Toryglen mum who shifted more than five stone: I almost cried when I stepped on the scales at my heaviest

A BUSY mum who almost cried after stepping on the scales and seeing her weight gain has shed more than five stones.

What do my bathroom scales say?
In some parts of the UK it feels like you've stepped into another country. Is this increasingly becoming the case and should it be so?
I was leaving and I stepped on the cat like I felt her ribs with my foot could she be hurt did I crush her ribs I had to go to the hospital?
I can't believe it! GOKU IS JUST AWESOME in this I almost CRIED!
‘Heaviest renal stone’ removed from a patient at Delhi hospital
Obese man lost 14 STONE in two years after being left mortified when he was too fat for scales
Meet the man who halved his body weight in just two-years – after being too heavy for scales encouraged him to work towards a bodybuilder physique. At a whopping 28st 8lbs, Kyle Brown-Latham, from Austin, Texas, never let anybody take pictures of him, as he constantly felt self-conscious. Everyday tasks proved to be extremely difficult […]
Office workers scoff an extra 100,000 calories a year – that equates to TWO STONE on the scales
WORKING gals scoff a staggering 100,000 EXTRA calories in snacks every year – and risk piling on an eye-watering two stone in weight. Grazing on crisps, sweets, chocolate a cake at your desks is quietly adding up – equating to an added 2,240 calories a week on average, a new survey said. That’s the same […]
Stone quarrying to be shifted to ‘safe zones’
Stone-crushing units being shifted to safe zones
[QUESTION] help understanding scales and common scales
A person throws a stone vertically downward with an initial speed of 12m/s from the roof of an building, 30m above the ground. How long does it take for the stone to hit the ground. What is the speed of the stone at impact?
It was one of the heaviest
I also cried a little when I saw this
Arjuna is the heaviest of the lot
And the heaviest dinosaur is…
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  • [20-10] Traffic chaos expected in Toryglen and King's Park this weekend
  • [18-10] Derrick Lewis on #themmahour says he cried all throughout UFC 216. Hadn't cried in years. Said the late pullout felt wor
Toryglen mum who shifted more than five stone: I almost cried when I stepped on the scales at my heaviest
A BUSY mum who almost cried after stepping on the scales and seeing her weight gain has shed more than five stones.
* I go to a very liberal and accepting church in Charlottesville. Today my pastor stood at the pulpit crying over the events of last weekend. He cried about being ignorant because of his whiteness. He cried over the lack of protection for the Jews in our town. He cried when he found out there were possible bomb threats from last weekends events. He cried because of the fear that the LGBTQI community has due to those in the church. He cried for our community and hopes that justice and peace will come. He hopes that our congregation will not stay silent. I cried for the same reasons. I hope to find ways to stand up for others due to my privilege.
* I know stones (butches and femmes) who don’t even consider themselves lesbians even though they could call themselves that if they wanted to. They just identify as stone butches or stone femmes, with the implication that they only want to be partnered with each other and won’t consider a relationship with a non-stone. I find this specific subset of stone experiences incredibly moving.
* About yesterday: I cried when I left London, I cried when I landed in Vienna. The day was full of tears. But not all of them...
cried and begged Below are two options in my grammar questions : 1.The newly released 3D Disney movie was supposed to be the best of all time and Joe’s little sister cried and begged him to take. 2. The newly ...
To feel undermined, stepped on I'm looking for a word describing someone that felt undermined, stepped on by an action I did. It would work in a sentence like "I am sorry if I (word) you". I'm looking for a softer word than "...
Enlarging a stepped through hole I had some speaker baffles cnc'ed and it looks like there is a mistake in either the drawing or the actual machining. I need to increase the diameter of the outside step by about 1/8" not the through ...
what's the difference between “What if you stepped into” and “What if you could step into”? what's the difference between "What if you stepped into" and "What if you could step into"? For example, “What if you could step into situations where political, social, and environmental issues ...
Cry and cried - drop the y and add ied [closed] I understand the usage of the two, but I'm looking for how to describe these types and rules for when you drop y and add ied. If that makes sense Thanks
Dog stepped on finish before it was dry. How should I go about fixing this? My dog stepped on my new floor. Left paw prints in the finish. What are your suggestions for fixing it? I plan to sand it down and was going to use a high grit sand paper. Then reapply a new ...
