12 brilliant soap characters in EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks who are in desperate need of a storyline

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12 brilliant soap characters in EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks who are in desperate need of a storyline
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Where to base a new soap opera in the UK? I would like to have a go at writing a new soap opera set in the UK but not sure where it should be set? I just think that soaps like Eastenders and Coronation street have got too soft and boring recently, and I think i could come up with moe gritty storylines. These places are already taken: East London,...
Hollyoaks eastenders???????
What is your opinion about "Coronation Street"? I don't like it. I prefer soap operas from Latin America. Do you like it?
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40 Christmas and New Year spoilers: EastEnders death twist, Coronation Street cliff horror, Emmerdale ghostly shock, Hollyoaks violence (Picture: ITV/BBC/Metro) It’s that time of year again – we’re pulling together every morsel of soap spoiler that we can find to create the definitive guide to your festive viewing and now we know how Santa’s elves feel...
How much EastEnders and Coronation Street extras earn Being an extra is no easy job - so surely they get compensated well?
Coronation Street fans are in shock after huge storyline reveal over Faye's boyfriend A big reveal about Seb's mysterious personal life left fans of the ITV soap reaching for the remote
Who is Lucy Fallon? Actress playing Bethany Platt at the centre of Coronation Street grooming storyline LUCY Fallon has been involved in one of Coronation Street’s most shocking storylines to date as sex ring victim Bethany Platt. The actress’s performance has been a major talking point among viewers, which has seen her character repeatedly abused by boyfriend Nathan Curtis and his friends. When did Lucy Fallon join Coronation Street? Lucy almost missed out on […]
Coronation Street star defends soap's dark storylines
How old is Barbara Knox, is Rita Tanner leaving Coronation Street and how long has she been appearing in the soap? SHE’S a Coronation Street legend who has had her fair share of storylines over the years, and it appears Barbara Knox’s latest one is set to be the most heartbreaking. The actress has played Rita Tanner on the ITV soap for decades, but as her memory deteriorates, her future doesn’t look quite so rosy…or does […]
Coronation Street villain Chris Harper reveals he cried after hearing abuse victims’ stories following horrific Bethany Platt grooming storyline CORONATION Street’s Chris Harper, who plays evil groomer Nathan Curtis, has revealed he was left in “floods of tears” after speaking to abuse victims. Chris’s character has groomed and manipulated teen Bethany Platt to lure her into a sex ring in which she was raped and almost sold as a sex slave abroad. To learn […]
Coronation Street villain Chris Harper reveals he’s cried after hearing abuse victims’ stories following horrific Bethany Platt grooming storyline CORONATION Street’s Chris Harper who plays evil groomer Nathan Curtis revealed he was been left in “floods of tears” after speaking to abuse victims. Chris’s character has groomed and manipulated teen Bethany Platt to lure her into a sex ring in which she was raped and almost sold as a sex slave abroad. To learn […]
Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt is spotted lurking outside a house in the dead of night as actor Jack P. Shepherd films a mysterious new storyline CORRIE’S David Platt is spotted hanging around outside a house in strange new snaps that hint at actor Jack P. Shephard’s mysterious new storyline. Sporting a thick beard and longer hair, Gail’s son lurks in the rain looking serious – as he watches the property from his car, before going to the front door. Wearing […]
Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd signs new soap contract worth £220k to stay on the cobbles for another year JACK P Shepherd has signed a new 12 month Coronation Street deal cementing his place as the highest paid younger generation actor on the show. The Corrie stalwart’s extension is worth a whopping £220,000 and secures his services until Christmas 2018, with bosses promising the actor some sensational storylines over the next year. The Sun […]
Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon wants to follow in the footsteps of Suranne Jones by starring in a Doctor Foster-style show when she leaves the soap CORONATION Street’s Lucy Fallon has more than proved her talent tackling hard-hitting story-lines and now she’s hoping to follow in the footsteps of the soap’s alumni in a Doctor Foster-style drama. Lucy, who plays Bethany Platt in the ITV show, has been at the heart of a harrowing sex ring storyline which saw her repeatedly […]
Emmerdale plans a huge new storyline for Ross Barton Although you'll have to wait until next year to see it!
Has EastEnders planned Christmas murder plot storyline? Max Branning has revenge in his sights.
EastEnders spoilers: Mel and Steve Owen’s son Hunter cast in big new storyline (Picture: BBC) EastEnders has unveiled a brand new casting as the son of Mel and Steve Owen is heading to Walford as part of a big new storyline. Viewers will see Mel arrive back in the new year and her storyline will be connected to her son, Hunter. In the wake of Mel’s dramatic comeback, Hunter will follow and he is set to bring trouble in his wake with him being a chip off the old block...
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EastEnders cheating twist and more Sunday soap gossip Big mistake, Billy!
