9 things people would put on their ‘anti-bucket list’

What have you done that you never will again?
If We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel was written today, what would the long list of controversial/bad things/events/people include?
Anti-bucket list. What is something you'll never do again?
LDF poll manifesto to be people’s bucket list
CPI (M) releases list of BJP’s ‘anti-people’ acts
One for the bucket list
Is this on your bucket list?
What's something everyone should have on their bucket list?
Going Once: Bidding on a Bucket List
Going Once: Bidding on a Bucket List The point of Gavel & Grand, a new auction site from the fellows who brought us Paddle8, which itself is an auction site for art and design, is to offer 'access to extraordinary experiences and luxury items.'
Laknavaram ought to be on your bucket list
The Origins of ‘Bucket List’
The Origins of ‘Bucket List’ The phrase “bucket list” made its way from a screenwriter’s bulletin board to usage by President Obama—but changed its meaning on the way.
A holiday without a bucket list
[04-10] #PredictMaysSpeech Generally ticking buzz words off from a list of things people like about Jeremy Corbyn without any charm or comprehension
[26-09] List of things/people i've seen blamed for tonight: #lufc Ref TC Keeper Phillips Cooper Klitch Pablo Grot Roofe Sky Trump Brexit Farage
[21-09] Why not finish the day off with a list of everything your grateful for. Big things Small things Anything! #WorldGratitudeDay
[20-08] Looking for things to do with the kids? Here's a list of FREE things to do in #Manchester?☀️
[03-10] When we stop chasing the wrong things and people, we are giving the right things and people a chance to catch us...…
[22-09] How many of these things can u tick off ur list this weekend? #
[01-10] Among things to fret about against the #Yankees, that seems well down the list.
[19-09] List of things we've done well since moving to LA: 1. #Chargers
[16-10] Have a look at this list of great things to do here in Porterville! 😀👍
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[12-10] #WhereIFoundMyKeys on my list of the best things in life.
[18-07] A very short list of things to do and not do in #Birmingham
[04-10] Quote of the day so far from Experian's Alastair Bulger "cookies don't buy things. People buy things." #FoM17
[18-10] Amazing Chris Packham doc: To be able to see things and process things in a way other people can't should be seen as a gift #AspergersAndMe
[17-09] @BlogosphereM I feel like things get stereotypical, because people do the same things - bit like the same xmas song…
[27-09] Having a Bad Day? Here Are 5 Things Successful People Do to Turn Things Around #WednesdayWisdom #stress
[24-09] Two things most people complain about... 1. Change 2. The way things are 🤷‍♂️#edchat #satchat
  • [16-10] Have a look at this list of great things to do here in Porterville! 😀👍
  • [12-10] #WhereIFoundMyKeys on my list of the best things in life.
    9 things people would put on their ‘anti-bucket list’
    What have you done that you never will again?
    * There are so many things to remember.   Where you put your keys, where you parked your car, the name of a person you just met…..so many things.   People often make a ‘to-do’ list of the things the have to do in order not to forget.  But where did you put that list? I don’t now where the saying originated, but September is supposed to be the month in which you remember.  Remember Allemand,…View On WordPress
    * It has been a couple years since I’ve done exchanges, I used to be super active, but this is something I was thinking about. How do folks feel about exchange specific amazon wishlists? I once had someone post an amazon wishlist made specifically for an exchange in their exchange preferences and I found it really helpful. I didn’t necessarily buy many things off of it or get them only things from their list - but it let me know what kind of things they were interested in that fell under the theme. I’ve also seen people complain about folks doing things like this as they felt like they HAD to buy something off the list.Your thoughts?
    * Dear boss,I’m doing 2 people’s jobs right now. So is the person I supervise/delegate work to. Meaning 4 people’s work is being done by 2 people. Every other second the phone is ringing about something, and on the alternate seconds someone in the office is having an IT crisis I have to solve, and overlapping with a bunch of those seconds are all the new staff who have general questions about how things work. YOUR boss wants pretty much anything he asks for “first thing” and often gives me multiple projects simultaneously. Multiple people want sizable mailings to go out that I have to facilitate. A certain one of my coworkers is, as usual, slacking, and I’m carrying more weight than I really should be of the work I do with him as a result.This is on top of all the random little miscellaneous things that come up on a daily basis. I haven’t cleared out my to do list by the end of the day in weeks.But it’s cute that you think putting boxes of things that you ordered away should be a top priority/something I have immediate time for right now.
    check vs checked for bucket list or todo list [closed] I want to express that something is done on my todo list or bucket list, in short written form. Which is the more appropriate way, "XXX, checked." or "XXX, check."? I understand that in oral form, "...
