Most Asian markets rally as euro lifted by Catalan relief

Asian investors took the lead from their New York counterparts to send markets higher, with Tokyo's Nikkei 225 hitting a fresh 21-year high 12-10-17
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  • [09-10] #Catalan vote: Thousands rally for unity across Spain
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  • [07-10] Catalan Referendum: Thousands Rally For Spanish Unity
  • [14-10] Hundreds of thousands to rally for #Catalan #independence from Spain
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Most Asian markets rally as euro lifted by Catalan relief
Asian investors took the lead from their New York counterparts to send markets higher, with Tokyo's Nikkei 225 hitting a fresh 21-year high
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Asian Markets Stage Relief Rally Asian Markets Stage Relief Rally Stock markets, currencies recover from a two-day decline after China’s surprise devaluation of the yuan
Asian Markets, Euro Slide on Weak China PMI Asian Markets Slide Asian stock markets slid, extending last month's large declines, as China's manufacturing sector slowed sharply in May, pushing down the euro and Asian currencies. Japan's Nikkei dropped 1%. |
Nikkei Leads Rally in Asian Markets Asian Shares Rally Stocks in Japan surged for a second time this week while Hong Kong emerged as one of the best-performing Asian indexes this month, as bargain hunters returned despite a recent bout of volatility in global markets.
Asian Markets Rally on Greek Vote Election Sparks Asia Rally The Greek election sparked a rally in risk assets in Asia as investors were cheered by the victory of pro-bailout New Democracy party. Stocks across the region climbed with Japan's Nikkei up 1.9%.
Asian stocks close mixed as oil markets digest Hurricane Harvey impact; euro near 2-1/2 year high Most Asian indexes ended mixed in Monday trade as oil markets digested the impact of Hurricane Harvey.
Asia Markets Rally on Greek Relief Asia Markets Rally on Greek Relief Asian stock markets climbed, with financial and resources plays rallying as Greece dropped plans for a bailout referendum, likely preventing the collapse of last week's euro-zone plan. Hong Kong's Hang Seng was up 3.1%.
After the Relief Rally, Markets Return to Fed, Earnings After the Relief Rally, Markets Return to Fed, Earnings U.S. stocks rose, but the dollar, which initially rallied on the news, was mixed against other major currencies following the death of Osama bin Laden. Lingering concerns about the Federal Reserve's loose monetary policy kept the dollar in check.
Asian Stocks Stage a Greek Relief Rally Asian Stocks Stage a Greek Relief Rally Asian stocks surged on rising expectations that Greece would be able to avoid a messy default, though shares in China and Hong Kong were held back by concerns Beijing will tighten monetary policy further. Japan's Nikkei rose 1.5%.
European Markets Rally on Fiscal-Cliff Relief European Markets Rally European stock markets posted stellar gains as investors returning from the New Year's break cheered a deal in Washington to avert spending cuts and tax increases widely seen as potentially threatening a U.S. recession.
‘Brexit’ Relief Rally Leaves Markets With Little to Gain, Lots to Lose ‘Brexit’ Relief Rally Leaves Markets With Little to Gain and a Lot to Lose Markets will experience a greater hit from Britain voting to leave the European Union than they will benefit from any rally on a decision to remain.
GLOBAL MARKETS-World stocks hit new high as Spain relief, tech rally boost European trading (IBEX, CABK, SAB, AAPL, AMS, DLG, STM)
GLOBAL MARKETS-World stocks hit new high as Spanish relief, tech rally boost European trading (CABK, SAB, IBEX, AMS, DLG, AAPL, STM)
MARKETS LIVE Sensex Nifty November series expiry asian markets china Catch all live market action here
Euro Gets Lifted to a One-Month High Euro Gets a Lift, but Stays Vulnerable The euro hit a one-month high of $1.2444 on Monday. But the euro-zone crisis and the potential that the Federal Reserve becomes more relaxed about the U.S. economy could send it lower again.
Fresenius Lifted by Emerging Markets Fresenius Lifted by Emerging Markets Fresenius reported higher net profit in the third-quarter helped by double-digit growth in emerging markets, prompting the German health care group to confirm its full-year outlook.
How can I invest in Asian and African Markets? With a great deal of growth happening in Asian and African markets, I would like to know what are the options for investing in these areas. I'm UK based.
Are alternative, mostly Asian, Android Markets safe and fair? I'm getting mailing from various alternative Android markets, mostly from Asian regions (last one from Ndoo Networks), offering hosting of my free Android app. Although broader reach for my app would ...
