Wall Street ends at fresh records; Spanish stocks gain

The euro won some much-needed support after Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont suspended an independence declaration and called for talks with Madrid to resolve Spain's worst crisis in decades 11-10-17
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Wall Street ends at fresh records; Spanish stocks gain
The euro won some much-needed support after Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont suspended an independence declaration and called for talks with Madrid to resolve Spain's worst crisis in decades
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Why is it "master deal maker" trump cant seem to make a good deal? Okay lets take a count. Lowest unemployment since the 70s. Wall street breaking records. Everybody is doing better since Trump became president. Leftists are imbeciles.
From the Wall Street Journal: "Economists Credit Trump as Tailwind for U.S. Growth, Hiring and Stocks." From Dick Durbin: "Trump cussed"...?
Do you agree with President Trump? Is Social Security a "Ponzi Scheme" ?? Since it wasn't put in a lockbox and is being entirely spent every year, the likelihood of Social Security surviving under a Republican president or majority is definitely smaller, leaving millions of Baby Boomers without even a modicum of protection from poverty. GW Bush's idea that we should phase social security out while encouraging everybody to invest in Wall Street for retirement instead is suicidal--as witnessed over and over again by the high-risk and medium-risk stocks dropping and ruining people's retirement portfolios. When Wall Street crashes, retirements are lost; property/homes are lost; companies providing pensions can't provide those pensions any longer. WALL STREET IS THE GAMBLE that can ruin us all within seconds, even by a computer glitch (which has happened in the recent past). When that happens, the federal government and social security/Medicare/Medicaid is anything but a Ponzi Scheme. Our strength is in helping each other, not in the feverish Wall Street clamor some people think they are enjoying at the moment. Instead of tearing Social Security down and berating it, we need to save that money, not spend it elsewhere, and try to improve how social security functions...not let nihilists destroy it to avoid paying into their own retirements. Trust Trump to turn an already dire situation into a Ponzi Scheme and he will--because that's what he excels in.
Technology stocks boost Wall Street to hit fresh records Of the S&P 500 companies, 55 are expected to report this week
Wall Street rises to fresh opening high as healthcare, banking stocks gain A 1.7 per cent rise in Johnson & Johnson and a 5 per cent jump in Boston Scientific helped the S&P health sector gain 0.7 per cent
Asia markets gain after Wall Street notches up records Analysts said the markets were unaffected by a mass shooting at a Las Vegas hotel that left at least 59 dead and hundreds injured
3-D Printing Stocks Gain Wall Street's Eye 3-D Printing Stocks Gain Wall Street's Eye Surging share prices and blockbuster initial public offerings from 3-D printing companies have finally drawn the attention of analysts from the big Wall Street banks.
[World] - Asia markets gain after Wall Street notches up records | France24
Wall Street higher as technology, energy stocks gain (Reuters) - Technology and energy stocks gained in early afternoon trading on Monday, helping Wall Street shake off uncertainties following an explosion at one of New York's busiest commuter hubs.
Wall Street opens higher as tech stocks gain (Reuters) - Wall Street's main indexes opened higher on Wednesday, led by gains in technology stocks including Microsoft and IBM.
Wall Street hits new records as healthcare stocks rise (Reuters) - All three major indexes hit record levels in early trading on Tuesday as healthcare stocks rose on robust earnings and investors remained upbeat about a cut in corporate taxes.
Wall Street closes with records as telecom stocks soar Indexes close at their all-time highs
Tech leads Wall Street higher, Amazon and retail stocks gain (Reuters) - Technology stocks led the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to record high closes on Black Friday, while Amazon and retail stocks got a boost from signs of a strong start to the holiday shopping season.
Wall Street higher as consumer and bank stocks gain; Facebook falls Earnings for S&P 500 companies are expected to increase on an average by 11.8% in the quarter
[Business] - Wall Street hits fresh records on financial, tech gains | REUTERS
Wall Street selloff ebbs as rise in bond yields pauses, tech stocks gain (Reuters) - U.S. stocks pared losses to trade little changed in late morning trading on Monday as a rise in bond yields paused and technology stocks gained.
[Business] - Global stocks rise as Wall Street breaks new records | Miami Herald
Asia stocks tumble by fresh Wall Street slide, safe havens in demand U.S. markets remained the epicentre of the global sell-off, with the Dow plunging 4.1 percent and the S&P 500 sinking 3.7 percent overnight.
Asia stocks pummeled by fresh Wall Street slide, safe havens in demand TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian stocks tumbled on Friday after Wall Street shares suffered yet another big slide amid worries over rising bond yields, while perceived havens such as the yen and Swiss franc drew demand amid the turmoil.
Tokyo stocks open higher on Wall Street's rally after gov't shutdown ends
[Business] - Hong Kong stocks likely to extend gains after Wall Street hit fresh highs | South China Morning Post
U.S. Stocks Rise to Fresh Records U.S. Stocks Rise to Fresh Records The Dow industrials and S&P 500 closed at fresh records Tuesday after Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen signaled that future interest-rate increases will be clearly marked and noted the recent improvement in the U.S. economy.
U.S. Stocks Close at Fresh Records U.S. Stocks Close at Fresh Records The Dow industrials and S&P 500 closed at fresh records as global markets rose Friday on signs the Chinese and European central banks were acting to boost those economies.
Gold Ends at Nearly One-Month Low as Stocks Gain Gold Ends at Nearly One-Month Low Gold prices fell to their lowest level in nearly a month, as gains in the stock market drew funds away from the precious metal.
Wall St limps to fresh records, ASX to open flat The Australian market is headed for a flat open, as Wall Street barely manages to hit another fresh record and local unemployment figures come out later in the morning.
Asian markets surge following Wall Street records Asian markets surged Monday as investors tracked last week's record-breaking end on Wall Street, where the three major indices all hit fresh highs.
Wall Street closes with records after rise in oil, tech All three major indexes close at their all-time highest levels
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Why do some stocks gain or lose a particular percentage of their value?
on Wall Street vs on the Wall Street Why is the article before "Wall Street" extraneous?
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