Northern Ireland could stay in customs union after Brexit – Verhofstadt

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Northern Ireland could stay in customs union after Brexit – Verhofstadt
Is there British military bases in Northern ireland? Northern Ireland? Do you know how many 'Brits' in Northern Ireland have applied for Irish passports since the Brexit referendum? It has risen by 70%. It might be that not only Scotland votes to leave the Union if/when Brexit goes through. No need for the Republic to invade, the Northerners might make up their own minds. After all, they don't get a mention in the Olympics. It's 'Team GB'.
do you think this is the End of the Union between Scotland and England because of the EU vote Scotland voted to stay England voted to leave? My gut senses tell me that another Scottish referendum could return a result to stay with the UK. I'd personally vote to leave, but I'm not sure that enough of my fellow Scots feel a strong enough desire to cut out Westminster. In my mind, it isn't a desire to be rid of England and the English. That is an absurd stance. I just don't like how the union works (or rather doesn't work). Brexit is a disaster that could damage the whole UK. There will always be a kind of union between Scotland and England, even with independence for Scotland. There is too much shared history and blood, to say, we will not talk and cooperate. It would just be a different kind of relationship. And lets not forget Wales and Northern Ireland are partners in this union too.
Why is the British media anti Irish lately? The Brits recenly have gotten angry about their own people, because they wanted the United Kindom (of Wales, England, Scotland, and NORTHERN Ireland) to leave the EU. No British politician wanted it, but a public vote is a public vote, and if they want to halfways keep their face, they must start the "Brexit" prcess; the European Union has been lenient on them long enough. What is not solved, however, is the "Irish question". In my opinion, it would be fair to ask the people in Ulster whether they want to join the EU and thus, the Republic of Ireland, or stay with Britain.
Word, Nazia, H; Uk left EU! Whats this all about? Not all EU countries are in the Union. The Union has 28 member countries only. Without any offense please, while living in Dubai is an excuse for you not knowing anything, why do you ask others living in the UAE and Pakistan? I could answer your questions, but to be honest, that would be way to much to write. Offer: you google European Union, advantages/disadvantages/Brexit and if there is something you don't understand, come back and ask a specific question. Regarding restrictions, one can assume at the moment only. It will take around 2 years to come to agreements. Another question is, if there will be found an agreement that Scotland and Ireland stay members. Nobody knows yet. I personally can't see any pros regarding the Brexit. Just a lot of disadvantages, which will not only have a negative effect economically, but also politically.
What advantages does the UK/England have by keeping Scotland and Northern Ireland in union? Well Scotland is good for England because they have oil in the North Sea. If Scotland left, Scotland could keep all the oil for itself and England wouldn't get any of it. Northern Ireland is of no benefit to England, it is a burden if anything. The English Government sends out a 10b Pound block grant out to Northern Ireland every year just to keep the country going and Northern Ireland doesn't put anything back into the economy. England would be much better off if Northern Ireland left the union. England and Scotland however, are better together.
Could Brexit inspire other countries to leave the EU union? No, Brexit will be the guinea pig for telling if a country will succeed or collapse after leaving. As an N.Ireland citizen, the negatives far outweigh the positives of Brexit. Most of our agriculture industry relies heavily on the EU for funding and distribution. Northern Ireland's border with Ireland is going to cause havoc with the peace process if there's a return to the hard border. N.I science and engineering will likely see funding cuts as that comes from EU as well. Brexit was not a democratic decision. England has the largest population by far. It was not a UK decision, if it were then the individual countries would have been able to make their own decision. May have meant the end of the UK but that would have been proper democracy.
Northern Ireland could stay in customs union after Brexit – Verhofstadt European parliament negotiator says Irish border solution is needed before talks can progress, as unionists oppose special status Northern Ireland could continue to be in the single market or customs union after the UK leaves the EU, the European parliament’s Brexit negotiator has said. But Guy Verhofstadt’s proposal for special status for the region was met with immediate opposition from unionists who said they would never accept any deal that made Northern Ireland different from the rest of the UK. Continue reading...
U.K. to Rule Out Extending EU Customs Area to Northern Ireland After Brexit U.K. to Rule Out Extending EU Customs Area to Northern Ireland The U.K. will on Wednesday rule out extending the European Union’s customs area to encircle Northern Ireland after Brexit, saying such a move wouldn’t be “constitutionally or economically viable.”
The UK has conceded to EU negotiators that there will be no divergence of the rules covering the European Union single market and customs union on the island of Ireland post Brexit
Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says UK negotiators braced for major row over EU’s draft withdrawal agreement UK negotiators have been warned that the Northern Ireland will, in effect, remain in the customs union and single market after Brexit to avoid a hard border. The uncompromising legal language of the draft agreement is likely to provoke a major row, something all parties to the negotiations have been trying to avoid.
