Cruel dog owner seen dragging puppy down street in Norfolk

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A cruel dog owner in Norfolk has been fined for animal cruelty and has had his puppy confiscated seen dragging it down the street when it was too tired to walk. 12-10-17
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Cruel dog owner seen dragging puppy down street in Norfolk
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A cruel dog owner in Norfolk has been fined for animal cruelty and has had his puppy confiscated seen dragging it down the street when it was too tired to walk.
In a crate. BUT you will need to take the puppy outside to pee every few hours. Do NOT let the puppy pee in the house on anything - only delays proper training. Outside the puppy is at risk for being killed by other animals or stolen by someone when you are not there. If you cannot properly train the puppy for the first year, then you need to find the puppy another home now. Leaving it locked up in a crate all day when you are at work is cruel and it is not training the puppy in any way.
At 7 weeks old this puppy should still be with its other and siblings. It's ILLEGAL to sell puppies younger than that. What horrible backyard breeder sold you this puppy and why did you so cruelly agree to buy it? It misses its mother and siblings. It may even be younger than 7 weeks old. I'm betting you're also feeding it cheap puppy food instead of substitute mother's milk so it's probably HUNGRY. Shame on you for buying this puppy or whoever "gave" it to you. What kind of cruel IDIOT are you?
A "close friend"? You're full of it because if your "friend" was shipping a puppy they would pay the airline when they drop the puppy off. There's no "C.O.D." puppy deliveries. So the REAL story is that you are a complete IDIOT that has fallen for a VERY common scam. Let me guess - the owner has to sell the dog because they're going to Africa to help kids, they have to go into the services, etc, etc and all you have to pay is shipping? There IS NO PUPPY and whatever money you already gave them is GONE, idiot.
Simply google, 'how to introduce a puppy to an old dog?' Lots of dos & don'ts, right ways & wrong ways. This new puppy is going to create a night mare in your house hold. This new pup will be INVADING the territory of the home dog & home dog will not want anything to do with the pup. old dog will growl, snap & at times pin the pup to the floor. All of this is acceptable behavior of the old dog. Do not correct the old dog for any growls, snaps, bites, fights, it is not the old dogs fault. It is the puppy. Keep them separated & don't allow the pup to pick on the old dog. It is gong to be total chaos for a while. And all through this you need to teach the puppy to go outside to potty & you have to teach it not to bite. All puppies bite & every puppy owner has to teach their pup not to bite.
You rehome him with a rescue. Explain to them your cruel treatment, locking a 7-week old puppy outside at night, making him more anxious. Then explain how your yelling has changed things. Oh, wait, it hasn't. Then you call the local Humane Society which will probably inform you that a puppy cannot be rehomed before 8 weeks. Then never get another dog. It might be a good idea to have surgery to ensure you will never have children.
if fishing is cruel to fish then breathing is cruel to air. its a natural process that cant be called cruel.
innOceNT DOg gEts Mind conTROLLEd bY CRUEL owNEr
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