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador, saying he had been "tough, but this was not the language used". A group of 54 "extremely appalled" African countries demanded he retract and apologise for his reported comments. After an emergency session to weigh Mr Trump&
Women MLAs demand apology from Muddukrishnama Naidu
Women MLAs demand apology from Muddukrishnama Naidu
Loose script leaves viewers weary
Jacksfilms viewers of Reddit, what YIAY comment of yours really should have gotten featured?
Kremlin Wants An Apology for O'Reilly Comment on Putin The Fox host questioned President Donald Trump in a pre-Super Bowl interview on his approach to Russia and respect for Vladimir Putin.
Morocco Rejects U.N. Apology for Western Sahara Comment Morocco and Ban Ki-moon’s dispute is the most serious since the 1991 ceasefire in Western Sahara.
Raina demands apology for ‘voodoo science’ comment
u/todayilearned_SS makes a comment that actually kinda makes sense in context.
Spicer Stars in Post-Hitler Comment Apology Tour The White House press secretary faces another round of calls for his dismissal after comments that included a reference to Holocaust centers.
Texans owner Bob McNair issues second apology for his ‘inmates’ comment His comments saying the NFL couldn’t let the ‘inmates run the prison’ has caused a stir with his players.
Loose Women star Stacey Solomon claims women sexually harass boyfriend Joe Swash in public Stacey Solomon has claimed that her boyfriend Joe Swash has been sexually harassed in public, saying it leaves her feeling “really uncomfortable”. The TV presenter opened up about the inappropriate behaviour he faces during a discussion on Loose Women about whether or not ‘sexual banter’ should be banned.
TV viewers’ demand
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Sale of loose cigarettes makes it tough to quit: survey
Janet Jackson Loves Baby Talk and Changing Diapers, Says Tito: Motherhood ‘Makes Her Feel Complete’ Forget being nasty — new mom Janet Jackson just wants to play nice (and have a long cuddle) with her baby boy. “She’s doing all the baby talk to the baby and playing with him constantly — all that stuff,” brother Tito Jackson, who spoke with PEOPLE at the launch of his first solo album Tito Time at London’s Dstrkt nightclub, says of his sister’s relationship with 8-month-old Eissa. “She changes all the diapers — she does it all. She’s a real mother. She loves it. I asked her, ‘How are you getting along with this?’ and sh
MLA makes public apology
American vlogger makes his Indian hosts request viewers to subscribe
Farmers demand apology from MLA
SCB employees demand MLA’s apology
Journalists demand apology from MLA
Farmers demand apology
Janet Benshoof, lawyer who pursued abortion rights for women, dies at 70
Are “Conditional apology” and “poisoned apology”, rude? I've heard I'm sorry your frog is dead. I'm sorry if your frog's death causes you pain. I'm sorry my taunting you about your frog's death caused you pain. You should seek therapy. Do the ...
Do solar eclipses cause harm to pregnant women? There are so many articles in the internet that say going out during a solar eclipse causes harm to pregnant women. Is this claim true? Why did this myth come in the first place? This is from a BBC ...
What makes bitcoin demand rise?
Does a comment really need to be about women in general, to be “misogynistic”? [closed] Basically, the argument I'm seeing being made is that Unnamed-Person's ugly comments are not "misogynistic" because Wikipedia defines "misogyny" as: hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against ...
Is there a word for a comment which makes no sense or adds nothing to the current discussion? Consider this conversation: John: I am giving free chess lessons. Mary: Nice! You’re a true teacher. John: How so? Mary: A true teacher imparts knowledge without a price tag. John: But ...
Are Fox News viewers more likely to believe misinformation than viewers of other news outlets? Huffington Post writes: Fox News viewers are much more likely than others to believe false information about American politics, a new study concludes. The study, conducted by the University of ...
Does Women ultra mega energy and metabolism makes people gain weight or loose it?
