Drivers told to 'avoid the area' as busy Glasgow road is reduced to one lane

The road will be partially closed for four days. 17-06-17
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  • [03-10] Traffic still busy tonight on Glasgow Road (citybound), South Gyle area, Abbeyhill and A71 corridor. #edintravel
  • [05-12] Traffic still busy this evening on Glasgow Road, Sir Harry Lauder Road, St John's Road and Newcraighall Road. #edintravel
  • [10-11] Queues on Easter Road, Ferry Road, and Calton Road.Calder Road inbound busy and Glasgow Road inbound still fairly…
  • [26-11] For those drivers using the hard shoulder trying to avoid queues. Today a @HighwaysNWEST patrol was in the area to…
  • [21-11] Still busy this evening on Queensferry Road, Calder Road and Glasgow Road. Traffic starting to ease on Salamander S…
  • [17-09] Good luck to the runners in the #BelfastHalfMarathon and to the drivers trying to navigate the badly handled road/lane closures.
  • [09-08] Typical grey day here in #Aberdeen not that busy today but the usual knobhead drivers on the road
  • [07-11] Traffic still busy this evening on Glasgow Road, A71 corridor and St John's Road. #edintravel
  • [11-12] #Leicester.Police incident Birstall, Allington Dr nr Wanlip Lane.Affects side road.One to avoid if poss.
  • [16-11] #ProperDrivingEtiquette - If ur in the left lane, known as the FAST lane not the control other drivers by pissing them
  • [28-11] Traffic busy this afternoon on Lauriston Place, Lothian Road, Queensferry Road, St John's Road, Seafield Road East,…
  • [01-07] All over the #Glasgow area pensioners & women with kids in pushchairs are stuck on buses hours late because drivers fear #orangewalk thugs.
  • [17-07] We are looking for Class 2 Moffet Drivers for immediate start in the #Birmingham area. Contact Shelley on 01827 247347 #Jobs #drivers
  • [27-08] Car smashes into wall in #Glasgow’s east end - closing off busy road
  • [02-10] In the #MalaysianGP drivers' briefing they were told to report other drivers for transgressions.
  • [08-07] ? ⒶⓁⒺⓇⓉ ⒼⓁⒶⓈⒼⓄⓌ Police race to busy road in Glasgow to deal with 'ongoing incident'
  • [27-07] The contraflow cycle lane on Gordon Street REALLY needs to be more visible. Who chooses 'subtle' and 'muted' for road markings ffs #Glasgow
  • [11-08] Check out these #M8 Inner Ring Road photos from the Anderston area of #Glasgow taken in the 1970s. A few changes! Rememb
  • [29-11] .@on_lothianbuses telling us it's very busy towards Calder Road on Longstone Road / Inglis Green Road this morning.…
  • [23-11] BBCTravelScot : RT edintravel: Traffic now busy on Queensferry Road, Old Dalkeith Road, Lasswade Road, A71 at Wilki…
  • [10-11] Queues have eased on Queensferry Road and Maybury Road but it's looking busy on Whitehouse Road towards Barnton.…
  • [23-11] Traffic now busy on Queensferry Road, Old Dalkeith Road, Lasswade Road, A71 at Wilkieston and from Hermiston P&R to…
  • [05-10] No change in the area with big delays on Gorgie Road, Dalry Road and Slateford Road. #edintravel
  • [30-09] I have search for missing courtney dean findings. Still looking around area last seen. Washway lane gas works area #sutton #sthelens
  • [24-11] Very busy westbound St John's Road through Corstorphine and long queues Broomhouse Road / Meadow Place Road towards Drum Brae. #edintravel
  • [28-11] A8 corridor - traffic busy but moving through Corstorphine at the moment. Glasgow Road slow Ingliston to Newbridge…
  • [11-12] #Leicester.Police incident Birstall, Allington Dr nr Wanlip Lane.Affects side road.One to avoid if poss.
