School bully who stamped on disabled boy and ran him over ordered to write apology letter – but furious parents slam lax punishment

A bully who stamped on and ran over a disabled schoolboy with a bike was told by cops to just to write a letter saying “sorry”. Mason Gibson, who has spina bifida and can only walk short distances, had to be taken to hospital when he was assaulted at a summer fair and flung to […]
If you're a bully or a prick, I assume your parents raised you wrong or were trash themselves
Parents furious after school insists children should be in bed at 9pm
The new headmaster of one of Britain’s worst schools has outraged parents by saying all children should be in bed at 9pm and up at 6:30am. A
Parents allege corporal punishment at school
Corporal punishment: parents file case against school
Cops called to school as mob of furious parents confront teachers who suspended dozens of kids over wrong uniforms
COPS were called to a high school after around 40 children were suspended for wearing the wrong uniform. A mob of furious parents confronted teachers at Blyth Academy high school in Northumberland yesterday after their kids were sent home for breaching the school’s uniform policy. Teachers “screamed and shouted” at pupils and reduced them to […]
Primary school parents furious after children 'left in tears' by mock bombing raid and announcement that war had broken out
Children were played a recording of Neville Chamberlain announcing that Britain is at war with Germany - and parents say some didn't know it was an exercise
A bully's punishment (requested by /u/throwaway17272726)
Disabled great-granddad finds poison pen letter branding him a ‘tw**’ on his car at Tesco after he parked over two spaces when all disabled bays were taken
A DISABLED great-granddad was targeted with a poison pen letter calling him a ‘t***’ after he was forced to park across two spaces at Tesco. Wheelchair-bound Michael Palmer found all the disabled spaces were taken when he visited his local store in Holbeach, Lincs, and took two bays so he could get out of his […]
CM, Congress slam Amit Shah; seek apology
‘We did not force him to write an apology’
Parents of freed US hostage furious with son-in-law for Afghanistan trip
[30-09] The #280characters debate recalls Churchill's apology to his wife re the length of a letter, "I didn't have time to write a shorter one."
[13-09] #ThisMorning viewers slam Christian parents who are SUING their son's school over a trans pupil:
[01-10] Educators write epic rejection letter to #MelaniaTrump over book donation. "My school and my library are indeed... htt
[17-08] Suns apology letter is worse than Boris Johnson's apology for Brexit #thesun #Brexit #muslims
[04-10] Tension between Interior Ministry and #Rangers increases, IM writes a letter, will also write a letter to #COAS...
[22-09] Twitter's a high school bully we all faced, picking on weight, clothes, etc. Good to know the bully always dies in the end. #Kanye #Melania
[19-08] Ordered tools from the US. Import duty and handling fee as punishment just arrived. I look forward to #Brexit where this is for apples.
[01-10] On this day: 1967 - @ChelseaFC ordered double training sessions as a punishment for poor performance and lack of endeavour. #CFC #Chelsea
[04-10] #MarilynManson has published a letter with an apology from #JustinBieber
[31-08] Antifa bully WW2 Disabled Veteran In A Wheelchair. What's taking so long? SHUT IT DOWN. #WednesdayWisdom
[20-09] If She Keep Playin Imma Hit Her Wit Da APOLOGY LETTER📖 #KevinHart #ChrisAndQueen
[11-10] @ColinCowherd Get #CamNewton PR people to start that apology letter to @Nationals #Strasburg .
[03-10] @Forbes Goals should be hard—not slam dunks. Write them aggressively. #WednesdayWisdom
[05-10] I write up Jourdan Rodrigue's apology ... #Panthers #CamNewton
[17-10] An excellent letter to an odious sexist bully (and that’s what many of #DavidDavis’s fellow Tories call him)
[28-09] If it turns out the parents are responsible for #madeleinemccann 's disappearance I will change my life-long opinion of capital punishment
[13-09] These parents on #R4Today are every bit as dim and compassionless as expected. "I don't believe that transphobic bully
[01-10] A bully will never win, a bully will never prosper to anything. Jodie Woolcott is the bully, her attitude and song choice showed it #XFactor
[12-10] Julie and Debbie from our #StHelens school nursing team sharing advice, support and info at school parents evening
  • [11-10] @ColinCowherd Get #CamNewton PR people to start that apology letter to @Nationals #Strasburg .
  • [17-10] An excellent letter to an odious sexist bully (and that’s what many of #DavidDavis’s fellow Tories call him)
    School bully who stamped on disabled boy and ran him over ordered to write apology letter – but furious parents slam lax punishment
    A bully who stamped on and ran over a disabled schoolboy with a bike was told by cops to just to write a letter saying “sorry”. Mason Gibson, who has spina bifida and can only walk short distances, had to be taken to hospital when he was assaulted at a summer fair and flung to […]
    * The summary of this article is pretty much “Disabled people can’t understand the concept of money anyway, how cute and convenient for us. Let’s pay them less than the legal minimum wage (:”It’s almost like the Tories want disabled people to feel ‘fulfilled and contributive’ and let them ‘enjoy the human dignity of work’. But at the same time, they want to completely ignore wage equality, because that would mean, y’know, having to actually respect disabled people’s rights.At one point Rosa Monckton insists that it’s perfectly fine to pay learning disabled people less than living wage because - in her words - ‘money isn’t the REAL point of having a job’.Easy to say when you’re rich as fuck and so many disabled people are living barely above the poverty line.
