Tories and Labour not being honest with voters: IFS

The Institute for Fiscal Studies says both the Conservatives and Labour should own up on economic plans.
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  • Labour pull five points clear of the Tories, as voters prefer Corbyn to May
  • UK POLITICS: Labour Pull Five Points Clear of Tories, Voters Prefer Jeremy Corbyn to Theresa May The numbers represent a...
  • It’s business as usual next week with Theresa May getting on with Brexit and a plan to cap energy bills – and no mention at all of the fact that her party is now trailing Labour by five points. According to the BMG poll for The Independent, Labour enjoys the support of 42 per cent of voters, while the Tories can only rely on 37 per cent. For the Conservative Party, a mid-30s poll rating is the…View On WordPress
  • The Labour leader, a career-long Eurosceptic, has not agreed to recalibrate the party’s position on Brexit because he has fundamentally changed his mind about the EU. But Mr Corbyn is more of a politician than his detractors or his admirers often acknowledge. On some things, at least, he can do pragmatism and triangulation as well as any of the other grubby compromisers in the rough old trade. His inner circle and his allies in the shadow cabinet include both Eurosceptics and Europhiles. He has surely noticed – everyone else certainly has – the dislocation between his views about the EU and those of the crowd who adored him at Glastonbury. The younger voters who helped him to upset election expectations in June are overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit, as are many of his most passionate devotees within the party. A poll for Labour List, conducted before the announcement of this shift, found a substantial majority of party members thought Labour had not adopted a Brexit policy that was sufficiently different to that of the Tories.A sniff of power has wafted into Labour nostrils since June, and that mind-concentrating scent has influenced the mood at the top of the party. The shadow cabinet has had to think about what they would face if this minority Conservative government were to collapse and an early election propelled Labour into power to take charge of the Brexit negotiations. In the probably more likely scenario that the election comes later, Labour would obviously hope to reap a dividend at the ballot box if the Tories have delivered a bad Brexit deal or a disastrous no deal.
  • A sad sad day for Scottish Labour when all they can bring to the table is … “Voting SNP only benefits the Tories” Playing on peoples fear of the Tories is utter bollox.
  • [12-08] @JamesProwse2 Unlike Labour who encouraged voters to support Tories instead of #SNP. Don't forget that Labour took
  • [03-11] What Labour actually meant: Tories just stopped Labour #VotesAt16 contrick to bill even more young voters for freebies
  • [02-10] @UKLabour @cllrdarrenfower To be honest both #Labour and #Conservatives are failing voters. Neither are providing c…
  • [10-08] #Brexit: Sixty Labour MPs who back the Tories, not their own voters
  • [05-10] #Labour - just like the #Tories - referring here to "The People" as if Remain voters don't exist or don't count. Bi…
  • [25-09] Most of the labour voters I know voted Brexit. Does this make them scabs or red tories?? No. #DennisSkinner
  • [04-10] As Tories try their best at #CPC17 @AlanDuncanMP manages to diss Leavers (17.41m), Labour voters (12.88m), and the…
  • [05-10] #Labour - just like the #Tories - referring here to "The People" as if Remain voters don't exist or don't count. Big m
  • [30-10] #Tories have no economic credibility. #Labour to put older voters at centre of new policy. #ToriesOut
  • [08-10] This before #CoughingGate ! #Labour pull five points clear of the Tories, as voters prefer #Corbyn to May
  • [11-10] To all the @duponline voters. It's Labour fighting for Bombardier jobs not the coalition #dup #Tories #PMQs What was t
  • [26-09] Interesting #BBCR4today Labour has a powerful manifesto BUT we know that most new voters were b/c voters thought Labour were #StopBrexit
  • [08-10] Labour pull 5% clear of Tories as new poll shows voters prefer Corbyn over May as PM #Marr
  • [30-06] Sadly,it's not just Tories but "decent hard-working Labour voters"who are xenophobic and want their country back
  • [30-09] Poll shows shift to Jeremy Corbyn among voters under 45 Tories deserve this so much. GE please? #JC4PM #Labour
  • [29-09] With the #Tories & #Labour the only viable parties many voters find themselves between a rock and a hard place. @UKLabour @Conservatives
  • [16-10] @mikelallen6 @1Brexiteer Look after your core voters , the Lefty students will vote #labour #Corbyn. #liberal what ever the Tories do
  • [21-08] @TelBabe @MikeNicholas2 A strong majority of Labour members/voters are remainers. True, Tories aren't "threatening"
  • [03-10] June 2017: Tories slag JC & Labour & lose majority, Oct 2017: Tories still slagging JC/Labour Unbelievable level of stupidity #CPC17 #Labour
  • [01-10] Like this will entice young voters #Tories freeze uni fees #labour scrap the fees not a hard choice who to vote for…
  • [15-11] Tories: Labour are closet racists!Labour: Tories kill poor people!Lib Dems: You're both terrible!Novelist: I'…
  • [16-10] @debski2222 @jeremycorbyn @scottishlabour You now want to pretend that #Labour wasn't #Labour bet the #Labour voters voted for them.
