Brexit talks finally begin in Brussels as David Davis seeks ‘new, deep and special partnership’ with EU

Negotiators exchanged gifts to mark the occasion. 19-06-17
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  • [20-08] David Davis: Trade talks with European Union must begin with 'clock ticking' over Brexit #Brexit #MayDUP #StopBrexit
  • [28-08] #EU urges more clarity while #Britain seeks flexibility as 3rd #Brexit talks kick off in Brussels
  • [29-08] Fears mount over trade deal as Davis heads to Brussels for new Brexit talks via @TheiPaper #Brexit #StopBrexit
  • [28-08] David Davis to demand more 'flexibility' from Brussels in Brexit negotitations #Brexit #Brexodus #UKIP
  • [27-08] David Davis heads to Brussels for Brexit showdown
  • [27-08] David Davis calls for 'imagination' in latest Brexit talks #Brexit
  • [21-08] #Brexit David Davis warns EU: Stall on Brexit talks and lose out
  • [20-11] David Davis 'demanded private RAF plane for if he was to conduct Brexit talks' #Brexit #DavidDavis
  • [21-08] David Davis makes new plea for EU trade talks before Brexit terms agreed #Brexit #Farming #StopBrexitNow
  • [20-08] Brexit: Davis urges Brussels rethink on trade and withdrawal talks at same time
  • [15-08] Brussels need us! David Davis warns #EuropeanUnion over #Brexit punishment threats
  • [17-07] Brexit talks resume: Get down to business, David Davis urges
  • [28-08] David Davis pushing EU to abandon #Brexit talks timetable
  • [20-11] David Davis 'demanded use of private plane to go to Brexit talks'
  • [15-08] David Davis talks utter nonsense. @BBCr4today #Brexit
  • [06-10] @Keir_Starmer Your talks in Brussels, separate from #Davis' should be able to convince #Corbyn of the utter futulity of Brexit.
  • [21-08] Am I alone in thinking that the article by David Davis in @thesundaytimes on #Brexit talks is just waffle. It says nothing
  • [16-08] David Davis briefs his expert negotiating team before next round of #Brexit talks.
  • [21-08] Davis urges Brussels rethink on trade and withdrawal talks at same time via @guardian #Brexit #Economy #StopBrexit .
  • [11-08] MEMO to David Davis A positional report on #Brexit talks would be good An ACCURATE one please. Come on Tell the TRUTH
  • [14-08] REVEALED: How Northern Ireland issue could be David Davis' TRUMP CARD in EU #Brexit talks
  • [12-10] BBC News - Brexit: David Davis and Michel Barnier to sum up state of talks. #bbcgms 0635
  • [20-08] #Brexit Davis urges Brussels rethink on trade/withdrawal talks timings | you can hear the screech of nails on glass
  • [17-01] David Davis owned by the EU as he finally wakes up to the perils of a ‘no deal’ Brexit
  • [11-12] #Ireland threatens to block #Brexit talks after David Davis makes 'bizarre' backtrack on divorce……
  • [29-08] As #BREXIT talks resume, David Davis demands that the UK team publish a list of major concessions already won
  • [12-10] #newsnightWorth pointing out that David Davis agreed the sequencing of #Brexit talks at the first meeting. Bit rich to complain now
  • [03-10] Easy Yorkshire MP David Davis tells #CPC17 his Brexit department has 'contingency' plan for no deal on EU talks:
  • [15-11] David Davis promises City of London special post-Brexit travel regime
  • [09-01] Dimwit Davis will have to get help AND get his dictionary out: #Brussels accuses David Davis of hypocrisy over EU d…
  • [15-10] #TheresaMay to fly to Brussels to meet Barnier & Juncker: is there finally going to be some political movement on the #Brexit talks?
  • [16-11] Theresa May to offer Brussels £20billion to kick start Brexit trade talks #TheresaMay #Brexit #Brussels
  • [17-01] David Davis owned by the EU as he finally wakes up to the perils of a ‘no deal’ Brexit
  • [13-01] Finally watching #RobotWars Special with @daraobriain and @angelascanlon . It’s more of a Brexit Special than ROTW
Brexit talks finally begin in Brussels as David Davis seeks ‘new, deep and special partnership’ with EU
Negotiators exchanged gifts to mark the occasion.
