Drivers told to 'avoid the area' as busy Glasgow road is reduced to one lane

The road will be partially closed for four days.

TfL launches new technology that'll help you avoid busy train carriages
Police car crashes on busy Glasgow road while rushing to 999 call
Cops were headed to an emergency when their car collided with a Suzuki Splash.
Concerns after 'young girl' spotted on her own at roundabout on busy road to Glasgow
Several motorists contacted police after seeing the youngster, who is thought to be around four-years-old, by the Barloan Roundabout around 12.25pm today.
Urgent repairs on gas mains forces the closure of a Glasgow city centre road lane
URGENT repairs on a gas main in Glasgow City Centre has forced the closure of a road lane.
Four-lane road for Krishnapatnam area
Avoid accidents, RTC drivers told
Avoid cell phones, bus drivers told
APSRTC drivers told to avoid accidents
KWA told to avoid digging of road
Focus on road safety, RTC drivers told
Follow road rules, drivers told
Schools, colleges told to educate bus drivers on road safety
  • [03-10] Traffic still busy tonight on Glasgow Road (citybound), South Gyle area, Abbeyhill and A71 corridor. #edintravel
  • [17-09] Good luck to the runners in the #BelfastHalfMarathon and to the drivers trying to navigate the badly handled road/lane closures.
  • [09-08] Typical grey day here in #Aberdeen not that busy today but the usual knobhead drivers on the road
  • [20-10] #Highways #England has revised its road upgrades prog to avoid multiple works in the same area & at busiest times…
  • [17-07] We are looking for Class 2 Moffet Drivers for immediate start in the #Birmingham area. Contact Shelley on 01827 247347 #Jobs #drivers
  • [02-10] In the #MalaysianGP drivers' briefing they were told to report other drivers for transgressions.
  • [01-07] All over the #Glasgow area pensioners & women with kids in pushchairs are stuck on buses hours late because drivers fear #orangewalk thugs.
  • [27-08] Car smashes into wall in #Glasgow’s east end - closing off busy road
  • [30-09] I have search for missing courtney dean findings. Still looking around area last seen. Washway lane gas works area #sutton #sthelens
  • [27-07] The contraflow cycle lane on Gordon Street REALLY needs to be more visible. Who chooses 'subtle' and 'muted' for road markings ffs #Glasgow
  • [10-10] #Devon At Tytherleigh the A358 Chard Road is partially blocked between Storridge Lane and Goldsmiths Lane due accident.[SG]
  • [08-07] ? ⒶⓁⒺⓇⓉ ⒼⓁⒶⓈⒼⓄⓌ Police race to busy road in Glasgow to deal with 'ongoing incident'
  • [08-10] *UPDATE - CLEARED* Dekalb Co.: Wreck on East Freeway; I-20/eb before Candler Road; left lane and HOV lane blocked. #ATLTraffic
  • [05-10] No change in the area with big delays on Gorgie Road, Dalry Road and Slateford Road. #edintravel
  • [20-10] Extremely congested around Coffey Park in #SantaRosa, residents being allowed back into the area until 5pm. Avoid the area otherwise #TTWNSF
  • [11-08] Check out these #M8 Inner Ring Road photos from the Anderston area of #Glasgow taken in the 1970s. A few changes! Rememb
  • [19-10] Starting to ease on most routes, but still busy on Glasgow Road and Duddingston Park South. #edintravel
  • [20-10] #Highways #England has revised its road upgrades prog to avoid multiple works in the same area & at busiest times…
  • [20-10] Extremely congested around Coffey Park in #SantaRosa, residents being allowed back into the area until 5pm. Avoid the area otherwise #TTWNSF
Drivers told to 'avoid the area' as busy Glasgow road is reduced to one lane
The road will be partially closed for four days.
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* Lane #architecture #glasgow #scotland (at Glasgow, United Kingdom)
* Back to busy Glasgow! And a wee nap I think! ?❤ #aviemore #holiday #glasgow #scotland #hometime #nap #nightnight
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Who is at fault when on a double yellow two lane road a car stops suddenly you go into the left lane to avoid the collision and the car turns left Car possibly had a right turn signal on?
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Car A swerves from left lane to right lane to avoid hitting the car in front of it and instead hits car B in the right lane whose fault?
Tarmac plc do tarmactopmix require owner drivers for Glasgow area? Why not ask them directly?
