Glasgow city centre building sold for a whopping £17.5million

The seven-floor property sits on the corner of West Nile Street and Sauchiehall Street.
Glasgow city centre building sold for a whopping £17.5million
[08-17] New restaurant set to open in #Glasgow city centre in old printing building
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[08-17] #Birmingham City Council has had £590 Million of Cuts with another £50 Million of Cuts Coming this Year Too Totally Unacceptable.
[07-17] @macgregor63 City lights. Renfield Street in #Glasgow city centre 1984. #Scotland #IrnBru.
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[07-17] Blindcraft building, Saracen St, Possil, #Glasgow, 1955. (Glasgow City Archive).
[07-17] Building Med Ball Challenge Facility in Glasgow City #Medicine #Ball #Challenge #Glasgow #City
[07-17] Glasgow city centre hit by power cuts #glasgow #centre #power
[07-17] New #job: Software Developer – Glasgow City Centre,Glasgow .. #Glasgow #Jobs #.NET #SoftwareDeveloper
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[07-17] New #job: Business Analyst – Glasgow City Centre ,Glasgow .. #Job #BusinessAnalyst #Glasgow #IT
Delta Air Lines have a seasonal direct flight between New York City (JFK) and Glasgow (GLA). So Sam Heughan was featured in August 2017 issue in Delta Sky Magazine. It’s only one page, but it is very nice that Delta chose him to talk about Glasgow.  (Note: I will put the actual page later on.)
Questions on Building an Elevated Deck
My workshop has so much vertical space on the side of it, I was thinking of building an elevated deck to better utilize it. By "elevated" I mean on the order of 8-10 feet above the ground so I can still walk underneath it. In other words 2nd story height. I have a few questions that I was hoping someone on here could answer. I would guess I would need to get a building permit for this project, since it is so far off the ground. Is this correct? How much do you think it would cost? I live in PA. The side of the shop is paved. What would be the best way to put a hole in the pavement to bury the support beams? As soon as I hit earth I figured I could just use a post hole digger, but it is the initial "going-through-pavement" that I am unsure of. Rent a jack hammer??? Any other things I didn't think of / should know? I have never built a deck before, let alone an elevated one, but I am very handy and do everything myself so I am not worried about not being able to get it done.
The artist Glasgow listens to on Spotify more than any other city in the world revealed
Are you a fan?
disctance from glasgow uni to city centre?
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why is Glasgow City centre such a buzz?
is there a matalan in glasgow city centre?
The city has three international airports within 45 minutes travel of the city centre, as well as a centrally-located seaplane terminal. Two are dedicated to Glasgow while the third is Edinburgh International which, as it is situated on the west side of Edinburgh, is relatively close to Glasgow. These airports are Glasgow Airport (GLA) (8 miles (10 km) west of the city centre) in Renfrewshire, Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) (30 miles (50 km) south west) in Ayrshire, Edinburgh Airport (EDI), (34 miles (50 km) east) in Edinburgh, and Glasgow Seaplane Terminal, by the Glasgow Science Centre on the River Clyde. There are also several smaller, domestic and private airports around the city. There is a heliport, Glasgow City Heliport located at Stobcross Quay on the banks of the Clyde.
Glasgow city centre building sold for a whopping £17.5million
The seven-floor property sits on the corner of West Nile Street and Sauchiehall Street.
I have a story to answer you and your aunt with. Before I left Southwick Place for Liverpool, I received a letter from Glasgow, saying, "Your little Emily has been woo'd and married and a'! since you last saw her;" and describing her house within a mile or two of the city, and asking me to stay there. I wrote the usual refusal, and supposed Mrs. ---- to be some romantic girl whom I had joked with, perhaps at Allison's or where not. On the first night at Glasgow I received a bouquet from ----, and wore one of the flowers. This morning at the Glasgow station, ---- appeared, and proved to be the identical Miss Emily, of whose marriage Dolby had told me on our coming through Preston. She was attired in magnificent raiment, and presented the happy ----.
The foot conducts itself splendidly. We had a most enormous cram at Glasgow. Syme saw me again yesterday (before I left here for Glasgow), and repeated "Gout!" with the greatest indignation and contempt, several times. The aching is going off as the day goes on, if it be worth mentioning again. The ride from Glasgow was charming this morning; the sun shining brilliantly, and the country looking beautiful.