Nigel Farage 'to form new political party after Tory disaster' to continue Brexit fight

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  • [20-09] My speech at #LDConf on Brexit. The @LibDems will continue to lead the fight against this disaster - it is time for an
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  • [07-08] #brexit #farage Given the comments of Wlber Ross Nigel's best mate Trump has shown himself not to be trusted on Brexit.?
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  • [12-01] Nigel Farage refers to second Brexit referendum via @BrusselsTimes#Brexit #UKIP #StopBrexit
Nigel Farage 'to form new political party after Tory disaster' to continue Brexit fight
What does Donald trump think of the Brits? He seems to like the British political activist behind Brexit ,Nigel Farage and his grand parents and/or great grandparents were from Scotland. Hope that helps.
It's kipper time... Another couple of suspensions, theft re classified as "Repatriation", you thoughts please, spent force or new politics? nigel farage is ukip, there is nobody else who stands out, they have no depth and their ranks are full of foot in mouth merchants. im not a ukip merchant but nigel farage is a class act and even a likeable interesting person but one man can only do so much and he is carrying a lot of dead wood
Who here has read the UKIP election manifesto? what do you think about it? UKIP no longer have any raison d'etre. The in / out referendum has rendered them obsolete. The UK electorate has signaled their disinterest at the ballot box. Their unelectable leader didn't even honour his promise to resign. Mr Farage was once their best asset, a love him or hate him, with a carefully crafted "man of the people," persona whose pub photo calls and sexist jokes warmed the cockles of the little Englander. He then staked his political reputation on an "All in," political bet, the use me or lose me, and then failed to win the seat. Having successfully molded the party around himself and his cabal, securing a whopping 40% of the parties electoral funding for his own tilt for a seat. He then resigned (fair play I thought) until he allowed his cronies to temp him back when it became abundantly appear that has indeed become the party and his absence would be followed by a drying up of the big business donations Nigel "Man of the people," Farage secures. UKIP met their match in Cameron's Tories a party even more caviler with the survival of the Union of the United Kingdom. His success in Scotland has effectively hamstrung Labour and the gamble paid off in some style putting to bed the spectre of Scottish Independence once and for all .... Unless the referendum outcome is for an UK exit where by the SNP will agitate to exit the Union and re-join the EU.
What on earth made some evil moronic imbecile think for one minute he could have any real effect on a great city like London? Well London is a pretty cool place as emphasized by the Brexit vote but once you wander into the darkened northern territories where the Tories have had them on prison rations you start to get a different reaction. I would give it some time, listening to Nigel Farage tonight on LBC seems he and his cronies are up for tearing the country apart some more
Cameron refuses ITV televised Brexit debate with Farage, would Farage eat him alive?
Current Events: Who are you voting for in the election? Well, you can vote Tory as those are the kinds of things they say they are working on this time. Though they'll perhaps deliver not even 1/4 of it. My area would elect a weed-covered gravestone if they said it was the tory candidate, so it doesn't matter. I ought to vote Lib Dem as I don't like the implementation of Brexit, but there are other issues which they don't have workable ideas about and their voters don't stick with the party.
Brexit: Is Nigel Farage The Fisherman's Friend? The last remaining fisherman in Scotland's "Local Hero" village explains why he is backing a Brexit.
Nigel Farage to Appear at Trump Rally to Talk Brexit He is to tell the crowd that 'I've been part of a political revolution in the United Kingdom.'
Notable & Quotable: Nigel Farage on Brexit and Trump Notable & Quotable: Nigel Farage on Brexit and Trump ‘I am very, very optimistic now for the West.’
Leave' champion Nigel Farage says EU doesn't get Brexit Prominent Brexit advocate Nigel Farage has claimed pro-leave sentiment is on the rise in the UK. Following a meeting in Brussels, he accused the European Union's chief negotiator of failing to understand Brexit dynamics.
Brexit is winning everywhere': Nigel Farage full interview
Tory rebels urge Theresa May to form cross-party alliance for soft Brexit Backbenchers who defeated government last week believe PM should reach out to Labour MPs and face down hard BrexitersConservative backbench rebels who defeated the government last week are urging Theresa May to reach out to Labour MPs and form a cross-party alliance for a soft Brexit.A..
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage At Brexit: The Movie Premiere The documentary is the brainchild of libertarian filmmaker Martin Durkin and his production company WagTV.