  • [15-11] Tories: Labour are closet racists!Labour: Tories kill poor people!Lib Dems: You're both terrible!Novelist: I'…
  • [14-11] Frank Field argues with fellow Labour MPs about the views of Labour voters on #Brexit
Tories and Labour not being honest with voters: IFS
The Institute for Fiscal Studies says both the Conservatives and Labour should own up on economic plans.
Are Labour voters demanding an early election the creme de la labour creme? Fingers on the pulse and in tune with the country?
Have the Scottish electorate woken up to Labour? Now behind the Tories. If there is mass muslim immigration to Scotland, will that change?
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Nick Clegg urges voters to join Labour or Tories to keep UK in EU
Former deputy prime minister and Lib Dem leader, who has a book out next week, says Brexit is a ‘time of national emergency’ Nick Clegg, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has urged voters to join Labour or the Conservatives if they wish to keep the UK in the EU.
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Tories 'must see off Labour dinosaurs
U.K.'s Labour Says Tories' EU Plan Is Flawed
U.K. Opposition Slams EU Plans The U.K. economy will suffer from the debate on the U.K.'s European Union membership because investors will think twice before pumping money into a country with such an uncertain future, the leader of the opposition Labour Party said.
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The UK opposition party is now in the vanguard of new ideas
“Modern” Tories are a one-man band, say voters
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Resignations show that a broad sweep of Labour MPs don't believe Jeremy Corbyn has the qualities to lead.
Larry Elliott: Labour has a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and the Tories know it
People are ready for a radical change. Trying to brand Corbyn a Marxist throwback who wants to turn Britain into Venezuela won’t work
Jolt for Tories as poll suggests under-45s switching to Labour
Conservative minister admits party a ‘huge turn-off’ for younger voters, backed up by Opinium survey results Phillip Lee: My party has to change More than twice as many voters under the age of 45 think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is now “on their side”, compared with those who believe the same about Theresa May’s Tories, according to new polling that will send shockwaves through the Conservative party. The survey for the Social Market Foundation (SMF) by Opinium shows it is not just voters in their teens and 20s but also those i
Will Tories Join Labour in Opposing May's Brexit Plan?
U.K. prime minister needs the support of her entire party to approve her strategy without change.
Why are leave voters angry about proposed plans to give remain voters individual EU Citizenship after Brexit?
Is there a significant difference between voters and non-voters preferences in political elections? When discussing political campaigns where voting is optional, it is often advocated that everyone (who can legally do so) should vote: Example Example Example It's reasonable to conclude that the ...
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Voters still trust tories with the economy over labour, poll shows - Voters still trust tories with the economy over labour, poll shows Theresa May and Philip Hammond remain a more trusted team on the economy than their ...
Tories keep Labour at bay in the polls with 41% - Theresa May's Conservative government maintains support despite recent upheaval within the partyJeremy Corbyn still has not been able to overtake the Tories ...
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