When did Asteroid 2012 TC4 fly past and how close was it to hitting Earth?

PLANET Earth experienced a very close encounter with a space rock – the size of a HOUSE. The asteroid was watched by astrophysicists as it zoomed past at a distance of about 27,300 miles, which is an eighth of the distance from the Earth to the Moon, according to the European Space Agency. When did Asteroid […] 12-10-17
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When did Asteroid 2012 TC4 fly past and how close was it to hitting Earth?
PLANET Earth experienced a very close encounter with a space rock – the size of a HOUSE. The asteroid was watched by astrophysicists as it zoomed past at a distance of about 27,300 miles, which is an eighth of the distance from the Earth to the Moon, according to the European Space Agency. When did Asteroid […]
Every time a meteorite ends up on (or under) Earth's surface, that's because an asteroid actually hit Earth (0 is a lot closer than 6 million miles). There are a few of those every year. Back in 2013, one asteroid was extensively filmed as it hit the atmosphere above Chelyabinsk, in Russia. There are some videos of asteroids skipping on Earth's atmosphere and bouncing back into space. One such video was taken by a spectator at a ball game. That asteroid "missed" the surface by 400 miles or so (400 is a lot closer than 6 million). In the article, all it says is that this December will be the closest approach for THAT asteroid... in the last few years (even this asteroid has been closer to Earth in earlier passes). Phaethon did not even make the sentry list of asteroids with a chance of hitting Earth in the next 100 years (even if that "chance" is only one-in-a-million). What makes the news item interesting is that NASA (and other agencies) plan to take radar images of Phaethon. This is rather special (for astronomers) because it is not that easy to take a radar image of an object located at 6 million miles, zooming by at speeds in the tens of thousands miles per hour. Don't forget: this thing will pass 27 times further away than the Moon... and that is already quite far.
The larger the asteroid, the more likely it is to survive the trip from the top of the atmosphere. The rock that hit 65 million years ago was about 6 miles in diameter. That means when the leading edge was hitting the surface of the Earth, the trailing edge was as high or higher than Mt. Everest - and it all came barreling in. While the effects from the impact wiped out 90 to 95% of the land animals on Earth, not all life was obliterated. Crocs and Alligators are usually close-to-water creatures, and this could've helped in their survival.
Nasa has been misquoted. As usual. What they say is that there are many asteroids in space. Occasionally one of them will fly close by the Earth. Due to uncertainties in measurement, it is not possible to predict exactly how close a particular asteroid may come. The best that can be done is to provide the chances of the asteroid coming within a given distance. The asteroid you mention has been predicted to have far less than a one percent chance of collision with Earth. Compared to the highly probable chance of nightmare scenarios caused by man's mismanagement of the planet and it's resources, asteroids are the least of your worries. If you are truly worried about your survival, you will need to study statistics related to survival, and live accordingly. The best advice is still: don't smoke, get some exercise, eat plenty of fruit and veges, minimize exposure to sun, practice safe sex, be aware of your surroundings, avoid toxic chemicals, wear a helmet while in a motor vehicle, and maybe invest in a survival shelter and stock up on canned food. Cheers!
If there were an asteroid collision into the Moon that was anywhere close to being able to destroy it the amount of debris thrown up would bombard the Earth the likes of which it hasn't seen in 3.8 billion years. The surface of the Earth would be barren slag.
What about the asteroid? Not one weatherman/woman is even mentioning a huge asteroid that is getting very close to us this weekend.?
How big an asteroid, and where does it hit? As it is, Earth routinely scoops up ton of asteroid debris each and every day. Or, if you want to play with the numbers -
Asteroid will fly past Earth in ‘damn close’ shave this week, scientists warn
Asteroid to Just Squeeze Past Earth Asteroid to Just Squeeze Past Earth Astronomers are tracking an asteroid about the size of an aircraft carrier that on Tuesday will pass by Earth, within the moon's orbit, in the closest approach of such an object in a generation.
Huge asteroid to fly past Earth
Huge asteroid comes close to Earth
Asteroid to come close to Earth on June 27
Asteroid to have a close brush with Earth on Feb. 16
Phew! Asteroid Slips Just Past Earth Asteroid Brushes Past Earth A 150-foot asteroid passed by Earth on Friday in the closest known fly-by for a space rock of its size.
Asteroid to shave past Earth in October
Powerful asteroid whizzes past earth
Giant asteroid zips past Earth
100ft Asteroid to Have Close Encounter With Earth The asteroid will pass by Earth on October 12 at an estimated distance of 27,000 miles.
Huge asteroid comes extremely close to Earth
In (Relatively) Close Call, Asteroid Will Miss Earth Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth Astronomers are keeping a wary eye on a large asteroid expected to narrowly miss hitting Earth next Friday in the closest known approach since NASA started tracking cosmic debris.
Asteroid as big as ‘city block’ to hurtle past earth
Asteroid grazes past Earth in 'critical' rehearsal
Can they calculate how close 2012 DA14 comes to Earth for the remainder of this century [closed] ... but couldn't tell until recently that Apophis won't hit Earth around 2030? What's the catch in these calculations? Are the numbers just so incredibly big that the 28,000 km distance in which 2012 ...