  • [07-12] West Edinburgh - A71 queuing from Hermiston Park & Ride to City Bypass; eastbound Glasgow Road very busy through Gogarburn. #edintravel
Drivers told to 'avoid the area' as busy Glasgow road is reduced to one lane
The road will be partially closed for four days.
The lack of a marked second lane is what works so heavily against you. It is arguable, but without the lane marker line you were passing to the right in the same lane, especially since the road widened for the intersection to allow drivers to make a right turn.
Here are some in that area: Bradford & Bingley - Slater Hogg & Howison,146 Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8TD. Clyde Property, Westend 145 Byres Road Westend Glasgow, G12 8TT. Corum Property, 82 Hyndland Road, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, G12 9UT. G & S Properties, Glasgow 330 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8AP. JJM Property Services, Crown Circus, Glasgow, G12 9HB Low Beaton Richmond, Solicitors & Estate Agents, 21 Vinicombe Street, Glasgow, G12 8BE. Macfarlane & Co,185 Byres Road, West End, Glasgow, G12 8TS. Hope this is of help to you!
The three lane issue is confusing. Was it a a two lane road with a center turning lane? But you say you were in the left lane, so that does not match up with the above. How many total lanes? If there are four total lanes you call that a standard 4 lane road, if it has 2, and a center and 2, then you would say a 4 lane road with center turning lane. Setting that aside, if a car pulls across a another road then they need to make sure their is clearance. As a side note, never debate the other driver. Never make any statements, like you are sorry, I did not even see you pull out, etc. Simply take pictures and exchange info. If the other driver makes any statements write those down and note the date and time.
I REALLY wish I could give all of you best answer to my question here. I know and fully understand the law on driving, and the rules of the road. Sadly, it seems that most drivers here where I live, don't even give 2 s**** about road rules. I grew up in Maryland and down there, they are strict. After I got my learners permit, I then had to pay something like $400 to take several weeks driving classes, and be paired up with a licensed driver in one of those driver learners cars. I'm thinking I had to show X amount of hours driven with the licensed driver, just to be able to get in line for taking the drivers road test. People in Maryland drive horribly, worse than most of the drivers up here. And yes, a one lane road, IS a one lane road. I hate it when someone pulls up next to me at a light, if I'm making a left, they treat it as it's a two lane road. So, at that road I mentioned, that is wide enough at the light for 2 vehicles, I just stop right in the middle, so if the person behind me is making a right, they can't go around me, but they'll stop so that their car is off to the right, as if I'm supposed to be stopped closest to the double yellow, so they can pull up next to me. That is just one thing that goes on, there's plenty more, people who stop on a dime at stop signs, as if you're supposed to slow down for them, cause it feels like they are going to just run the stop sign. Drivers not coming to a full and complete stop at stop signs, not yielding to traffic when required to, running red lights, and impatient drivers who go around you if making a left. A real good one is, several cars in front of me were making lefts, I was going straight, at the same traffic light I mentioned in this question. The car behind me, goes around me, as if I was also making a left, because going straight you don't have a blinker for (tho I did see an older car with a straight blinker once) Sign says, no turns in shoulder, but they go in shoulder to go straight. Sign should say, no pass through in shoulder. And they STILL would go through the shoulder. Just wish that the road rules were more enforced.
No totally destroyed it would go down East lane Brick lane and Buy bargains from True Londoners shopping up the Mile end Road was also Good today Brick lane East lane Mile end Road Peckham Road Peckham High St look and sound Like KL or Jakarta full of abusive smelly Muslims
You could get the 90, the circular bus for Glasgow,it goes right round glasgow, its not a tour and it will let you see some of the more unsavoury bits..lol but you should save yourself the hassle of all the traffic, the city is murder just now with road works and a council who are running a policy to grid lock the city with cars and force you onto public transport. You should decide what you want to see and use the tube system (it is very simple and cheap to use ) or walk between points if they are not to far. AVOID AVOID AVOID the area around Glasgow cross and the Barras, (East end) it is the kind of place you are totally unsafe in. Glasgow is a marvelous city, I have lived in it all my life and am very proud of it, but like everywhere it has its best left alone bits.. The architecture and museums are a must, Burrel collection, Kelvingrove museum, modern art gallery, Glasgow school of art (Rennie macintosh building) these seem to be the destinations most go to, but there is tonnes of excellent places and the general glaswegian is helpful and very friendly, avoid anybody wearing a tracksuit or skip cap. Enjoy your visit
Police car crashes on busy Glasgow road while rushing to 999 call Cops were headed to an emergency when their car collided with a Suzuki Splash.
