The Guardian view on car finance: risky credit | Editorial

As our series on debt shows, personal contract purchase agreements, PCPs, now account for 80% of new cars sold. The suspicion is that too many people are buying cars using financial products they do not fully understand. 19-09-17
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The Guardian view on car finance: risky credit | Editorial
As our series on debt shows, personal contract purchase agreements, PCPs, now account for 80% of new cars sold. The suspicion is that too many people are buying cars using financial products they do not fully understand.
Used car lots and loan! HOW IT WORKS? a) So your cosigner backed out then? No surprise there, you're a bad credit risk. TFB b) There is no guaranteed loan approval anywhere. When your credit sucks or you have none, that's just TFB. Financing through a dealer or a bank amounts to the same thing. 99% of used car dealers don't finance you, they find a lender who is willing to finance you. If their lender won't approve a loan, TFB. c) If you want to build credit, get a credit card of some sort, like a Sears card with a credit limit of $200. Buy something and then pay it off in equal payments every month for 6 months. Then you'll have credit and you can up the limit to maybe $1000. So buy something else and pay it off again. When you can get your credit limit to around $4000 and have another $1000 for cash down payment, THEN you can finance a car for 5 grand. Until then, go without or get a better job so you can afford one for cash in a few months. p.s. it's spelled THROUGH. Fail!!!
What are the chances of getting approved for a used car loan a few years after bankruptcy? If her credit score is 650 or better, she should be able to finance a car anyplace she wants to UNLESS her debt to income ratio is too high with her mortgage and credit cards. DO NOT use LendingTree. Look for other options. It would be better to use the credit card if you have one or two cards that have enough available credit and then pay the balances down. If you have a card with a cash rewards plan, you might even earn "cash back" on the purchase. If you are able to finance the vehicle without using the car lots lending sources, you might also be able to talk them down a few hundred on the price.
I’ve never had a credit card/credit score, why does it label me as a delinquent? 'Delinquent' in finance/credit terms means you don't pay your bills on time - so you ARE delinquent So who else is going to want to basically lend you their money either via a credit card or a loan etc, when you have proven you can't or won't repay it ? Not many I'm afraid. all missed / late payments are reported to the credit agencies and when other credit companies come to check you out - your missed / late payments etc are shown to them. Not having a credit card has nothing to do with the situation and everyone has some sort of 'credit score'. Even someone who has just turned 18, would have a credit score - a non-existent one, but a score none the less
I need to apply for a loan online, what is the best company to choose? Bad credit stays on your credit files for 7 years. No bank or finance co in their mind would give you loan
Which is better buying or leasing a car? On a lease, you finance only a portion of the price of the vehicle, and pay that for a set amount of time (typically 24-36 months). For example: Vehicle A costs $25,000. At the end of a 36 month lease, it is worth $15,000, or 60% of it's original value. This is known as the residual value. Put the residual to the side, and forget about it for now. You will finance the remaining $10,000 over the 36 month lease. There are limitations to a lease, such as miles. These are set up front, and are designed to ensure that the value is what was quoted at the time of purchase. At the end of the lease, you have numerous options. 1. Turn in the vehicle, and walk away. 2. Turn in the vehicle, and lease another. 3. If you have low miles, trade it in, and use the equity towards another lease or purchase. 4. Finance the residual value, and keep the car. A lease is good for someone who purchases a vehicle every few years. Rather than accrue thousands in negative equity, you start fresh every time. Your car will always be under warranty, so repair costs are minimal. Understand that it takes MUCH better credit/credit history to lease a car. If you don't have a credit score of over 700, at least 5 years of credit history, and good auto credit, it's not going to happen. On a purchase, you come to terms on a price, and finance the vehicle for a set amount of time (typically 60-72 months). At the end of the finance term, the vehicle is paid off in full. The lien-holder will then send the title to you, and you legally own the vehicle. A purchase is good for someone who will keep their car after it's paid off. Once the car is paid off, all you need to pay is maintenance and upkeep. You can drive as much as you like. There are no limitations on mileage, upgrades, etc. It's your car, and you can do as you please. A cash deal is very simple. Negotiate the price of the vehicle, pay for it, and receive the title.
Is there any way to get a better deal on a car if i pay more in cash? Only if the dealer is seriously in need of instant cash. He'll actually get more from a financed deal as he get's a part of the finance charge unless you go through a credit union. Banks give them a kick back but credit unions don't.