    * Fuming over the Radio 4 interview with the parents that took their child out of school in the UK because there was a transgender classmate.Winds me up even more that they’re trying to give off this “love and acceptance”, while spouting their ignorance, and that their views are going completely unchallenged. Presenter : There is very strong evidence that transgender people have very high rates suicide and self harm at *very young ages* because they don’t have acceptance and openness. Parents : No.Oh ok.Presenter : I feel you wouldn’t have the same issue if a girl came to school in trousers. Parents : Of course girls *can* wear trousers. But there’s also the shoes… Hmmmmmm. Parents : 6 year olds don’t have the mental capacity to work out those kind of things.You don’t have the capacity to work out those kind things, but clearly 6 year olds can and do. Parents : We feel that if a child has gender… “confusion”, they need advice… Me : Yes… Parents : … they need experts to help them…Me : YES… Parents : …there’s the issue of bullying… Me : YES! (Though you did say a minute ago that trans children don’t get bullied)Parent : …for a 6 year old, they need support. They need love. They need compassion… Me : ???Parents : … and it needs to be dealt with in private. Me : ???
    * Day 213. Letter 213. August 20, 2017 Dear Mr. Trump, This is my 213th letter to you. I will be writing you a letter every day of...
    Do parents get punishment too? Just because we are parents does not mean we are infallible. We are definitely capable of bad behavior and sometimes our children see or are affected by it. If we do something wrong that we would ...
    Story about school bully and victim transported to a magical land [duplicate] This is a shortish (maybe novella-sized) story about two kids in school who get sent to the principal's office for fighting. Instead of entering the office, they are transported to some sort of ...
    Are “Conditional apology” and “poisoned apology”, rude? I've heard I'm sorry your frog is dead. I'm sorry if your frog's death causes you pain. I'm sorry my taunting you about your frog's death caused you pain. You should seek therapy. Do the ...
    Is it reasonable for parents with small children to use the disabled toilet? It is much easier and safer with multiple small children to corral them into the ample disabled toilet, than (as a Dad) to manage them amongst the stalls and urinals of the gents. I have to admit I ...
    What makes a kid turn bully, and how to prevent him from turning into a bully? I have heard about bullies in schools, haven't ever seen or faced them in real life though. I would like to know what makes a kid bully, and how to prevent him from becoming a bully?
    Conflict with parents concerning school & grades I'm a 9th grade student (14 years old) who is described as an "intelligent person", at least relative to my peers. My parents are divorced. I live with my younger brother and mother, while my father ...
    Write a formal letter from the librarian to the coordinator of the school in which guidelines are given to be followed by students of his school during the visit of library?
    How do you write an income support letter for your parents?
    How do you write a letter to school for sister marriage?
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    How do you write letter to friend to invite her to come and spend her next school holiday?
    What should you do when you write an apology note to a crush that you lied to?
    She made Dennis write an apology note. Obligó a Dennis a escribir una nota de disculpa. In the letter to parents it said: ‘The school is proud of it’s [sic] record of excellence’. Parents learned of the budget cuts in a letter from the school superintendent. a letter of apology The police made the accuser write an apology to Kromah, but he says it is not enough. a grovelling letter of apology ‘My parents will be furious!’ ‘That’s your problem.’
    A Letter for Tomorrow: A Letter for Tomorrow is an open letter first published on 3 May 2004, by then-President of Iran Mohammad Khatami, addressing Iranian citizens, especially the youth. The letter was later published as a book by Khatami Culture House Institute. He promised to write the letter at a 27 April 2004 meeting with youth.
    Bully Kutta: The Bully Kutta. also known as simply the Bully or the Pakistani Bully, is a dog breed that originates from the Punjab region.
    More Fast and Furious: More Fast and Furious: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture The Fast and the Furious is the second of two soundtracks for the film The Fast and the Furious. It was originally released on December 18, 2001, by Island Records.
    Gisele Yashar: Gisele Yashar is a fictional character of The Fast and The Furious film franchise who appeared in Fast & Furious, Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6. She was portrayed by Gal Gadot.
    Sin & Punishment: Star Successor: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, released in Europe as Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies, and in Japan as Sin and Punishment: Sora no Kōkeisha is a 2009 rail shooter video game for Wii developed by Treasure and published by Nintendo.
    Punishment of Luxury: Punishment of Luxury, also known as Punilux, are a four-man post-punk band from Newcastle, England, who still write songs and play gigs but were particularly active in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
    Ethio-Parents' School: Ethio-Parents' School is a private school with enrollment of more than 3000 students. It is located in Bole zone, Woreda 11 in the Addis Ababa region of Ethiopia. Ethio-Parents' School has students from grade 1 to 12.
    Common bully: The common bully is endemic to New Zealand, a freshwater fish present throughout the country. There are three other bully species that can be confused with common bullies. Few characteristis in the common bully separate it from the other species.
    Poetry Slam, Inc.: Poetry Slam, Inc. is a non-profit organization charged with overseeing the international coalition of poetry slams. Established in 1997, PSI is responsible for making poetry slam more visible and accessible to the world via its flagship events: National Poetry Slam, Individual World Poetry Slam, and the Women of the World Poetry Slam.
    Mine for Keeps: Mine for Keeps is a 1962 book by the Canadian children's author Jean Little. At the time she wrote Mine for Keeps, Little was teaching in a school for the disabled and she had written the book after becoming tired of reading her students books in which disabled child characters either meet deaths or recover completely.
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