Craig David opens up about his sexuality as rumours continue to grow after nearly two decades in the music industry

CRAIG DAVID has made a career out of turning ­suggestive lyrics about women into chart hits. Yet, as he approaches two decades in the music industry, rumours surrounding his sexuality continue to grow. In a revealing and emotional new edition of my Bizarre Life podcast — which you can subscribe to now on iTunes, Apple […]
Pink Opens Up About Her Sexuality: ‘I Never Say Never’
"I don’t need you to put me in a box," the pop star says.
SBI will continue to grow ahead of the industry
TIL there is a conspiracy theory that Eminem died and that he was replaced by a robot so that the music industry could continue to profit from his fame.
Craig David agrees to attend couple's wedding
The star announced plans to perform at the wedding of super fan Sophie McEvoy, 27, from Birmingham, during an appearance on Brisbane's radio station, hit105, on Friday.
AJ Tracey announces Secure the Bag EP tracklist, featuring JME & Denzel Curry, 67, and Craig David.
Gas Boom Projected to Grow for Decades
Gas Boom Projected to Grow for Decades U.S. natural-gas production will accelerate over the next three decades, research indicates, a further sign the energy boom remaking America will be long-lived.
Craig Levein opens up on Hearts striker Kyle Lafferty’s gambling issue
Craig Levein admits Hearts did not know the scale of Kyle Lafferty’s gambling problems when they signed him - but insists it would have made no difference to their decision.
dark pill:This Craig Wright lecture makes more sense now that they added music.
Movie about the music industry engineering music to control/influence people
‘IT will continue to grow’
BPO industry to grow at 33%
[19-09] David Williamson @ScotchWhiskySWA at @TLT_LLP "South America, Africa & India are big opportunities for industry over next 2 decades" #dlite
[30-09] "Orchids To Niles" is my epistolary novel in which David Hyde Pierce helps me come to terms with my sexuality as a 90s teen 📝#TCMParty
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  • [11-10] Concerns Grow Among the Ad Industry with Rollout of iOS 11:
  • [15-10] Manchester United Transfer News: Latest #Rumours on Gareth #Bale and David De #Gea
    Craig David opens up about his sexuality as rumours continue to grow after nearly two decades in the music industry
    CRAIG DAVID has made a career out of turning ­suggestive lyrics about women into chart hits. Yet, as he approaches two decades in the music industry, rumours surrounding his sexuality continue to grow. In a revealing and emotional new edition of my Bizarre Life podcast — which you can subscribe to now on iTunes, Apple […]
    * People come, people goSome grow young, some grow coldI woke up in betweenA memory and a dream-       You Don’t Know How It Feels by Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersTom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 1977, By ABC/Shelter Records, Public Domain (image courtesy of WikiCommons)Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, a young Tom Petty got his first introduction to the rock and roll life of a musician when he met Elvis Presley on the set of the (uncannily named) Follow That Dream. From that moment on, music, and the escape to a different life that it offered, became both a goal and a destination. The group dynamic of the Beatles as well as the Rolling Stones served as an example for Petty as he dropped out of high school at the age of 17, forming and joining several bands including the Epics and Mudcrutch. His contribution to rock and roll and music history however, is best known for the music he wrote and performed as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as well as his critically acclaimed solo projects. His own brand of soulful, wistful Rock and Roll spoke of the American Dream, touching and uplifting the lives of others through music that was earnest and hopeful.Petty’s music emerged onto the scene as a fresh burst of old school rock and roll - unironically cool in the midst of new wave’s throwback irony and punk rock’s fury. Never losing touch with this traditionalist approach, Petty’s iconic sound is timeless and classic with concrete structures, lacking cheesy synths or exaggerated guitar solos. Both his trajectory and staying power can be attributed to a sustainable approach to both his music and identity. His music resonates in ways that continue to inspire younger generations, shaping the landscape of music today as much as it reflected and defined the cultural landscape of his youth. Robert Mars, Revives Hearts Blondie, Mixed Media with Resin on Panel, 36 x 36 inchesIn an industry that romanticizes youthful indiscretions, attracting bright eyed newcomers like moths to a flame, Petty’s staying power is a legacy in its own. In a larger context, Petty’s musical influence came at a defining moment in America’s pop culture history. Petty and his contemporaries such as Bob Dylan, with whom he played with in the Traveling Wilburys, and by extension other artists such as Debbie Harry of Blondie, became immortalized as pop culture icons for their contributions to the industry. Their continued influence and status can be seen in works such as Revives Hearts Blondie, by contemporary pop artist Robert Mars.
    * Giving something back earns prestigious award for Lakes volunteer After nearly four decades in aerospace and defence industry...
    * 'Despacito' changed the music industry - where does Latin music go from here?