When 2 cars meet at an intersection of a 2 lane road with a 4 lane road which one must yield the right away?
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One car per lane, alternating at the drivers' discretion. Un coche por carril, alternando a la discreción de los conductores. As he drove me back to the logging road, Frank told me about the area in his deep voice. The work will not be confined to the Glasgow area. According to the Finnish Road Safety Organisation (Suomen Liikenneturva), the statistics compiled by fatal road accident investigation boards indicate that 12% of head-on collisions with a fatal outcome are due to drivers falling asleep. Según el Instituto para la Seguridad Vial de Finlandia (Suomen Liikenneturva), las estadísticas de los comités de investigación sobre los accidentes de tráfico mortales muestran que el 12 % de los choques frontales con resultado de muerte se producen por The loophole has allowed hundreds of drink-drivers to avoid prosecution. Royal drivers are expressly required to avoid alcohol for 10 hours before getting behind the wheel. Car swerved out of its lane, almost went into a field, and then came back in the road. El auto se desvió del carril casi termina en el pasto, pero volvió al camino.
Shields Junction: Shields Junction is the name given to the busy railway junction in the Shields Road area of Glasgow, Scotland. The junction is heavily used by both passenger and freight services running on three separate railway lines out of Glasgow Central station.
Ashton Lane: Ashton Lane is a cobbled backstreet in the West End of Glasgow. It is connected to Byres Road by a short linking lane beside Hillhead subway station and is noted for its bars, restaurants and a licensed cinema.
Enfield Wash: Enfield Wash is an area in the London Borough of Enfield, North London. It is approximately located in the area either side of Hertford Road between Ordnance Road/Turkey Street and Bell Lane/Hoe Lane.
Balete Drive: Balete Drive is a two-lane undivided street and main thoroughfare in the New Manila District, in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The road is an undivided carriageway, that is, a road without median. The road is a major route of jeepneys and cabs, serving the New Manila area, connecting Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Avenue and Nicanor Domingo Street in Quezon City. The road is famous for the antique and century old Spanish houses and Balete trees that line the road. The road is also notable for the haunting legends that it had. One of them is of a white lady trying to hitch a ride, but when someone is helping her, she suddenly disappears. Taxi drivers experience this the most as they are the most active at night. Sometimes the white lady will appear on the road causing the taxi driver to swerve and crash.
Rayners Lane: Rayners Lane is a suburban district in the London Borough of Harrow in Northwest London between Pinner and West Harrow. It takes its name from a road in the area, also called Rayners Lane which runs from Marsh Road in Pinner to Eastcote Lane in Eastcote.
The Polygon, Southampton: The Polygon is an area in the city of Southampton, England. The area is located north of the Western Esplanade, Commercial Road and Cumberland Place; east of Hill Lane; south of Archers Road; and west of Dorset street and The Ave.
Griffytown: Griffytown is a neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky located in unincorporated Jefferson County, along Old Harrods Creek Road. Streets within its boundaries include: Bellewood Road, Robert Road, Church Lane, Lincoln Way, Cox Lane, Malcolm Avenue, Plainview Avenue and Booker Road.
Cromwell Bridge Road: Cromwell Bridge Road, formerly Maryland Route 567, is a two-lane roadway in the Towson, Maryland area of the United States. The road begins at Providence Road in Towson, and continues past the Baltimore Beltway for several miles to its end, where it splits, a left turn going onto Glen Arm Road and a right turn onto Cub Hill Road.
Hanger Lane: Hanger Lane is a major road in the Ealing area of London. It forms the westernmost part of the A406 North Circular as it runs north from Gunnersbury Avenue as it crosses the A4020 Uxbridge Road at Ealing Common to meet the A40 Western Avenue at the Hanger Lane Gyratory System.
Istana Park: The Istana Park is a park in Singapore, located in the Museum Planning Area within the Central Area, Singapore's central business district. The park is bounded by Orchard Road, Penang Road, Penang Lane and Buyong Road. The park is a landmark situated in front of the Presidential Residence, the Istana. It has an area of 13,000 square metres.
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Leith Business Centre, 4a Marine Esplanade, Seafield, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH6 7LU
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114 Lunderston Drive, Glasgow, G53 6BS
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87 Port Dundas Road, Cowcaddens, Glasgow, G4 0HF
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