Michel Barnier, said the British people need to be educated about the consequences of leaving the single market? Hi fact is having seen the interview after the so called talks. we still have idiots like david davis wanting an easy ride over brexit well that is not going happen. they are not putting there whole heart and soul into what we need to do. like producing a milk marketing board again like we had before joining the common market. it is going to cost money we will need another agriculture offices and ministry of food and fisheries. take control of our own borders, not this willy nilly ideas of no borders between souther ireland and norther island. the conservative are going to have to employ staff again. with all that is currently done by brussels at least it all be our white hall clerks making decisions and not brussels. what is wrong with britain no back bone.
EU: Davis calling from flexibility on the part of the UK Why did May not check all this out BEFORE declaring Art 50? It shows complacency!? "David Davis is calling for more 'flexibility' and 'imagination' from Brussels......" Not the UK!
David Davis now says that Brexit deal is just a statement of intent. Was he negotiating in bad faith?
How would you describe our current economy? Here in the UK businesses in the financial services sector are moving their main operations to European centres like Frankfurt and manufacturing businesses are holding back on investment in new production as Brexit looms. In the shops, I'm noticing how the increases in cost of imports like fruit and veg and wines are accelerating due to the fall in the value of the pound. The outlook for the future doesn't look good despite all the 'whistling in the wind' by Theresa May and Brexit negotiator David Davis.
Is the UK staying in the EU, should brexiters just learn to live with it? With Brexit secretary David Davis talking about a post-Brexit UK accepting some free movement of labour and paying into EU coffers for tariff-free access to the 'Single Market' it certainly looks like reality has hit the government and some form of 'Single Market' membership is planned. The Richmond by-election result and successive opinion polls suggest there is majority public support for that. That doesn't mean the UK won't be leaving the EU as the referendum result requires.
Irish Govt.leaks EU view of UK brexit team.Damniing-not professional,D.Davis got to brexit progress in last words of meeting. Will all be OK?
David Davis heads to Brussels for Brexit showdown BREXIT Secretary David Davis is heading for a Brussels showdown, with a demand for the European Commission to be more "flexible" and not "drag its feet" in negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the EU.
Brexit: Brussels decries 'unacceptable' remarks by David Davis Brussels will insist that the UK's separation agreement be made legally binding after Brexit Minister David Davis suggested it was merely a "statement of intent." Davis has been accused of undermining trust.
UK will be ready if Brexit talks with EU fail, says David Davis Continue reading...
The EU Thinks David Davis Could Be Holding Up Brexit Talks
David Davis wants 'flexibility and imagination' in Brexit talks David Davis wantss greater "flexibility and imagination" in order to break the deadlock in Brexit negotiations.
Brexit: David Davis aims to make EU talks progress The Brexit secretary heads to Brussels as ministers urge MPs to be "pragmatic" over leaving the EU.
David Davis has damaged trust in the UK for Brexit talks, says Verhofstadt His comments that UK concessions were merely a ‘statement of intent’ will mean a tougher stance from Brussels David Davis’s claim that the UK’s concessions in an agreement to move on the Brexit negotiations were merely Continue reading...
Brexit: David Davis slams Labour's stance on withdrawal bill as MPs begin debate David Davis has accused Labour of a “cynical” bid to block key piece of Brexit legislation, as MPs begin debating the EU withdrawal Bill. The Brexit Secretary said the British public “will not forgive” the party if they attempt to “delay or destroy” the process. It comes as a row erupted in the Commons as MPs began discussing the bill, which will end the supremacy of EU law in the UK. Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said the bill would "reduce MPs to spectators". Brexit: David Davis speaks during the opening of the de
David Davis blames Germany and France for Brexit talks deadlock Brexit secretary accuses two most powerful players in Europe of blocking UK’s attempts to start trade negotiations The Brexit secretary, David Davis, is seeking to drive a wedge between Germany and France, and the rest of the countries in the European Union, over the stalled negotiations to leave the bloc. Related: Continue reading...
Brexit divorce bill talks 'tense' admits David Davis Speaking in Washington DC, the Brexit Secretary said that "things were getting a bit tense" with Europe over size of the UK's exit bill.
David Davis claims 'decisive steps forward' in Brexit talks But the EU's negotiator says it may be months before they agree to talk about future relations.