    Where and when did “Bucket List” come to mean what it does today? I'm not sure I had even heard the term "bucket list" until the movie came out. I get the feeling though that the term long predates the movie. Can anyone identify how "bucket list" came to mean what ...
    alternatives to “bucket list of kate” I want to say: "kate's bucket list" but we need to have "kate" at the end of the sentence (that is the requirement). So I thought of "bucket list of kate" but it sounded a bit.... I don't know... bad ...
    How to do bucket list challenge when car is pushed too far into the ocean How do I do a bucket list challenge when the bucket list challenge car has been pushed too far into the ocean?
    Who was the person Deadpool was sharing his “bucket list” with? In the Deadpool movie, in the scenes where Wade is going through his "treatment" there is one "patient" that has bit more screen time than others - he and Wade lay next to each other and they have a ...
    What does President Obama's joke, “Bucket taking executive action on immigration,” “Bucket new climate regulation” mean? There were the following lines in President Obama’s speech delivered in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner held on April 25 at the Washington Hilton Hotel: “Just this week, Michele Bachmann ...
    Im making a bucket-list type thing of crazy things you want to do this summer any ideas?
    List three things people value and why?
    Who is the main character of the Bucket List?
    How old was Jack Nicholson's character in the Bucket List?
    Have you created a bucket list but lost it or did not complete most items?
    What are the name of the glasses the Jack Nicholson wore in the bucket list?
    Would you be richer if you had a bucket of nickels or half a bucket of dimes?
    How many people would it take to fill up a 40 gallon bucket with their own poop?
    Your 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport has tracks for bucket seats you would like replace the bench seat with bucket seats?
    You can find pictures of hail at google images or photo bucket i would highly recommend photo bucket.?
    Why is a plastic bucket better than a metal bucket?
    What should i add to my summer to do list so far i have things like play a drinking game go skinny dipping and and sneak out please dont answer with things like have a sleepover THANKS xoxo?
    Killing you is officially on my bucket list. Matarte está oficialmente en la lista de las cosas que tengo que hacer antes de morir. Her solution: a bucket list of influential people and places to visit and photograph. It was on a hike to the Grand Canyon at age 18 that Shattuck penned her first bucket list. On the verge of turning 60 this December, Lennox still has a few items to cross off her bucket list. The list of things that so many women, young girls and children are forced to undergo was pitiable, as were the details of these things. From Europarl Paralle I abhor the Hamas charter with its anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Western, anti-democratic call for a Judenrein Palestine. before anti-vaxxers, there were anti-fluoriders: a group who spread fear about the anti-tooth decay agent added to drinking water.
    World's Largest Cedar Bucket: The World's Largest Cedar Bucket is a 1,556 imperial gallons red cedar bucket. The bucket is approximately 6 feet tall, with diameters of 6 feet at its base and 9 feet at its top.
    Christmas List: Christmas List is a 2016 romance film directed by Paul A. Kaufman and starring Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan. Written by Duane Poole, the film is about Isobel plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a snow-covered cottage in the Northwest, and a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions.
    Bliss GVS Pharma: Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd. is an Indian pharmaceutical and company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Bliss GVS primarily develops, manufactures and markets products across various therapeutic categories including Anti-fungal, Contraceptive, Laxative, Anti-haemorrhoidal, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-malarial, Anti-biotic, Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic, Analgesic and several others.
    War of the Bucket: The War of the Bucket or the War of the Oaken Bucket was fought in 1325, between the rival city-states of Bologna and Modena. It took place in the Emilia district of northern Italy.
    Susan B. Anthony List: The Susan B. Anthony List is a 501 non-profit organization that seeks to reduce and ultimately end abortion in the U.S. by supporting anti-abortion politicians, primarily women, through its SBA List Candidate Fund political action committee.
    Bucket Lake: Bucket Lake is a lake in Kreis Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. At an elevation of 14 m, its surface area is 1.5 ha. The lake belongs to Eckernförde. The genesis of the bucket lake in Eckernförde is unique: a polythene bucket was used as a plug in a pipe in 1990. Since then, the lake has become a habitat with a huge diversity of plants and animals. This was also seen as a successful example of cheap land restoration in Japan, in South Korea and in the United States.
    Bucket List Project: Bucket List Project is the debut studio album by Chicago rapper Saba. It was released on October 27, 2016 by Saba Pivot, LLC.
    Gin bucket: A gin bucket is an American mixed drink consisting of gin and typically Fresca placed in a suitably sized bucket, with ice and chopped fruit added. Traditionally, the gin is drunk by means of a turkey baster, eliminating the need for glasses.
    Rice Bucket Challenge: The Rice Bucket Challenge is a response to the Ice Bucket Challenge that started in India and spread to other South Asian nations.
    Rhino Bucket: Rhino Bucket is the self-titled debut album by hard rock band Rhino Bucket. Released in 1990, it is notable for its Bon Scott-era AC/DC sound.
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