Joiner Billy Ashcroft jailed for leaving girlfriend with fractured eye socket in "vicious" attack

Ashcroft, of Woodlands Mount, Halifax, was jailed for three years
Joiner Billy Ashcroft jailed for leaving girlfriend with fractured eye socket in "vicious" attack
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A jogger has been left with painful claw marks on his head after being attacked by a buzzard. Andy Llewellyn was out for his regular run in Chellaston, Derby, when the bird of prey swooped in. The 44-year-old said he did not realise how bad the tramline-shaped injuries were until he got home and his partner looked at his head. Mr Llewellyn added: “I was just jogging along and without any warning I got an almighty smack on the head. “I had no idea what it was at the time. But I heard the flapping of the bird’s wings and I later realised what had happened.” Although Mr Llewellyn said he was “dazed and confused” in the aftermath of the attack, the pain from his injuries has now subsided. A Harris hawk was initially suspected to be the culprit, but a local wildlife expert believes a “super aggressive” wild buzzard is to blame. Source link Vicious buzzard attack leaves jogger ‘dazed and confused’ was originally published on News London
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What exactly constitutes an attack hit in volleyball? For example, if I set the ball to someone else for an attack hit, and the set goes too far and it is blocked by someone on the opposing team with their hands over my side of the net, is that legal? Would my hit have been counted an attack hit?
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The contextual and structural factors surrounding US-Russian relations today are more complex than ever before and are paramount in surmising whether the Tillerson-Lavrov meeting would deescalate tension between US and Russia
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On the day of the 1928 Grand National, before the race had begun, Tipperary Tim's jockey William Dutton heard a friend call out to him: "Billy boy, you'll only win if all the others fall down!" These words turned out to be true, as 41 of the 42 starters fell during the race. This year's National was run during misty weather conditions with the going very heavy. As the field approached the Canal Turn on the first circuit, Easter Hero fell, causing a pile-up from which only seven horses emerged with seated jockeys. By the penultimate fence this number had reduced to three, with Great Span looking most likely to win ahead of Billy Barton and Tipperary Tim. Great Span's saddle then slipped, leaving Billy Barton in the lead until he too then fell. Although Billy Barton's jockey Tommy Cullinan managed to remount and complete the race, it was Tipperary Tim who came in first at outside odds of 100/1. With only two riders completing the course, this remains a record for the fewest number of finishers.
Joiner Billy Ashcroft jailed for leaving girlfriend with fractured eye socket in "vicious" attack
Ashcroft, of Woodlands Mount, Halifax, was jailed for three years
Billy suddenly squared about in his seat, and Betty shivered into a small and terrified heap. "Aw, no, he didn't either. Billy didn't like her worth a cent. He thinks she is just hideous, don't you, Billy? You ain't mad at me, are you, Billy?"
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