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Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle will get back together and get properly married, say soap bosses EMMERDALE’S Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle – dubbed “Robron” by viewers – will reunite, the soap’s boss has confirmed. Producer Iain MacLeod has revealed the fan favourite couple will reunite and tie the knot properly next summer, after a special Christmas Day episode will drag them back together as Robert strives to become a decent […]
EastEnders spoilers: Popular boss John Yorke is staying with the soap (Picture: BBC) EastEnders boss John Yorke has announced that he is going to work on the show for at least a year after initially stepping up to do a three month interim stint. John took over on the soap from previous producer Sean O’Connor but it was understood at the time that a more permanent successor would be recruited. Since taking over, John has made some significant changes such as hiring Patrick Bergin as Aidan Maguire, bringing back Masood Ahmed with a wider family and signing up S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt...
EastEnders spoilers: Soap boss John Yorke reveals 2018 storylines (Picture: BBC/Metro) EastEnders boss John Yorke has teased a massively eventful Christmas, New Year and 2018 for the soap, highlighting some key characters and storylines that will kick off the year with a bang...
EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell heading for heartache as he sleeps with the son of his mother’s rapist as actor Harry Reid leaves the soap BEN Mitchell is heading for heartache with new boyfriend Luke in EastEnders. The mechanic – who is played by actor Harry Reid in the BBC soap – had a one night stand with businessman Luke and it is set to develop into a relationship that is doomed to chaos when it comes out how Luke […]
On coronation street
Coronation Street departure?
Did a UK Soap Opera (maybe Corrie) hold an audience vote to decide the end of a storyline? Whilst answering this question, I had a recollection of a soap - probably Coronation Street or maybe Emmerdale - holding an audience vote to decide how a storyline played out (e.g. “who was the killer?...
Are quests / Storyline shared between my characters in Diablo 3 (if within eligible level range)? This question is rather difficult to phrase. I played a character to lvl 9, then left them alone. Then I played a different character to 15, advancing further in the quests and storyline. Today I ...
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Which port to listen on to capture soap request for zeep (python soap client )?
node soap not returning result but same input works in soap ui
What are the characters name in coronation street? tina,david,owen,fay,rita,betty,tommy,tyrone,kirk,ken,deirdre and steve
Is Liz Dawn who played coronation streets Vera Duckworth for over 30 years still alive I know that she left coronation street and got killed out of it because of her health. Thanks dan so is shealive? yep she is I had lunch with her.
What is the name of the adjacent street to Coronation Street?
How old is Coronation Street? It was first broadcast in December 1960, so is now (July 2014) going for over 53 years. This total will obviously change as this answer gets older.
Will coronation street end? Probably not, but it's fun making up endings, or more specifically last lines; like, NORRIS: 'No, Sergeant, I think you should cut the yellow wire.'
What does the p mean on coronation street? It means there is product placement in the show
How many murders have there been in coronation street? As far as I know, there have been fifteen murders in Corrie.
How many episodes of coronation street has there been? 7127 episodes from the 24th July 2009
Who dies on Coronation Street? Reita, Ashley, Charlotte and Molly
What is the name of the pub in the London soap opera Eastenders? The queen Victoria
When did Maxine Peacock die in Coronation Street? Maxine Peacock died in January 2003. She was murdered by Richard Hillman.
What are the surrounding streets of Coronation Street?
Who from Coronation Street has a Twitter account? Antony Cotton (Sean Tully), Craig Gazey (Graeme Proctor) and Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald) all have Twitter accounts as follows: Antony Cotton - @antonycotton Craig Gazey - @craigazey Katherine Kelly - @katherine_kelly
Who does John on coronation street hit over the head? charlotte
Does Gail get out of jail on Coronation Street? Gail does get out of jail as she is found not guilty by the jury in court. The episode was screened on 10th June 2010.
Does baby jack die in coronation street? no Tyrone and Kevin try their best to rescue the innocent child and mother but molly unfortunately dies but which one save the baby? Tyrone or Kevin!
How has coronation street changed over 50 years?
What is Michelle Collins name in coronation street? The actress Michelle Collins plays the Coronation Street actress Stella Price. She came into Coronation Street and took over as landlady of The Rovers Return in a last desperate attempt to find her daughter Leanne Barlow (who she abandoned at birth). When she finally tells Leanne that she's her mother, she hates Stella but she warms to the idea after a while and they get on very well now.
12 soap spoiler pictures: Corrie Phelan , Emmerdale secret, EastEnders kiss showdown and Hollyoaks - 12 soap spoiler pictures: Corrie Phelan fire twist, Cain's Emmerdale secret, EastEnders kiss showdown, Hollyoaks return Characters are making moves that they ...
Coronation Street’s David Platt to be r aped in horrifying storyline as show tackles brave - Coronation Street's David Platt to be r.aped in horrifying storyline as show tackles brave subject. DAVID Platt is going to be raped in a horrifying new Coronation ...
Vincent Hubbard Vs. Callum Logan (EastEnders Vs. Coronation Street) WHO WOULD WIN -
Coronation Street’s Bruno Langley seen for the first time since being sacked from soap after - Coronation Street's Bruno Langley seen for the first time since being sacked from soap after sexual assault charges. Actor Bruno Langley has been spotted for ...
Coronation Street actor leaves soap following internal inquiry - read more at
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