Theresa May offers Nicola Sturgeon face-to-face talks on Brexit

Downing Street has offered to hold direct talks between Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon on Brexit. 03-10-17
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Theresa May offers Nicola Sturgeon face-to-face talks on Brexit
Downing Street has offered to hold direct talks between Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon on Brexit.
Why does Nicola Sturgeon think she can dictate to the rest of the UK? She doesn't miss a trick does she this woman from stabbing in the back from afar (Brussels) to running around telling porkies, she really is irritating. Nicola Sturgeon is trying to make out she's something that she's most defiantly not, she doesn't have any sort of veto except the one that Theresa May has offered her. http:// About a third of the way down the link, it reads. Theresa May indicated that Brexit could be delayed as she said she would not start the formal process for leaving the EU until there is a "UK approach" backed by Scotland.and all the other representatives of the Union, in that she wants their co operation take along . The link goes on to say. In a sign that the new Prime Minister was committed to keeping the Union intact, Mrs May said she would not trigger Article 50 - the formal process for withdrawing from the EU - until all the devolved nations in the country agree . That's her so-called veto, her so-called strong position, its nothing of the sort, what it is however, is Theresa May being courteous. The woman is an absolute disgrace for even suggesting she has a veto, because she doesn't have anything of the sort, what she does have or had is an offer of co operation from somebody trying to do the right thing. That without a second though of anything except herself, has thrown it back into the face of the person who offered it, which to me is an absolute disgraceful display of shameful behaviour, not becoming of somebody that she most certainly is not. This woman needs to be put firmly in her place.
Scotland voted to remain part of the UK- The UK voted to leave the EU- Is N. Sturgeon fighting for Scotland or to be President? Nicola Sturgeon is fighting to enact the manifesto of her party, the SNP - independence for Scotland. She has a mandate from Scottish voters to do that. Where is Theresa May's mandate to abandon the Conservative Party's 2015 manifesto, and rule? The situation in Scotland has changed since they voted to remain part of the UK. One of the main arguments of the 'better together' campaign was that Scotland would do better remaining in the UK, so it could retain its EU membership. Since the Brexit vote, that no longer applies, even though the Scots voted heavily in favour of remaining in EU It's reasonable to now go back to the Scottish people and ask them if they still feel the same now the promised continued EU membership won't happen. But Nicola Sturgeon would be foolish to go for another independence referendum, unless she has assurances from the EU that an independent Scotland would be granted EU membership
Tories have,needlessly,broken UK (just wait 2 yrs), in usual inter-Tory rivalries.Can even Trump match that,for Country scale destruction? Theresa May is the reason why the UK will break up every bit as much as Nicola Sturgeon. She has bloodymindedly slammed the door shut in Scotland's face by not allowing it in on what is being concocted by the Tories behind closed doors. English people haven't got a clue any more than we have on what is being planned by the Tories and that can't be right. The Union of the Crowns was formed on the understanding that it would be an equal partnership (nothing to do with the size of England's population) but the equal partnership just did not happen, England always suppressed Scotland, and this was the case long before the SNP was formed. It was Anglified nobled gentry who sold off Scotland ( this is what Robert Burns meant when he wrote, "we were bought and sold with English gold, such a parcel of rogues in a Nation"). There were riots in Scotland against a union. Sturgeon is right in the timing of another Referendum within the next two years, she is waiting to see what the EU negotiations produce. Theresa May you no longer have an Empire, this is the 21st century not the 1700s.
Scottish Independence yawn? No yawn for the Brexit process. Nicola Sturgeon will continue to wiggle that particular thorn in the flesh of the UK throughout the Brexit process, even if she does not really favour independence, in order to keep Scotland's interests to the fore.
Is Nicola Sturgeon deluding herself over her ability to influence Brexit negotiations?
UK What are your thoughts on Theresa May denying the Scots a chance at a second Independence Referendum? Overwhelming indifference..Nicola was going to spoil Theresa's Brexit day speech..that was known for weeks.
Theresa May Meets Nicola Sturgeon for Brexit Talks Prime Minister May told Scotland she believed "with all my heart" in keeping the U.K. together.