    How to interpret the phrase “no more” in “Don't love no more”(Craig David's song)? How should I interpret the phrase "no more" in one of Craig David's songs? or "no more" in the lyrics of the song shall not be deem as a phrase? Lyrics -- Don't Love You No More: I’m sick and ...
    Will trees continue to grow if I don't cut them down completely? I get bored of cutting down trees and having to go re-seed the world with acorns. Then I had a brainwave and decided to cut down the tree but leave the stump in place, like so: So, will these grow ...
    Will the stock market continue to grow forever? I am relatively new to investing. I understand that the stock market, in some sense, reflects what happens in the real economy. For example, if the U.S. economy grows, the stock market in the long ...
    “In the Last Decades” = “Over Recent Decades”? Example: This trend has been affected by significant changes in the last decades / over recent decades. I've always believed that "in the last decades" should be followed by "of" and a period of ...
    Psychologist researching rumours with team in isolated base I think this might have been in an anthology from the 70s. A small group of colonists live inside a base somewhere in the solar system. They've been there for several months or years. The narrator, ...
    What algorithms are known for computing Craig interpolants? Is there any survey of algorithms for computing interpolants? What about papers on only one algorithm? The case I'm most interested in is $A=\lnot p\land q$ and $C=q$, plus the constraint that the ...
    Why did slavery in the colonies grow more rapidly in the last decades of the 17th century than in the earlier decades of that century?
    How old is Craig David?
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    Who originally sang the song Insomnia Craig david or wheesung?
    Why won't a skydiver's speed continue to increase until his or her parachute opens?
    What challenges has the U.S. cane sugar refining industry faced over the past two decades?
    Diggler's suck-cess can only grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow... Diggler no para de crecer, y crecer, y crecer, y crecer, y crecer, y crecer, y crecer, y crecer y crecer... Fears continue to grow that the Government's bailout will not be enough to fund the industry's recovery. The music industry is being turned upside down by our ability to go to a website and download MP3 music tracks or get custom CDs made. Serious scientists began to argue it would be feasible to grow meat in a lab in recent decades. The industry has been in decline for decades. From firm foundations we will continue to grow the business. to continue/grow/proceed/develop apace
    The Sell-In: The Sell-in: How the Music Business Seduced Alternative Rock is a book by Australian music journalist, Craig Mathieson. It documents the rise of the Australia's alternative music scene and how that success attracted the interest of the music industry's major labels.
    David Bowie: David Robert Jones, known professionally as David Bowie, was an English singer, songwriter and actor. He was a leading figure in popular music for over five decades, acclaimed by critics and other musicians for his innovative work.
    The History of Sexuality: The History of Sexuality is a three-volume study of sexuality in the western world by the French historian and philosopher Michel Foucault, in which the author examines the emergence of "sexuality" as a discursive object and separate sphere of life and argues that the notion that every individual has a sexuality is a relatively recent development in Western societies.
    Bundesverband Musikindustrie: The Bundesverband Musikindustrie, or simply BVMI, represents the music industry in Germany. The association represents the interests of nearly 280 labels and music industry related enterprises, which comprise 90% of the music industry.
    R. D. Burman: Rahul Dev Burman was an Indian film score composer, who is considered one of the seminal music directors of the Indian film industry. Nicknamed Pancham, he was the only son of the composer Sachin Dev Burman. From the 1960s to the 1990s, Burman composed musical scores for 331 films. He was mainly active in the Hindi film industry as a composer, and also provided vocals for a few compositions. Burman did major work with Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar, and scored many of the songs that made these singers famous. He also scored many songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar. He served as an influence to the next generation of Indian music directors, and his songs continue to be popular in India.
    Craig Campbell: Craig Campbell is an American country music singer. He was signed to Bigger Picture Music Group, for whom he has released two albums: Craig Campbell in 2011 and Never Regret in 2013. He has had seven singles on the country chart.
    David Hilker: David Hilker is an American singer, musician, songwriter, producer and music industry executive. His music is heard in network, cable and syndicated TV shows, in major and independent films, advertising campaigns, video games and on several record labels.
    Why Is Sex Fun?: Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality is a 1997 book about the evolutionary development of human sexuality by Jared Diamond. It is part of the Science Masters series. Diamond addresses some peculiar aspects of human sexuality.
    J. Howard Marshall: James Howard Marshall II was an American businessman, academic, attorney, and government official. His life spanned nine decades and almost the entire history of the oil industry, from the early years when uncontrolled production depleted valuable fields and natural gas was burned at the well head, to the decades of energy shortages and the Arab Oil Embargo.
    Karol Martesko-Fenster: Karol Martesko-Fenster is an Austrian-born American entrepreneur and cross media executive. He has been active in the motion picture, publishing, music television and Internet industries for over two decades including leadership in the American independent film industry.
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