What was the name of the commanding officer who responded to a German demand for surrender with a one-word comment?
How is eve's apology in defense of women similar to female orations?
How did Alexander gardner use the camera to lie hint look for a harvest of death what did he want viewers to think about confederate soldiers what did he want viewers to think about uni? hahah im doing the same scavenger hunt....
How did Alexander gardner use the camera to lie hint look for a harvest of death what did he want viewers to think about confederate soldiers what did he want viewers to think about union? Alexander Gardener used his camera to "lie" by moving some of the dead bodies of soldiers around after the Battle of Gettysburg. He did so because he wanted to make a dramatic picture. He wanted viewers to think that the Confederate troops suffered a dishonored, lonely death in a battlefield while the Union troops had a calm, and peaceful death.
Is an oral apology or a written apology better?
Who makes more money Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson? Mariah. With her albums, films, and fragrances, among other projects, she is worth more than Janet. However, Janet is not far behind in terms of income/net worth.
Loose objects flying around in your car during a collision cannot harm you? Depends on their weight and shape. Something light and fluffy, like clothes, or fast food cartons won't hurt you. But something like a laptop, a tool box or a glass bottle can do some damage.
What makes this website any different from any Internet comment section? Answers is much different (and better!) than an Internet comment section. Many, if not all, of the people who answer are very interested in providing what they feel are the best answers to the questions that have been asked. There are people with passion for certain subjects (say, art) who are thrilled to lend their expertise. There are Experts with qualifications in different fields who answer many of the questions, and there are Supervisors for each section. There are also others who research, edit, and do all sorts of things to ensure that as many questions as possible have answers of the h
When an ex-abusive boyfriend comes back and makes a sincere apology for using you is he sincere and why would he see and point in asking if you could discuss this furthur?
What is a good comeback to say when someone makes a rude comment about your natural skinniness?
Does this girl like me she always laughs at the stupid stuff i do and she always makes a comment when i says something she always says you face and she giggles is this a sign of something?
Why would a husband blatantly check out other women and comment on their bodies in front of his wife even though it upsets her? Because he's a jerk and he's pushing your buttons. We all look at the opposite sex if they are attractive, but look and don't touch and we certainly don't bring it to the attention of our mate if we're smart. This is what you do. The next time he does this and says something about how attractive a woman is say, "Yes, she is." Then when you see a nice looking younger guy, do the same thing. While you are at it don't be afraid to go out and buy a nice calendar with male models on it and tack it up on your bedroom wall where you can see it (away from your kids) and you bet you'll
When someone says apology excepted what does this mean do they really except your apology?
When you ask a question and someone answers it on here how do you comment on it it always says update answer then deletes the comment the person left?
Your man says he loves you doesn't want to loose you but puts everything else before you sometimes makes you feel loved important but overall makes you feel secondary in his life what do i do?
[19-12] What did these women demand?
If a guy and u liked each other then he starts to ignore you but you told him you wont bother him again and haven't heard from him in 2 weeks but makes a comment on my facebook page?
An Apology to All Scotch Test Dummies Fans & Viewers...A Public Recompense is Made - Bart has brought shame upon himself and his family. His mid-western tongue and mouth poorly form the Gaelic names of even his most favorite distilleries.
Demand for apology as varadkar defends comments on nazi neutrality - Demand for apology as varadkar defends comments on nazi neutrality Using an ironically Churchillian turn of phrase at the launch of a new biography of Eamon ...
A police officer makes A distasteful joke about cops only killing black people - White woman scared as a police officer tries to talk her into moving her hands making distasteful jokes about cops only killing black people; I originally posted ...
Draymond declines to respond to cuban's 'owner' criticism, demand for apology - Draymond declines to respond to cuban's 'owner' criticism, demand for apology Draymond Green says whatever he wants, and he's not saying "sorry.
Christine Remembers Doctor's Recommending Guiness to Pregnant Women | Loose Women - How much did you drink during your pregnancy?
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