Royal Mail halts 48-hour strike after obtaining high court injunction

Communication Workers Union lawyers fail to rebuff attempt at Royal Courts of Justice to stop 19 October postal strike Royal Mail has halted Britain’s first planned national walkout by postal workers since it was privatised, after successfully applying for a high court injunction . Lawyers for the Communication Workers Union failed to rebuff an attempt at the Royal Courts of Justice to stop a 48-hour walkout from 19 October.
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Royal Mail seeks injunction to halt 48-hour postal strike
Union members to walk out from 19 October in dispute over pensions, pay and jobs Royal Mail is seeking a high court injunction to stop a planned 48-hour strike by postal workers after the Communication Workers Union did not meet a midday deadline to withdraw industrial action. Members of the CWU
Royal Mail to file injunction to stop nationwide strike
Royal Mail will use ‘all legal options’ to fight 48-hour strike
Union sets October 19 as date as row escalates after decision to close retirement fund
Royal Mail workers to stage 48-hour strike over pay and jobs
Royal Mail workers are to stage a 48-hour strike in a “watershed” dispute over pensions, pay and jobs, prompting the threat of legal action by the postal group.
Royal Mail trade union gives date for 48-hour national strike
Royal Mail Workers Vote to Strike
Royal Mail Workers Vote to Strike Royal Mail workers are poised to take part in a U.K.-wide strike early next month in a blow to the newly privatized postal service.
Royal Mail workers vote to strike in pay & pension dispute
Royal Mail is facing the threat of the first national strike since it was privatised after workers voted massively in favour of industrial action in a bitter dispute over pensions, pay and jobs.
Royal Mail staff back national strike in pay and pension dispute
Royal Mail staff have voted "overwhelmingly" in favour of strike action, with a union not ruling out the prospect of national walkouts in the run-up to Christmas. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said a ballot of 110,000 staff had a turnout of 73% - with 89% of voters backing industrial action. Any strike would represent the first at Royal Mail since its controversial privatisation four years ago.
Royal Mail strike ‘could cancel Christmas’ as workers protest pension changes
ROYAL Mail workers have voted in favour of the first national strike since its privatisation four years ago. Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) backed walkouts by 89 per cent on a turnout of 73 per cent of the 110,000 balloted. It passed the threshold in the Government’s controversial Trade Union Act, under which […]
Royal Mail threatens legal action against union over strike plan
Postal service has written to CWU warning it will seek high court injunction if it does not withdraw notice of industrial action Royal Mail will take legal action against the union representing postal workers if it does not withdraw its notice of a 48-hour strike by Monday. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is planning a walkout of 110,000 of its members from 19 October in a dispute over pensions, pay and jobs. Union members
Royal Mail labour union to defend position in legal battle over strike
[14-10] #RoyalMail #Strike The postal firm said it would apply for an injunction at the High Court to prevent the industrial action.
[04-10] Postal strike - repeat mail to workers from Royal Mail saying 'vote no' v likely inflamed the situation. #fail #r4today
[03-10] Royal Mail workers to strike over Christmas in huge row over pensions #London
[04-10] #Labour: Royal Mail staff to strike over pay and pensions after massive union vote
[03-10] Royal Mail workers to strike & good luck to them; they were sold out by the tories & maybe we'll save a forest with…
[18-08] Important to note, a court injunction prevents the city of #Charlottesville from removing Lee statue right now. Next court
[01-10] Watch @DaveWardGS put our members case on the Royal Mail Group strike ballot on #Peston this morning #RiseUp 🦁
[04-08] "High Court substitutes nine-month suspension after overturning solicitor’s strike-off"
[09-08] "“Professional tragedy” for City partner as High Court refuses to overturn second strike-off"
[17-10] We are trying to create a green economy? So why the hell does #Corbyn want to nationalise the Royal Mail?Time to go full E Mail?
[16-10] #RoyalMail wins injunction to halt 48-hour staff #strike
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[06-10] Video: Spain’s top court halts Catalan parliament’s independence meeting #CatalanReferendum
[06-10] Video: Spain’s top court halts Catalan parliament’s independence meeting #CatalanReferendum
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[13-10] Shocking that @royalmail run to court for an injunction!Democracy is this country is shocking!#tories#antitradeunionact✊️ solidarity
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  • [14-10] #RoyalMail #Strike The postal firm said it would apply for an injunction at the High Court to prevent the industrial action.
  • [17-10] We are trying to create a green economy? So why the hell does #Corbyn want to nationalise the Royal Mail?Time to go full E Mail?
    Royal Mail halts 48-hour strike after obtaining high court injunction
    Communication Workers Union lawyers fail to rebuff attempt at Royal Courts of Justice to stop 19 October postal strike Royal Mail has halted Britain’s first planned national walkout by postal workers since it was privatised, after successfully applying for a high court injunction . Lawyers for the Communication Workers Union failed to rebuff an attempt at the Royal Courts of Justice to stop a 48-hour walkout from 19 October.
