Pensioner warns of Health Lottery scam after being targeted by fraudsters

A PENSIONER who got caught up in a sophisticated lottery scam has issued a warning to fellow Glasgow residents.
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I’m not going to make a habit of entries that don’t have much to do with spiritual matters, but it’s been a contemplative day for me, so maybe it isn’t entirely out of that sphere.  Feel free to ignore the ramblings of an expat, if you’re inclined.Today marks the start of my fifth year in the UK.  Because grief makes me very stupid very quickly, it’s only just over two years for immigration purposes, but I’ve only been out of the country about four months all told in those five years.  This is home now.  Specifically, Scotland is home, and I don’t think it’s going to be long before Glasgow finishes the work of making it even more specific.  I’m starting to kind of adore this city.I still have awkward moments:No matter how long I’m here, I think we’ll all be better off if I just don’t drive. Immigration continues to treat me like po’ white trash, and I have another eight years of that to look forward to.If there’s another Indyref, as in the first one I have zero hope that anyone will be able to clearly answer the question of what becomes of my immigration status if it goes yes.  I phoned/emailed/camped in front of the offices of a couple of dozen functionaries who all started their answers the same way:  "EU nationals will  – “ Jesus.  Incidentally, in spite of that, I’d vote yes.  If I could.  I can’t vote about anything, including that.  I have another eight years of that to look forward to, as well.I pay enough for health insurance to house a small family.  I have no choice; I’m not legally allowed to just pay cash (Well, technically I probably am.  But I’d still have to pay for the insurance even if I did.).  I’ve long asserted to drunks who growl at me about being a freeloader that I do pay taxes here – it’s just that my money goes from me into the health care system through an insurance company office instead of through a government building.  And it’s not chump change, either.Property ownership here dumbfounds me, and it always will.  By my standards, everyone pays one hell of a lot to not actually own their home at all.Starting to think I hate it here?  I don’t.  Not even close.  I am as besotted with Scotland as I was the day I arrived.Being polite and friendly as I’ve understood it for 40-odd years resulted in some pretty spectacular social gaffes for a while.  I’ve mostly got my head wrapped around the idea that what would be meaningless time-passing babble in a grocery store line with a stranger in the US is unspeakably rude here.  God’s truth:  I lived in England for about two months.  My partners at the time moved us to Scotland because they were sincerely afraid I was going to kill myself.  Within a month in England, I’d entirely stopped speaking to anyone outside our house.  If anyone said something to me, I waited for one of the guys to answer for me.  I didn’t even talk to them in public.  Several people in our neighborhood thought I didn’t speak English (which didn’t earn me much love, either).  If that sounds like another negative, well…it was then, of course, but it really isn’t in the end.  Scotland healed a lot of the marks that experience left on me.  (And just to be clear – one of my partners was English, and he didn’t act like that.  I know most people wouldn’t have, but I was beaten down too much to try any more after a while.  I don’t have to be burned a million times before I stop touching the stove.)I will forever be helpless in the face of any Scottish accent, but my weakness for the Glaswegian one has grown with my ability to understand it.  My husband has one hell of one; he told his family when I met them that he had to ask me out six times before I accepted.  That’s true.  But it was six times in about three minutes, because I had no idea whatsoever what he was saying.  I’d been living mostly in the north, and had just moved from Inverness to Edinburgh.  He was my first experience with full Glasgow, and I sincerely wasn’t sure he was speaking English.  His sixth attempt was written on the back of someone’s abandoned receipt:  BEER?  The clerk in the bookstore was literally sitting on the floor laughing, and the customers in the immediate vicinity applauded when I said yes.And then there’s that.  The landscape here makes my brain drip off the back of my skull, but the people got my heart.  The only people who’ve ever made me not feel welcome have been as a rule cataclysmically drunk at the time and wanting to discuss what a freeloader I am (for which, see above).  Everyone else hears three words out of my mouth and promptly asks how I’m enjoying Scotland.  Shop counters, bus stops, cafes, waiting for lights to change…people ask.  It took me a while to realize they mean it.  They love their country, and they want you to love it, too.  I’m starting to understand that impulse.  This is really just a pretty great place.Does it have a lot to do with the guy over on the couch making faces at me because he wants to go celebrate two/five years?  Yeah, it does.  But I loved Scotland when I was all alone, too.  That took about three days.  Feeling like it’s home took a little longer, but this is it – we’re here.Think I’ll go celebrate.
Does my routine effect my health and age?
i want to share my routine and to know its health effects. i am 18 years old and i don't play any sports or exercise.I spend my entire day in my room i go out about 2 3 times a day and that to on my bike.I love to eat junk food and from hotels.I eat a lot bit still i am skinny.After eating i go to bed and lie there no exercise or physical work at all.I feel depressed all the time. what health effects it will have on me? Thanks
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The Isle of Man Government Lottery operated from 1986 to 1997. Since 2 December 1999 the island has participated in the United Kingdom National Lottery. The island is the only jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom where it is possible to play the UK National Lottery. Since 2010 it has also been possible for projects in the Isle of Man to receive national lottery Good Causes Funding. The good causes funding is distributed by the Manx Lottery Trust.Tynwald receives the 12p lottery duty for tickets sold in the Island.
Pensioner warns of Health Lottery scam after being targeted by fraudsters
A PENSIONER who got caught up in a sophisticated lottery scam has issued a warning to fellow Glasgow residents.
As has been justly observed by a recent thoughtful writer: "The lottery is legalized in only one State in the Union, but gambling in grain is legalized in every State. The lottery is a small evil indeed compared with the speculation shark, who gambles on the price of the very bread our wives and children eat, and puts our daily bread in pawn to squeeze an added cent out of the palm of poverty. No one has to buy a lottery ticket, and it is a man's own act if he takes the chances of that game, but bread for his little ones he has to buy and in doing so is at the mercy of the gambler."
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