Glasgow Housing Association set up helpline for concerned residents after London tower block fire

The organisation sent out a message to all residents to alert them to the contact number, and to inform Glaswegians of the high standards in all their buildings.

Police name toddler who died in fall from West Yorkshire tower block
A 23-year-old woman has been charged with his murder
Public inquiry into London tower block blaze begins
At least 80 people died in Grenfell Tower fire in June
12 dead as fire engulfs London tower
Police: At Least 58 Dead in London Tower Fire Blaze
Police said the figure could change. Police had previously put the death toll at 30.
London Tower Fire Death Tolls Climbs to at Least 17
London Tower Fire Death Toll Climbs to at Least 17 Prime Minister Theresa May’s government came under mounting pressure over the fire that engulfed a high-rise building in west London and killed at least 17, as critics pushed for answers on how a tragedy of its scale could have happened in the U.K.
Royals Give Back After London Tower Fire
Kensington Palace is just under two miles away from Grenfell Tower.
Public inquiry into London's Grenfell Tower fire opens
The chairman of the public inquiry into London's Grenfell Tower fire has reassured those affected by the disaster that the probe "can and will provide answers".
U.S. Fire Standards Limit Use of Material Used in Scorched London Tower
U.S. Fire Standards Limit Use of Material Used in London Tower Exterior cladding on the 24-story London building that caught fire Wednesday wouldn’t have met widely adopted U.S. standards, building groups said, though the material has been used in a number of high-rises around the world.
Death Toll Mounts in London’s Grenfell Tower Fire
Death Toll Mounts in London Tower Fire Police said the number of dead and missing in a London high-rise fire rose to 79, while a public spat intensified over whether construction material that has become a focus for authorities in the tragedy’s aftermath was compliant with building codes.
London Police Say 58 People Are Presumed Dead From Tower Fire
London Police Say 58 People Presumed Dead From Tower Fire The number included the inferno’s previously confirmed death toll of 30, and police warned the number may change as the search operation in west London continues.
London Tower Fire’s Aftermath Draws Protests, Questions
London Fire Aftermath Draws Protests, Questions The death toll in the London high-rise tower fire rose to 30 and could increase further, police said, as critics questioned whether officials were too slow to address concerns about fire-safety measures in low-income housing.
UK Government Officially Starts Inquiry Into London Grenfell Tower Fire
According to reports, UK government initiated the judge-led inquiry into deadly Grenfell Tower blaze in London.
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  • [23-10] #Salford residents "in limbo" after Grenfell Tower fire
  • [17-10] Housing scrutiny cttee been told tower block sprinklers and safety upgrades are policy - but they haven't got the £31m to do it #bcclive
Glasgow Housing Association set up helpline for concerned residents after London tower block fire
The organisation sent out a message to all residents to alert them to the contact number, and to inform Glaswegians of the high standards in all their buildings.
* Grenfell fire chief calls for sprinklers in tower blocksImage copyright AFP Image caption At least 80 people died at Grenfell Tower London’s fire commissioner says the Grenfell Tower blaze must be a “turning point”, calling for sprinklers in all high rise council flats. At least 80 people died when fire engulfed the west London block in June. A BBC investigation which focussed on half the UK’s council and housing association-owned tower blocks…View On WordPress
* Park Properties Management Company is honoring two student residents living at the Treesdale community in Charlottesville as they were each one of 130 selected to receive this year’s scholarship grants from the National Affordable Housing Management Association’s Education Foundation. The NAHMA Educational Foundation’s mission to assist residents of affordable housing as they strive to enhance…View On WordPress
* KCTMO was paid 11 million by the council in 2016 to manage 10,000 homes in the borough, including Grenfell tower. A fire risk assessor who worked on Grenfell Tower reportedly suggested Kensington and Chelsea council could withhold a report detailing the buildings safety failings from the London Fire Brigade. Some located in the roof level areas [of Grenfell Tower] had condemned written on them in large black writing, with a last test date of 2009 or 2010. Fire consultant Carl Stokes was paid 244,318 over seven years as fire risk assessor for Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), according to documents seen by Inside Housing. Director Carl Stokes has 19 years fire safety experience with local Fire Authorities, in enforcement and auditing roles and eight years as an independent fire risk assessor and fully stands by the recommendations made in his risk assessments. I am a bot written by a Mathematician Posted at Sun Jul 2 17:50:52 2017
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