What is the pact between the Conservatives and DUP, what is a ‘confidence and supply’ deal and how is it keeping the Tories in Government?

THE DUP agreed a £1billion deal to help the Tories stay in power following more than two weeks of talks. But what was the deal between leader Theresa May and Northern Irish unionists and how is it keeping the Tories in Government? Here’s all you need to know. What is the pact between the Conservatives and […] 12-10-17
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  • [04-10] Coalition, sorry, 'confidence and supply' agreement with the DUP after a £1bn bung. Great show. #r4today
  • [24-09] Only two options: 1. National + NZF (most likely) 2. Labour + NZF, with Greens on the outside for confidence and supply #nzpol #Decision17
What is the pact between the Conservatives and DUP, what is a ‘confidence and supply’ deal and how is it keeping the Tories in Government?
THE DUP agreed a £1billion deal to help the Tories stay in power following more than two weeks of talks. But what was the deal between leader Theresa May and Northern Irish unionists and how is it keeping the Tories in Government? Here’s all you need to know. What is the pact between the Conservatives and […]
Done deal! The high price of Government? Power at any cost is not true power. Many Tory back benchers are unhappy as shown by their support of the Labour bill for free abortions for Northern Irish women. She is only in power at the moment as the Tories cannot afford to replace her with a new PM as this person would be unelected and have no mandate to negotiate with the EU. They dare not risk a general election and are aware that the confidence and supply agreement with the DUP leaves them in a very shaky position. Several of her parliamentary back benchers have called for her to back down on the cap for public sector workers. To cap this people are realizing that collective power works and are marching to end austerity. Labour are proving to be a strong opposition and as a minority government the Tories haven't the numbers to push through their austerity agenda. She may well have wasted even more of our money on this shabby deal.
Are you glad we English have the DUP in our government? Only one good thing about this, under a 'confidence and supply' agreement the DUP could bring the government down on a whim.
Should the Conservative Party's plan to form a Government with the Democratic Unionist Party be blocked? I agree Den and people need to understand that under a confidence and supply agreement the DUP could bring down the government at any time.
What will happen now between Scotland and England ? Probably nothing will happen. It is very clear that the Tories are not welcome in scotland but on the news this morning the SNP candidate was slyly saying that they would probably work with the tories - just what the country needs, NOT!! Tories are crooks & criminals! yes, labour has had a lot of problems, as has britain but this is not the governments fault, its a worldwide problem that has affect britain as well as most places worldwide, the poor labour government has just got the blame for it. Unless you are a millionarie or an english public school pupil/ex pupil you are likely to be stuffed by the tories. Scotland will just have to put up with what the torries want, and that will just make us all change our vote next time. David cameron is a sneaky, underhanded t***t who has said what he wants others to hear all along. If any one had read through each of the parties policies like we did then they would realise that a tory government wont help britain, it will hinder and destroy it.
Will non Muslim feel safe in the light of the murders on London Bridge, Will non Muslim girls feel safe following Islamic organised abuse.? it was conservatives who slashed the police budget it was conservatives who reversed Labour's anti-terror legislation to those with commonsense it drew fresh Government claims that the Tories are taking a soft line on terrorism, and worry some Conservative who fear the party is going against public opinion on the issue far right coffin dodgers on YA are too far gone to learn, goldfish learn quicker
Is it possible that Jeremy Corbyn could still be prime minister? The government - i.e the Tories and DUP - have 327 seats between them. It would take only 2 by-election losses for them to become a minority government, and those never last long. Also the DUP and the Tories don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues - the DUP absolutely do not want to see a hard border with Ireland (which would essentially mean we continue to see freedom of movement with the EU, as any EU national could simply go to Ireland first and then travel across the border there), which the Tories' hardliners absolutely will not stand for. Alternatively May could be cannibalised by her own party who are pretty furious that their majority was thrown away for her vanity, which would most likely mean another (ANOTHER) general election. Corbyn isn t going anywhere. He did the unthinkable - turned what looked like the biggest Conservative landslide since Thatcher into a limping Tory government and gains for the Labour party, despite nearly universal hate campaigns from the media. The smart money s on another election within a year - all he needs to do is keep doing what he s doing and he could well win it.
