Pregnant women 'run health risk by working'

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  • [24-11] Autism risk for babies of overweight pregnant women -
  • [29-09] This #WorldHeartDay, celebrate BC Women's Heart Health Clinic + their women-centred approach to reducing risk.…
  • [30-09] Today we’re marching for choice b/c all pregnant women & girls are at risk under the 8th Amendment #repealthe8th #ItsTi
  • [11-01] CHIP benefits pregnant women: Per @MarchofDimes 9 states provide full coverage 4 pregnant women via #SaveCHIP19 cover Rx
  • [19-01] @jacindaardern so happy for you! Working mums get so much done! Pregnant women have the power of two brains don't l…
  • [23-01] The Department of Health urges pregnant women to use its free messaging phone application called MomConnect, to sta…
  • [17-08] "Black men & women can't do it alone, & it's our health,rights,lives at risk." @monicarsimpson @SisterSong_WOC @women4earth #Charlottesville
  • [19-01] Spoke out against #HR36 which puts women at grave risk. Abortions after 20 wks are often due to life-threatening health issu
  • [26-09] #KhloeKardashian is reportedly pregnant with #TritanThomas baby .... so 3 out of the 5 Kardashian-Jenner women are #pregnant ..
  • [27-09] Up until 7th grade I thought women got pregnant by themselves and was worried I'd wake up pregnant #ConfessToSomethingStupid
  • [19-09] #KevinHart's pregnant wife silent abt extortion. Do you think the paparazzi should be banned from harassing pregnant women?
  • [29-11] Through strategic investments, @GlobalFund is working to improve the health of women & children in support of…
  • [03-12] #stopdv17 #PVAWWe must engage men and boys: working with men and boys is effective and necessary. Risk to women is higher
  • [19-01] Food as medicine:Antioxidants are important for maintaining health, reducing risk of cancer and preventing risk…
  • [16-10] Unpopular opinion but im sure bein obese is a health risk, being confident is great but putting ur own life at risk isn't #WorldObesityDay
  • [15-10] A health service which serves all our people, except when the health of a woman is at risk #Repealthe8th
  • [05-10] Oh, god. This. On what it means to be pregnant & at risk & dehumanised
  • [29-11] Geoff Summerhayes: APRA has created a climate risk working group, identifying climate risk ‘heat map’ of banks, insurers, super funds #CPD10
  • [30-09] I was pregnant at the same time as Savita. But I was less at risk because I wasn't in Ireland. #March4Choice Berlin #repealthe8th
  • [01-10] There are many risk factors for #PCOS Remember while obesity may be a risk thin women can have PCOS too! @PCOSGurl…
  • [11-12] ?SPOILER ALERT? @KylieJenner = NOT pregnant @khloekardashian = NOT pregnant @kourtneykardash ALWAYS pregnant #KeepItKardashian
  • [13-11] The best way to predict health is working hard on it.#health #mondaymotivation #workhard
  • [19-11] @HelenaK_N22 Do you think Pip might be pregnant?We need to keep an ear out for her habits (drinking) and health in…
  • [22-01] When someone is pregnant they better have some health insurance becausethey’ll need to go to the doctor’s regular…
  • [16-12] 31% of girls in #Bangladesh get pregnant by the age of 15-19, but teenage mothers are more likely to have health co…
  • [05-10] Well done to @CC_IHREC for calling for women's health to be put on equal footing with men's health. #repealthe8th
  • [16-12] #Health is both an outcome & a driver of progress. When we invest in health—particularly of #women & adolescents—we…
  • [06-11] The latest data on women’s, children’s & adolescents' health informing @g7 Health Ministers’ discussions…
  • [12-10] #8committee medical & health expert testimony: 8th endangers women’s lives, health & basic rights #repealthe8th
  • [12-10] Friday #fertility fact: Both male and female #health are important on the road to becoming pregnant…
  • [10-11] #EqualPayDay If women are effectively working for free for the rest of the year then they shouldn't have to be working at all.
