Police urge murder suspect Deco Ferguson to hand himself after 10 years on the run

Cops believe Ferguson, who is wanted over the fatal shooting of barman Tam Cameron in Glasgow in 2007, made a secret return to Scotland. 19-06-17
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  • [12-12] I wrote this broken ghazel a couple of years ago in response to the #WalterScott police murder. Thanks to @MuzzleMagazi
  • [09-12] The #DanielShaver murder is reminiscent of the #PhilandoCastile murder. Abiding police instruction, responding appr…
Police urge murder suspect Deco Ferguson to hand himself after 10 years on the run
Cops believe Ferguson, who is wanted over the fatal shooting of barman Tam Cameron in Glasgow in 2007, made a secret return to Scotland.
It's still worthwhile to make murder illegal, because we can (a) take murderers off the streets so at least they don't kill anyone else, and (b) potentially deter some people who would otherwise murder, because they don't want to go to prison for the rest of their lives. But if someone is already willing to commit murder in spite of our anti-murder laws, there's no way that they're going to care about a law making it illegal to carry a gun in a church. And it doesn't take them off the streets any more than the murder law already does. What are you going to do, give them life plus five years? Also, "As the suspect exited the church, a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect, after which he dropped his assault-type rifle and fled, authorities said." That's right, this guy was stopped by a citizen with a gun. In some cases banning guns can make these situations worse, because everyone else is unarmed and vulnerable.
I'm tired of explaining the difference between Kris Donald's murder and Stephen Lawrence's murder to idiots. Both were murder victims of evil racist gangs. Donald by a group of brown Pakistani racists, Lawrence by a group of white British racists. Donald's murder was fully investigated by Strathclyde police, the killers apprehended, extradited and sent to prison for life within 12 months. Lawrence's murder was dismissed by the Metropolitan police, not properly investigated, with the result that it took 18 years for only two of the gang who killed him to be convicted, while some of his killers still walk free. Donald's racist murder was no less important than Lawrence's racist murder. But it was dealt with by police, and his family did not have to launch a huge campaign and wait 18 years to see justice. As for a concert? Well, the wonderful thing is, that if you don't want to go, you don't have to. If you don't want to buy the CD, you don't have to. I almost certainly won't, but if other people want to, that's up to them. Dorothy - there's a concert for Lawrence because someone bothered to organise it. There's nothing stopping you organising a similar concert for the girl murdered on the Birmingham bus. But you'd need to care enough to find out her name, though.
Kriss Donald? Is this the same 'young wee treasure' who Mohammed Sarwar (some 'Asian bastard' he was), the MP for Glasgow Central travelled to Pakistan to not only assist the police in apprehending the three murderers, but made sure they were returned to Scotland to face their punishment...with the parents not having to wait, what was it now - nineteen years - for convictions. The reason why the Lawrence murder stirred up disgust in many began with the police not treating the murder seriously, with the murderers remaining free (of that particular crime - they were charged with others along the way) for nineteen years. That was the cause of most of the publicity. Not the murder. How about asking the Donald family why they turned away from the cameras & reporters...or even people wanting to make money for either them or the memory of Kriss.
It is sensitive, since it was not so long ago the Metropolitan Police itself faced a charge of institutional racism. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/metropolitan-police-still-institutionally-racist-20-years-after-stephen-lawrence-murder-black-police-8581873.html
Yes. Years ago I lived alone in a first-floor apartment. One night I awakened suddenly. I could not tell why, but moments later felt the urge to pee. I got up in the dark and left the bedroom for the bathroom. As soon as I got out of the bedroom, I realized there was a burglar in the far end of the living room, quietly bagging stuff from my desk. I froze in a panic for what seemed like an eternity. A voice in my head kept saying "run, run!". I quietly tiptoed back into the bedroom, quietly slid the window open, and ran, barefoot and naked, to a nearby 24-hour gas station. I called police from there. The cop told me what I did was smart, as there was a good chance that the burglary could have escalated to rape and murder.
