'Hairy rebel' pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly

Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly receives a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.
[08-17] #Billy #Connolly a #portrait of a lifetime ❤️ #Glasgow
[08-17] Billy Connolly portrait. #Glasgow
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[07-17] "Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy doesn't try it on" - Billy Connolly…
[07-17] Billy Connolly #StreetArt in #Glasgow, just over the road from the new @RyanJamesStudio store.
[07-17] 'Never trust a man who, when left along in a room with a tea cosy doesn't try it on' - Billy Connolly…
[07-17] Billy Connolly, one of the few comedians to make me laugh, in all his glory. #streetart #Glasgow
[08-17] Love watching Billy Connolly meeting all these artists that are painting his portrait #BillyConnolly. #Glasgow
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[07-17] Happy Monday! We finally had the chance to do the Billy Connolly mural trail during @MerchCityFest this weekend.…
[08-17] Went to Dixon Street to see Billy Connolly mural version of Jack Vettriano's painting #streetphotography #glasgow ……
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A new source of radical Irish nationalism developed in the same period in the cities outside Ulster. In 1896, James Connolly, founded the Irish Socialist Republican Party in Dublin. Connolly's party was small and unsuccessful in elections, but his fusion of socialism and Irish republicanism was to have a sustained impact on republican thought. In 1913, during the general strike known as the Dublin Lockout, Connolly and James Larkin formed a workers militia, the Irish Citizen Army, to defend strikers from the police. While initially a purely defensive body, under Connolly's leadership, the ICA became a revolutionary body, dedicated to an independent Workers Republic in Ireland. After the outbreak of the First World War, Connolly became determined to launch an insurrection to this end.
'Hairy rebel' pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly
Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly receives a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.
Billy suddenly squared about in his seat, and Betty shivered into a small and terrified heap. "Aw, no, he didn't either. Billy didn't like her worth a cent. He thinks she is just hideous, don't you, Billy? You ain't mad at me, are you, Billy?"
On this occasion Colonel Connolly recognised a French officer who had been a short time previously a prisoner on board the Warrior, to whom he had been particularly civil, supplying him with linen, &c.; and who left the ship with protestations of his desire to make every return in his power, if the "fortune of war" should give him an opportunity: but when he claimed the performance of his promise, his reply was, "Monsieur de Connolly, I very sorry for your misfortune; but I wish you good morning!" and left him with a sarcastic sneer.