EastEnders viewers in uproar after spotting ANOTHER phone blunder as Sharon dials 999 to report nuisance calls

EASTENDERS viewers were in uproar tonight after they spotted ANOTHER phone blunder as Sharon dialled 999 to report nuisance calls. Fans of the soap flocked to Twitter to point out that the line is for emergencies only. Sharon’s home phone has been ringing off the hook recently with nuisance calls from Michelle’s stalker Tom. She […]
Giants report card: We have a real defense spotting
Grades from the Giants’ 23-10 win over the Broncos on Sunday: Offense The Giants as a ground-and-pound (148 rushing yards) operation? Hard to believe, right? This was an Orleans Darkwa (21 carries, 117 yards) production, with Eli Manning (11-of-19, 128 yards, 1 TD) playing a supporting role. Only real target was rookie TE Evan Engram...
Hoax calls a growing nuisance
One held for making nuisance calls
Nuisance calls to police becoming a menace
Mobile phones that will automatically pause your call whenever you are speaking too loudly into the phone and hence being a nuisance to others (e.g., in a fast-food restaurant).
Report Dials Back Concerns Over Funding for Medicare
Medicare Trustees Dial Back Funding Concerns Medicare is on a stronger financial footing than believed last year, according to the program's trustees, with the primary trust fund that pays hospital bills and associated costs able to continue paying full benefits through 2026.
JD(S) calls it blunder-filled days of governance
Indonesia calls for calm over flag blunder
JAKARTA, Indonesia: The Indonesian government Wednesday asked people not to overreact to a gaffe that saw Indonesia’s flag printed upside-down in a Southeast Asian Games commemorative magazine, after protests were staged in several cities. Protests, burnings of replica Malaysian flags and angry denunciations of the Malaysian government erupted in cities across the archipelago on Tuesday. […]
SEA Games: Indonesia calls for calm over flag blunder     
Jakarta - The Indonesian government Wednesday asked people not to overreact to a gaffe that saw Indonesia's flag printed upside-down in a Southeast Asian Games commemorative magazine, after protests were staged in several cities.
Vietnam Searchers Report Spotting Plane Debris
Searchers Say They Spot Plane Debris Vietnamese officials said a search plane spotted suspected fragments of a missing Malaysian airliner Sunday night, in the first potential breakthrough in the search since the flight disappeared early Saturday morning.
‘Public nuisance’ resolution: report sought from civic body
[08-10] wonder if #GrantShapps would like to phone a friend? I'm sure he must have around 30 names in his phone book. Dials *straight to answerphone
[26-09] #Liar fans left outraged after spotting this massive blunder
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[18-10] #TheChase viewers in UPROAR over player's outrageous mistake: ‘Don’t embarrass yourself' #gangofchase…
[18-09] #XFactor viewers in uproar as The Price Brothers 'pass off @DevlinOfficial song as their own'
[18-10] *dials phone*'Yeah police please, I want Vince McMahon locked up'#SDLive
[05-10] Lord Alan Sugar fires the WRONG person, sending #TheApprentice viewers into uproar!
[09-10] #Countryfile viewers in UPROAR after #weatherman shocks by wearing CASUAL clothes! There is something very wrong with people who complained
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[02-10] If Sharon sent Grace home then #XFactor's viewers are going to drop even more.. by far the best this series 💀
[04-10] There's a special place in hell for people who take phone calls on speaker phone in public. #youretheworst
[21-08] Big Ben went silent for the next 4 yrs due 2 maintenance. U can make phone calls from the phone booth without any c
[09-10] #XFactor X Factor 2017: Viewers SWITCH OFF over brutal Six Chair Challenge as Sharon Osbourne breaks down as…
[08-10] Anyone spotting this person at or near #SNP17 Is requested to immediately report it to security .