David Davis seeks to clarify comments about Brexit deal British minister says ‘legally enforcable’ claims had been ‘completely twisted’
David Davis says UK hopes to conclude phase one of Brexit talks today - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May’s meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker intended to conclude phase one of the Brexit talks and MPs debating the EU withdrawal bill 11.50am GMT The British have conceded on the Irish border, a senior MEP following meeting with Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator. Philippe Lamberts , the leader of the Green group in the European parliament, was speaking after the meeting, where leading MEP were shown a 15-page joint statement reflecting wha
David Davis and Michel Barnier to hold Brexit talks press conference - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political events as they happen, including David Davis and Michel Barnier holding their press conference after the latest round of Brexit talks 11.34am GMT In an interview on the Today programme this morning, Gordon Brown, the former Labour prime minister, praised Jeremy Corbyn for the way he has articulated public anger while setting out his vision for a fairer society. Brown said: Jeremy is a phenomenon. He has cut through because he expresses people’s anger at what has happened - the discontent. When he
Britain's Johnson says as May heads to Brussels: time to begin serious Brexit talks
David Davis seeks to heal rift with Ireland over Brexit deal - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political development as they happen, including Theresa May’s statement to MPs about the UK-EU Brexit deal 9.22am GMT Here are some more lines from the David Davis interview on LBC. The tweets are from LBC’s Theo Usherwood and the BBC’s Chris Mason. I will post a fuller summary, with the proper quotes, soon. David Davis on Times front page: "I have never seen a more convoluted piece... they've completed twisted my words." On border control, Davis says you'd have to be a fairly dumb people smuggler to co
@Reuters: Britain's Johnson says as May heads to Brussels: time to begin serious Brexit talks
David Davis and Michel Barnier to give Brexit update amid reports talks at standstill - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the David Davis/Michel Barnier press conference at the end of the latest round of Brexit talks
What the grim reality of a "bad-tempered" Brexit means - David Davis and Liam Fox were adamant leaving the EU would be easy. But with talks deadlocked, a no-deal scenario is horribly likely
Brussels accuses David Davis of hypocrisy over EU discrimination claim Brexit secretary’s leaked letter to Theresa May claims UK business interests damaged by EU’s warnings on no-deal scenario David Davis’s claim in a leaked letter to the prime minister that the EU is discriminating against the UK and damaging its economic interests by preparing for a no-deal scenario in March 2019 has been met with flat denials and accusations of hypocrisy in Brussels. The European commission’s chief spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, expressed surprise at the content of the letter and insisted it was only natural for the bl
So David Davis won't be found in contempt... 10 Tory MPs and one DUP voted that he had complied with resolution on releasing Brexit impact assessments. Rest of Brexit committee (8 opposition MPs) said he hadn't.
All ears: Brussels awaits detail from Davis on May's Brexit plan By Alastair MacdonaldBRUSSELS, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Three days after Theresa May sought to revive Brexit negotiations by hinting at concessions on the...
May and Davis on way to Brussels after all-night talks Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit Secretary David Davis are on their way to Brussels to meet with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, Downing Street has confirmed.
May and Davis in Brussels after all-night talks Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit Secretary David Davis have arrived in Brussels to meet with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier.
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Bankers will get special travel rights in any brexit deal, david davis says - Bankers will get special travel rights in any brexit deal, david davis says REUTERS/Francois Lenoir Brexit Secretary David Davis says City of London will be ...
BREAKING - Brussels anger as UK 'admits next round of Brexit talks will only be talks about talks' - EUROPEAN Union (EU) negotiators are said to be angry with the UK as the next round of negotiations will be only “talks about talks” and hardly mention the ...
Owen Paterson criticises Brussels for delaying Brexit talks - The leading Brexiteer has lambasted the EU for their "flat refusal to negotiate" and urged the British Government to wake up to this fact. As a Brexit no-deal ...
EU Urges Swifter Brexit Talks As London Seeks Flexibility - To be honest, I am concerned. Time passes quickly, Barnier told reporters as he welcomed Davis back for a new round of talks. The third formal session since ...
EU Plan B SHOCK: Brussels' contingency over fears Brexit talks will COLLAPSE in December - The remaining members from the EU banded together yesterday - and left British negotiators out in the cold - to map out their trade ties with London after Brexit.
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