Brexit: Nigel Farage warming to possibility of second referendum vote Leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage has said he might support a referendum redo to end debate on the UK leaving the European Union. The prime minister's office replied that Britons wouldn't be going back to the Brexit polls.
Nigel Farage Resigns as UKIP Leader After Brexit Vote Nigel Farage Resigns as UKIP Leader After Brexit Vote Nigel Farage will stand down as leader of the UK Independence Party, saying he has nothing left to do now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union.
Our historic Brexit vote could be reversed, admits Nigel Farage
Brexit Campaigner Nigel Farage to Host Radio Show The ex-UKIP leader has positioned himself as a commentator on the populist trends sweeping global politics.
How Nigel Farage Humiliated Britain's Political Class Nigel Farage’s UKIP has rocked Britain by beating the mainstream parties at the ballot box
Catalonia crackdown a foretaste of EU political suppression" - Nigel Farage MEP
Remain campaigners who handed out EU flags as Last Night of the Proms 'in denial over Brexit', Nigel Farage says Nigel Farage accused music fans who waved EU flags at the Last Night of the Proms as being “in denial about Brexit”. Pro-EU activists said they handed out 7,000 free gold and blue flags to concert-goers as they arrived at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday. The former UKIP leader insisted those who took part in the demo, which was paid for using cash from a successful crowdfunding campaign, made the event “all about them”. He told the Guardian: “These people are still in denial over the referendum result. They are trying to make it all
UKIP Nigel Farage - Theresa May Has No Support In The Conservative Party
UK Independence Party Rejects Resignation of its Leader, Nigel Farage The Ukip leader resigned last Friday after failing to win a seat in the general election.
UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage Defeated in UK Election Ukip leader Nigel Farage called for electoral reform after losing his seat
Ukip Leader Nigel Farage Calls Other Party Leaders 'Truly Appalling People' In an interview with Newsweek Europe ahead of two key by-elections, Nigel Farage also branded Conservative MPs racist and snobbish
Nigel Farage will start new party if ‘anti-Muslim’ candidate wins UKIP leadership UKIP leadership hopeful Anne Marie Waters rejects being labelled ‘far-right,’ but her staunch anti-Islam policies could be enough to convince Nigel Farage to leave his beloved party and form a new pro-Brexit movement. Read Full Article at RT.com
The 'dream of Brexit' isn’t just winning in the United Kingdom, it’s winning in Catalonia, Hungary, Poland and all over the European Union as we speak. There is a major historic change" Nigel Farage UKIP MEP a
Chris Johns: Titanic Brexit task could turn into Tory disaster movie Conservative Party faces possibility of annihilation as a result of epic Brexit challenge
Farage telling a caller on @LBC: "If #Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad, I'll go and live somewhere else." #Patriotism
Nigel Farage addresses Germany's far-right AfD Nigel Farage, the ex-leader of UKIP and a chief Brexit campaigner, has addressed a rally of Germany's far-right AfD party in Berlin. He received a standing ovation as a model of right-wing poltical accomplishment.
Nigel Farage to address Germany's far-right AfD Nigel Farage ex-leader of UKIP and a chief Brexit campaigner - will address Germany's far-right AfD in Berlin on Friday. Farage reportedly "accepted without hesitation" the invitation to speak at the rally.
Do MEPs think Nigel Farage is valued for money as an MEP?
Has Nigel Farage made a statement regarding his MEP penson? Here's a cartoon depicting a fictional interview with MEP Nigel Farage. Interviewer: "Today on Brexit Talk I'm joined by Nigel Farage to discuss the Brexit Bill. Nigel, how much should we pay?" Farage: "Zero. Sweet F.A. Not a bean. We owe them nothing! We want nothing from them, so they should get nothing from us." I: "So I assume, therefore, that you'd be willing to forego your MEP's pension?" F: "Let's talk about immigration." Has the real Nigel Farage made a statement regarding his own MEP pension? Is the cartoon a fair or unfair representation of his position?
