Trump wants to get rid of nukes says John Kelly

A hotly disputed NBC News report this week claimed Trump told his top military brass he was interested in a whopping ten-fold increase. The White House chief of staff rubbished the idea.
Ask John Kelly If Obama Called Him, Trump Says
The president was backtracking following his accusations former presidents did not call families of fallen troops.
John Kelly: My job isn't to control Trump
President Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly discusses Trump's use of Twitter at the White House press briefing.
John Kelly: Trump's tweets are accurate
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly fielded a number of questions from reporters at today's White House press briefing, including one about President Trump's earlier tweet about Puerto Rico and the FEMA presence on the island. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.
John Kelly, the pro-Trump media could be coming for you next
As the White House chief of staff tries to filter out articles from the likes of Breitbart and Infowars, those websites will fight back.
John Kelly is not pleased with Trump's NFL culture war, officials say
White House chief of staff John Kelly was not pleased with the fight that erupted over the weekend between President Donald Trump and National Football League players who protest by kneeling during the national anthem, two administration officials told CNN.
Who Is General John Kelly, Trump’s New Chief of Staff?
The retired Marine Corps general was serving as Trump's homeland security secretary before being tapped for the White House post.
Trump lambasted John Kelly after being advised to be less political: Report
Kelly reacted calmly in the face of Trump's frustration.
John Kelly's struggle to manage Trump's White House
As early morning news headlines blared Wednesday that President Donald Trump's top diplomat had insulted the President's intelligence, the man hired by Trump to rein in West Wing chaos found himself caught between his boss and his ally.
Not 'Being Fired Today,' Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Says
Kelly batted down speculation he would be the next member of the administration to go, saying he was "not quitting today" and would not be getting fired either.
Trump: Ask John Kelly whether Obama called after his son was killed in action
President Donald Trump, in defense of his claim that President Barack Obama didn't call the loved ones of fallen soldiers, floated the idea Tuesday that reporters ask his chief of staff, retired Gen. John Kelly, whether Obama called him after his son died in Afghanistan.
How John Kelly, a Marine general, reacted when Trump lashed out at him
[13-10] John #Kelly To Media: Actually, #Trump Loves Me And Hates Nukes
[14-10] General John Kelly said that jehelps trump "consume advice."Here's trump consuming Kelly's advice. #saturdaymorning
[11-10] Trump Blasts 'Fake News' For Predicting John Kelly’s Ouster #FakeNews #Trump #JohnKelly
[19-09] What Did John Kelly Think of Trump's UN Speech? See for Yourself
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[17-10] #Trump uses Gen. John Kelly's dead son to lie about President #Obama
[19-09] Even John Kelly #FacePalm'd #Trump's #UNGA speech.
[19-09] John Kelly's face was not the most reassuring during Trump's #UNGA speech.
[19-09] Here's a couple pics of John Kelly during Trump's UN speech. #UNGA
[13-10] Donald #Trump and John #Kelly dissolve into #shouting match
[04-10] "John Kelly is blocking a pro-Russia congressman from talking to Trump"
[13-10] Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly Says He's Sticking Around. #JohnKelly
[19-09] Two words about Trump's UN speech: John Kelly #UNGA #Rocketman #UnitedNations
[19-09] John Kelly apparently went through some sort of existential crisis during Trump's UN speech.
[19-09] White House Chief of Staff John Kelly during #Trump's UN speech
[20-09] Hey John Kelly, Chin up! You’ve made your bed, now lie in it! #RocketMan & trump are Two Equally Dangerous Man Babies! ht
  • [13-10] John #Kelly To Media: Actually, #Trump Loves Me And Hates Nukes
  • [14-10] General John Kelly said that jehelps trump "consume advice."Here's trump consuming Kelly's advice. #saturdaymorning
    Trump wants to get rid of nukes says John Kelly
    A hotly disputed NBC News report this week claimed Trump told his top military brass he was interested in a whopping ten-fold increase. The White House chief of staff rubbished the idea.
    * Meet Trump's New Chief Of Staff, Former General John Kelly John Kelly is about as corrupt as the rest of the Trump...
    * John Kelly Has To Help Gullible Trump Sort Facts From Fiction Will Trump fire John Kelly? Take our poll at:...
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    Ann is taller than Jill and Kelly is shorter than Ann Which of the statements are true - Kelly is taller than Jill - Kelly is shorter than Jill - Kelly is as tall as Jill - it's impossible to tell?
    What was the difference between World War 1 nukes and World War 2 nukes?
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    When will Paddy Kelly from The Kelly family left monastery?
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    Activate all batteries and arm the nukes. Activen todas las baterías y armen los misiles nucleares. In August, trump filed a lawsuit to have his name removed from the casino and from the nearby, since-closed trump Plaza. And colonel glade doesn't like wasting his nukes. Y al coronel Glade no le gusta perder sus armas nucleares. The nukes are in the hands of the generals; the civilian government has only nominal control. The Soviets stopped setting off nukes at Nova Zembla after that, owing to international pressure. Yes, Israel has nukes, and that technology has made Israel safe from symmetrical attack. to bid two no-trump.
    John F. Kelly: John Francis Kelly is the current White House Chief of Staff for U.S. President Donald Trump, previously serving as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security in the same administration.
    Donald Trump Jr.: Donald John Trump Jr. is an American businessman and former reality TV personality. He is the oldest child of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his first wife, Ivana.
    Donald Trump: Donald John Trump is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Trump was born in the New York City borough of Queens.
    Elizabeth Christ Trump: Elizabeth Christ Trump was a German-born American businesswoman and is considered the matriarch of the Trump family. She married Frederick Trump in 1902.
    Trump Model Management: Trump Model Management is a New York City-based modeling agency owned by Donald Trump. Originally known as "T Models", it was founded by Trump in 1999. In October 2014, Trump Model Management was sued by model Alexia Palmer.
    Eric Trump: Eric Frederick Trump is an American businessman, philanthropist, and former reality TV personality. He is the third child and second son of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and Ivana Trump.
    Trump Entertainment Resorts: Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. was a gaming and hospitality company that owned and operated the now shuttered Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino, as well as the now shuttered Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and the Trump Marina located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States.
    Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?: Trump: The Kremlin Candidate? is a documentary film first broadcast by the program Panorama on BBC One, examining links between Trump associates and Russian officials and the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.
    Trump Parc: Trump Parc and Trump Parc East are two adjoining buildings owned by The Trump Organization on Central Park South on the southwest corner of Sixth Avenue in New York City.
    Ivanka Trump: Ivanka Trump is an American television personality, fashion designer, author and businesswoman who is an advisor to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. She is the daughter of the president and his first wife, former model Ivana Trump.
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