Mexican star Eduardo Yanez attacks reporter on red carpet

Eduardo Yanez, 57, is the soap opera star who slapped an entertainment reporter for the morning show El Gordo y La Flaca when he asked about the actor's son's GoFundMe page. 12-10-17
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  • [11-12] Another one: The New Yorker Fires Star Reporter #RyanLizza Over 'Improper Sexual Conduct '
Mexican star Eduardo Yanez attacks reporter on red carpet
Eduardo Yanez, 57, is the soap opera star who slapped an entertainment reporter for the morning show El Gordo y La Flaca when he asked about the actor's son's GoFundMe page.
Jennie Holzer does just slogans (I knew her when she went to RISD). There is another feminist of the same generation --Barbara Kruger -- who does collages and paste-ups from fifties and sixties glamor photos and typography. I believe the work of both women influenced BOTH Banksy and Shepard Fairey. Also look up the Situationists (from Paris) and the Mexican Cartoonist Rios (Eduardo del Rio).
What do you think about the Mexican actor that slapped a reporter in the face in front of millions of news viewers?
Why not? A person's ethnicity doesn't determine how effective of a President they'll be. He or She would have to be Mexican American though...a Mexican immigrant would not qualify. BTW...Mexican is not a race. There are white people of Mexican descent too. I think that when someone says "Mexican" most Americans automatically visualize a stereotypical Mexican mestizo immigrant with heavy indigenous ancestry but that's not always the case.
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Does Alberto Del Rio actually star in Mexican soap-operas on Univision?
Did you see that leftist Mexican reporter Ana Navarro bashing Trump on the leftist CNN. She can't even talk right. Should Trump deport her?
Mexican actor slaps reporter on the face on Hollywood red carpet A Mexican telenovela star took the drama to the red carpet on Tuesday when he lost his temper and slapped a reporter. Eduardo Yanez, 57, was being interviewed on the red carpet by Univision reporter, Paco Fuentez, when he took offense at a question and attacked...
Kristen Bell slaps reporter on red carpet
Actor slaps reporter on red carpet after question irks him Mexican soap star slaps reporter on the red carpet when the actor took umbrage to a question about his son
Actor slaps reporter on Hollywood red carpet after question irks him Mexican soap star slaps reporter on the red carpet when the actor took umbrage to a question about his son
A Mexican reporter was in a program to protect journalists. He was still killed His phone rang, but Mexican newspaper reporter Candido Rios Vazquez didn’t answer. On the other end was his boss, editor Cecilio Perez Cortes, who wanted to know whether his star crime writer could cover a deadly shooting in a small town near Mexico’s Gulf Coast. Rios, it turned out, wasn’t answering...
I have a feeling the night is going to end with Mexican Andy in a dress and high heels vacuuming the carpet...
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Star reporter accused of sexual misconduct
Star NYT reporter accused of sexual misconduct
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Star NYT reporter suspended for alleged sexual misconduct
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Star New York Times reporter accused of sexual misconduct
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How old is Eduardo Yáñez? Eduardo Yáñez is 57 years old (birthdate: September 25, 1960).
What are the differences between a News Reporter Entertainment Reporter Sports Reporter and Weather Reporter?
What are the release dates for The Star Reporter - 1911? The Star Reporter - 1911 was released on: USA: 18 September 1911
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Who led us forces into Mexico after attacks against us citizens by Mexican rebels? John J. Pershing
Is colleen Williams news reporter for channel 4 news Los Angeles CA a Mexican? my name is jack holland forbs
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The title of a Christmas movie show that is about a reporter doing a story on a family and as they are putting up the x-mas tree angel star it turns out that the adopted daughter was the reporters? Mary Christmas
Where did the last name yanez come from?
If a Mexican couple has an infant in the United States does the Mexican government consider that child a Mexican citizen?
I've been nicknamed the Mexican I've been the butt of racial jokes I've been called a Mexican backhoe for 6 years I'm Caucasian my wife and children are Mexican American do I have to put up with this? No, you shouldn't have to put up with this. You loved her and had kids with her, and you shouldn't have to put up with abuse. This is a lot of what Mexican-American men have to put up with, so maybe it will help you see their plight. Not everyone will be sympathetic to you. They may accuse you of betraying your people or say you knew this would happen before you chose to start a family. But regardless of that, try to stay strong, and try to share your burden with others.
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What is Mexican Tejano music star's name? Selena Quintanilla
How many expeditions did Vicente Yáñez Pinzón make?
Bersa Fun - Memes - Meme Eduardo Yañez - 001 - Cachetada Guajolotera - Mexican Humor - Recopilación de videos divertidos, compilados y editados por: Bersa Fun - Recreación, diversión y risas Visita el facebook con divertidos gifs animados para ...
Bofetada Eduardo Yáñez -
Eduardo Yañez agrede periodista - Franck Salas visito el restaurante Lulù & Saturnino y nos presenta el escándalo de la semana.
Parodia de Eduardo yañez #todosomosreggaeton - Tampoco olvides seguir en nuestra pagina de facabook encuentranos como "PILAR Y ARTU BROMAS.
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