Concerns after 'young girl' spotted on her own at roundabout on busy road to Glasgow Several motorists contacted police after seeing the youngster, who is thought to be around four-years-old, by the Barloan Roundabout around 12.25pm today.
Urgent repairs on gas mains forces the closure of a Glasgow city centre road lane URGENT repairs on a gas main in Glasgow City Centre has forced the closure of a road lane.
Four-lane road for Krishnapatnam area
Avoid accidents, RTC drivers told
APSRTC drivers told to avoid accidents
Avoid cell phones, bus drivers told
KWA told to avoid digging of road
Focus on road safety, RTC drivers told
Follow road rules, drivers told
Schools, colleges told to educate bus drivers on road safety
Emergency services called to 'car on fire' in busy Glasgow street Police and firefighters were called to the scene around 6.30pm tonight.
Man charged with rape of another male in Glasgow lane Issa Ibrahim is accused of attacking 22-year-old victim Parnie Street and the Trongate.
Police rush to busy Glasgow City Centre car park after body of man is found Police rushed to a busy Glasgow City Centre car park in the early hours of this morning after the body of a man was discovered.
[RELEASE] Two-Lane Road Upgraded With Curbless Crosswalks, Tree Planters, In-Lane Bus Stops with Shelters
Top Lane Udyr: Who to lane against and who to avoid I've played Udyr in the jungle for awhile now and I've just started picking him up top lane. Who are the champions that counter Udyr in top lane? and who are the champions that Udyr counters top lane?
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What do you call a person who blocks other drivers when one lane is ending? I was wondering if there is an idiom in English language such as e.g. "road ranger" or "road sherriff" to describe a malice person who blocks other drivers from implementing a zipper system, to ...
What is meant by a “two-lane” road? When people say that a road has "two lanes"? Two lanes total, one travelling in one direction, and one travelling in the opposite direction? Two lanes travelling in one direction, and two more lanes ...
How do you ride on a road that doesn't have a bicycle lane? I live in Washington State and here the law states cyclists have the choice to ride on the sidewalks, bicycle lane, or on the road with other traffic. I usually just ride to school and back, which is ...
What do you call this segment of road between the lane and an exit? (Circled in red) Is there an official name for the portion of road between the road and an exit? What is it called?
Who is at fault when on a double yellow two lane road a car stops suddenly you go into the left lane to avoid the collision and the car turns left Car possibly had a right turn signal on? Sorry but you are at fault.
If a semi truck makes a left turn from the center lane of a 3 lane one way road onto a one lane one way road and a car is hit by his left rear trailer tire while in the left lane who is at fault? That depends... I drive truck. To answer this correctly I need to ask two questions. Was the two vehicles traveling on an open highway or designated freeway? Or, Were the two vehicles sitting at an intersection waiting for the green light? If they were traveling on an open highway the truck should have signaled his intentions and moved over to the left lane when it was safe to do so. Now.... most of the time, a truck will signal a lane change and any cars traveling in that lane will sneak up next to his rear wheels. The truck who is already commited to the lane change may or may not see the ca
How can you reduce pollution in a house I live near a busy road and want to reduce the impact that it has on our health The front windows are only 3 metres away from a busy road?
Tarmac plc do tarmactopmix require owner drivers for Glasgow area? Why not ask them directly?