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The Guardian view on the Kurdish referendum: a fair question | Editorial The vote by Iraqi Kurds on their desire for independence, due to take place on Monday, poses real risks in an unstable region. But their case deserves to be heard If not now, when? This is the obvious and reasonable question of Iraqi Kurds seeking to exercise the right to self-determination – enshrined by the UN charter, though often ignored – in a referendum on Monday . They already enjoy a high degree of autonomy. They believe their key role in the fight against Islamic State demands recognition, giving them leverage over western powers;
The Guardian view on North Korea and the US: shouting into the wind | Editorial The insults traded between Washington and Pyongyang tend to induce despair or laughter. We need to take them more seriously The escalating rhetoric of both North Korea and the US president is prone to polarise its audience, resulting in two contradictory and equally imprudent strains of reaction. The first is panic. As the Trumpian tweets and blasts of Pyongyang propaganda grow more extreme, the spectre of war coalesces in the public mind. But it is still a spectre, and the most likely outcome is that the immediate crisis will pass as
The Guardian view on Yemen: a catastrophe that shames Britain | Editorial The world’s worst humanitarian crisis is deteriorating as a Saudi blockade prevents desperately needed food, fuel and medicine from entering the country. London’s unstinting support for Riyadh makes the UK complicit Twenty years ago, Tony Blair acknowledged the British government’s responsibility for the Irish famine that killed one million people: a healing gesture needed because, even after a century and a half, pain and anger endured and the responsibility of another famine – perhaps the worst for decades, millions are on the brink
The Guardian view on Catalan independence: time to talk | Editorial This is a dangerous and volatile moment for both Madrid and Barcelona. Both sides should keep calm and negotiate The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy,
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Why does Google Finance show the NASDAQ Composite way up but Yahoo! Finance shows it slightly down? Google Finance versus Yahoo! Finance. I'm sure the difference is because Google Finance shows a date of November 8 while Yahoo! Finance shows November 9. But aren't the markets closed on Saturday?
How do I export or sync data from TD Ameritrade into Google Finance or another online Finance site? I'm tired of TD ameritrade's web experience and open to other websites or programs that could pull TD-ameritrade information into an easier to view online interface.
Which is more risky between running finance and term finance. and why.?
Draw an ER-Diagram for the following entities card type with attributes card-type-idname and editorial-category with the attridutes editorial-category-id editorial-category-name and editorial with at? Definations Of Editorials An editorial (often leader or leading article in the United Kingdom) is a phrase or article by a news organization newspaper or magazine that expresses the opinion of the editor, editorial board, or publisher. ... the department within a publishing house responsible for the content of its titles, both by commissioning and acquiring but also subsequently ensuring accuracy and completeness of the finished publication Types Of Editorial == editorial of arguementation = Answered By, M.Faisal Shahid
Why is it risky to finance business through borrowing than through equity?
Give three examples of companies that became to involved in risky finance.?
Why do people view having too much debt as risky?
What if you have no job but good credit can you finance a car My husband works but has bad credit however he makes good money does his name have to go on the finance agreement?
Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance?
How does a guardian of an incompetent person stop credit card companies from sending her more credit cards?
How long does Honda Finance have to sue someone who co-signed for a car that was repoed. Its on the credit report but no contact from finance office. How many years do they have to sue me?
In the types of editorial what do editorial information means? Editorial- a type of newspaper article that states an opinion about a current topic of interest
In the types of editorial what do editorial information means?
In the types of editorial what do editorial information means?
Can you build credit if your guardian adds your name to their credit card?
Why is having many credit card accounts a risky practice?
Can using credit card for on-line shopping be risky?
Chevis had a previous credit card balance of 456.79 He was assessed a 1.5 percent finance charge He made no payments or purchases The credit card company added a 20 late fee The next month he was aga?
Brigette had a previous balance on her credit card of 1234.89 She was assessed a 1.4 percent finance charge She made a 59 payment 15 days later Again she was assessed a 1.4 percent finance charge W?
Can you finance a car with no credit?
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How to use credit card without incurring any charges (interest / finance charge etc.) - Learn to avoid - Late payment charge (LPC), - Over Limit Charge (OVL Fee) - Over the counter fee in addition of - Finance or Interest Charge.
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