Nicola Sturgeon holds talks with Theresa May on Brexit The Scottish First Minister arrived at No10 where she said she will demand 'clarity' from the PM Britain's departure from the  bloc.
Devolved administrations `cut out´ of key Brexit talks, says Nicola Sturgeon Ms Sturgeon called on the UK Government to make good on its promise to give the devolved administrations a "genuine role" in EU exit talks.
Nicola Sturgeon calls Brexit talks a ‘slow-motion car crash’ First minister keeps options open on Scottish independence vote
Nicola Sturgeon pokes fun at Theresa May with Strepsils gag Nicola Sturgeon poked fun at Theresa May yesterday during the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference by turning up with a packet of Strepsils.
Nicola Sturgeon mocks Theresa May with box of Strepsils – video SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon holds up a packet of Strepsils throat lozenges before the beginning of her speech at the Scottish National party’s annual conference in Glasgow. The move was a reference to Theresa May’s cough-stricken speech in Manchester last week
Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May’s union claim was clutching at straws Theresa May was clutching at straws when she claimed that the Conservatives had saved the Union, Scotland’s First Minister said.
Indyref2 “not dependent” on Brexit, says Nicola Sturgeon SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, insisted a second independence referendum was “not dependent” on Brexit at the party’s conference in Glasgow yesterday.
Nicola Sturgeon: 'Brexit Is a Right-Wing Tory Takeover' Scotland's first minister warns that an EU exit would lead to a right-wing power grab.
Nicola Sturgeon to Table Single Market Brexit Plans Scottish government will table plans this week.
Nicola Sturgeon to discuss Brexit repeal Bill with Welsh First Minister Scotland's First Minister will meet her Welsh counterpart in Edinburgh to discuss their opposition to the Brexit repeal Bill.
Nicola Sturgeon speech: Independence offers Scots ‘a better future’ Nicola Sturgeon today told Scots the prospect of independence offers a “better future” as she pledged to press ahead with another vote.
Nicola Sturgeon urges new consensus on boosting Holyrood powers amid Brexit 'threat' Nicola Sturgeon has called for a new cross-party consensus on boosting the powers of Holyrood in the face of Brexit "threatening the underpinning principle" of devolution.
Theresa May: Brexit deal would support free societies in face of Russian threats A Brexit trade deal would support Europe’s commitment to open economies and free societies in the face of Russian threats to the international order, Theresa May has said.
U.K.’s Brexit Minister Says Talks With EU Could Face Delays U.K.’s Brexit Minister Says EU Talks Could Face Delays Britain’s Brexit minister said negotiations with the European Union may not start next Monday, as originally planned, raising the prospect that the political uncertainty facing the U.K. in the wake of the inconclusive election results could interfere with the timeline for negotiations.
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Nicola Sturgeon: Need for independence has never been greater The First Minister has said the need for Scottish independence has ‘arguably never been greater’ as she opened the annual SNP conference in Glasgow on Sunday.
Nicola Sturgeon: Focus is on the next ten years and beyond Nicola Sturgeon will today unveil plans to spend £840 million a year on “transformational” plans to introduce a system of full-time state childcare as she set her sights on another decade in power.
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Nicola Sturgeon calls for ‘assertive’ Scotland in face of Brexit ‘horror show’ | by Top News - Nicola Sturgeon calls for 'assertive' Scotland in face of Brexit 'horror show' | by Top News ▻ First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Andrew Milligan/PA) Nicola Sturgeon has said Scottish...
Nicola Sturgeon on Scotland and Brexit - Nicola Sturgeon on Scotland and Brexit.
Latest News - Nicola Sturgeon said Brexit Advisor will hit hardest in Scotland - Latest News - Nicola Sturgeon said Brexit Advisor will hit hardest in Scotland Latest News - Nicola Sturgeon said Brexit Advisor will hit hardest in Scotland NICOLA Sturgeon's chief Brexit...
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World News - Nicola Sturgeon urges ' decisive ' Brexit faces Scotland in the ' horror show ' - World News - Nicola Sturgeon urges decisive Brexit faces Scotland in the horror show World News - Nicola Sturgeon urges decisive Brexit faces Scotland in the horror show First Minister...
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