Historians find 'proof' that Nazis burnt Reichstag

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  • [12-09] Nazis used Enabling Act to gain complete power without need of majority in the Reichstag or need to bargain with coalition #EUwithdrawalbill
  • [21-08] @ObamoliniB Find the Good Nazis and the Bad Nazis ! ? #Charlottesville #Kiev
  • [24-08] Everyone walks according to his beliefs and his mind,even if he is a sinner.There is no proof or proof I am proof,proof,reason #God
  • [26-08] The president called Intel officials nazis, couldn't call wannabe nazis, nazis. What a time to be alive #Trump
  • [10-01] So now we're never gonna find out that Hilda is Mariaan's biological mother, Because the spoilt brat burnt the docs, schucks!!!#7delaan
  • [20-08] Anyone else find it fucked that nazis are still a problem ? #Trump #wtfisgoingon
  • [02-12] You've got to be kidding me. This is the Reichstag fire all over again.
  • [27-08] Somebody call Vegas and find out the over/under on Trump pardoning this guy. #Charlottesville #AltRight #Nazis
  • [31-10] It's gonna be hard to call Jews Nazis but the left will find a way. (actually they already do) --> #Milo
  • [12-11] There’s no verified accounts saying it about #LiamMiller trying to search for any proof can’t find anything just us nob
  • [07-10] #Michelin #Star #Cuisine? I haz it! @ Berlin, Reichstag
  • [26-09] I really do appreciate #280characters but find it hard to accept some of the best minds in Silicon Valley can't address Nazis
  • [12-11] Again, we find further proof that Clinton is a perfect specimen of a human #AYTO
  • [24-09] AfD im Reichstag. Hoffentlich zünden sie ihn nicht wieder an. #btw17
  • [02-10] Oh look, it's me & the Reichstag, with a link to our special show on #Germany for @France24_en ??
  • [27-11] For those wondering why Bacon is getting mins over Monk, you can find some proof in the numbers. Of the #Hornets best five
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  • [17-11] Bozer found a Buddy to find Proof that was Magical and it disappeared. #MacGyver
  • [15-01] #FarmWorkerDeath prosecutor says allegations that deceased hit cars and a cyclist he couldn't find proof of it
  • [16-10] We're trying to find the owner of this iPad handed in at #Rotherham Main St station. If you have proof of ownership, pls come
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  • [01-10] #nrw17 Wahlaufruf am ?? Parlament - hätte dem Reichstag zur #btw17 ?? auch gut gestanden!
  • [04-08] In which I discuss the essay "The Reichstag Fire Next Time" and how it could apply to #Brexit @TheNewEuropean
  • [25-08] Find it strange how Liberals (who supposedly love diversity) want the President & his supporters to support Nazis so badly #Charlottesville
  • [06-11] @roansmom2004 @GhostPanther & it will be proven soon that Russia had inside help from #dotard & I bet they will find proof of vote tampering
  • [12-10] The woman on #theundateables that is in love with Ed Sheeran is proof you need to have a learning disability to find that idiot attractive
  • [22-08] @SpeakerRyan The Party are using #Charlottesville as a Reichstag incident, to consolidate power, eliminate opposition.
  • [10-10] 1964: Rep. Clarence Brown (R-OH) on self-executing rules in the #House and the Reichstag in Nazi Germany.
  • [04-11] Jerry travels at Warp 7 to the planet Babka to do battle w/ Soup Nazis, so some green chick will find him spongeworthy. #BadTVCrossoverPlots
  • [11-10] The is proof the police do care for the homeless community they couldn't have done more to find this poor lads killers.#thedetectives
  • [14-01] Reread the story 3 times & 1 bonus time with a voice of your choice. Then answer the questions and find proof in th…
  • [15-01] #FarmWorkerDeath prosecutor says allegations that deceased hit cars and a cyclist he couldn't find proof of it
  • [14-01] Reread the story 3 times & 1 bonus time with a voice of your choice. Then answer the questions and find proof in th…
Historians find 'proof' that Nazis burnt Reichstag
Did you like the way FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe backed Comey and basically made Trump out to be The Liar in Chief? I am greatly concerned with the determination of Trump's brown shirts in to discredit the FBI ahead of any report. It smacks of how the Nazis destabilized Germany and justified setting up the Gestapo as an ideologically pure police force. The Nazis had Das Speigel as their version of Fox News and now they are attacking the very functions of government. When will the Reichstag be torched? Will it be the White House or the Capitol that goes in the false flag operation? This is turning into some serious stuff.
