World's oldest stamp business Stanley Gibbons up for sale

Stanley Gibbons is looking for a buyer to help fund expansion into the Middle East and Asia.
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  • [30-09] The second oldest player in the Premier League scored today. The oldest can't tomorrow, surely? #bhafc
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  • [16-11] Just for fun: Built in 1694, This Might Be the Oldest House for Sale in the Country
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World's oldest stamp business Stanley Gibbons up for sale
Stanley Gibbons is looking for a buyer to help fund expansion into the Middle East and Asia.
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Morgan Stanley Moves Closer to Oil-Business Sale
Morgan Stanley Moves Closer to Oil-Business Sale Morgan Stanley has moved closer to a deal to sell its stake in its TransMontaigne oil transportation-and-storage unit that could be worth several hundred-million dollars.
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Is there a relationship between Stanley Steamer and any business? Stanley Steamer received his name in 'Dragon on a Pedestal (1985)' having previously been the Gap Dragon. I recall becoming aware of Stanley the Dragon about the same time I became aware of television ...
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