Why would the radio in a 1999 Expedition shut off when shifted from park to reverse then go back on when shifted into neutral then shuts off when shifted into drive?
What happen to voltage when a transformer is stepped up and stepped down?
What does red-shifted and blue-shifted mean in terms of light?
Why is voltage always stepped up and stepped down in multiples of 11?
Why do doctor's scales always weigh more than bathroom scales?
Is the sun blue shifted or red shifted?
What is the three types of thermometer scales and the scientist devised tis thermometer scales?
A boat will carry only 20 stone how a man weighing 20 stone and his 2 sons each of whom weighs 10 stone use it to cross the river?
Consider a stone at rest on the ground There are two interactions that involve the stone One is between the stone and the earth?
Where would you find the slaughter stone the heel stone and the altar stone?
I am 5'5 and weight 9 stone 2 my weight fluxuates between 8 stone 10 and 9 stone 6 is this average for a fifteen year old girl?
Would you die if you cried for a year?
The properties and relationships that occur at these coarser spatial scales will, in part, however, be linked to properties and relationships acting at finer scales, such as national and subnational scales. Sin embargo, las propiedades y relaciones que se producen en estas escalas espaciales menos refinadas, en parte pueden vincularse a propiedades y relaciones que se producen en escalas más refinadas, como las nacionales o subnacionales. According to your scales I'm half a stone lighter. Teiids have large rectangular scales that form distinct transverse rows ventrally and generally small granular scales dorsally, they have head scales that are separate from the skull bones. "And I will have the stone from the temple," cried Hordle John. This access door is raised oyster stone masonry of Cadiz, with lintel and stepped barrel vault inland. Esta puerta de acceso elevado es de cantería de piedra ostionera de Cádiz, con díntel escalonado y bóveda de cañón hacia el interior. The lizard has a well-defined lateral fold covering small scales which separates the ridges and rows of scales on the belly. To a passerby, Paolo appears blue-shifted when approaching... red-shifted when receding. Un peatón ve a Paolo azulado al acercarse... y rojizo al alejarse.
Western Stone: The Western Stone is a monolithic stone ashlar block forming part of the lower level of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This largest stone in the Western Wall is visible within the Western Wall Tunnel and ranks as one of the heaviest objects ever known to be lifted by human beings without powered machinery.
Coccidae: The Coccidae are a family of scale insects belonging to the superfamily Coccoidea. They are commonly known as soft scales, wax scales or tortoise scales.
Stepped Stone Structure: The Stepped Stone Structure is the name given to the remains at a particular archaeological site on the eastern side of the City of David, the oldest part of Jerusalem. The curved, 60ft high, narrow stone structure is built over a series of terraces.
Tropidechis carinatus: The rough-scaled snake is a highly venomous Australian elapid. The animal's name comes from its scales that are raised above the surrounding scales and have rough texture. The scales are known as "keels".
Keith Martin: Keith Martin, one of the world heaviest lived people, was famous for being at one point the UK’s heaviest man, weighing approximately 980 lbs at his peak.
Ka'ba-ye Zartosht: Ka'ba-ye Zartosht is the name of a stone quadrangular and stepped structure in the Naqsh-e Rustam compound beside Zangiabad village in Marvdasht county in Fars, Iran.
The Jazz Theory Book: The Jazz Theory Book is an influential work by Mark Levine, first published in 1995. The book is a staple in jazz theory, and contains a wide range of jazz concepts from melodic minor scales and whole tone scale to bebop scales, diminished scales and "Coltrane" reharmonization.
Barry Austin: Barry Austin, of Solihull, West Midlands, England is a man widely reputed to be the heaviest man in the United Kingdom. Multiple press reports claim that at his peak weight, he weighed 50 stone.
Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty: Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty was considered to be the heaviest living woman in the world and the second heaviest woman in history. Her initial weight was claimed to be around 500 kilograms.
Mayra Rosales: Mayra Lizbeth Rosales is a Mexican American woman known for being, at one point, the heaviest living woman. At her heaviest, she weighed 470 kg but currently weighs an estimated 91 kg.
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