Pensioner warns of Health Lottery scam after being targeted by fraudsters

A PENSIONER who got caught up in a sophisticated lottery scam has issued a warning to fellow Glasgow residents. 19-06-17
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  • [16-11] OMG #TaxReform on @cspan it's been VOTED DOWN 36-0 by the #SenateFinanceComm FIRST CLUE it's a scam scam 🔥🚨😈👹😵👹👹…
  • [26-08] #Scotland's #health service faces a #malware attack, warns non-emergency patients to stay away from its hospitals
  • [17-11] @SenateGOP @SenateDems WTF ? This #TaxBill is a SCAM! #VoteNo END THIS SCAM!!!
  • [04-10] I'd argue most of the wealthy won the lottery too. The sperm-egg lottery. #tytlive
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  • [09-12] Imagine celebrating the arrest of people selling herbs. While Criminals and fraudsters such as #steinhoff roam freely. South
Pensioner warns of Health Lottery scam after being targeted by fraudsters
A PENSIONER who got caught up in a sophisticated lottery scam has issued a warning to fellow Glasgow residents.
SCAM. If you did not apply, why would they want you? Same applies to lottery winning notifications.
The bad psychics scam money off you and you know you've been scammed. The good psychics scam money off you without you knowing you've been scammed. Either way, you get scammed. There is no such thing as psychic ability. Ask this guy to give you proof of how many times he's won the lottery.
Is it still a scam when you young people get old and tottering? When you go to the Dr. once a quarter to get some ailment or other fixed? Is it still a scam when you pop half a dozen pills each day just to stay alive? The whole thing about health insurance is that the young pay into the kitty and the old use it up. But one day you'll look into the mirror and see an old person staring back. Then you'll be glad some young people out there are paying into the healthcare kitty to pay for your care. BTW. You also pay into social security each month. And you don't draw out any of that until your reach roughly 65 yo. But that's not a scam either.
Current Events do you think this a suitable punishment for the pensioner who run over and killed a little girl? A pensioner who ran over and killed a four year old girl, weeks after he was told he should not be driving, has been jailed for four years, a fair sentence? And should medical professionals be forced to tell the DVLA if someone is unfit to drive?
I wonder if its correct to stress he was a pensioner any more than if you had said "black man" or "Muslim" ? Being a pensioner was not the problem,not being honest with his medical details was. I am 72 of course and have to have strict checkups including eye tests every 3 years. I have Cataract eye implants in both eyes and have superb distance sight and only need glasses for very small print,and am better than I was at an earlier age.Was it suitable. I expect so as he will be very upset. The famous DGH (sock-puppet no 1)
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Can I get a loan on my home by mortgage I am a pensioner and son is in states I am looking at a loan of Rs 15 lakhs on my home. I own a property in Kalyan. I am a pensioner. My son will repay he is in United States
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Is Australian lottery a scam?
Is the Cash and Cars lottery legit or a scam?
Is global prize center for 645 lottery in Australia a scam? There is no such lottery in Australia. Yes it is a scam, sorry. The scammers will say that you have won a prize, then ask you or personal details or for some sort of payment in order to claim your prize. Do not respond, do not send them any money and do not reveal any personal details under any circumstances. Be sensible - if it sounds too good to be true, it is!
You have just been notified by a Robin Taylor that you have won 5.5 million on Facebook lottery How could this be This is surely a scam? That would be a scam, because there is no such thing as the "Facebook Lottery".
You received a check from Atlantic Lottery corporation they say you won a lottery trouble is you never bought a lottery ticket has anyone had a experience like this And Is this one elaborate hoax? It is a hoax see />
Today you have received some mails from international lottery british lottery say your email Id is aprrove wining some amount 1.5 million 4.5 million pound its true lottery or feke please guide you?
Is Toyotamoterslivecn really Toyota or scam got email saying i won Toyota lottery but dont think this Toyota site?
When was The Health Lottery created?
How do we address the issue of fraudsters in the insurance industry? Each state has a regulatory department that monitors the insurance industry. Usually it is called the Department of Insurance but it may be under different names in some states. Most of them have an 800 number for reporting fraud of any kind and a group of investigators that handle such matters.
Is US Health Group a scam? It is not a Job bit an opportunity for you to give them money...they will buy leads with that money...then they will use the fresh leads and give you their old leads. You will sell a few on the scraps...then they will blame you for not doing well with no leads.....Left there and now I make 4K-6k a week. Doesn't this site use names? I registered with my real name. I've been with the company two years. I've been provided with free leads since day one. never once been asked to pay for them. They are an awesome company, I've had nothing but good experience with clients claims, etc. I've had the
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Is The Health Science Institute a Scam?
Is affiliated workers association health insurance a scam? Yes.
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What man won the lottery a brain surgeon had a brother who won the lottery but the man who won the lottery did not have a brother how is this possible?
Is Australian Lottery 645 by prizemasters a legitimate lottery? No, it's a scam.
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