The Chase’s Bradley Walsh slammed for not accepting this CORRECT answer

BRADLEY Walsh has been slammed after rejecting a correct answer on tonight’s episode of The Chase – because the contestant answered with an extra word. Graphic designer Dean was the first to take on the cash builder round, and was asked: “Wet Wet Wet did a cover of what song for Four Weddings And A […]
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Bradley is the first American coach in the Premier League.
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[18-10] Bradley: Disney's Mickey & Minnie are what animals? Shaun: Mouses. Bradley: Correct. #TheChase WTF are mouses?!
[14-10] Omg did Bradley Walsh just say that omg omg 😱😱😱 #jonathanross
[15-10] #JonathanRoss with Stormzy and Bradley Walsh 😂😂😂
[16-10] They’re roasting Bradley Walsh 😂😂😂🤣 #JonathanRoss
[09-10] @DeeJ_BNG The correct answer is #BladerRunner2049, despite what I fatfingered as my answer on the poll
[14-10] name a more iconic duo than stormzy and bradley walsh #jonathanross
[14-10] NME: Remembering the first time Bradley Walsh met Stormzy #jonathanross
[04-10] Diane is loving Bradley Walsh's jokes #thechase
[14-10] Stormzy and Bradley Walsh on #JonathanRoss have made my night 😂
[09-10] Bradley Walsh asks contestant about boners 😱 #TheChase
[14-10] When will @Stormzy1 be appearing on Bradley Walsh’s #TheChase ? #TheJRShow
[28-09] #TheChase’s Bradley Walsh CLASHES with contestant over THIS suggestion: ‘No, no, no!’ .
[14-10] Stormzy and Bradley Walsh duet on #jonathanross legend 😂 x
[17-10] Bradley Walsh absolutely kills me! #chase #trumpimpression
[17-10] Bradley Walsh’s #Trump impression was superb!!! #thechase
[14-10] Gwarn Bradley Walsh. Singing Stormzy tracks on #jonathanross 🔥🙌🏾🔥
[14-10] @Stormzy1 & Bradley Walsh giving me life tonight🙌🏼😂👌🏼 #jonathanross
[14-10] Stormzy & Bradley Walsh, what more do you need from a chat show #epic #jonathanross
  • [18-10] Bradley: Disney's Mickey & Minnie are what animals? Shaun: Mouses. Bradley: Correct. #TheChase WTF are mouses?!
  • [14-10] Omg did Bradley Walsh just say that omg omg 😱😱😱 #jonathanross
    The Chase’s Bradley Walsh slammed for not accepting this CORRECT answer
    BRADLEY Walsh has been slammed after rejecting a correct answer on tonight’s episode of The Chase – because the contestant answered with an extra word. Graphic designer Dean was the first to take on the cash builder round, and was asked: “Wet Wet Wet did a cover of what song for Four Weddings And A […]
    * Tom Bradley captures his uneasy relationship with Dhaka in a visceral portrait series called Fractures.All images by Tom Bradley. Used with permission. My name is Tom Bradley. I was brought up in London, where I’m generally based, but I spend much of the time abroad. I’ve been pretty lucky these last 8 or so years and traveled quite extensively across west and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and one or two other places in the world. I suppose most of my work would be referred to as documentary,…View On WordPress
    * #tbt to Illustrated Rock and Roll 45, for Charles Bradley's You Put the Flame on It. Bradley passed away on Saturday, and I keep...
    * Jackie Bradley Jr. #ThenAndNow #JBJ .. #JackieBradleyJr #Bradley #Redsox #boston #BostonRedSox #beantown #sox #outfield
    Meaning of all day long as used by Bradley Walsh In the TV series The Chase, presenter Bradley Walsh frequently uses the phrase 'all day long'. In the situations when he uses it, I would expect 'perfect' or 'dead right'. Is that a meaning for '...
    Circular permutation without neighbors of 8 people, is 3 the correct answer? My answer and work included, would like feedback/alternatives I stumbled a question. A round table has 8 people, what are the total number of ways such that no one sits next to the same person again? I started this question by number people 1-8. And then set person 1 arbitrary at the head of the table. Total number of ways this should be possible, I believe should be 7!, not 8! because the first person is fixed thus only the other 7 are rotating. SO that is the base we start with, the real answer is obviously significantly less than this. I came up with an answer of 3 but am unsure and I had to use paper to do so, I would love if there was a way to do so without paper or at least a systematic way to think about it. I assume one arrangement: is just 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (where 8 sits next to 1) Thus for the next choice, I initially tried to think in terms of: the number of people who can sit next to 1 is reduced from 7 to 5 because now 2 and 8 are out the window. But this leads me to a bit of rabbit hole for the next one because it's all getting flipped. I couldn't get going through this method so I thought about a different way, but I wold love it if someone could explain if and how this is viable answer. I approached it by looking at them in 2 pairs of 4 and then attaching neighbors so I split into a pairs: 1,2,3,4 and 5,6,7,8. And then lined them up and combined each column into a pair so 1 combined with 5, 2 combined with 6 etc. came up with a second sequence, my plan was to do this until they repeat (presumably I would have my answer) 1, 2, 3, 4 = 1,5,2,6,3,7,4,8 5, 6, 7, 8 Do it again: 1,5,2,6 3,7,4,8 And: 1,3,5,7,2,4,6,8. If we repeat we start repeating so I should be finished. Because the next sequence is: 1,3,5,7 2,4,6,8 Thus I came up with 3 sequences, however is this right? Are there better more systematic/reductive ways using combinatorics to do this? I am really struggling with a good way of thinking about this question in a logical progression
    Is it correct to say “Lets Answer me” or “Let's Answer me”? [duplicate] Possible Duplicate: “Let's” vs. “lets”: which is correct? Do they have different meaning?
