Life in the block: high-rise living in London – in pictures

Photographer Slater King visited three tower blocks in Camden, north London, without prior arrangement, hoping to capture images of as many residents as he could 12-10-17
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Life in the block: high-rise living in London – in pictures
Photographer Slater King visited three tower blocks in Camden, north London, without prior arrangement, hoping to capture images of as many residents as he could
is my block of flats safe? im a 39 year old man and live in a low rise block of flats in a suburb of manchester....ive lived here 12 years now...its a council block of flats. since the fire last night in london in those high rise block of flats, its got me worried are my block of flats safe? i feel uneasy since seeing the news.
what is glasgow like compared to london uk? Glasgow is lot smaller than London there are more people living in London than the WHOLE of Scotland We have no need for high rise buildings like Canary wharf, we are not over populated either so that's why we don't have them and don't need them
Why is it that Glasgow is nothing compared to London or Birmingham? Glasgow is lot smaller than London there are more people living in London than the WHOLE of Scotland We have no need for high rise buildings like Canary wharf, we are not over populated either so that's why we don't have them and don't need them
What places should I stay away from in London ? This via Google link allows you to research areas to avoid here in London. http:// In spite of it all, London is a vibrant and multicultural city. At these links you can click around and find out a great deal about London, what's going on and where. EVENTS – WHAT'S ON – ALL OVER LONDON http:// MAP – OPEN STREET MAP of LONDON http:// PANORAMIC EARTH – THE LONDON MAP http:// STREET SENSATION – LONDON http:// TUBE MAP http:// TOILETS IN LONDON http:// and most important of all - Cost of Living here in London COST of LIVING in LONDON http:// Stay tuned - BBC Radio London LIVE online http:// and remember, no matter what people tell you, London has always been a dangerous city. Have your wits about you at all time. Back in my childhood it was far worse than it is now - back then we really were having a bad time. AMAZING COLOUR PICTURES OF THE LONDON BLITZ http:// Welcome to London - Your City Child of the London Blitz
Do you love living in london? Im considering a change of scenery to London uk, and i was wondering people views on living a life in london. With it being so grossly overpriced does the overall experience of london make up for this. Also, do you feel that there will be lots of employment in the future or will this decrease.
Is London a good place to live? If you take my opinion on this then I would recommend you Edinburgh instead of London. It is far better place if compared to London. The crime rate is low people are more helpful and the living cost is not as high if compared to London. If you are really found of night life then there are so many good pubs in Edinburgh where you can enjoy at nights. Rest it’s your choice but if I have to choose a best place to live in UK then I will go for Edinburgh.
Huge Fire Engulfs 27-Story London High-rise Block Massive flames licked up the sides of the structure as 200 firefighters battled the blaze for hours.
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Deadly London Fire Raises Question of High-Rise Safety Building regulations are designed to protect people—but after the Grenfell Tower fire, other high-rise residents are asking what went wrong.
[Property] Buying a flat in a high-rise tower block (council) need some advice.
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