The real saboteurs are the Tory fantasists backing hard Brexit | Rafael Behr

Theresa May is not the first person to reach high office, only to discover that the skills used for getting a job are insufficient for doing it well. Boris Johnson – unlike his boss in most ways – is in a similar bind. The foreign secretary’s talent for bombastic phraseology and self-aggrandising frivolity is the opposite of what is required of a chief diplomat. 20-09-17
  • [20-09] The real saboteurs are the Tory fantasists backing hard #Brexit
  • [14-11] The real saboteurs are the Tory #Brexiters destroying our #NHS #Brexit = end of NHS, it's the biggest asset we have…
  • [16-08] So how does #Brexit Britain look to the world now? Urbane but unhinged Rafael Behr
  • [18-12] @BIUK_Politics It's hard to believe that #BBCR4today continues to call on the opinion of #brexit fantasists with no…
  • [04-08] Sack the saboteurs. I want #Brexit so hard you can cut glass with it.
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  • [10-10] For hardline Brexiters, the lure of the cliff edge is irresistible | Rafael Behr
  • [18-08] Exactly! This is the real Tory hard #brexit no-EU deal agenda deregulated low tax shrink state 'free trade' neoliberalism @R
  • [14-08] Then why are you backing #Corbyn to the hilt when he supports most damaging extreme #Tory version of #Brexit?
  • [10-08] @wesstreeting @UKLabour MPs refuse to represent their pro Remain constituencies in favour of backing Tory #Brexit. Nam
  • [07-08] @mac123_m @NealB_AR @PaulStreeting @Harryslaststand Not hard to predict that hard Tory #Brexit will be a shitstorm.
  • [21-11] @fawfulfan Trump is not smart enough to know any of the saboteurs he is appointing. The real story that real news n…
  • [02-08] She convinced Scots to vote for 13 Tory MP's They take the Tory Whip and will vote for a hard #Brexit, no matter the dire impac
  • [06-08] Here are the Cities worst hit by a hard Brexit - Aberdeen voted Tory too... #Irony #Brexit #YouGetWhatYouVoteFor
  • [09-08] @Keir_Starmer , one of @UKLabour MPs backing Theresa May's hard #Brexit, even though his own constituency is pro Remai
  • [20-08] Theresa May's plans for a hard Brexit don't have the backing of the British public, new research shows
  • [09-08] Jeremy Corbyn, one of the @UKLabour MPs backing Theresa May's hard #Brexit despite his own constituency being pro Rema
  • [06-12] .This hard-hitting song never more relevant than today when #Brexit-backing #Corbyn, failed to touch #BrexitShambles G
  • [14-11] The real saboteurs are the Brexiters destroying the NHS
  • [02-09] @AxelGrindington I agree with you. There is a real danger of the external shock that is #Brexit #Brexihitting us hard very hard.
  • [02-12] Even without the divorce bill, the cost of #Brexit massively outweighs the cost of EU membership. A Tory hard Brexit will c
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  • [15-10] Who is behind agenda for few 2get even richer out of Tory 'hard brexit' deal:
  • [25-11] Meanwhile in the paranoid flakey world of #LouiseMensch. Its hard now to believe she used to be a Tory MP.#Brexit…
  • [14-08] @Anna_Soubry is yet again proving herself to be one of the bravest Tory MPs in speaking out against a hard #Brexit. More need to follow her!
  • [13-08] Hard Brexit could split Tory party, says Anna Soubry - The Guardian
  • [11-08] We are NOT "Remoaners" we are "Re-educators"! We are not "saboteurs" we are saviours! #Brexit is not Utopia it is H
  • [13-08] .@Anna_Soubry has become the first Tory MP to threaten to quit the party if @theresa_may pushes a hard #Brexit
  • [08-10] Watch: Tory Brexiteer's Call For EU Hard Brexit, WTO Rules 'Christmas Ultimatum'
The real saboteurs are the Tory fantasists backing hard Brexit | Rafael Behr
Theresa May is not the first person to reach high office, only to discover that the skills used for getting a job are insufficient for doing it well. Boris Johnson – unlike his boss in most ways – is in a similar bind. The foreign secretary’s talent for bombastic phraseology and self-aggrandising frivolity is the opposite of what is required of a chief diplomat.