What percentage of Germans were true believers in Naziism as in they actually really liked the ideology and supported it strongly? The Nazis were a minority party and were still a minority party when they got about a third of the seats in the Reichstag in the 1932 elections. They appealed to workers and farmers much more than they did to the middle classes, and Berlin in particular was much too cosmopolitan for them. As soon as the Enabling Act was passed, the Nazis erected a far reaching police state and gained complete control of all media. Himmler had been planning the concentration camp system for years, and with complete control of the media, Nazi propaganda became the only source of news. They used that control to make themselves look good, to silence critics, and to feed false information to the masses. By 36 Hitler was fairly popular, and the extreme nationalism of the Nazis did appeal to most Germans.
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Should teachers rewrite american history? Nope. Historians continually do so, but teachers are not historians, and haven't the time, training or skill to carefully weigh the sources and materials and understand the context in depth, like historians are.
Why it was so difficult to resist Hitler? Because as far as the people were concerned the Weimar Republic had failed. In the summer of 1932 the unemployment rate in Germany was 37%. The government seemed helpless to do anything about it. Hitler said he would bring jobs and hope, make Germany powerful again, and enough people believed him to make the Nazis' the largest party in the Reichstag.
How can atheists & liberals say there is no God when Jesus is proven by historians & we even have Shroud of Turin & Golgotha as evidence? Where is the PROOF??? The shroud of Turin is a shroud worn by a dead person, you have no PROOF of who that person was. Historians have not proven Jesus.
German Politician: Turkey Like Nazis After Reichstag Head of the liberal Free Democrats likened the Turkish crackdown after a coup attempt to Hitler's use of the Reichstag fire to curtail civil liberties.
Anyone else find the "Earth-X" Nazis to be rather... Vanilla
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Police find body in burnt-out car near Manchester Greater Manchester police make discovery after attending scene of explosion on Wednesday evening A body has been found in a burnt-out car near Manchester after police were called to an explosion. Greater Manchester police arrived at Cross Lane in Partington at about 7.50pm on Wednesday following reports a car had exploded and was on fire.
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Slapfights in 4PanelCringe when a post about Nazis attracts some führore from Neo Nazis.
Reichstag to go green
Reichstag to go green
Seltene Einblicke in den Reichstag Der Fotograf Kermit Berg fotografierte in sitzungsfreien Wochen im Reichstagsgebäude, dem Sitz des deutschen Bundestages. Ihn interessiert vor allem die Aura der Räume und die Details, sie sonst kaum jemand wahrnimmt.
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Russian Army Cadets Will Storm a Replica Reichstag Russia’s Youth Army hopes to get youngsters enthused about Soviet military glory.
Victory Banner Over Reichstag, Marilyn and Nessi: Most Famous Photos of All Time Take a look at the most famous works of Russian and foreign photographers of all time, from the Victory Banner over the Reichstag to Marilyn Monroe, Nessi and war in Ukraine in Sputnik's gallery.
Sag mir wo die Nazis sind ("Tell me where the nazis are")
The Proof Lies in a Rigorous Proof The Proof Lies in a Rigorous Proof I respectfully take issue with your editorial "Chemistry's Cinderella Story" (Oct. 10). It is very sad that Dan Schectman's discovery of quasi-crystals was ignored and belittled for so long,
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‘Historians should go by the facts'
Engineers as historians
Which parts of the Reichstag building are open for tourists? I would like to visit the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany and I wonder: Which parts of the building are open for tourists?Is it for free?Do I need a reservation?Are there any restrictions for non-German citizens?
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Which eras have historians proposed that we are currently living in?
How do historians and linguists know the names in non-phonetic scripts?
How do historians reference the people alive in a given century? I suspect historians have a more concise way of referencing [[the people alive in the 17th century]] than people alive in the 17th century. Do they call them 17th centurians, for example?
Do you taste burnt or hear burnt or see burnt or smell burnt or touch burnt?
How do historians find out about churches?
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How will historians find out what the members of your family did for living?
[21-01] What Five most important questions that historians ask to help them find out about the past?
Do film directors help or hinder historians trying to find out about World War 2?
How did historians find out about the black death over the years and their view on it?
What do modern day historians often cite as the best four ancient historians?
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[20-11] Did an informer tell the Nazis where to find Anne and her family?
Where is Reichstag in Nuremberg?
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Scientists Find 'FIRST PROOF' of a Parallel Universe! - The first evidence of the multiverse has supposedly been found in the past week. Scientists believe that the cold spots found in space could actually be colliding ...
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Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis - Stephen digs into President Trump's off-script/off-the-rocker press conference in which he contradicted statements given on Monday condemning hate groups.
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