'Hairy rebel' pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly

Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly receives a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

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Billy Connolly inducted into Scottish music 'hall of fame
Legendary entertainer Sir Billy Connolly is to be inducted into a Scottish music "hall of fame" in his home city next month.
Sir Billy Connolly wins Lifetime Achievement award in his home city
SIR Billy Connolly was the toast of the town at last night's Inspiring City Awards after he was recognised with a lifetime achievement gong.
Sir Billy Connolly to be added to Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame
The Big Yin will be honoured next month, along with other trad music influencers
Billy Connolly to be inducted into Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame
Billy Connolly, the comedian, actor and musician, is to be inducted into Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame.
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MP demands funds for Connolly Canal
A lifeline thrown in for Connolly Canal
Amec Names Deloitte's Connolly as Chairman
Amec Names Connolly as Chairman Engineering services company Amec has appointed the current U.K. boss of accounting giant Deloitte as its next chairman.
Diarmuid Connolly's majestic eye of the needle pass from tonight
ConAgra Names Former Hillshire Brands CEO Connolly to Top Post
ConAgra Names Hillshire Brands’ Connolly CEO ConAgra Foods Inc. named the former CEO of Hillshire Brands as its new chief executive and lowered its earnings guidance for the year ending in May.
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  • [13-08] Went to Dixon Street to see Billy Connolly mural version of Jack Vettriano's painting #streetphotography #glasgow
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  • [15-10] "This Rebel Heart. THIS REBEL HEART!" Johnny Wrestling is in the house! #WWENXT #WWENetwork
'Hairy rebel' pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly
Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly receives a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.
* Billy Connolly Created by artist #rogueone in Dixon street #Glasgow #muraltrail . . . #streetart #streetarteverywhere...
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