[24-07] How much EastEnders stars earn revealed after BBC pay report
[27-09] Nope not plane spotting, train spotting here at my glorious home of Shrewsbury 🚂 #TheUndateables
[13-10] TV Report: #USMNT game at T&T drew just 620,000 viewers
  • [18-10] #TheChase viewers in UPROAR over player's outrageous mistake: ‘Don’t embarrass yourself' #gangofchase…
    EastEnders viewers in uproar after spotting ANOTHER phone blunder as Sharon dials 999 to report nuisance calls
    EASTENDERS viewers were in uproar tonight after they spotted ANOTHER phone blunder as Sharon dialled 999 to report nuisance calls. Fans of the soap flocked to Twitter to point out that the line is for emergencies only. Sharon’s home phone has been ringing off the hook recently with nuisance calls from Michelle’s stalker Tom. She […]
    * StampyLongHead a.k.a. Stampy Cat is trying Stardew Valley for the first time. He is well known for his family friendly channel featuring Minecraft videos. While his humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I thought it would be a good idea to share this video. He’s requesting help and tips from his viewers. PS: Some of you might be put off by the way he talks but that’s because the majority of his viewers are children and pre-teens. Personally, got no issue on the way he talks to his viewers. Been used to it for years now.
    * Posthumous Sharon Jones Album Set for November Release [ad_1] On November 17th, Brooklyn label Daptone Records will release Soul of a Woman, the final album from Sharon Jones. Jones died last November after an extended fight with pancreatic cancer.  “Between touring and chemotherapy, it was really hard to find time when Sharon felt up to going into the studio,” Daptone Records co-founder Gabriel Roth tells Rolling Stone. “To my frustration, but…View On WordPress
    * I remember I called you that afternoon. I ran upstairs, I was on my holiday when I saw that thing. I closed my mouth so everyone couldn’t hear my sobs. Amidst all the horrors I had seen, I believed you could help me so I called you. God knew how I prayed and prayed and prayed until you picked up the phone. No answers, you held off my calls, multiple times. I prayed, “Lord, this time, please let this person picked up my call.” You kept holding off the calls and I cried and all I wanted was to threw myself off from the second story of my home. You didn’t care, did you? So I sent a message, I saw that thing. I saw it. I fucking saw it.You replied, “How did you know?”Because that thing was in front of my eyes. Please talk to me, I need to hear human’s voice. You replied in the count of ten, “No, I can’t. Parents are home. I don’t want to hear them I called someone.”Please, please, please.I beg. I beg your mercy, I told you how I felt, but you didn’t care. You didn’t care of someone’s soul was torn into pieces. You just said,yang sabar, ya. Kalo ada apa-apa kabarin gue,but you don’t pick up my call. *****2 years later, I gained my courage to make another calls. And every time I make that kind of calls, I remember that moment vividly and how I felt utterly abandoned, few times I had to cancel the calls but, 2 years later, my friends picked up my calls and knocked at my room and hugged me tight. 2 years later, I had a friend who wanted to stay with me to sit down and talk until late at night because I had said I didn’t know my worth. He didn’t know how his gesture had saved someone’s life that day. 2 years later, I know how important it is to pick up someone’s calls. 2 years later, I know how important it is to make calls. 2 years later, I know how to care for someone,thanks to you who teaches me.thank you for not picking up the phone.Selamat hari kesehatan mental sedunia.
    Cant get iOS 10.2.1 and OSX 10.10.5 devices to allow phone calls from OSX I'm having trouble getting my iPhone 6s (running iOS 10.2.1) to be able to make calls and SMS texts from my Mac, running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I've followed this guide online: https://support.apple....
    Can you replay phone calls? I am in the habit of bashing the X (PS3) or A (Xbox) button while on foot to sprint, or using it to break instead of R1 when in a vehicle. This habit causes me to frequently hangup on people just ...
    When do phone calls to the TARDIS come through? Throughout series 8 of Doctor Who, we see phone calls from Danny to Clara while she's travelling with the Doctor in the TARDIS. Now it's clear that when the TARDIS has stopped at somewhere reasonably (...
    President's phone calls are recorded? Apparently the state-level phone calls of the US President are recorded and transcripts are made. This process has apparently resulted in multiple phone calls of the President being revealed to the public by persons unknown. What is the protocol for recording the phone calls of the President? Can the President make calls that are not recorded? Who has access to the transcripts of calls? Who makes the transcripts?