    How to record (accepting and later returning) other peoples' money? What's the correct terminology for that? // GnuCash How to record (accepting and later returning) other peoples' money in GnuCash? I assume it would not be recorded as income / expense, respectively. Liabilities also seems unlikely. Equities? Maybe... ...
    Just bought iPad mini 4 and have updated to ios 10, now not accepting correct password for home network After updating my new iPad to iOS 10, it will not connect to my home network. If I go outside of my home, the iPad will connect to other networks, but not my home network. I have tried resetting/...
    How can Sam appoint Bradley to be CEO? In the very end we Sam and Bradley talk and he asks him to be at Encom at 8am, but Bradley says, What about the board? So how can Sam overrule the board?
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    What is the age of a 16 ga Winchester model 12 shotgun serial 1615817 The gun was bought in 1955 or 1954 The answer of 1957 is wrong. What is the correct answer?
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    Rudolph is taking a test that has 30 questionsHe earns 9 points for every correct answer and loses 5 points for every wrong answerIf Rudolph's score is 18 how many questions did he answer correctly?
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    321113, commonwealth vs Bradley Chase. JUZGADO 321113. El Estado contra Bradley Chase. Agresión con arma mortífera - She arrived at the correct answer by a process of elimination (= by deciding against each answer that was unlikely to be correct until only one was left). A clearly rattled Walsh showed his inexperience as he began to answer anyway before being hushed from the bench. In 1. there are no brackets. Assuming English is the question and German the answer you have to give the entire expression'Wir besitzen einen Computer 'for a correct answer. En 1 no hay corchetes. Considerando que «Inglés» es la pregunta y que «Alemán» es la respuesta, tendrá que proporcionar la expresión completa «Wir besitzen einen Computer» para que la respuesta sea considerada como correcta. a correct answer. a correct answer Neither answer is correct.
    The Chase: The Chase is a British television quiz show broadcast on ITV and hosted by Bradley Walsh. Contestants play against a professional quizzer, known as the "chaser", who attempts to prevent them from winning a cash prize.
    Bradley Walsh: Bradley John Walsh is an English actor, comedian, singer, television presenter and former professional footballer, best known for his roles as Danny Baldwin in Coronation Street and the lead role of DS Ronnie Brooks in Law & Order: UK, as well as hosting ITV game shows The Chase and Cash Trapped.
    Correctiv: The CORRECT!V is a German nonprofit investigative journalism newsroom whose stated goal is "to give citizens access to information." With about 20 staff members, CORRECT!V is the only nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative center in Germany. CORRECT!V describes itself as an organization that is "one of the many answers to the media crisis." CORRECT!
    News-Press & Gazette Company: The News-Press & Gazette Company is a media company based in St. Joseph, Missouri, wholly owned and operated by the Bradley family. It is presided by Brian Bradley and David R. Bradley, with Hank Bradley, Eric Bradley and Kit Bradley serving on its Board of Directors. All are descendants of family patriarch Henry D. Bradley and his son, David Bradley, Sr.
    Danny Baldwin: Danny Baldwin is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, portrayed by actor and TV presenter, Bradley Walsh.
    Davy Walsh: David Joseph Walsh, commonly referred to as Davy Walsh or Dave Walsh, was an Irish footballer who played as a centre forward for, among others, Linfield, West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa.
    Spin Star: Spin Star is a British television game show that was broadcast on ITV, and was hosted by Bradley Walsh. It is based around a five-reel slot machine called the Moneyspinner.
    Cyril Walsh: Sir Cyril Ambrose Walsh KBE, Australian judge, was a Justice of the High Court of Australia. Walsh was born in Sydney, New South Wales, the son of Michael and Mary Walsh. He grew up in the western suburb of Werrington, where his father owned a dairy farm.
    USS Chase: USS Chase, a Buckley-class destroyer escort of the United States Navy, was named in honor of Admiral Jehu V. Chase. Chase was launched 24 April 1943 by Norfolk Navy Yard; sponsored by Mrs. J. V. Chase; and commissioned 18 July 1943, Lieutenant Commander V. B. Staadecker, USNR, in command.
    Louis Walsh: Michael Louis Vincent Walsh known as Louis Walsh is an Irish entertainment manager and judge on British television talent show The X Factor. Originally from Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Walsh moved to Dublin to get a start in the music industry.
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