    * (Carl Court/Getty Images)The UK’s Christmas deliveries could be hit this year after postal workers yesterday voted to strike for the first time since the business was privatised four years ago. Why is a strike being threatened? The planned industrial action centres around a bitter pay and pensions dispute. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said it was sparked by Royal Mail‘s “attack on the pension rights of hard-working postmen and women” as well as its “refusal” to engage over pay, working hours, future job security and the need to improve and grow the service. When is the strike likely to hit? If the strike goes ahead it could threaten pre-Christmas deliveries. Workers could walk out on “Black Friday” in late November – the day when many retailers start seasonal pre-Yuletide sales. The first rumoured two-day strike could hit on 24 and 25 November. MORE: Royal Mail workers are being paid by gangs to steal bank cards But Royal Mail said: “There are no grounds for industrial action. We want to reach an agreement.” It believes the dispute is subject to legally binding contractual resolution procedures which are likely to last until Christmas and maybe beyond. “These dispute resolution procedures must be followed. The union cannot take industrial action until they have been completed,” Royal Mail said. Are all postal workers supporting the strike? The CWU said 73.7% of its 110,000 members voted in its strike ballot yesterday, with 89% backing a strike. The union said its postal executive will meet later this week to work out the potential strike dates. What’s behind the row? The row has been building since Royal Mail announced it will close its current defined benefit pension scheme in March 2018. The company claimed that if it did not, its current annual contribution of £400m a year would eventually rise to £1.26bn. MORE: Black Friday tips: How to shop for the best fridges and washing machines Royal Mail has subsequently offered workers new defined contribution-based schemes with the aim of keeping its contributions at about £400m. All have been rejected. Is Royal Mail playing fair with workers? Nathan Long, senior pension analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said Royal Mail’s decision to close its DB scheme is in line with many employers’ attempts to cap the uncertainty of future pension payments. MORE: Aldi’s packed luxury Christmas hamper is back – and it’s under £100 “Two replacement schemes have been tabled. Both offer generous pension contributions in comparison to most employers,” he said. “While the pension benefits are undoubtedly being watered down, a first-class retirement is still available for staff who maintain membership throughout their working life.” What’s the union view? Union says postal workers are “under attack” (Getty)Dave Ward, the CWU general secretary, thinks Royal Mail is letting workers down. He said: “Our members are under attack. They are being asked to work faster, harder and cheaper while losing benefits. This has nothing to do with driving growth and innovation. It is all about a lack of forward thinking and asset stripping.” Terry Pullinger, the CWU’s deputy general secretary, postal, added: “This massive failure in trust has created a break down in relationships and a toxic environment where working together to solve difficult problems has become almost impossible.”
    * 89% of posties vote for strike action. Royal Mail are facing trouble.
    * What are the Tories going to do now? They ruled that strikes would only be legal if more than 50 per cent of a workforce voted in favour. Here are the stats on the Royal Mail strike ballot:
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    What happens during a harassment injunction court hearing?
    How do you get court to reinstate injunction of harassment? There are several ways: At the trial court level: If the order dissolving the injunction has not yet taken effect, make a motion to have the court reconsider its decision to dissolve the injunction. If the order has taken effect but the problems persist or if circumstances have changed, file a petition or motion for an order for reinstatement of the injunction. At the appellate level: If you believe the court made a mistake in dissolving the injunction, take an appeal of the court's decision and ask the appellate court to reverse the lower court's decision and reinstate the injunction.
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    What do the plaintiff do if the defendant violates a Court injunction?
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    An unprotected strike will usually result in a court injunction ordering returning to work. Una huelga no protegida origina normalmente un mandato judicial ordenando la vuelta al trabajo. The trust appealed against the injunction, but a High Court has yet to rule. They secured a High Court injunction to stop the publication of a misleading advertisement. The High Court issued an injunction temporarily halting implementation of this directive pending a full hearing. El Tribunal Supremo dictó una orden judicial que paralizaba temporalmente la aplicación de la directiva, a la espera de una audiencia plenaria. They prevailed last August, obtaining—follow me here—an injunction prohibiting the enforcement of those provisions. Royal Mail aims to deliver 92.5% of inland mail the day after it is posted. The court issued an injunction.
    Royal Mail: Royal Mail plc is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom, originally established in 1516. The company's subsidiary, Royal Mail Group Limited, operates the brands Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide.
    Georgia v. Brailsford: Georgia v. Brailsford, 2 U.S. 415 (1793), was a United States Supreme Court case continuing the case of Georgia v. Brailsford. Here, the court held that "upon a motion to dissolve that injunction, this court held that, if the state of Georgia had the title in the debt, she had an adequate remedy at law by action upon the bond; but, in order that the money might be kept for the party to whom it belonged, ordered the injunction to be continued till the next term, and, if Georgia should not then have instituted her action at common law, to be dissolved."
    Dennis v. Sparks: Dennis v. Sparks, 449 U.S. 24, was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that individuals who bribed a judge for an injunction were not protected by judicial immunity and therefore could be held liable for the damages resulting from the injunction.
    Paris Adult Theatre I v. Slaton: Paris Adult Theatre I v. Slaton, 413 U.S. 49. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a state court's injunction against the showing of obscene films in a movie theatre restricted to consenting adults. The Court distinguished the case from Stanley v.
    RMS Dunottar Castle: RMS Dunottar Castle was a Royal Mail Ship that went into service with the Castle Line in 1890 on the passenger and mail service between Britain and South Africa. In 1913 the ship was sold to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company as the Caribbean.
    Moya Greene: Moya Marguerite Greene is a Canadian businesswoman and the chief executive of the UK's Royal Mail postal service. Prior to her role with Royal Mail she served as CEO of Canada Post.
    Milap Chand Jain: Milap Chand Jain was the former Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court. He was born in 1929 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. After obtaining his B.
    RMS Rhone: RMS Rhone was a UK Royal Mail Ship owned by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. She was wrecked off the coast of Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands on 29 October 1867 in a hurricane, killing 123 people.
    RMS Amazon: RMS Amazon was a wooden three-masted barque, paddle steamer and Royal Mail Ship of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. She was one of a set of five sister ships built at the beginning of the 1850s for RMSP's routes between Southampton and the Caribbean.
    Royal Courts of Justice: The Royal Courts of Justice, commonly called the Law Courts, is a court building in London which houses both the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales.
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