Million-dollar Bill

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  • [30-09] Vanez en Catalan #GregBird #ManCrush #Milliondollar
  • [03-10] to all #NFL players who #TakeAKnee, sit, lock arms: remember who pays your milliondollar paycheques;…
  • [09-08] Cannot wait for the @ant_crolla @ricksterko fight....Don't get much bigger than #England v #Scotland !!! Come on #MillionDollar $$$ ??
  • [23-11] #milliondollar'music is magic and gives life' give away details coming soon I am Kiki love I believe in the…
  • [15-11] The GOP tax bill just became an #Obamacare repeal bill. Call the Senate to tell them to kill the bill. Here is the main offic
  • [01-11] ESSA bill (HR5) makes Os #FERPA chgs fed law.Bill is #HR3157.@RepTomEmmer @ToddRokita #VoteNO & w/draw bill 4 1 that protcts privacy.
  • [30-09] @ChristineLambo3 Bill is the one and only Wigan fan. Every fucker is glad they are not Bill. Why? Because Bill is a bellend. #BWFC
  • [02-10] Looks like Mr bill just found out Mrs bill is pregnant. Good luck bill lol #Halloween #ghosts…
  • [02-11] Cabinet has approved: National Minimum wage Bill approved.Basic conditions of Employment Bill, Labour Relations Ammendment Bill. #PostCab
  • [18-12] .@davidsirota: "If Corker was against the bill, as he was against the original bill… this bill would go down. So in…
  • [13-12] 4th - #Burnley 31pts - wage bill £27.1m5th - #Liverpool 30pts - wage bill £208.3m6th - #Arsenal 29pts - wage bill…
  • [28-09] bill, Bill, BILL! WAKEUP! WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU HAVE GOING ON??? @Microsoft #lol
  • [15-11] From @FrontRowSoccer Goodbye, Bill: Bill Maxwell, former @naslofficial, #MISL referee passes away -
  • [22-07] Don't panic about splitting the bill! ? Split & pay your bill before your meal on #Time2Dine app ? #Glasgow #Restaurants
  • [22-12] Bill: how’s Baxter doing?Dave: he died three years ago.Bill: oh..... sorry to hear that #billwalton please never change
  • [22-11] Argentina’s parliament has passed a bill adopting the #UNCITRAL Model Law for #arbitration. The Bill has now been s…
  • [15-11] @ChrisMurphyCT Apparently, today is #AmericaRecyclesDay so the GOP are trying to recycle their horrible healthcare bill as a tax bill.
  • [01-10] Bill List. Results from the Bill O'Neil screen. #stocks #investing #trading
  • [12-12] Are you aware of the hidden costs in your energy bill? Third party charges are set to make up more of your bill tha…
  • [19-11] Bill passed to end five-week long Ontario college #strike #government #bill
  • [14-01] "It's all happening here at the MCG in the early overs" - Bill LawryStop it Bill you're giving us shivers...#AUSvENG
  • [23-12] Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your Bill and @MyWaterMeter are tools that can help you discover le…
  • [01-11] First reading of the P. Fin. Mgt Bill is underway. Minister @DrBeileh presented z Bill few hours ago in the parliam…
  • [19-12] Lying, deceptive Schumer says tax bill only makes rich richer. Bill was to help EVERYONE.Unless it were a tax INCRE…
  • [20-11] @JeffFlake You support this bill? What about AZ's small businesses? We'll be left behind by this bill. #VoteNo #GOPTaxScam h
  • [18-12] This is not just Trump Tax Scam Bill.This is also let the seniors and sick people die fast bill supported by…
  • [15-11] Same-sex marriage bill introduced to parliament as rival bill gets scrapped #Liberalsenator #DeanSmith…
  • [06-10] #100DAYSxPUR is tracking developments on this new bill and @SenJohnMcCain bill supporting the repeal of the #JonesAct
  • [04-12] @BillOReilly Why did Bill O’Reilly pay a woman $32 million after she accused him of sexual misconduct? Why is Bill…
  • [13-10] Uploading a precious moment from #NWC2017 when I got to hang with Bill Trinen @trintran ! Bill, thank you so much for all t
  • [23-11] Did you guys know that: “In 2002, Little Bill, the animated Nickelodeon character created by Bill Cosby, becomes th…
  • [28-09] Trump tweeted: "Great reviews for Tax Cut and Reform Bill.” Even though his tax bill has not been presented yet. #Liar
  • [14-10] BS Hillary #Corrupt #Liar If Bill innocent why did you pay $$?Why Did You Verbally Abuse#Bill's Victims That He…
  • [14-01] "It's all happening here at the MCG in the early overs" - Bill LawryStop it Bill you're giving us shivers...#AUSvENG
  • [20-01] @SafetyPinDaily @thinkprogress 5 Dems voted for the Bill and 5 Republicans vote against the Bill. This truly is a…
Million-dollar Bill
Is Robert Mueller's Trump witch-hunt falling apart? 7 million is all? The GOP fed us a four-year long 30 million dollar nothingburger, and Mueller is getting results for his 7 million. BTW, it costs U.S. taxpayers @ 3 million each trip to fly Trump to his golf courses.