  • [01-10] @ViviennePorritt asking for positive suggestions for flexible working for all carers working in edu women & men #WomenEd @
  • [19-01] @jacindaardern so happy for you! Working mums get so much done! Pregnant women have the power of two brains don't l…
  • [23-01] The Department of Health urges pregnant women to use its free messaging phone application called MomConnect, to sta…
Pregnant women 'run health risk by working'
Why are there more women in colleges than men? This is argued all the time, and the following explanations are usually given: 1. Feminist organizations have worked hard to get young women in college and keep them there, and there's no similar support for young men. 2. Men are naturally risk-takers and women are naturally risk-averse, so women take the "safe" path of getting a degree for financial security, while men may take the "risky" path of going straight into industry and trying to make it big. 3. Non-college jobs for men, like various kinds of physical labor, pay a perfectly livable wage; non-college jobs for women usually pay close to minimum. 4. We have a culture where women are expected to be responsible and hard-working and where a responsible and hard-working man is considered a "nerd." 5. The educational system itself favors women; they're biologically more geared to sit at desks patiently listening to people talk, while men often require a different learning style. There's probably some truth in more than one of those.
Do you think it’s wrong for a potential employer so say you have to have trimmed nails, have immunizations/flu shots, or they won’t hire you? In health care, I think those are reasonable requests. The flu shot isn't for YOUR benefit alone. Working in health care puts you in contact with people who have compromised immune systems. You may recover nicely from the flu: spreading it to some old or very young person could put their life at risk. I also think it's laughable that someone who is against going to doctors, immunization and the medical field is applying for work in health care.
Could I possibly become pregnant? Some statements in your post make me wonder how little you know about the fertilization process. First, you mention an "ovulation day". Yes, there is one day when you are most likely to conceive, but the egg can live up to 24 hours after it is released, and the exact day of ovulation can be affected by outside influences such as stress. Also, sperm can live up to 5 days inside you. So, it would be wrong to assume there is only a single day each month that you can get pregnant. Secondly, you seem to assume that if you have sex for a short time you are unlikely to get pregnant. However, it only takes one second and one sperm to get pregnant. Do you want to take that chance? Also, changing condoms while still erect can risk transferring sperm from the old condom to the new one. So, can you possibly be pregnant? Yes. Are you probably pregnant: No, because you did take some precautions, and it's usually harder to get pregnant than not. But again, do you want to take that risk?
What can I do as a fat girl to make myself more attractive to guys? Glad you are working on losing weight. It is overall better for everyone health-wise to not be super fat. I am actually currently working on weight loss myself. Know that there are guys out there that actually do like women who have curves and some "meat" on their bodies. By no means do you need to look like a stick or a skeleton. Some men actually prefer bigger women. Nothing wrong with that preference either. As far as yourself, confidence is the key. If you love yourself and are confident in your own skin, that will come out within your own vibe. People will notice it.
Was it wrong for me to suggest that my husband go off antidepressants? Come on just empathy he is ill and he needs med do you think it is important to lose his health and get pregnant or get pregnant later with doctor help and also keep his health normal, you should think both sides yourself and him due if you get rid of one of them eventually one of you going to be sad so use your time and explain him you really want baby and try to go to some lessons for couples maybe or get some Doctor advice ? Do not fight with him because it is will affect your relationship and also will make his health worse show him you are supporting him and when he gets better and better ask him to support you and I think he will why not.
Sexual harassment and the alleged paygap? It's been shown men are much more likely to face additional risk to earn more income. (in part because society expects them to). Women, in contrast are more risk adverse. This is one of the main reasons over 90% of work fatalities and serious injuries are male. It certainly stands to reason, the same would apply to the risk of being harassed or otherwise uncomfortable. I know when I worked at a college, women were much more likely to avoid things such as using a fitness center, due to new things making them uncomfortable, even if there was no evidence that such environments were at all harassing. I haven't seen any data on this in terms of work decisions, but it certainly stands to reason, that perceived risk of harassment would certainly play some role in work decisions. Then again, what evidence is there that lower paying jobs or working fewer hours reduces the odds of harassment? One could argue that corporate America is much less tolerant of harassment that blue collar jobs are.
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Do pregnant women “glow”? In fiction it's as common as dirt to hear "you're glowing" as a response to news that someone is pregnant or an indication of it without it being said. This doesn't seem to be limited to just ...
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Does Aetna health insurance cover pregnant women? Yes. Health insurance coverage depends on the policy that you have purchased. If you have purchased a policy for yourself or someone in your family who is female, then by default, the policy should cover partially the cost of the hospital stays and any medication required (check your policy for co-pay rates)
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