No way confidence and supply deal can continue, say FF TDs Several of Micheál Martin’s chief lieutenants in Fianna Fáil have said that extending the confidence and supply deal is “unimaginable” at present, the Irish Examiner can reveal. In a warning to the Government, the future of the deal has been thrown into doubt as Fianna Fáil TDs are furious over a lack of progress on issues like health, housing and education. Speaking to the Irish Examiner, the TDs have ruled out an extension of the deal to facilitate the Fine Gael-led minority government from opposition,
Germany's conservatives and Social Democrats agree coalition government deal
Germany's conservatives and Social Democrats 'agree' coalition government deal
Trump: 'I don't see a deal' with Democrats on keeping government open WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said he will meet on Tuesday with the Democratic leaders of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, to discuss keeping the government open but cited differences with them.
Hang the Tories': Conservatives arrive at Manchester party conference to banner with chilling dangling effigies
Conservatives Keeping Options Open Conservatives Keeping Options Open Wariness over Gingrich's personal history and temperament may be enough to keep rival Santorum in the race for at least another contest.
Monarch: Brexit and lack of confidence in Tories partly to blame for airline's collapse, says Vince Cable
UK conservatives sign letter of no confidence in PM Theresa May - report A total of 40 MPs in Britain's Conservative Party have agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in PM Theresa May, according to a report. The figure still comes up short of the 48 needed to force a new leadership vote.
Anger builds up among Tories over DUP deal
Tories, Lib Dems “close” to deal
HSBC Gives London Vote of Confidence by Keeping Headquarters in U.K. HSBC Gives London Vote of Confidence HSBC will continue straddling the world’s biggest economies from its London perch after concluding that it is “the best of both worlds” to house its multi-trillion-dollar balance sheet in the U.K. while focusing on Asia for growth.
Coalition deal: Tories give more ground
Tories welcome May's Brexit deal but EU warns of trade talk delays Cabinet splits mean that in-depth talks about a future trade relationship may not take place until deep into 2018 Theresa May’s “hard won” deal with Brussels to widen the Brexit negotiations was publicly praised by all sides of her divided party, but the EU warned that ongoing splits in the cabinet could still delay serious talks about trade until deep into 2018. While May was lauded by her ministers for striking Continue reading...
Labour in talks with Tories to block no-deal Brexit, says McDonnell MPs opposed to hard Brexit look to secure binding vote on outcome of EU negotiations
Tories criticise government's 'no' to deadly disease campaign CAMPAIGNERS have been angered after demands for a nationwide publicity drive to educate people about the dangers of a bug that kills at least 3,500 Scots a year were rejected.
Let Tories lead efforts to block 'no deal' Brexit, backbenchers warn Labour Prime minister and Brexit secretary will meet with Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier as they try to break through diplomatic stalemate Theresa May and David Davis will fly to Brussels for a private dinner with EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU’s top Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, in a diplomacy blitz ahead of a crucial summit this week. May and Davis will visit Juncker and Barnier in the Belgian capital on Monday evening where they are expected to make the case for EU leaders to agree to move on negotiations, to pave
DEAL OR NO DEAL? Trump denies Schumer, Pelosi claim of DACA pact
Deal or no deal? India, Japan wrangle over N-pact note
Keeping a ready supply
Trump, Conservatives to Cut Tax Deal Amidst Bitterness A 35-page blueprint developed by House Republican leaders, known as a "Better Way," will serve as a starting point for the tax-reform discussions.
Austrian conservatives reach coalition deal with far right
Labour says it will join Conservatives to block 'no deal' Brexit Shadow chancellor speaks as cross-party MPs’ group reveals plans to give parliament ability to veto ‘bad deal’ or ‘no deal’Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has said his party would work with Conservative MPs to block any prospect of a “no deal” Brexit, saying there was no majority in parliament for crashing out of the EU.McDonnell’s comments came as a cross-party group of MPs including several former Conservative ministers revealed plans that would give parliament the ability to veto, or prevent by other legal means
For Conservatives, Trump’s Deal With Democrats Is Nightmare Come True The president’s move further destabilized a volatile situation for his party, which many Republicans now believe is headed toward a reckoning it can no longer avoid.
Conservatives unleash anger over willingness to pursue deal “Put a fork in Trump. He is done.”
Are the Conservatives preventing Britain from get the best possible Brexit deal from the EU; are they prepared to accept the consequences, if their actions harm the country? Why doesn't Labour distance itself from this historic error?
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How do secular democratic government deal with religious laws?
How is a suicide pact relevant for the meaning of 'The Constitution is not a suicide pact'?
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