So way should we leave the EU? Therese May didn't secure a mandate in the elections to leave the single market.? do we have to keep doing this, I voted to remain by the way. It wasn't a vote on Brexit, Corbyn also said Brexit should/is going ahead, according to your reasonoing, you could say 80% of people voted for Brexit, since Labour and Tory achieved about 80%
Ms Sturgeon and her 'taking another vote on a UK split' - so she gets a stay together vote, again, what then. So she gets a leave, break? It looks like self-harmers have taken over the UK. Tory cutters and Tory brexiters. And now another attempt at an internal divorce petition. If her new one isn't really democratic in the sense that more than 50% of the total Scottish electorate votes to quit the UK, then it will cause an additional and similar layer of chaos to that of Brexit. Independence needs to be clear, not a fudge. People should be enthusiastic about it. Minority vote independence (as with Brexit) causes unending internal strife and makes everyone sullenly work to rule.
Still no Brexit strategy from Teresa May. Other than Hard-Brexit. Who will benefit from a Hard-Brexit? EU closing ranks: Insults and threats from leading UK politicians, from among others, Turk Johnson, are souring the EU leave negotiations before they begin.
Still no Brexit strategy from Teresa May. Other than Hard-Brexit. Who will benefit from a Hard-Brexit? Closing ranks, love that. BUUUUUUUUUUUT, Nobody will benefit from a hard Brexit, that's the whole point of having negotiations, but if the EU wants to play hard ball from start to finish, meaning hard Brexit, so as to punish Britain as an example to other wavering EU members states (is that how they close ranks), then so be it, hard Brexit it will be, BUT we're not the ones who'll suffer the most as we don't have a land border with Puntins Russia, thankfully. Sometimes, just sometimes it might be a good idea to look further than the end of your nose, sometimes. But good luck, because your need it.
Will Britain be able to get a "hard Brexit"? Or will it be blocked? Obviously Britain voted to leave the EU on 23 June. However, some remainer politicians are trying to either keep us in the single-market ("soft Brexit") or stop Brexit all together. Will Brexit be blocked? Or in other words: what are the chances of Brexit being blocked? If the Supreme Court rules that...
So way should we leave the EU? Therese May didn't secure a mandate in the elections to leave the single market.? On the contrary, she got a resounding NO. She can only secure a Hard Brexit now with the help of a bunch of Ultra Right-wing Irish bullies. To make the Irish stay loyal she will have to pay them.Which means that N/ Ireland will not feel the effects of a Hard Brexit. A Hard Brexit is not going to be beneficial to...
Brexit Britain will have to get used to life as a ‘third country’ | Rafael Behr The government can avoid being ripped off by the EU, but the best deal the UK can hope for is to be first among outsiders Once upon a time there was a creature called Brussels that ate national sovereignty. This monster had a special hunger for Britishness, feasting on the independence of that nation, while its neighbours were mysteriously undiminished. France never became less French, despite dwelling closer to the beast’s lair. Prime ministers were forced to pay tribute to Brussels. They defended themselves with magical red lines, but the m
May can berate Putin. But Brexit is his dream policy | Rafael Behr As the Russian leader tries to diminish Europe, he finds ideologues such as Boris Johnson are doing the job for him With lighter diplomatic baggage, Boris Johnson might have been a hit in Moscow. The foreign secretary’s artfully dishevelled, pseudo-Churchillian kitsch is not to everyone’s taste, but it could work in the bombastic idiom of Russian politics. Related: Continue reading...
David Davis is bluffing on Brexit. And now it’s clear for all to see | Rafael Behr The secretary of state’s blustering over the impact assessments reveals one thing: the whole of the government’s Brexit strategy is built on lies and obfuscation It called to mind Bill Clinton’s impact assessments ” and never had been. The secretary of state did not deploy air quotes in his testimony but the implied inverted commas carried the full weight of his argument. It was, in essence, that MPs had voted to insist on the provision of something Continue reading...
Divided Britain, where the Brexit alarm is sounded but no one wants to hear | Rafael Behr It now seems futile to warn of the perils ahead because those with the most to lose simply distrust the messenger There is a campaign running at the moment to inform people of shout the posters . GPs are familiar with the problem. Patients want medicine and don’t like hearing that their Continue reading...