Should the UK stay in a customs union with the EU? Brexit Means... podcast The Brexit Means… team look at the staying in the customs union and what we learned from Emmanuel Macron visit Subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Mixcloud , Acast and join the discussion on Twitter and Brexitpodcasts@theguardian With technical talks under way in Brussels on the Brexit transition phase, which it’s fair to say most people believe is likely to be agreed by the end of March, this week we discuss a question that’s increasingly being asked, not least by British business: should the UK stay in a customs union with the EU? And we ch
Brexit: EU says North must stay in customs union to avoid hard Border Coveney is encouraged that EU’s position is in sync with the Irish Government
Brexit: Northern Ireland may stay in single market under border deal tabled by London
Britain's 'naive' plan for open Northern Ireland customs border ruled out by Ireland's customs authority
Brexit’s Northern Ireland Problem Brexit’s Northern Ireland Problem Membership in the EU was a crucial element of the peace process and can’t easily be undone.
Northern Ireland 'Should Stick With EU After Brexit' The province voted to remain in the EU referendum, and its future is uncertain.
Northern Ireland Could Be Brexit's Biggest Casualty If the ever-stalling Brexit negotiations range in character from bewildering to boring, there was at least something familiar about them this week. To wit, the idea that a border wall could be coming, and that someone else was going to pay for it. It wasn’t President Trump offering his take on the U.K.’s impending exit from the EU. Rather, it was British lawmaker Kate Hoey, stating her own vision for what should happen if a hard border returned between Ireland (part of the EU) and Northern Ireland (part of the U.K.). A vocal Brexit supporte
Brexit deal gets a qualified welcome in Northern Ireland Sinn Féin says phase one report lacks clarity. ‘The devil is in the detail,’ says UUP leader
Martin says Northern Ireland should still have MEPs after Brexit ?Why would people object to Northern Ireland continuing to have representation ?’
UK must stay in EU customs union
Hogan says a border in Ireland is inevitable if UK leaves customs union EU agriculture commissioner says really tough Brexit negotiations have yet to come
Northern Ireland Teeters on ‘Brexit’ Front Line Northern Ireland Teeters on ‘Brexit’ Front Line As the only part of the U.K. to share a land border with another European Union country, Northern Ireland could see an outsize impact if next week’s referendum results in a decision to leave the bloc.
Northern Ireland May Retain Special Status After Brexit Like Scotland, Northern Ireland favors a separate status with the single market after the UK leaves the European Union.
Theresa May to Assure Northern Ireland on Brexit Talks Theresa May to Assure Northern Ireland on Brexit Talks British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday will travel to Belfast, where she will underline her commitment to consulting with Northern Ireland on upcoming talks over the U.K.’s exit from the European Union.
Owen Smith calls for Northern Ireland to stay IN the EU Owen Smith made the extraordinary intervention on the fringes of the Labour conference last night. It will infuriate unionists determined to keep Northern Ireland part of Britain.
UK weighing customs union deal after Brexit Move could limit loss of EU trade but represent big climbdown by May
Post-Brexit North ‘must be in customs union’ Peter Hain: British position on North is ‘delusional, contradictory and potentially very damaging’
UK secretly considering customs union deal after Brexit Officials say discussions are ‘live’ in Whitehall but Downing Street denies plan
Brexit: Secret UK Customs Union deal?
Brexit weekly briefing: in or out of the customs union? Businesses and economic realists want in; Brexiteers want out. Plus a row over ‘fiddled’ figures Welcome to the Guardian’s weekly sign up here . You can also catch up with our become a Guardian Supporter . Thank you.
Immigration check between Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland and Great Britain Do immigration checks exist between Northern Ireland and England/Scotland? (not just for flights but also ferry/bus/train)Do immigration checks exist between the Republic of Ireland and England/Scotland?
Implications in crossing the Ireland/Northern Ireland land border for an American My fiancee is a us citizen, she recently arrived at dublin airport where her passport was stamped with a 90 day visa. However her final destination is Northern Ireland (where i live) she needs a Uk border stamp. As she hasn't gotten the stamp is she here illegally? She will be staying with me for around 5 months which is more than the 90 days she was given in Ireland. So when we depart from Dublin to go back to America, they will think she has been staying in ireland illegally. Is there anyway around this problem?
Travelling to Northern Ireland from Republic of Ireland I am a non EU National and currently residing in Ireland. I intend to travel to Northern Ireland (i.e. Belfast) by road and also possess a UK Standard Visitor Visa. Is there any Immigration Control where I have to stop and get my Passport Stamp if I travel by road?
Driving in Ireland and Northern Ireland I am going on a road trip for ten days in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I read the various posts about adapting to driving on the left side. I am aware of the difference in speed indication in km/h and mph. I also read about speed limits and drunk driving laws. I booked a rental car with fully comprehensive insurance in Dublin. I am planning to got to Northern Ireland and back.My question is, are there any other things to care about when driving in Ireland? E.g. (dangerous) road conditions, radar/speed control, local driving habits, fuel/gas stations (payment/credit cards), animals, driving license (German), weather, etc.?(In Iceland, for example, one has to pay for every animal (e.g., sheep) damaged in car accidents.)
Is there a clear statement from the DUP on their position on the post-Brexit border with Ireland?
How is wee used in Northern Ireland? I hear people use it a lot, but I'm not really clear on its meaning. This site says Wee: Small. Used by every single Northern Irish person. “Have a wee bun”, “Would you like a wee bag?” And from ...
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