Jumping political party OK after being elected by people into a party? Is it permissible for an elected independent candidate or elected representative of a political party to switch his party he is elected from to a more politically advantageous party at his own will ? Is it his right to do so after his election? Is not a fresh re-election process mandatory? Is change of political party not a betrayal of trust reposed by the electorate in a leader or party he represents in a democratic setup? What is the practice in leading democracies of the world? Are these written into the Constitution e.g., in the Representation of Peoples' act? EDIT1 A simple mathematical model would not be out of place. All activities on a political sphere S are built upon two independent parameters p,q where p can symbolize the party and q the elected individual. By choosing a particular binding function q=f(p) the people can arrest arbitrary modalities of q to freely move on S to be along a constrained functioning curve or orbit. By a people's political contract, if q is chosen by the people for p and then a change of f(p,q) occurs then it has lost its previous sense of direction of the locus of its previous orbit. The new trajectory can even intersect squarely with the previous one.The elected q laughs all the way with his new self-issued valid passport of election with full impunity in his empowered hands. The name of the beneficiary has been conveniently erased and and a new name inserted on a check that had been temporarily rendered blank before the desired edit. The electing people are taken in for a .. not so jolly ride into a maneuver over which they have no control until the next elections come around. The Art of political lying by Jonathan Swift exists even today this way in a modern appearance in several democracies. If q wishes to change party in a proper procedural system then he/she cannot be allowed do so by a virtue of a vote gained from a different party. He/she should get re-elected by the electorate affirming their unequivocal assent for a new situation or policy properly stated or expounded before them. Then only the power of people in a democracy run by the people can be in proper effect for the people. Should n't there be a more democratic Rule of Law against it? Or a Constitutional amendment ?
Is there a term for the political concept of a nation always needing an enemy to fight?
Is there a “-nym” word for the members of a political party? In an answer to a previous question, I referred to "tea-partiers" as the demonym for members of the Tea Party in US politics. But I know that's not right; demonym describes the name of the ...
Words for political without party affiliation? I'm struggling to find the right word to describe a campaign I'm starting. I want to influence public policy around an agenda in a party neutral manner. Apolitical and non-political feel wrong. The ...
What is the difference between the Tory party the labor party and the Conservative party in Britain? The "Tory Party" is a nickname for the Conservative Party, and dates back to before political parties, when conservative members of Parliament were known as the "Tories". The Labour Party is the left wing party, who stand for the working class and believe in more government spending on health, education, infrastructure and benefits, as well as regulation in the economy. The Conservative Party is the right wing party, who stand for the middle class and believe in less government intervention, a free economy, lower taxes and maintaining traditional institutions and values of the United Kingdom.
What political party in America was formed to fight the spread of slavery? Republican
What political party did Alexander hamiltons followers form? Federalist
What political party did American farmers form in the 1890?
Which was a position of the original Tory party?
Who made up the majority of the early Tory Party?
[18-12] Who made up the majority the early Tory party?
The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of?
Why British electoral system is defended by Tory party?
Which of the following is not a form of political participation A. listening to the news B. supporting a citizen movement C. voting or D. joining a party?
Can one launch a new political party by altering the capitalization of the first letter of an existing party name such as Republican party to the republican party? no
[10-11] If the Speaker of the House wanted to make sure the members of hisher political party were voting according to the wished of the party who might be asked to get the party members in line?
Which political party lost its influence after the 1800 political revolution?
[10-12] What would our government be like if we had a president from one political party and a vice president from the other political party?
In a two-party political system what is the term for the moment when the groups that make up each party are rearranged?
Since 1968 the political party in power for the longest period of time consecutively has been this party?
[04-12] Why would the deve9development of factions within a political party hurt that party's chances for success?
[01-12] What country was this political party successful for the freedom and justice party?
NIGEL FARAGE: BREXIT BEGOT TRUMP - Most people in Britain follow the lead of the US, but at a recent event sponsored by LibertyNation before a packed house in Washington, Nigel Farage ...
The Moment Nigel Farage Realised He'd Won The BREXIT Referendum -
Nigel Farage reveals the price he paid for Brexit - I'm 53, separated and skint': Nigel Farage reveals the 'price he has paid for Brexit' claiming the referendum triumph has left him 'unable to walk down the street alone'. Nigel Farage has...
Nigel Farage admits ‘historic’ Brexit vote is at risk of being reversed - Nigel Farage admits 'historic' Brexit vote is at risk of being reversed.NIGEL Farage has warned that the historic Brexit vote could be dramatically overturned - because Leavers have stopped...
Blue Passports Are Returning After Brexit And Nigel Farage Couldn’t Be Happier - The return of the blue passport is symbolic in Britain becoming a “proper” country again, Nigel Farage has told LBC. Ministers have confirmed British passports will change to a blue and...
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