Face facts. The west that won the cold war no longer exists | Rafael Behr Capitalism conquered the eastern bloc. That’s why liberal politics alone won’t defeat today’s populism Finnish TV and toilet paper did as much to undermine the USSR as the nuclear deterrent, an Estonian friend once explained to me. He grew up in Tallinn, under Kremlin rule but within antenna range of American soaps broadcast from Helsinki. What Dallas did for eyes that craved glamour, a smuggled supply of soft tissue did for bums rubbed raw by Soviet-issue bog roll. The Balts had too much exposure to what they were missing to be reconcile
Tory Internal Battles Make Hard Brexit Less Likely The arduous and complex process of the United Kingdom exiting from the European Union, dubbed “Brexit,” continues, but the British people are split along party lines over a more forceful “hard Brexit” or a more gradual “soft Brexit.”
Tory policy chief: 'very real prospect' Brexit could lead to national decline - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including MPs debating and voting on the first day of the EU withdrawal bill’s committee stage 1.04pm GMT Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP and former chair of the Commons public accounts committee, has just started opening the two-hour emergency debate 12.28pm.) The IPPR is seen as a left-leaning thinktank, but it has just put out a statement endorsing what Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s former co chief of staff, said about Philip Hammond, the chancellor, in his Sun column
Billionaire advocate for hard Brexit and CEO of pro-Brexit think-thank obtain Brexit-proof EU passports for themselves and close family members.
So David Davis won't be found in contempt... 10 Tory MPs and one DUP voted that he had complied with resolution on releasing Brexit impact assessments. Rest of Brexit committee (8 opposition MPs) said he hadn't.
Boris sends Tory MPs group WhatsApp message backing PM Senior Tories have rallied around Theresa May as the ringleader of the plot to oust her was roundly condemned. Mrs May has faced criticism in the wake of her disastrous conference speech.
The real saboteurs are the Brexiters destroying the NHS | Owen Jones After the vitriol of the leave campaign, our most treasured national institution has been haemorrhaging European doctors as it is fragmented and squeezed Who are the real saboteurs? Is it those who want the Daily Mail when Theresa May called her calamitous snap election. Or are the real saboteurs those who – through bigotry, twisted ideological zealotry and outright stupidity – are damaging the fabric of the public services we all depend on? Related: Continue reading...
Why Tory Brexit spells Anarchy for the UK.
Brexit: Hard-liners angered by Royal Mail's refusal to release Brexit stamp British advocates of Brexit have slammed the UK's postal service following reports that it will not produce a stamp marking the country's exit from the EU. Some MPs said they'd push Royal Mail to reverse its decision.
No Brexit U-turn for Britain likely, say Tory Eurosceptics Labour seeks evidence for Boris Johnson’s claims about UK weekly savings post-Brexit
May trapped by Brexit ‘headbangers’ and Tory media Brussels holds all the leverage and the prospects of a ‘no deal’ departure are rising all the time
Top Tory MEP Syed Kamall Backs Brexit Syed Kamall, who leads the European Conservatives and Reformists group, wants Britain to vote to leave the EU.
May warns against Tory rebellion on Brexit legislation British Prime Minister Theresa May is attempting to prevent a Tory rebellion over Brexit ahead of the first Commons votes on the legislation to withdraw from the European Union.
Brexit: Tory hardliner accuses chancellor of trying to appease EU David Jones berates Philip Hammond for saying that single market and customs union rules will still apply during transitionA leading Tory Brexiter has accused the chancellor, Philip Hammond, of trying to appease the EU by saying a transition deal would “replicate the status quo” and retain the same rules that apply within the single market and customs union when Britain leaves the bloc. ..
Nicola Sturgeon: 'Brexit Is a Right-Wing Tory Takeover' Scotland's first minister warns that an EU exit would lead to a right-wing power grab.
Pro-Brexit Tory Bernard Jenkin calls for EU ultimatum Step up preparation for no deal, says leading Eurosceptic
Brexit: May under renewed pressure ahead of Tory conference
May rejects Tory MPs' pleas to clarify her Brexit plans
Brexit 'war cabinet' will try to end Tory infighting as tensions spike
Tory Brexiteers, not EU, stoking Theresa May’s Brexit hell Conservatives claiming EU transition deal will reduce Britain to status of ‘vassal state’
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