Glasgow's first community public bike pump launched

Cyclists are going to be pumped up about this!
Glasgow's first community public bike pump launched
[07-17] In town with your bike today? Drop by our stall at 138 Buchanan St (11:45 - 2:15) for bike security info and free Dr Bike #Glasgow #cycling
[07-17] @HarrisonPDS @johnlord52 And partly used as a public community garden. #HarrisonPark #Edinburgh
[08-17] Code of Conduct for #Oxford bike share schemes to co-exist in the community @OxUInnovation @CambridgeJBS @CamSocVent
[07-17] Do you bike to the city to work? Why not hire a bike locker at Birmingham's safest car park? #Safe #Bike #Birmingham
[07-17] Just hosted a dinner for several public health & community development volunteers. Despite what brought us to Moz, we are #bettertogether.
[07-17] Fundraiser launched for #glasgow man in intensive care after horror bike crash in Equador #glasgow
[07-17] #hamilton #scotland Blantyre Community Council to hold public meeting about incinerator…
[08-17] New to #Birmingham? Use our @BritishCycling ride finder to find a community bike ride near you
[08-17] More unique #artworks in #Birmingham celebrating children, community and diversity #TheBigSleuth, free public art t…
[08-17] Kenosha #WI #USA - PR Community Specialist - Minimum of 3 years of public relations experienc... #CAREER #WORK #JOB
[08-17] We need to get this launched and into every community now! @DebbieHyde7 #UK #Charity …
[07-17] New community bid launched for #Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital
[08-17] @cycloxoxford The guys on the red bike looks like he doesn't even know how to ride a bike properly! How far did the…
[07-17] Said 5 times in 15 minutes : "sorry sir but that's a bike lane, you cannot park here" #edinburgh #bike #annoyingfrench
Deadline: 15 December 2017Mophradat invites visual artists from Egypt to apply for a three-month self-directed residency at CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Scotland from July 1 to September 30, 2018. The deadline for applications is December 15.CCA is Glasgow’s hub for the arts with a year-round program of cutting-edge exhibitions, film, music, literature, spoken word, festivals, Gaelic and performance. Residents may use CCA’s Creative Labs room for screenings, workshops and critiques, and CCA provides marketing and technical support for these events. They are welcome to use CCA’s equipment, including its dance floor, projectors, sound kit and lights to experiment on their own, and may open the doors to the public at the end of the residency and discuss or share their activity. CCA staff also offer feedback on work when invited to do so. CCA has a small artist’s flat on its third floor, which is where the resident will be accommodated, and Mophradat will cover their flight to Glasgow, monthly stipend, a studio if needed, visa, and travel insurance.Read the open call and how to apply
Can i use a 5v water pump as a vacuum pump to lift very light objects?
I want to use a small water pump (3.7v or 5v - the aquarium ones - 12v at most) as a vacuum pump: i need it to lift an object that weights 5 grams at most. Can it be done or the pump will just overheat? I was planning to use a very small hose.
To find the joys of ‘real Japan,’ get on your bike
Japanese society and culture seem intrinsically suited to bicycles, which require a degree of safety of environment and intimacy that are alien to many thunderously ...
What is the name of the famous ship that was built and launched on the river that flows through the centre of Glasgow?
How do you pump a ball with no pump?
Can i put my broken mountain bike in the luggage compartment of a long distance coach from Aberdeen to Glasgow?
Public transport in Glasgow?
There are 440 km (270 mi) of cycle paths and routes in Paris. These include piste cyclable (bike lanes separated from other traffic by physical barriers such as a kerb) and bande cyclable (a bicycle lane denoted by a painted path on the road). Some 29 km (18 mi) of specially marked bus lanes are free to be used by cyclists, with a protective barrier protecting against encroachments from vehicles. Cyclists have also been given the right to ride in both directions on certain one-way streets. Paris offers a bike sharing system called Vélib' with more than 20,000 public bicycles distributed at 1,800 parking stations, which can be rented for short and medium distances including one way trips.
Glasgow's first community public bike pump launched
Cyclists are going to be pumped up about this!
The foot conducts itself splendidly. We had a most enormous cram at Glasgow. Syme saw me again yesterday (before I left here for Glasgow), and repeated "Gout!" with the greatest indignation and contempt, several times. The aching is going off as the day goes on, if it be worth mentioning again. The ride from Glasgow was charming this morning; the sun shining brilliantly, and the country looking beautiful.
Berry has this moment come back from Edinburgh and Glasgow with hopeful accounts. He seems to have done the business extremely well, and he says that it was quite curious and cheering to see how the Glasgow people assembled round the bills the instant they were posted, and evidently with a great interest in them.