It doesn't especially. The costumes are, but the Gatsby House is more like Disneyland Gothic. some of the establishing shots are of 20's Manhattan which show the Art Deco skyscrapers, but the scenes generally have neoclassical interiors rather than full-on Art Deco.
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Did a police officer hand back a weapon after disarming a criminal because of bad habits learned in training? Kyle Eggimann writes on his blog LuckyGunnar in an article titled "Muscle Memory: Combat-Proven Self-Defense Training Tips": One very important thing to remember is that while muscle memory can ...
How long do police have to arrest someone for murder.. I heard if they dont solve the case for 15 years no one can be arrested it if they do solve it after the 15 years...?
Can a murder suspect have custody of child?
How many years can you get if charged with first degree murder under the felony murder statute?
Why can the police lie to a suspect while the suspect may not lie to the police? Because laws have been passed that make it illegal for a suspect to lie but no laws have been passed that make it illegal for police to lie (UNLESS THEY ARE TESTIFYING UNDER OATH). There isn't a great deal to motivate a legislature to pass a law restricting police to the truth yet there is sufficient motivation to keep criminals from lying to police. If you become a suspect you should keep your mouth shut and consult an attorney. If the attorney happens to lie on your behalf you are indemnified. Even though you can act as your own attorney in court, you cannot lie to police and then claim you
Can your car be towed from your garage by police with out a warrant if they suspect it of being in a hit and run?
Do you have to surrender your car to a police officer if they are persu ing a suspect? yes they do have the right to comender your car like the government holds the right to comender your business if you are creating a monoply like what they did to the electric companies in ri
Why do the Australian police suspect that arson is the cause of the Victoria bushfires? Because they always expect a blamable force to be behind everything. It can never just be an act of human nature. Police and fire-fighters are authorities and professionals in their field. Firefighters, in particular, know and understand fires. They know how a fire behaves and what influences its ferocity, and they can "read" its behaviour. In the case of the devastating 2009 Victorian bushfires, the force and speed of these particular fires have been unnatural. The fires have not behaved like lightning fires or those resulting from natural forces.Fire criminologists and investigators have con
I have acted as a son with autism a single father a bookkeeper with autism and a photographer who was a suspect in a murder Who am I? Michael A. Goorjian
[11-12] Can a police officer search a suspect's home without a warrent issued by a judge?
What could be causing the constant urge to urinate and the pain during urination even though the urine is clear and you go each time you have the urge?
Movie about a police photographer that arranges murder victim photos in the vitruvian man? There is a scene in the begining of The Da Vinci Code where the murder victim is arranged as the Vitruvian Man.
What should you do if you cheated on your wife 8 years ago and really felt the urge to come clean so you confessed and now she is destroyed? well lets see you cheated eight years ago I can understand her pain but have you been cheating on her lately so if not you should just reassure her that your not doing that sort of thing anymore and make sure you have answered all her questions because believe me the questions you don't answer will create more problems let her know everything and talk to her I don't know what to tell you to do what you need to do is talk to her and find out what she wants you to do because FAQ FARM can't decide for her
Why did the black hand crew want to murder Archduke Franz Ferdinand? becase he was Austrian and he came on ther holy day. if any 1 looks at this from upton high it alex and your gay.
What should you do if you suspect the guy you've been seeing for years is cheating?
How many years has alex Ferguson managed man utd? 26 or 27 years
What if your kid started penis erection at the age of 6 years olds that cause him to have the urge for frequent urination at night It is normal?
How many years and months did it take alex Ferguson to win a trophy at man utd? 6 Years.
What should you do if your husband has been in prison for five years and you suspect he is having sex with another inmate? Then you cant help what hes doing just worry bout yourself till he gets out then ask him then. Answer It's common knowledge that when men are in prison most of them are either forced to have sex with one of the "heavies" in prison to stay alive if nothing else. Sometimes they are raped. I wouldn't judge your husband too severely until you can discuss with him what it was like in prison. Because he had sex with another man (prison is another world entirely) doesn't make him gay.
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