Car A swerves from left lane to right lane to avoid hitting the car in front of it and instead hits car B in the right lane whose fault? Most likely Car B if that person has done something wrong that cuased Car A to swerve. But if car A is seen as not paying attention and had to swerve at last minute to dodge care B for a normal stop or something then car A is at fualt. Or Maybe Car B did something stupid and car A had to swerve to protect its self, Car A has to do everything possible from hurting other drivers, sometimes that means slamming the breaks and taking the hit rather then risk swerving into other traffic. But if car B made a mistake, I believe A C will be fine.
When 2 cars meet at an intersection of a 2 lane road with a 4 lane road which one must yield the right away? If it's a four way stop, it's treated like any other four-way stop. First vehicle to the intersection has right of way, if two or more vehicles stop simultaneously, the vehicle to the right gets right of way. In most intersections, this wouldn't be an issue - such an intersection would either have the four lane road the designated priority road, which does not stop and to which traffic on the two lane road yields unconditionally, or it would be a controlled intersection.
Who is fault when proceeding from 2 lane road to 1 lane road and hit from rear end side? That depends on who was in the lane of travel, and who was in the merge lane. The merge lane is the one required to yield to the travel lane. If the vehicle in the merge lane failed to yield the right-of-way, that'll definitely be a factor. However, other factors may apply, as well. Motorists have a bad tendency to want to suddenly speed up and pass a merging vehicle when they see a turn signal. Excessive speed/reckless driving on the part of one or both drivers will play a factor in determining fault, as well. In short, one would have to know all the details of the situation you described in
Who is at fault The car turning onto the road in the right lane or the car in the left lane that merged into the right lane? IF the car travelling in the outside lane crossed into the right lane striking the vehicle entering the roadway (AND IT CAN BE PROVED) then the car that changed lanes would be at fault. If no ticket was given, turn the whole matter over to your insurance company and let them handle it.
Who is at fault if driver A has a left turn arrow and turns left onto a three lane road into the far right lane and driver B is turning right onto the same road from the opposite direction? If you're proceeding (A) with a left arrow, you can be pretty sure the traffic signal is holding all conflicting traffic with a red signal. Otherwise the signal is defective. That said, the other driver (B) is likely at fault for failing to properly yield after stopping for a red light.
You are driving on a road that has a cycle lane the lane is marked by a broken white line what does this mean?
When turning right on a four lane unmarked road I know you are supposed to go to the curb at first but which lane should you end up in?
You spun out on an icy road the car ending up in the other lane at a stand still the car that was behind you in the original lane couldn't stop in time and ended up rear-ending you by sliding into you? The insurance will see it as your fault because you lost control first, the other driver probably didn't have time to react.
92 88 royale olds .It is leaking trans fluid from the middle maybe slight drivers area between both front wheels about a bottle a month more or less Some one told you it is the seals or trans tubes.?
I was in the middle lane waiting to switch into an ongoing lane far left fast lane I looked over my shoulder and the lane was clear so I switched Not even 5 seconds later a car came and hit me.? This is the full question. I was in the middle lane, waiting to switch into an on-going lane(far left, fast lane). I looked over my shoulder and the lane was clear so I switched. Not even 5 seconds later, a car came out of nowhere and hit the back right side of my bumper. The car is insured, but I`m not under my sister`s policy. Not only that, but I only have my permit and the owner of the car gave me permission to drive her car, since my destination was only 15-20 blocks away. The other party`s insurance called and told me they`re holding me responsible, denying any liability when I haven`t e
What kind of signs warn drivers of road conditions ahead and often require drivers to slow down?
How do you avoid boredom in summer if your friends are busy?
Who is at fault if you are parked on the side of a road and you pull out because it's clear and someone makes a right turn onto the road behind you and to avoid rear ending you swerve and hits you? Your Fault You, unless you can come up with a better description of this accident. It Depends If you were already in the process of pulling out and the front end of your car was already in the street, then it's the other drivers responsibility to stop and allow you to fully pull onto the road, so it would not necessarily be your fault. Now, if you pulled right in front of the car as they were about to pass you, then it would be your fault since you pulled a maneuver on the road to which you caused someone else to crash. So as the first
When a man you like stops his car to let you drive into a busy road does he like you?
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