Toenail partially kicked off and lifted up… what now? How do you clean lifted up toenail? [closed] About an hour ago, I was working out barefoot (yeah, I know... really, really bad idea), accidentally kicked the bench's base, and ended up with a big toenail that was still attached, but separated ...
Where can I get current data on US equity/bond markets as a share of the global markets? [closed] I would like to periodically rebalance my asset allocation to match the world market capitalization for domestic vs. international holdings. Rick Ferri's "All About Asset Allocation" book has a pie ...
What does it mean for issuing corporations to “crank out expensive shares when markets are frothy … and issue debt when markets are cheap”? Can someone explain this excerpt from William Bernstein's article "The $100 Billion Oxymoron": But don't feel too sorry for issuing corporations, they are past-masters at cranking out expensive ...
Catalan constant preliminaries I recently ran across this representation of : $$ \Bigg[ \frac{1}{1+x^{2}}=\frac{1}{x^{2}(1+\frac{1}{x^{2}})=\frac{1}{x^{2}}(1-\frac{1}{x^{2}}+\frac{1}{x^{4}}-\frac{1}{x^{6}}+\frac{1}{x^{8}}...)}\Bigg]$$ I believe the nonending term in the denominator comes from long division but I do not understand how this is derived. Any help is welcomed. I also saw a different form of the $\arctan(x)$ integral and I don't understand where it comes from. The $\arctan(x)$ integral: $$\int_0^x \frac{dy}{(1+y^{2})}$$ can be written as: $$ \arctan(x)= \int_0^x (1-y^{2}+y^{4}-y^{6}+y^{8}-...)dy$$ Evidently the integrand as written comes from a long division process derived from the original integrand but I don't see how. Again, any help would be welcomed.
What are some good Asian markets in Manhattan? yes, it's called Chinatown and is about 14 square blocks on the lower east side just north of the financial district and east of little Italy
What are some good Asian markets in Chicago?
What time do Asian pacific stock markets open?
Why do Asian nations compete to import products to the U.S. and European markets?
[01-12] What changes in trade did Europeans hope to bring about by finding sea routes to Asian markets?
What reasons were primarily for a desire of access to rich natural resources new ports on the pacific coast and securing access to Asian markets for American goods? The pursuit of a national policy of Manifest Destiny
A desire for access to rich natural resources new ports on the Pacific Coast and securing access to Asian markets for American good were primary reasons for what? The pursuit of a national policy of manifest destiny
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What is the difference between Euro 1 Euro 2 and Euro 3 standard vehicles?
Why are policy makers more concerned about the financial market than other markets such as the automobile or computer markets?
Give examples of securities traded on money markets and capital markets?
How are decisions and the decision processes for business markets similar to those of consumer markets? Profit vs. Utility The question needs to be narrowed a bit.  A distinction must be made to differentiate between the meaning of business decisions and decision processes.  All business decisions are made through a formal or informal decision making process.  Since the primary objective of a business is to maximize profitability, the decision process as it relates to that objective would be to assess the decision options and associated risks. The decisions and decision processes of consumers, on the other hand, can also be defined in economic term. I am assuming that the question relates
Why is Toyota on developing new cars for emerging markets instead of focusing on existing markets?
Can targeted marketing work as well in business markets as it does in consumer markets? Sometimes. It depends on the market and competition in it. The rule of thumb is that it generally works very similiarly
Differentiate between dealer markets and stock markets that have a physical location?
2 Compare and contrast competition in traditional markets with that in digital markets? Compare and contrast competition in traditional markets with that in digital markets?
What is the Difference between financial markets and physical asset markets?
How do the institutional and government markets differ from business markets? Institution and governments run almost identically like business markets except for a couple things. The main thing is these markets may not focus so much on profits rather than growth. Also institutional and government markets are under the public eye a lot more.
Asia: markets rally after wall st lead, euro struggles - Asia: markets rally after wall st lead, euro struggles [HONG KONG] Tokyo's Nikkei led a rally across Asian markets on Tuesday, boosted by a weaker yen whil...
Catalan protesters rally in Barcelona - Catalan Bid for Independence - Catalan Bid for Independence Catalan protesters rally in Barcelona.
Catalan Crisis: Thousands rally against Catalan independence - Hundreds of thousands of pro-unity Catalans have rallied in the streets of Barcelona. It was a strong show of support for a united Spain, following the region's ...
Asian markets turn lower as us tax-cut fears brew - Asian markets turn lower as us tax-cut fears brew By Agence France-Presse Asian markets headed into the weekend on a negative note on Friday as traders fret ...
Asian markets rise as Deutsche Bank worries eased - Markets in Asia started the new trading week on a strong note, as the contagion over Brexit worries seemed to be contained and investors remained optimistic ...
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