Is there no link between the meteor that affected Russia and the asteroid 2012 DA14? A large meteor or meteors entered the atmosphere near Russia's Chelyabinsk region hours before closest approach of asteroid 2012 DA14. Initial claims are that the two are unrelated; the above link ...
What if an asteroid the size of the moon hits earth?
Story about Moon being hit by an Asteroid and causing Freezing on Earth A while back in 2012-13 I read a book with following plot line: It was about the moon being hit by an asteroid which caused it to move closer the the Earth causing a massive freeze. The book ...
Book about time portals inside an asteroid in Earth orbit I read this book many years ago and it had a nice plot. For the life of me I can't remember the name or author so I need help. Story: one asteroid shaped object appears close to Earth orbit or in the ...
What sci-fi novel has the moon split into 7 pieces by an asteroid, threatening life on earth? I am looking for the title of a novel that I only caught part of on audio. It takes place within our current time frame and deals with the Moon getting struck and fragmented into (initially) 7 pieces ...
What makes an asteroid hitting earth so unique? It isn't unique; it has happened before, and will probably happen again. We just don't know when. If we detect it early enough, there's a good chance that we would be able to move it enough to capture it in orbit; the mass of an asteroid in orbit would be IMMENSELY valuable in the construction of space habitats.
[21-11] What happens when an asteroid gets close to earth?
What is the name of the asteroid that will come close to earth? Apaphis
Is there any chance the asteroid that is getting close to earth will it get pulled into your atmosphere? no,masteroids are only in the asteroid belt.
Is there actually proof that in 2012 an asteroid will hit earth? There are no asteroids being tracked, studied, or observed for which any pointin their orbit coincides with any point in Earth's orbit at any time in 2012.
Is an asteroid going to hit Earth on June 17 2012? Well considering that it is 00:15 June 18, 2012, and it hasn't hit, I'd say no.
Could the orbital alignment on December 21st 2012 somehow cause an asteroid to hit earth? An asteroid might hit at any moment. There is no reason to believe that an asteroid will hit any time soon, though.
If an asteroid impact were to stop the Earth from rotating how big would that asteroid need to be? size doesn't matter its the angle and speed of the asteroid that it is at, plus if that did happen the earth would either drift off into space and eventually get back into a orbit because of the suns gravity or explodes and everything would just flip, roll over, fall how ever you wanna put it. plus its nearly impossible for a asteroid to do that it would probably do what i said in the second sentence.
How close was the asteroid to the moon this year? 250000 miles away
Is Venus' close to the asteroid belt? Not really. Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and the asteroid belt is after the fourth planet, Mars. It's like millions of kilometers away.
How do spacecrafts get past the asteroid belt?
Does Jupiter have damage from being close to the asteroid belt? Because of its mass, Jupiter has likely collided with more asteroids, planetesimals, comets and other small bodies than any other planet in the Solar system. The asteroid belt only gets as close to Jupiter as it does because Jupiter has perturbed the orbits of all asteroids that were closer to Jupiter, either impacting directly, locking them into orbit of Jupiter to become a moon, or causing the asteroids to slingshot away. Many millions of years in the past, there were a lot more asteroids, and they were not confined to the asteroid belt, but the gravitational pull of Jupiter and the other pl
What major leaguers have been close to hitting 400? Recently, Chipper Jones was close for part of the season, but didn't end up too close. Ted Williams is the only player to hit 400.
Earth's moon hypothetically was a portion of earth when it was hit by an asteroid how was this possible? if a meteor hit earth and a piece of earth (the moon) chipped off. earths gravitational pull could be sufficient to make the moon orbit around the earth.
what stops the meteors from hitting the close side of the moon?
What layer of earth atmosphere blocks meteors from hitting the earth? The mesosphere does a rather decent job of slowing meteors down. Meteorites, however, hit Earth all the time, most of them very small and unnoticeable. They are slowed down as much as they are burned up. The ones that make great impacts on Earth were ones that were so large as meteoroids, that when they entered the Earth's atmosphere, barely any material was burned up. Meteors/Meteoroids add several tons of weight to Earth every day. So in recapitulation, Meteors are mostly burned up in the Thermosphere since it is the hottest layer and the largest. The mesosphere would "slow it down" the most
Scientists think that the tilt of Earth's axis was caused by what hitting the Earth? Many, many planetesmals and possibly a few protoplanets.
You have extended visitation with your children for the past months your 8 year old daughter has been having outbursts She has been hitting herself?
A THREE MILE wide asteroid is set to graze past Earth on Sept. 1 - A massive asteroid estimated to be 2.7 miles wide is set to make a 'relatively close encounter' with Earth on September 1. ...
Earth is Unprepared for an Asteroid Strike - Earth is Unprepared for an Asteroid Strike.
Alert, Serious problem, Astronomer say an Asteroid will hit Earth - people give me permission to repost the video I was in the reception not likely unfit for living hope people do not appeal to me for me the way to the river for sir ...
EB News 12. Oktober 2017: mit Sonne & Co. , sowie Asteroid 2012 TC4 mit 0,13 LD zur Erde.. - Die freien Engelsburg News für den 3. Oktober 2017: mit Sonne & Co. , sowie Asteroid 2012 TC4 in 0,13LD. *** Die freien News sind wesentlich kürzer als die ...
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