If churches lost their tax-exempt status and had to pay taxes on profits, how much do you think that would help reduce the national debit? I think if people actually understood what 20 TRILLION meant.........they'd be genuinely worried. I think if churches actually had to start sharing the wealth.......many would probably shutter their doors. and I do agree with the other poster...........even if they paid a percentage in taxes to the government.......Congress would have just that much more money to waste, on studies of the sex lives of Dung Beetles or some such nonsense. I remember growing up, there was a Senator Proxmire , who use to do this list every year, called the GOLDEN FLEECE AWARDS, of all the OUTLANDLISH, sinful, wasteful things, the gov't spent your tax dollars on. The lists were often EYE POPPING. -----Bridge to Nowhere kind of stuff, and far, far, worse. we need a senator like him again.........someone who's actually paying attention and WATCHING these clowns.....and exposing all that stuff buried deeply in *every* bill that gets passed.........like Mitch McConnell's 700 million dollar DAM project in his home state........that after 10 years, and all the money wasted and siphoned off, there was still no dam. So he asked for, and GOT, another Two BILLION dollars, to finish his "700 Million" dollar Dam Project. No one blinked and eye and gave it to him. How did a 700 million dollar project, end up costing 3 BILLION dollars. More than TRIPLE the budget?
Do you tip hotel housekeepers? Yes I do. They are so friendly and when you ask them for this or that ( maybe extra towels). Besides if you want to know the best places to eat or certain places they are always helpful I don't always want to eat in the Tourist Type Restaurants. But the local ones. I always leave at least a 10 dollar bill sometimes I will leave a 20 dollar bill.
A guy took my 2 $20 dollar bills and gave me one 1 $50 dollar bill how’s this fair to me?
How do you ask to break money in SPANISH?? The better way to break a $100 bill is to buy something and get change (if they will take the bill). ?Puede cambiar un billete de a cien dólares? = Can you change a hundred dollar bill?
Trump- self made or not? If you consider being born into a wealthy family and getting a million dollar gift from Daddy (1970s million) as being self made then, sure.
[Serious]Ben Franklin is on the US 100 dollar bill and was not a president. What non-President public figure from today would be ideal to put their face on a dollar bill?
WYR Permanently go back to 1977 to live out your life with a 2 million dollar trust fund or stay in the present (w/o 2 million).
Bill Nelson raises 2.4 million in final quarter of 2017 with 8 million in the bank.
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What Bible passage does this $1,000,000 dollar bill reference? Got this neat dollar bill on a trip to D.C.. Turns out it was an advertisement for a church. The back of the bill is a story about Jesus and something about becoming a Christian. But I digress: What ...
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Who ison the million dollar bill? Assuming you mean the US, no one. The US has not made a million dollar bill, instead the denominations of US paper federal currency (ignoring the fractional currency series of the Civil War) are: $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 $500 $1000 $5000 $10000 $100000
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How much is a million dollar bill worth?
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