    Why does my iPhone not have any audio during phone calls? My iPhone 5 is having a strange problem that affects phone calls only. (And yes, I've tried rebooting.) Regular Phone Call When I call someone, or someone calls me (whether via iPhone or non-iPhone), the call seems to connect, but there is no audio for either participant. They can't hear me, and I can't hear them. The result is the same whether using speakerphone or not. Microphone & Speaker OK? The microphone works fine -- I can make Facetime calls (either audio or video), I can have it convert my speech into text, etc. The speaker you hold up to your ear works fine -- I can hear just fine on Facetime calls. The speaker you use to broadcast sound to everyone nearby works fine, too -- I can play music and watch videos. Network Behavior OK? The phone's ability to connect to the cellular network seems normal, too. I can make and receive Facetime calls via the cellular network, connect to the internet, and send/receive texts (for both iPhones and non-iPhones). What can I do to fix this problem? (Or at least diagnose it further...) (After months of trying things, I was unable to fix the phone and simply bought a new one.)
    Blocking only phone calls or texts but not both in iOS? https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201229 - Shows how calls and messages can be blocked. From what I saw in the "list" of blocked it seems that the number are common between Phone and Messages. Can ...
    How do you report nuisance phone calls?
    How many viewers did the live episode of Eastenders get?
    What is the phone number of the New Sharon Public Library in New Sharon?
    Who do you report a Phone Scam to you are on the Do not call registry List you are getting scam calls on both your home phone and cell phone?
    Cellular phone users in the US make nearly calls each day to report highway and neighborhood emergencies?
    If you have five separate dials Going from right to left What does each dials numbers on a electric meter dial represent and how much does each cost you?
    I have been getting private calls each day on my cell phone. How can I find out the phone number the calls are originating from. I don't owe any money and It's not collection companies calling me.?
    Can a caregiver be harassed by creditor phone calls when the debtor is not coherent at this time to take phone calls or transact business?
    How many dials are on a phone?
    What are the Differences between public nuisance and private nuisance?
    What is no voice dials on a cell phone?
    How did Alexander gardner use the camera to lie hint look for a harvest of death what did he want viewers to think about confederate soldiers what did he want viewers to think about uni?
    Your report created quite an uproar. Tu informe ha creado bastante alboroto. nuisance calls Although long-distance phone calls are going up, the charge for local calls will not alter. Viewers are encouraged to phone in questions and comments. PHOTOS: The Life of Ariel Sharon Sharon almost made it a strategy in life to avoid the trap of consistency. They startle viewers, rouse viewers, occasionally put off and occasionally turn on viewers. Were there any phone calls for me?
    House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show: House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show is a spin-off of the American reality television series Big Brother. The program is a live Internet talk show hosted by Gretchen Massey and focuses on events in the Big Brother house as well as taking phone calls from viewers.
    Garda phone recordings scandal: The Garda phone recordings scandal refers to the widespread practice of recording phone calls in Ireland to and from Garda Síochána police stations from the 1980s to November 2013, which was revealed in March 2014.
    Rickey Smiley: Broderick "Rickey" Smiley is an American stand-up comedian, television host, actor, and radio personality, known for his prank phone calls. The calls feature Smiley disguising his voice and carrying on a conversation with the recipient of the call.
    Sturges v Bridgman: Sturges v Bridgman LR 11 Ch D 852 is a landmark case in nuisance. It decides that what constitutes reasonable use of one's property depends on the character of the locality and that it is no defence that the plaintiff "came to the nuisance".
    HMS Uproar: HMS Uproar was a Royal Navy U-class submarine built by Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow-in-Furness. So far she has been the only ship of the Royal Navy to bear the name Uproar.
    Ass Seen on TV: Ass Seen on TV is a split EP by punk bands Gob and Another Joe, released on May 13, 1997 on Landspeed Records. The CD contained over 30 minutes of prank phone calls as a hidden track.
    Pitch TV: Pitch TV was a home shopping television channel broadcast in the United Kingdom on the Freesat and Sky platforms. Viewers could order products by phone and online.
    Still Small Voices: Still Small Voices is a 2007 film starring Catherine Bell as a female 911 dispatcher, Michael Summer, who receives ghostly phone calls from a little girl.
    Mercy Olubunmi: Mercy Chubb is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders and its Internet spin-off EastEnders: E20, played by Bunmi Mojekwu. Mercy is one of four main characters in EastEnders: E20, alongside Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy. She was the only character from the spin-off not to be automatically transitioned into EastEnders.
    The Telephone: The Telephone is a 1988 comedy-drama film starring Whoopi Goldberg as an out-of-work actress who starts doing some prank phone calls which creates a chain of events.
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